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Fox News parts ways with Lara Trump, former president’s daughter-in-law
The decision could suggest the conservative-leaning channel is distancing itself from the former president's 2024 campaign.
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Solution to Evan Birnholz’s Dec. 4 crossword, “Land of Confusion”
A world in chaos.
New LGBTQ holiday movies bring joy — and ‘disingenuous’ stereotypes
Holiday movie season is ramping up again, and so is queer visibility in its formulaic wintry rom-coms.
Carolyn Hax: Dad weighs giving adult son makeup cash for lean childhood
A father wants to give his adult son cash to make up for a childhood that was less privileged than his younger sisters'.
Ask Amy: My mother-in-law excludes us in favor of my husband’s ex-wife
Reader wishes their mother-in-law would stop encouraging a bad dynamic with her son’s ex-wife.
11 vegan cookie recipes inspired by s’mores, eggnog and more
Make and share these vegan cookie recipes for an inclusive approach to holiday baking.
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Reddit users turn Kanye West page into a Holocaust awareness forum
Fans who have turned against Ye for his antisemitic remarks began flooding the r/Kanye page with Holocaust-education posts.
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Carolyn Hax: Parent of a disabled child is tired of pity from friends
Parent of a child with special needs is tired of shock and pity from friends, and wishes they'd make an effort to understand.
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Ask Amy: Readers respond to letters that have resonated
This column is dedicated to reader responses to previously published letters.
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Miss Manners: Friend uses the bathroom with the door open during dinner
Reader’s friend came over for dinner and used the bathroom with the door open to accommodate their dog.
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