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India struggles with oxygen shortage as Covid crisis deepens
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Do we still need to wear a mask outdoors?
"I'm vaccinated and I'm outside -- do I really still need to wear a mask?"
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EU declines option to buy 100 million AstraZeneca vaccine doses
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Summit can't just be 'politically correct green act of bunny hugging', Boris Johnson says
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'Straight out of Hollywood fiction': Feds bust three men in $30 million bank robbery scheme
Federal authorities say they've arrested three New York men Tuesday on money laundering conspiracy charges in connection with an elaborate, international bank robbery operation that netted more than $30 million over several years.
5 h
UK lawmakers declare China's treatment of Uyghurs is genocide
British lawmakers have unanimously declared China's ongoing crackdown in Xinjiang a genocide, joining the United States, Canada and the Netherlands in condemning Beijing's actions against Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in the far-west region in the strongest possible terms.
6 h
Daunte Wright's funeral and the latest on the push for police reform
8 h
Buttigieg: Climate summit a chance for US to regain moral leadership on crisis
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg argued on Thursday that President Joe Biden's goal to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions is vital to reasserting US leadership in fighting the climate crisis.
8 h
Where you can sunbathe nude or topless around the world
For true aficionados of nude relaxation, there are no parts of the body "where the sun don't shine."
8 h
Treasure hunter finds $46,000 hidden under floorboards
A Connecticut treasure hunter found a box of money with $46,000 hidden under the floorboards in a family home in western Massachusetts. CNN affiliate WFSB reports.
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Germany will impose lockdowns on high-infection areas under new law
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The New York Post spent weeks fearmongering about vaccines. Now it's telling people to 'GET VAXXED'
Rupert Murdoch's New York Post tabloid newspaper makes a very clear statement on Thursday: "GET VAXXED!" It is a laudable message — or at least it would be if the Post hadn't been spending so much energy recently fear-mongering on the Covid-19 vaccines.
8 h
Was QAnon used by foreign adversaries?
CNN's John Avlon looks into how China and Russia used the QAnon conspiracy theory against the American people, according to a recent report.
8 h
What's Val Demings' next move?
Within minutes of Florida Rep. Val Demings' (D) angry confrontation with Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan (R) on Tuesday, it was clear she had struck a chord with Democrats.
8 h
Mars Ingenuity helicopter successfully completes second, riskier flight
8 h
GOP shows little appetite to budge on police reform despite Chauvin trial impact
8 h
More body cam video released of fatal police shooting of Black teen, who had charged two women with a knife
8 h
Prominent liberal donors back Virginia state Sen. Jennifer McClellan's bid to become nation's first Black female governor
A prominent pair of liberal donors is urging fellow contributors to back Virginia Democrat Jennifer McClellan in an effort to catapult the state senator ahead in the crowded gubernatorial field of this year's closely watched contest.
9 h
Biden opens global climate summit: 'This is a moral imperative'
President Biden is hosting a two-day virtual summit of world leaders to address the global climate crisis. He committed the United States to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%-52% below its 2005 emissions levels by 2030.
9 h
Biden announces US will aim to cut carbon emissions by as much as 52% by 2030 at virtual climate summit
9 h
CNN speaks to CEO of Black-owned funeral home planning Wright's funeral
CNN's Adrienne Broaddus reports on a Black-owned funeral home in Minnesota which helped organize George Floyd's funeral and is now preparing for the funeral of Daunte Wright.
9 h
A rare tropical cyclone is approaching one of Africa's most populated cities
A rare tropical cyclone is approaching Tanzania and could become the first cyclone to make landfall in the nation in modern records.
9 h
Biden calls on world leaders to take action on climate: "The signs are unmistakable"
Some promising news for pregnant people
Why airing Black wounds on screen isn't 'trauma porn'
I remember the collective sigh of relief among a primarily Black audience that had gathered in a movie theater in the pre-Covid days of 2017 to watch Jordan Peele's Oscar-winning horror film "Get Out." We all released our breath just after hero Chris Washington (played by then-unknown rising star Daniel Kaluuya) had defeated his treacherous White girlfriend Rose Armitage (played by Allison Williams) who had lured him into a prison set up by her villainous middle-class suburban family.
Biden hosts global climate change summit on Earth Day
From supersized to a more natural look: The evolution of breast implants
Breast implants are more popular than ever. They remain one of the most sought-after cosmetic surgeries in many countries from the United States and Brazil to the UK and China. They're the subject of reality shows and tabloid spreads, a recurrent topic of celebrity culture and a perennial punch line.
Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping confirmed their attendance at today's climate summit
Mexico warns that selling fake Covid-19 vaccines jeopardizes public health
It's time to measure your waistline, according to new recommendations. Belly fat raises your risk for disease
Are you relatively skinny but growing a "beer belly?" Has your waistline recently disappeared into a straight line with your hips?