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GANNETT Syndication Service
'Cross your fingers weather's good': Frontier Airlines CEO on summer travel woes, Spirit merger
Frontier's CEO Barry Biffle sat down with USA TODAY to talk about the merger's prospects and the issues plaguing the aviation industry this summer.      
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Flying for July 4 weekend? With 500+ flights canceled today, it's shaping up to be a bumpy ride
Holiday weekends tend to see larger crowds at the airports, which could strain airlines that are already struggling with reliability this summer.      
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Don't start your vacation already stressed: Travelers share how early to arrive at the airport
How much time do you give yourself to get to the airport? Travelers weigh in on how early you should arrive before your flight.      
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Flying on July 4 weekend? Delta has good news for you: No fare difference when rebooking travel
Delta Air Lines issued a waiver that allows passengers to change their tickets for the July 4 weekend without paying fare differences or change fees