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GANNETT Syndication Service
GANNETT Syndication Service
Jailhouse and schoolhouse: Education that gave me direction is doing the same for my inmates
As a corrections officer, I saw generational incarceration​​​​​​​ and pushed the jail to bring in more learning to combat it.       
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This is America: Lessons I learned from covering the Derek Chauvin trial
After 27 days in Minneapolis, I learned about everything from police training to pulmonology. And also where to find the best cinnamon rolls.       
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Earth Day 2021: Liver cancer didn't kill me — environmental pollution did
My home growing up was a haven for crooks and toxic industries. Companies profited at the expense of citizens' health, including my own.
Why Biden's jobs plan is crucial step in confronting climate change
We must direct investments into natural infrastructure with the same urgency and importance as new investments in roads, ports, dams and levees.
Why do Democrats want 13 Supreme Court justices? Their answer doesn't make much sense.
You're welcome to believe the pseudo-historical argument the bill's sponsors provide, but I suspect a more cynical and obvious motive.
Susan Page talks Nancy Pelosi: 10 interviews with one of the USA's most consequential women
USA TODAY Opinion Editor Kristen DelGuzzi talks with Susan Page about becoming an expert on the nation's first woman Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.
Did the tumultuous 2020 change House Speaker Nancy Pelosi? 'I'm a strong person,' she says
At a time when many Americans felt unnerved by COVID, not to mention an unpredictable president, I realized I had never seen her emotionally falter.
FedEx shooting: Sikhs in Indianapolis are grieving. Investigate if hate played a role.
We know the shooter had a troubled past, but as our nation heals, embrace what makes us similar to each other.       
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Lockdown and widowhood: Getting to the other side of grief during COVID-19
It would have been easy to feel angry, helpless, and alone. But, even during a pandemic, the spirit of community is everywhere.       
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Ahead of Biden's climate change summit, America is losing vital ground on clean energy
To remain a leader in the energy and automotive arenas, we must secure adequate supplies of metals needed to power a new industrial revolution.      
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Ukraine crisis may be Putin's test for the Biden administration
It makes sense that the Biden team would seek to repair relations with Russia, but this may also be perceived as weakness on the part of the White House.       
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Walter Mondale fought the good fight
Mondale became the first vice president in history who held the office with real responsibility.       
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