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Anyone aged 60 to 63 can book Covid vaccine this week
The NHS is moving onto the next group after more than three in four people aged 65 to 70 have had their first dose. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Double-crossing cats will not choose owners over their enemies, study finds
Cats show no preference for a person who treats their owner positively compared to negatively, a study suggests
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Large police response after reports of shots fired near St Peter's Square
Two 16-year-old boys and a 19-year-old man have been arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving and possession of a firearm. They all remain in custody.
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Old-school Stellantis car factories gear up for the shock of electric
Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port plant is one of many whose future lies in the hands of the merged auto giantCarlos Tavares is an unashamed petrolhead, with a rally-racing hobby that harks back to an earlier automotive age. Yet carmakers like Stellantis, which he leads, and its rivals have had to set aside affection for roaring internal combustion engines as environmental rules set the limits for the industry.Stellantis was formed in January in a €50bn (£43bn) merger between France’s Peugeot and Italian-American Fiat Chrysler, in one of the clearest responses to the Tesla-driven electric revolution: the merger will allow them to share expensive investments in battery technology. Continue reading...
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‘It’s a funeral march’: French artist JR’s powerful lament for Australia's Murray-Darling
Exclusive: The street artist’s latest work saw 60 people parade through Lake Cawndilla in NSW, holding aloft enormous portraits of local farmers and leaders as they fight to save Australia’s vital river systemThe mood around Lake Cawndilla in north-west New South Wales on Saturday is funereal but defiant, as a procession of around 60 locals parade through scrub and sand around its banks.They carry between them a series of 30m-long cloth figures: three local citrus farmers and prominent Baakandji artist William Badger Bates. Continue reading...
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Gardening special:  The constant gardener
ALAN TITCHMARSH learned to garden at his grandfather's knee. He reveals here how the natural world has healed, surprised and delighted him for more than seven decades    
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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer reacts to Thomas Tuchel’s controversial Callum Hudson-Odoi decision
'You have got to make some tough decisions.' News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Fall back in love with lunch: Winter chopped salad with peanut & lime dressing 
Don't forget to be adventurous with your salad ingredients and use whatever's in season. Keep the textures crisp and the dressing warming.
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Elizabeth Day: Why I'm getting younger this year 
Over the past year, many of our key life events have been overshadowed by the pandemic. 
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Gardening special: Make a perfect bed 
Creating or transforming a beautiful border can seem daunting. But with some simple planning, it can also be surprisingly easy - and fun   
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Gardening special: Get down to Earth
The secret to a happy garden? Great soil. Here's how to improve yours…  
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Gardening special: Grow for nature 
Transform your garden into a thriving haven for bees, birds and butterflies with these easy ideas   
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'6 weeks after this photo was taken our whole world turned upside down' 
Rochelle Bugg was 25 when she gave up her job and freedom to nurse her dying mother. She explains how it was the most rewarding - and heartbreaking - experience of her life  
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How I wrote my own rags to riches life story 
From homeless teen to millionaire with a mansion, bestselling author MELANIE BLAKE's extraordinary rise to the top has been packed with more drama than her bonkbuster novels.
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Secrets of the red carpet designer
Jenny Packham has dressed the world's most famous women at crucial moments in their lives.
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Liz Jones Diary: In which I'm ghosted by the New Man 
Last week, I wrote how the New Man - you know, the sane one, with a house, own business, son at university, has heard of Emily Maitlis - 'did not enjoy' the references to him in my podcast.
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Gardening special: Eat what you sow 
Even if you're short on space, it's still worthwhile growing your favourite fruit and veg. They taste so much better when you eat them within minutes of being picked   
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Fall back in love with lunch: Pasta salad with peas, broad beans & ricotta 
This all-in-one carbs and veggies dish has a simple flavour profile that makes it perfect for lunch, or to serve with fish or chicken for dinner.
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Dannii Minogue: 'I'm glad I stepped away'
From being bullied on The X Factor to the breakup that nearly broke her, DANNII MINOGUE tells Sophie Heawood what made her move 10,000 miles to her Aussie hometown
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Gardening special: How to grow a great garden with Alan Titchmarsh
Whether you have a few pots or a country pile, ALAN TITCHMARSH's simple step-by-step guide is all you need to make your outside space flourish
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Fall back in love with lunch: Prawn, xo & chorizo fried rice 
Fried rice is the ultimate comfort food and this recipe is endlessly versatile. Often I stir in a couple of tablespoons of kimchi when I've fried the prawns.
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Fall back in love with lunch: Chickpea, kale & paneer curry
I always get excited at the idea of Indian takeaway, but afterwards I often feel very full, very sleepy. So this is my Australian update: a fresh, light curry you can make at home very easily.
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Horoscopes: Watch out for disputes this week, Pisces 
PISCES 20 Feb-20 March You're more tolerant than some but even you don't always get on with family and, as Mars enters the domestic area of your chart, there may be disputes at home.
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Eat like a veggie-loving cavewoman 
I don't do diets, but I do follow healthy eating plans. About five years ago I decided to follow the paleo way of eating - think fresh foods such as meat, fish, plants, fruit, nuts and seeds.
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Beauty: Meet my new favourite things… 
From sunshine for skin to moisturising lipstick, these are the make-up launches sparking joy
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Fall back in love with lunch: Grilled cheese & kimchi open sandwich 
A perfect mix of Eastern and Western flavours: bubbling cheese on toast with kimchi is a delicious update of my favourite cheddar and pickle sandwich.
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Fall back in love with lunch: Seeded hazelnut rye loaf
I love this bread so much I could eat half the loaf in one sitting. Rye bread spread with ricotta is my favourite, with Scandi-style smoked salmon and dill on top.
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Food: Fall back in love with lunch 
Bored by yet another rushed sandwich? Bill Granger , the man behind the legendary Granger & Co restaurants, has turned lunch into the most delicious dish of the day
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 Fashion: The pretty knit
It's slightly kooky, preferably pastel and a key piece to celebrate spring 
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Fall back in love with lunch: Warm lentil salad with burrata & basil oil 
Braising lentils and serving warm with a spoonful of creamy melting burrata is pure comfort food.
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Fall back in love with lunch: Fragrant chicken broth with brown rice, mushrooms, lime & coriander
I first tasted this variation of the rice bowl, piled high with herbs and sitting in broth, 15 years ago in LA. It was the era of 'my body is a temple' and this was temple food at its best
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Churchill fury: Cambridge Uni event brands PM hero 'perfect embodiment of white supremacy'
WINSTON'S Churchill's grandson has expressed dismay that the Cambridge University college named in the wartime leader's honour hosted an event at which he was described as the "perfect embodiment of white supremacy".
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As Argentina taxes the rich to pay for the pandemic, the world looks on
Governments are looking for ways to pay for huge increases in state spending over the last year, so all eyes are on the South American country as it introduces a ‘wealth tax’, write Diego Laje and Anthony Faiola
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Humam Sakhnini on King video games, the pandemic and Crash Bandicoot
Humam Sakhini became the president of King, the company behind Candy Crush, in 2019. Since then video games have become one of the big winners during the pandemic, he tells Zlata Rodinonova
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I’m looking forward to the end of the Zoomification of politics
John Rentoul on the deadening effect of remote contributions to parliamentary debate
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The Coven: a witchy dystopia that doesn’t quite go far enough
Lizzie Fry’s debut novel takes place in an alternative Earth where misogyny is rampant, writes Olivia Campbell
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Tick tock: The company keeping Prague ticking along
The family business, created in 1836, maintains some of the oldest clocks in Prague
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Families with kids at school will get free Covid tests for home use twice a week
Secondary and college pupils will be tested with lateral flow tests twice a week, receiving three initial tests at school before they start taking them at home, the government said
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‘Fun and quirky style statements’: How to bring the ceramics trend into your home
Pottery is all the rage – and you don’t need to break the bank to find unique and Insta-worthy pieces, says Liz Connor
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‘Who or what killed the girls?’: The complicated truth behind the murder of two girls in India
Two girls were found hanging from a tall mango tree in Uttar Pradesh, India. In her new book, journalist Sonia Faleiro explores the truth behind these murders, writes Mythili G Rao
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Viet Thanh Nguyen’s The Committed takes the light out of Paris
Nguyen’s sequel to the Pulitzer Prize-winning ‘The Sympathizer’ is even ‘brainier’, writes Ron Charles
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Hollyoaks spoilers: Billy Price reveals ‘intense’ showdown for Sid Sumner and Victor Brothers as County Lines story explodes
Sid puts his plan to take Victor down into action, but will he pay the price? Billy Price tells us all. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Melania Trump and Donald ‘only married by name’ says dating expert amid divorce rumours
MELANIA TRUMP and her husband Donald have "zero chemistry", a leading UK celebrity dating expert has claimed.
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J&J’s 1-dose shot cleared, giving US 3rd COVID-19 vaccine
The U.S. now has a third vaccine to prevent COVID-19
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Travis Scott provides 50,000 meals for Houston residents amid Texas freeze
He's doing his bit. News, Sport, Showbiz,...
Glasgow bloodbath: One stabbed and several injured as police seal off city park
ONE person has been stabbed and several injured following an incident at a park in Glasgow.
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Step up: 10 of the best knee-high boots – in pictures
It’s time to think about footwear – and we don’t mean slippers or those muddy trainers by the door. A smart pair of boots is a big step back towards normality Continue reading...
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The photo that proves blame games never work writes DR LIAM FOX
The pandemic - both the spread of the virus and the vaccination programme - demonstrates how we live in a world that is more interdependent and interconnected than at any time in human history.
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