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Trump makes defiant apology as lewd remarks rock campaign
Donald Trump's campaign is in crisis on the eve of the next presidential debate over a leaked 2005 video that shows him making offensive and sexist remarks about what some consider sexual assault. Key Republicans have disavowed the comments, with some even pulling their support. Overnight, Trump responded in a video statement. Major Garrett reports in St. Louis, the site of Sunday night's second debate.
Florida faces Hurricane Matthew's storm surge and aftermath
Florida took the first blow from Hurricane Matthew on Friday, and while the storm has moved on, the state is still feeling its effects. Matthew erased part of coast Highway A1A near Daytona Beach. Storm surge coupled with high tide is creating large and destructive waves and flooding along the Atlantic coast. It comes with at least a million utility customers without power and a massive cleanup operation about to unfold. Errol Barnett reports from Jacksonville.
New ways police are stopping texting while driving
Police say drivers who text behave much like drunk drivers, but catching violators in the act from a patrol car can be challenging. So the cops are thinking outside the box. Kris Van Cleave reports.
Impact of Trump's lewd comments on campaign going forward
Trump is under fire for lewd comments about women he made in 2005. In the video, Trump can be heard bragging to entertainment reporter Billy Bush about groping and pursuing women. CBS News political editor Steve Chaggaris joins CBSN to discuss how this could affect the 2016 election.
U.S. accuses Russia of hacking, election meddling
The Obama administration officially blamed the Russian government Friday for the recent hacking of the Democratic National Committee and other political targets. As Margaret Brennan reports, the White House is accusing Moscow of trying to meddle in the presidential election.
Karate coach wins fight of his life against COVID-19
A Karate coach seemed invincible until he contracted COVID-19 and spent six weeks on a ventilator. Vladimir Duthiers shares how his daughter’s love helped him win the fight.
Floridians faced hurricane danger with compassion
Hurricane Matthew had the makings of Florida's worst-case disaster. Scott Pelley reflects how Floridians faced the danger with boundless compassion.
Jacksonville feels storm's power
Hurricane Matthew packed a wallop as it battered northern Florida. Jacksonville has a major flooding problem and Errol Barnett is there with a report.
Music bridges the miles U.S. trumpet player and Afghan teen
For more than a year, reknowned Philadelphia Orchestra trumpet player David Bilger has been mentoring 17-year-old Baset Azizi who lives 7,000 miles away in Afghanistan. Steve Hartman reports on the harmonic convergence of the two musicians.
Hurricane continues to pummel Southeast
Hurricane Matthew will continue to skirt the Atlantic coast over the weekend from Georgia through the Carolinas. CBS Boston chief meteorologist Eric Fisher has the forecast.
Hurricane traps thousands in St. Augustine
Hurricane Matthew pummelled St. Augustine, Florida, leaving more than half of the city's 14,000 residents trapped inside businesses and homes. Flooding is not the only problem there; Trees and power lines are down throught the area. Manuel Bojorquez reports.
John Dickerson on Trump's lewd comments
CBS News political director John Dickerson weighs in on Donald Trump's lewd comments from 2005, and what kind of impact the new video may have on the second debate.
Video surfaces of Donald Trump's lewd remarks about women
The Washington Post published footage Friday from 2005 that shows Donald Trump making lewd comments about women. The remarks were caught on a hot microphone before a segment on "Access Hollywood." Trump called the remarks "locker room banter" and issued an apology "if anyone was offended." Major Garrett reports.
Backlash over Drudge claim that the government is lying about Hurricane Matthew
Conservative commentator Matt Drudge is getting backlash for his take on Hurricane Matthew. Drudge claimed that the government exaggerated the severity of the storm.
Emotional funeral honors Daunte Wright after police shooting
Hundreds attended Daunte Wright’s funeral to mourn the 20-year-old who was shot and killed by a police officer in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Jeff Pegues shares more.
FEMA director on Hurricane Matthew relief
FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate met with President Obama about Hurricane Matthew on Friday as the storm slammed Florida's southeast coast. Fugate joins CBSN to discuss FEMA's relief efforts for the areas targeted by the storm.
Watch: Dramatic video shows power line explosion in Florida
Hurricane Matthew is being blamed for this power line explosion in Florida. Wind and downed trees from the storm have left 600,000 people without power.
Biden vows to cut greenhouse emissions in half by 2030
President Biden met virtually with 40 world leaders to discuss climate change. Nancy Cordes has the details.
Jane Pauley on becoming new "CBS Sunday Morning" host
Veteran journalist Jane Pauley officially begins her new role as the host of "Sunday Morning" this weekend. She succeeds Charles Osgood, who retired from TV last month. With more than four decades of reporting, Pauley joined "Sunday Morning" as a contributor in 2014. Pauley joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss her new role and her upcoming interview with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Colorado supermarket shooting suspect faces 43 new charges
The man who allegedly opened fire in a Boulder, Colorado, grocery store faces 43 new criminal charges. A police officer and nine others were killed.
Schieffer: Town hall presidential debate could go "off in all directions"
CBS News contributor and former "Face the Nation" moderator Bob Schieffer joins "CBS This Morning" from Washington to discuss the important impact the second presidential debate could have on voter registration.
Storm chaser describes Hurricane Matthew scene
Jeff Piotrowski, an Emmy Award-winning storm chaser, joins "CBS This Morning" over the phone from Cape Canaveral, Florida, to describe what he's seeing near the eye of Hurricane Matthew.
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Alternate juror backs conviction in Chauvin trial
An alternate juror in Derek Chauvin’s trial said she agreed with the guilty verdict, adding that the prosecution had a strong argument. Jamie Yuccas reports.
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U.S. likely to resume Johnson & Johnson vaccinations, sources say
The CDC and FDA are leaning toward resuming the Johnson & Johnson vaccine after it was halted following reports of blood clots, sources told CBS News. Janet Shamlian has more.
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Clinton, Trump focus on Hurricane Matthew and debate prep
The presidential candidates are responding to the threat of Hurricane Matthew. Hillary Clinton asked her followers on Twitter to "follow emergency instructions and evacuate if you're told to." Donald Trump said in a statement: "Nothing is more important than the safety of your family." The hurricane will not delay Sunday's town hall debate at Washington University in St. Louis. Major Garrett reports.
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Mayor of Melbourne, Florida, urges residents to evacuate as Hurricane Matthew bears down
Mayor of Melbourne, Florida, Kathy Meehan urged residents to evacuate as Hurricane Matthew begins to bear down on Florida's coast. Meehan joins CBSN's Meg Oliver with the latest on the powerful storm.
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Georgia hunkering down as Hurricane Matthew roars towards coast
Georgia's coast is expected to be hit hard by Hurricane Matthew this weekend. Officials have ordered evacuations in the state as they brace for the severe weather. CBS News' Edward Lawrence is in Savannah, Georgia, with the latest.
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Full Video: Trump holds town hall in N.H., talks job creation
Donald Trump visited Sandown, New Hampshire, on Thursday for a town hall meeting. He discussed job creation and combating attacks from the Democrats. During the meeting, he also took questions from the audience. Watch his full remarks here.
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Travel warnings issued in wake of Hurricane Matthew
With Hurricane Matthew poised to slam the southeast, airports are closed and flights are being canceled. CBS News transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave joins CBSN with the latest.
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Hurricane Matthew swirls up Florida coast
The eye of Hurricane Matthew will likely hit the Florida coast sometime Thursday night. CBS Boston chief meteorologist Eric Fisher has the forecast.
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