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Why the U.S. Decided Not to Shoot Down the Chinese Spy Balloon Over Montana
Biden to asked for military options to shoot down the balloon floating, according to defense officials
Netflix’s Real-Life Sailing Adventure True Spirit Is an Anthem of Teenage Independence
The Netflix adventure tells the story of Jessica Watson, who at age 16 became the youngest person to sail around the world solo
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Donald Trump Was a Fundraising Juggernaut. His 2024 Campaign Is Off to a Weaker Start
The Trump campaign and its affiliated committee had less than $7 million banked—that may seem like a lot of money, but it’s fairly anemic considering what he's raised in the past.
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Zelensky Says Georgia’s Former President is Being ‘Slowly Killed.’ Here’s What to Know
Global leaders are raising alarms over the condition of former president Mikheil Saakashvili.
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Dear Edward Is TV’s Weepiest Show Since This Is Us
Creator Jason Katims' weepy sensibility, distributed across half a dozen intersecting plots and hammered home by a plaintive indie-folk soundtrack, makes for a crushingly earnest melodrama
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How Logan Paul’s Crypto Empire Fell Apart
Logan Paul has convinced his fans to invest millions in several crypto projects, including CryptoZoo and Liquid Marketplace. Many have lost money.
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Washington Is Turning Against TikTok. Should Users Be Worried About a Ban?
Some Democrats and Republicans are calling for a ban amid ongoing concerns Beijing could access user data.
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Heat-Related Deaths Are Rising. Here’s How Cities Can Keep Residents Safer
Planting more trees helps reduce the deadly effects of heat waves, one study finds.
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Inside the Race to Get Forever Chemicals Out of Raincoats
Many commercially available raincoats contain PFAS—"forever chemicals." Manufacturers are working to develop new, PFAS-free materials.
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U.S. Energy Department Wades Into the Gas Stove Debate
The Department of Energy set new limits on energy consumption for gas stoves, which could have an impact on the products' future.
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The Untapped Solar Power Potential of Big Box Stores
Putting solar panels on all of America's big box stores could see huge gains in renewable energy supplies.
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Everything You Need to Know About Netflix Cracking Down on Password Sharing
Netflix has released more details about how its impending password sharing crackdown will be enforced ahead of a global rollout
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You’ve Got Money Questions. Let TIME Help With the Answers
Let TIME help answer them
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M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock at the Cabin Is Overly Preachy
M. Night Shyamalan's latest is a sometimes tense but largely cumbersome parable about modern families
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The Story Behind TIME’s ‘Division & Destiny’ Cover
TIME turned to artist Lavett Ballard to create a cover that would—like Isabel Wilkerson's work—present a challenge to the reader and to America
From Jan. 6 to Tyre Nichols, American Life Is Still Defined by Caste
Recent events are a reminder that the caste system still determines American life—but we can overcome it.
As People Return to Offices, It’s Back to Miserable for America’s Working Moms
Mothers aren't the only workers affected by the policies, but data on their experiences offer a window into the impact of working from home
Why Hong Kong Is Giving Away Half a Million Airline Tickets
The move is part of a global publicity campaign unveiled Thursday to revive the city's struggling tourism sector.
The United States Opens an Embassy in the Solomon Islands to Counter China
China's bold moves in the region have the U.S. seeking to increase its engagement in a number of ways.
Big Year for Big Oil as Shell Posts Record Profits While World Struggles With Rising Fuel Prices
The earnings are the latest evidence of a blowout year for Big Oil, with Exxon Mobil Corp. also reporting a record annual profit in recent days.
China’s Sichuan Province Will No Longer Limit the Number of Children Anyone Can Have
The province’s relaxation of previously strict family planning measures comes as China reports its first population decline in 60 years.
Teenager Arrested in Singapore After Allegedly Planning ISIS-Inspired Attack
An 18-year-old student was arrested in December after authorities determined that he posed an “imminent security threat.”
‘Criminal Enterprise Disguised as a Law Firm’: Disgraced Erin Brockovich-Famous Attorney Charged With Stealing Millions From Clients
One of the nation’s most prominent plaintiff’s attorneys, Girardi was known for high-profile litigation such as the case that led to a $333 million settlement portrayed in “Erin Brockovich.”
King Charles III Won’t Appear on Australia’s New $5 Bill
A new Indigenous design will replace the previous portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II
A Friend Remembers the Sensitive, Funny Tyre Nichols as Memphis Mourns at His Funeral
"He had a lot of game; he was very charismatic," Sary Mansour says of his friend and former coworker.
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Florida May Force High School Athletes to Disclose Their Menstrual History
The menstrual history questions have been part of Florida’s athletics pre-participation form for more than 20 years, but have been optional
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Everything We Know About the Controversy Over Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar Nomination
The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has decided not to revoke actor Andrea Riseborough’s Oscar nomination in the Best Actress category, following an investigation into whether aggressive campaigning from her Hollywood peers helped her secure the nod. Riseborough’s nomination prompted extra scrutiny from the Academy after public backlash following its announcement, with critics…
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Why Joe Biden, Who Loves to Make Deals, Is Not Offering One to Kevin McCarthy
Biden usually approaches negotiations with optimism, but is taking a harder stance when it comes to the debt ceiling.
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The Adani Crisis Could Push Clean Energy Investors Away From India
The Adani crisis is bound to affect how investors see the country, and how willing they are to provide capital for the energy transition.
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How Skateboarding Shaped Tyre Nichols
Nichols, the 29-year-old Black man who died after being beaten by Memphis police, was an avid skater. His death shines new light on the sport.
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