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Monkey Cage
Monkey Cage
In Columbus, police killed a Black teenage girl. That fits a rarely discussed pattern.
Most White Americans think Black girls are older and more dangerous than their peers, new research finds. Police behave accordingly.
Black women are willing to wait longer in line to vote than any other demographic group
Black voters’ greater determination to vote despite longer lines may influence election results.
Does the U.S.-China climate statement mean real cooperation ahead?
The joint statement suggests China could boost its climate targets.
India’s 1.6 million new covid-19 cases in the past week are breaking its health system.
Critics blame the Modi government’s pandemic decision-making.
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China’s backlash against Western brands may be short-lived
Not everyone in the Chinese government wants to see H&M and other foreign companies canceled.
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Will Breyer retire while Democrats hold the White House and Senate? Here’s what political science tells us.
Most federal judges retire for personal, rather than politically strategic, reasons. Supreme Court justices may be different.
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