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Watch TIME’s Exclusive Footage of NASA’s Most Powerful Rocket Ever Under Construction
NASA plans to use the Space Launch System (SLS) to get humans back to the moon sometime this decade
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Netflix’s Pensive Stowaway Tangles with Issues of Morality, and Selfhood, in Space
The space drama starring Toni Collette, Anna Kendrick and Daniel Dae Kim is sometimes boring, but still builds a mood of dread and contemplative ennui
Can the Ambitious, Uneven Rutherford Falls Do for American History What The Good Place Did for Philosophy?
The new sitcom co-created by 'The Good Place' mastermind Michael Schur, star Ed Helms and Sierra Teller Ornelas begins, like so many conflicts these days, with a monument to a dead white guy
India Reports a Global Record of 314,000 New Coronavirus Cases in a Day
The 314,000 infections added in the past 24 hours raise India's total past 15.9 million cases since the pandemic began
Indonesia Is Searching for a Missing Submarine With 53 People Aboard
Indonesia’s military said five navy ships and a helicopter were taking part in the search
Israel Says It Struck Targets in Syria in Retaliation for a Missile Attack
The exchange marks the most serious violence between Israel and Syria in years and points to likely Iranian involvement
‘It Was All Worth It.’ After Being Injured and Arrested by Police, These George Floyd Protesters Now Feel Vindicated
The repercussions Coricia Campbell felt for protesting George Floyd’s death last May were devastating. Not only was she arrested, but while she was sitting in a Florida jail for almost two days, the 32-year-old Marine veteran missed an important surgery to remove her gallbladder. Campbell, who suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and gastro­esophageal ­reflux ­disease,…
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The World’s Leading Medical Journals Don’t Write About Racism. That’s a Problem
Over the past year, rising deaths from COVID-19, police brutality, anti-Asian hate crimes, and the inequitable damage of climate breakdown, have made the manifold harms of racism easier for everyone to see. Harms that were once shielded from public consumption by segregation or shrouded from public scrutiny by stories depicting the U.S. as a nation…
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His Predecessors Dodged Race. Biden Embraces It
This article is part of the The DC Brief, TIME’s politics newsletter. Sign up here to get stories like this sent to your inbox every weekday. I don’t think I’m that old. But I’ve followed presidential candidates through the ethanol fields of Iowa and apple orchards of New Hampshire enough times to remember when most…
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The Vibe Will Be Different at This Year’s Oscars—and That’s a Good Thing
No one knows what our next new normal will look like, but the Oscars are determined to set one bejeweled sandaled foot into it, no matter what
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The Derek Chauvin Verdict Is Haunted by the Ghosts of Those Who Found No Justice
When Judge Peter Cahill read the verdict that Derek Chauvin was guilty on all three counts for the murder of George Floyd I imagined ghosts dancing around the courtroom. They leapt from chair to chair. Shouting, laughing, and crying all at once. They were the dead who haunted this trial—Black people, across generations, who died…
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What Will Office Life Be Like After the Pandemic? This Australian Fintech Company May Have the Answer
As companies in the U.S. and elsewhere look to reopen their offices, Australia's Brighte may offer a template for success
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The Death Penalty Declines As Global Recorded Executions Reach Lowest Level in a Decade
Globally, at least 483 people are known to have been executed in 2020. Shocking as this figure is, it’s the lowest number of executions recorded by Amnesty International in at least a decade, marking a decrease of 26% compared to 2019, and 70% from the peak of 1,634 executions in 2015. It’s clear to see…
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‘A Giant Step Forward.’ Joe Biden Pledges Police Reform After Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict
President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris praised the guilty verdict of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for murdering George Floyd, but cautioned that the fight for racial justice in the United States is nowhere near complete. “This can be a giant step forward in the march toward justice in America,” Biden said…
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Black Citizens of Minneapolis Have Been ‘Living in a Perpetual State of Trauma.’ Derek Chauvin’s Guilty Verdict Only Begins to Relieve It
If a city had a pulse, Minneapolis’ collective heart would have been racing
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Why Letting in More Refugees Could Work for President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden’s job approval rating has hovered around a healthy 53% since he took office. Americans largely approve of his handling of the economy and the pandemic, polls show. But he’s gotten low marks in recent weeks for his response at the southwest border as an increasing number of unaccompanied children from Central America…
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