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The new Israeli coalition is not to blame for Palestinian violence
Israelis experienced the worst wave of Palestinian terrorism 20 years ago, under governments willing to make territorial concessions.
It’s not ethics driving the GOP’s response to Trump’s dinner
Some will see an opportunity.
The ups and downs of the U.S. News & World Report rankings
It’s all about money, of course, not about honest service to the American people, especially not those who struggle over which college or university is best.
A ‘Draft Raskin’ effort might be Democrats’ best shot in 2024
If President Biden doesn't run again, the Maryland congressman should step up.
Gov. Youngkin is flying too close to the mountaintop
Cutting taxes as a recession looms is hardly prudent.
Maryland’s Beltway toll lanes project might lead to higher taxes
And that's something we should discuss.
Biden is right to be cautiously optimistic about the economy
No strike. Lower inflation. More jobs.
North Carolina’s dubious constitutional theory could undermine elections
Democracy depends on the checks and balances among courts, governors and legislatures.
A new generation of Chinese dissenters might be rising to challenge Xi
The recent protests in China are unusual and may be a glimpse of a rising generation of courageous dissenters. They face daunting obstacles.
Biden, Macron and the end of the Reagan-Thatcher era
The new global alignments show a shared urgency within democratic countries about climate change and about rebuilding their industrial capacity.
‘Soft landing’ is a terrible name for what’s coming
Even if the United States can avoid a recession, there will be tangible pain.
We’re America’s most loyal ally in Syria. Don’t forget us.
The international community shouldn't allow Turkey to invade again.
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I’ll say it: I do not think killer robots are a good idea
I understand that this remark is controversial. But what are columnists for, if not to take these bold stances?
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The U.S. should not let national emergencies become an emergency
The national emergency surplus is not a national emergency itself -- yet. Lawmakers should act long before it gets to that point.
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Musk is right to end Twitter’s fight against covid disinformation
Content moderators aren't that good at recognizing untruths, and when they block tweets, it only boosts distrust of the public health establishment.
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Macron’s visit with Biden was a lovefest. But bigger frictions remain.
Biden and Macron have two visions for Europe that are incompatible.
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