Two-year-old girl rescued after being 'passed around child sex ring for drugs'

At least twelve potential victims - including two males and 10 females - have been identified as victims in a child sex ring in Townsville, Australia
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At least we’ll have some good TV to watch if there’s a second lockdown
<p>From dramas on pandemics to pharmaceutical scientists, there’s plenty of decent shows to tune into this season, writes Charlotte Cripps</p>
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Confusion as vandals cover swings in children's playground with baked beans
Parents arriving at the play park in Swanwick, Hampshire, found baked beans smeared on the swings and roundabout. The bizarre act has divided opinion on social media
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US sends troops, armored vehicles to Syria to counter Russia
The U.S. has deployed additional troops and armored vehicles into eastern Syria after a number of clashes with Russian forces, including a recent vehicle collision that injured four American service members
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Jury convicts Indiana man accused of killing, cannibalism
A southern Indiana man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and eating parts of her body has been convicted of murder
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‘Extinction Denialism': How to fight a growing anti-science movement
<p>A new study explores ways in which denialists seek to undermine evidence on biodiversity loss – and how science might fight back</p>
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British Airways' new sale has £35 flights and £99 holidays including Turkey
British Airways' latest sale includes deals to Turkey, Corfu, Cyprus and Italy as well from cheap flights to packages
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Perishers - 19th September 2020
Perishers originally ran from 1959 to 2006. The strip is still so popular today that we decided to reprint the best of the strips by Maurice Dodd and Dennis Collins
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The Gag Vault - 19th September 2020
Get your daily dose of 'The Gag Vault'
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Andy Capp - 19th September 2020
Andy Capp has been a favourite part of the Daily Mirror since 1957. Enjoy the adventures of Andy Capp and wife Flo every day
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Coronavirus: NHS workers who died in the pandemic
More than 600 health and social care workers have died from the coronavirus pandemic.
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More local lockdowns and social distancing measures are on the cards
<p>Editorial: With large localised restrictions announced, there’s a need for daily press conferences at No 10 to return so the public can stay informed</p>
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The SFO should be there to pursue major cases of fraud and economic crime, not make money
<p>Lisa Osofsky, the director of the UK’s Serious Fraud Office, is having a tough time. The UK has never been as serious as the US about tackling white-collar crime and the SFO has struggled to make any sort of impact, writes Chris Blackhurst</p>
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What would be the economic impact of a new ‘circuit break’ lockdown?
<p>The economic impact of two weeks of nationwide restrictions on their own would not be as severe as March’s lockdown says Ben Chu. But a big unknown is what will happen to consumer sentiment</p>
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‘I saw the horror – a fireball coming out of the sky’: How a horrific crash at Le Mans changed motorsport forever
<p>It has been 65 years since the worst crash in motorsport history. More than 80 people died, most of them innocent spectators. Mick O'Hare on how the sport recovered</p>
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7 full-flavoured whites from lesser-known grapes for autumn
<p>This season brings out the poet in Terry Kirby, well versed in the appeal of heading off the beaten track</p>
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Still life: Death and love dolls in Japan
<p>Customers are looking for a place where they can be loved, accepted and approved</p>
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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas list stunning three-bedroom Manhattan apartment for $5.9million
The 2,907-square-foot home boasts impeccable design with the ultimate in privacy despite being located in a bustling New York zip code.
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What must we consider for a 2021 trip around Europe?
<p>Simon Calder answers your questions on camper van adventures, holiday refunds and duty-free goods</p>
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‘I didn’t know if anyone was going to see me ever again’
<p>After being arrested during Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, four demonstrators tell Shawn Boberg Meg Kelly, and Joyce Sohyun Lee their stories</p>
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Is being ‘not Trump’ enough for Joe Biden to win?
<p>The Democratic nominee is betting on his moderate stance getting him over the line in the race for the White House, writes Chris Stevenson</p>
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The thought of a second nationwide lockdown fills me with dread
<p>What, asks Janet Street-Porter, will the government – which seems to have no coherent master plan – do to eradicate this anxiety so many of us feel?</p>
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Madonna can only be admired for her perseverance
<p>However, directing a film of her own life will bring a few challenges, writes Janet Street-Porter</p>
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Boris Johnson is blowing a chance to learn from his mistakes – he faces a bleak political winter
<p>This is a dangerous moment for the prime minister, writes Andrew Grice</p>
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Eat Out to Help Out extension: Who are the real winners of the scheme?
<p>When the government was footing the 50 per cent off bill, it was all well and good, but Clare Finney asks: does lowering the cost of your offering really pay off?</p>
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Coming down from the mountains can bring you greater perspective
<p>In his latest reflection on places and pathways, Will Gore realises his obsession with high places may be waning</p>
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ADVERTORIAL: Mum finds out she's won Lottery while on holiday - 'We're going for cocktails!'
Chloe Webster was on a family break in Greece when People's Postcode Lottery video called her
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Meghan and Harry 'to get $250k per event as list of demands may put clients off'
An events manager has claimed the original estimated range for the couple's engagements was between $750k and $1m - but realistically their payment per event could be between $250k and $400k
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Hawaii court hears case on legality of foreign fishing labor
The Hawaii Supreme Court heard arguments on the legality of issuing licenses to foreign workers in Hawaii’s longline commercial fishing fleet, which for years has been under scrutiny after an Associated Press investigation revealed claims of human trafficking and questionable labor practices
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Massive bacteria outbreak infects 3,000 people after gas leak at vaccine lab
Health officials in Lanzhou, China, said 3,245 people tested positive for brucellosis, a bacterial disease often caused by close contact with infected animals or animal products
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The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco begs fans to ‘stop asking’ if she’s pregnant News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Liverpool agree £45m fee with Wolves for Diogo Jota on five-year deal
A deal is done News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Samuel L Jackson opens up about final moment he shared with Chadwick Boseman
He discussed the 'gut-wrenching' loss. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Dennis Nilsen's final victims… as he rotted in jail: The shy hero who helped convict the killer
Carl Stotter was one of serial killer Dennis Nilsen's very few survivors, whose evidence helped to convict him. His sister Julie tells the tragic untold story of what happened to Nilsen's most high-profile survivor.
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Mexican intellectuals claim freedom of expression threatened
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador denies his administration has hurt freedom of expression, as claimed this week in an open letter signed by hundreds of people, including dozens of well-known intellectuals
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Birmingham Nightingale Hospital on ‘high alert’ and ready to reopen amid soaring cases
The hospital, which has been on standby for months, is ready to reopen if needed. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Jerry Falwell Jr's wife called 911 saying there was 'lots of blood' after husband fell while drinking, report claims
<p>Reports indicate Ms Falwell reluctant to comment on husband’s drinking to 911 dispatcher</p>
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Michael Moore warns Biden's ground game in Michigan worse than Hillary's
<p>The Academy Award-winning filmmaker said the Biden campaign needs to be doing more not less</p>
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Billionaires should help fight hunger amid Covid-19, says UN
<p>'It's time for those who have the most to help those who have the least,' says World Food Programme chief</p>
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The Rock rips his own security gate off hinges with bare hands after power cut left him trapped
The People's Champ is an absolute beast! News, Sport, Showbiz,...
US military 'killed two journalists in Apache chopper attack then covered it up'
Former Reuters Iraq bureau chief Dean Yates has described how US forces 'obliterated' his colleagues Saeed Chmagh and Namir Noor-Eldeen in an Apache airstrike in Baghdad in 2007
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Meghan and Harry will earn fees of 'only' $250k to $400k for speeches
The couple's fee was originally estimated to be around $1million but this prediction has been shattered by an international agency which runs VIP corporate events in both the UK and US.
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Normal People's Paul Mescal recalls fart jokes and giggling during sex scenes
Normal People heartthrob Paul Mescal has recalled feeling awkward during his sex scenes with Daisy Edgar-Jones - but also that they couldn't help cracking up
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s OUTRAGEOUS demands for events will ‘put off’ clients
MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry may only receive $250k to $400k instead of a predicted $1 million for event appearances, a source has revealed.
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Covid gridlock 'puts 999 patients in peril'
Road closures brought in during the pandemic are leading to life-threatening delays for the emergency services, campaigners claim. An ambulance in Ealing, west London is seen blocked by bollards.
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Sergio Aguero knee injury could keep him out for two more months
Bad news for City News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford 'are worried they could be axed from This Morning'
The couple, who present the show on Fridays and to cover Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby's holidays, are said to be awaiting the results of an internal poll to hear about their fate.
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Wisconsin secretary resigns amid unemployment claim backlog
The Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development's top leader has resigned after failing to find a way to address a backlog of tens of thousands of unemployment benefit claims
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Sex attacker raped woman, 80, and told her ‘you’re strong like my granny’
John Laming, 32, targeted the woman at her home last Christmas Eve - then returned after the ordeal to collect his e-cigarette.
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