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Cinco de Mayo Fast Facts
Here are some Cinco de Mayo Fast Facts from CNN about the holiday which commemorates the Mexican victory at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.
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Leopoldo Lopez Fast Facts
Read CNN's Fast Facts about Leopoldo López, a Venezuelan opposition leader who was imprisoned on charges of inciting anti-government protests.
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Can Bolsonaro be taken at his word on protecting the environment? A look at his record
World leaders meet virtually on Thursday to discuss climate issues in a summit convened by US President Joe Biden. Most highly anticipated perhaps is what the leaders of some of the world's most environmentally consequential countries -- including Brazil, China, India -- have to say. But critics ranging from Brazilian environmentalists to American celebrities are warning the world not to listen to one: Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro.
FDA report details flaws at facility making J&J vaccine
The US Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday that new production of Johnson & Johnson's Covid-19 vaccine remains paused at the Emergent BioSolutions facility where millions of potential doses were contaminated, and the agency and the company are working through a list of potential quality issues.
Body cam video released of fatal police shooting of Black teen
Columbus, Ohio, officials released additional body camera video on Wednesday of a police officer fatally shooting a Black teen who charged two females with a knife.