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The union’s defeat at Amazon is shaking up the labor movement and exposing a rift between organizers
The labor movement is working to regroup, with emotions high after a veteran organizer wrote a sharp critique of the union’s tactics in Alabama.
Why China ‘Bad Bank’ Huarong’s Fall Is Big Bad News: QuickTake
What happens when a company set up by the Chinese government to help clean up toxic debt in the country’s banking system gets into trouble itself? It seems we’re about to find out. Investors were spooked when China Huarong Asset Management Co., one of the country’s biggest distressed asset managers, failed to release financial statements in the wake of the execution of its former top executive for bribery. But what has triggered broader worries is the prospect that China may let a state-backed i
Here’s What’s Sparking Tension Again Between Russia and Ukraine
Russia’s 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula ignited the tensest standoff between Moscow and the West since the Cold War and the region has been deadlocked ever since. Now, Russia is exacerbating the wound by massing troops near its neighbor’s contested eastern regions, raising concerns that the two sides could be dragged into a heightened military confrontation.
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How Workplace Sexism Is Roiling Australian Politics
When it comes to judging someone’s words or deeds, Australians often resort to a casual barometer known as the “pub test.” If the locals are OK with it, then it’s deemed socially or culturally acceptable. By that standard, people across the country delivered a resounding verdict -- no -- in response to allegations of sexual harassment that reached into both the government and Parliament. The biggest crowds in decades -- tens of thousands of women and men -- rallied in March to demand greater fem
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