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In ‘Hindsight,’ players explore memories and come to terms with grief
In “Hindsight,” processing grief is one of the game’s central themes.
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FTC sues Walmart, alleging it let scammers access money transfer service
The retail giant dismissed the lawsuit as “factually flawed and legally baseless.”
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Why Gasoline Prices Can Stay Up When Oil Goes Down
When energy prices surge, there are few places where the pain is felt so acutely as at the filling station. The cost of gasoline for your car or the diesel that powers trucks is driven by a complex mix of Middle Eastern politics, refinery capacity, government policy and, sometimes, war. While Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was the trigger that fired fuel prices to new highs in 2022, it wasn’t the only cause.
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Fuzzy Language Is Setting Back the Fight Against Covid
Words like “breakthrough,” “booster” and even “mask” mean different things to different people.
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FCC commissioner calls on Google and Apple to ban TikTok app
A letter tweeted Wednesday by FCC commissioner Brendan Carr is the latest push by U.S. regulators to ban the Chinese-owned app.
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Mount Vernon Triangle offers walkability to loads of attractions
WHERE WE LIVE | The Northwest Washington neighborhood has condo living and an emerging restaurant scene.
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Focus the Abortion-Rights Fight on the Vulnerable
Pushing for stronger laws in a handful of states could help safeguard access for millions.
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Bond Market Rebound Is Bad News for the Economy
US Treasuries are starting to flag a recession that looks to be unavoidable.
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Are there tax implications for joint tenants with right of survivorship?
REAL ESTATE MATTERS | The IRS has a rule that states that a homeowner may keep up to $250,000 (up to $500,000 if you’re married) in profits from the sale of a primary residence, as long as the owner has lived in the home for two of the past five years.
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Is Prince George’s still the richest majority-Black county in America?
The best data shows neighboring Charles County has become majority-Black in recent years, and incomes there are much higher than in Prince George's County.
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Where fun facts are serious business
What is the Department of Data? How do I contact you? Who is that dweeb in the illustration? How do I get an official button and ID?
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Maker of Bored Ape NFTs sues artist for profiting off ‘copycat’ images
Yuga Labs, whose Bored Ape NFTs have sold for millions of dollars, accused Ryder Ripps of trying to devalue its pieces.
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How to prepare for a quick home sale as mortgage rates rise
TOWN SQUARE | Verify the buying power of the buyer before accepting an offer.
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Inside Crypto’s Plan to Retool the Internet
Crypto enthusiasts dream not only of revolutionizing money. They want to reinvent the World Wide Web, too. Their vision, which goes by the name Web3, is of a decentralized environment built on crypto technology in which swarms of independent collaborators take back control of the web from giant tech companies. It’s a threat that those tech firms -- including Facebook owner Meta Platforms Inc. and Twitter Inc. -- are taking seriously.
The West Must Move East for NATO to Survive
No matter what happens in the Ukraine war the US must persuade allies to move more troops and equipment permanently into states on Russia’s borders.
A Middle Eastern NATO? Not Gonna Happen
Countries that would make up a proposed alliance have struggled to define common security goals, never mind common foes.
The Last Thing Scotland Needs Right Now
At least for now, a replay of the 2014 independence vote is the last thing the country needs.
Can Saudi Aramco Meet Its Oil Production Promises?
The oil giant is running out of capacity to pump more crude.
Biden’s Thorny Options for Changing the Supreme Court
By overturning the abortion-rights decision Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s conservative majority has added fuel to calls among some Democrats to change the court itself. Some want President Joe Biden to pursue the idea of expanding, or “packing,” the court beyond its current nine seats. Others would replace the life tenure of Supreme Court justices with fixed terms to guarantee each president has equal opportunity to shape its makeup. In December, a commission appointed by Biden reported back
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Credit Suisse Reveals Where It Went Wrong
The Swiss bank’s deep dive into risk and compliance work contains tacit admissions that it’s been poorly run
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A ‘Price Cap’ on Russian Energy — Could That Work?
Since the US and its allies began to shun Russia’s oil and gas, there’s been little sign that the measures are inflicting the kind of pain that might force President Vladimir Putin to rethink his war in Ukraine. Other countries including China and India are still buying Russian energy, and a surge in prices has softened the blow from the sanctions. So Putin’s adversaries were weighing a new idea: make Russia sell its oil and gas so cheaply that it can no longer afford to wage war. The move, while hard to execute, would also help a global economy struggling with higher energy prices that have fueled inflation.  
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Chinese posed as Texans on social media to attack rare earths rivals
The social media campaign was uncovered by the cybersecurity firm Mandiant.
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Average Investors Should Try and Time Markets
It doesn’t mean going all in or out but rather tweaking allocations in response to telltale signals. 
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Nike’s Slowdown in the US Should Worry Investors
The sportswear giant saw sales slow in its biggest market. That’s going to be more worrying as shoppers rein in their budgets.
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As Crispr Turns 10, Its Medical Promise Comes Into Focus
The gene-editing tool has transformed the study of human disease, but before it can revolutionize treatments, researchers will need to solve three basic problems.
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Roomy, adaptable townhouses rising in Clarksburg, Md.
BUYING NEW | The plan calls for 84 townhouses, with eight units left for sale.
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TikTok Is the New Front in Election Misinformation
The growing social media platform is far more viral and harder to police than Facebook or YouTube.
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America’s MBAs Are the Latest Skeptics of Capitalism
The foundation of the US economic system no longer gets automatic approval at the nation’s elite business schools.
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Trump Has Steered Himself Into a Legal Morass
The story of his pathetic lunge at the wheel of his car on Jan. 6 revealed his lack of control in more ways than one. 
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