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No vice president has broken more Senate ties as soon as Kamala Harris
It is, of course, a function of a unique circumstance.
3 h
Tim Scott to deliver Republican response to Biden’s address to Congress
Scott, the lone African-American Republican senator, is currently leading the party’s efforts at finding a deal with Democrats on legislation to overhaul policing practices across the country following the outcry over a series of recent killings of black Americans by law enforcement.
4 h
Supreme Court unanimous that FTC lacked authority to recover billions for consumers
Court says the commission must get additional authority from Congress to ask courts for monetary relief.
6 h
Marjorie Taylor Greene says BLM protests are ‘the same tactics the Ku Klux Klan used to use’
Greene later said the "Democrat Party" is the party of the "Ku Klux Klan" and "now the party of Black Lives Matters."
6 h
Biden’s bold move to recognize the Armenian genocide
Plenty of presidents have said they would do so and then backed down. So why now? And what are the risks?
6 h
Trump’s grip on the Republican Party isn’t as strong as that of his base
Did Trump seize the power conservative media holds with the Republican base, or did he only borrow it?
Live updates: Biden to convene world leaders for virtual climate summit, seeking to restore U.S. leadership
Participants are expected to include Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among many others.
Stephen Miller’s attack on Biden’s immigration policy
The architect of Donald Trump's immigration policies twisted a few facts in criticizing Biden's.
NRA launches $2 million campaign to oppose Biden gun-control agenda
Effort is launched as the longtime gun-rights group faces a bankruptcy trial.
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Lina Khan’s nomination hearing signals a new era of tough antitrust enforcement for the tech industry
Khan told senators in the last few years, new evidence has come to light showing there were “missed opportunities” for enforcement actions under the Obama administration.
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Pelosi faces backlash after thanking George Floyd for ‘sacrificing your life for justice’
“He did not SACRIFICE his life,” tweeted Barbara Ransby, an activist and University of Illinois professor. “His life was violently taken.”
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It would be a lot easier if Republicans just said they didn’t want D.C. to have two senators
The effort to gin up other reasons to oppose D.C. statehood are pretty flimsy.
1 d
Chauvin verdict spotlights Harris’s unique role
The nation’s first Black vice president was a resonant voice in a pivotal moment for American race relations. Harris, who has struggled to establish a political identity, spoke to the experience of many Americans who have faced inequity.
1 d
The Chauvin jurors deserve better than partisan armchair assessments of their decision
Twelve Minnesotans gave up several weeks to evaluate a critical question under the national spotlight. That's citizenship.
1 d
After half a century in public life, Kerry gets one more shot
Kerry has one more chance to tackle climate change on the world stage — and cement his legacy.
1 d
Marjorie Taylor Greene’s imaginary D.C. sounds like a scary place, which is the point
How she leverages the urban-rural divide to bolster her rhetoric.
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Biden’s climate summit offers rare ‘breathing space’ with Putin amid growing rifts
But world powers also are trying find strategic advantages from climate shifts.
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Live updates: Biden to speak on the ‘state of vaccinations’ in the United States
The president's planned remarks come amid a busy week at the White House. On Thursday, Biden is scheduled to host a global summit on climate change.
2 d
Biden set to deliver speech on coronavirus vaccination efforts
More than 40 percent of the U.S. population has received at least one dose, but polls show vaccine hesitation in some communities.
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‘The wheels fell off’: How Biden’s misgivings on border surge upended plan on refugees
Biden wavered for two months before ultimately rebuffing top national security officials.
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