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Human Interest - Slate Magazine
Human Interest - Slate Magazine
My Boyfriend Just Confessed a Profound Betrayal. I Can’t Tell If My Reaction Is Too Much.
I knew this would happen.
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Dear Care and Feeding: My Grandfather Left Me His Entire (Huge) Estate. Should I Share It With My Family?
Parenting advice on inheritance, fashion, and body image.
Help! My Wife Gave Birth Last Month. I Want a Divorce.
Everyone keeps calling me selfish. What do I say to them?
I Survived 438 Days Lost at Sea on a Boat the Size of an SUV. 
Imaginary sex, shark liver, and pretend airplane food kept me going.
Help! My Friend Keeps Flirting With Me, but I’m Married—With a Devastating Secret.
I never expected to be in this position.
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How Pfizer Became the Status Vax
The “double-dosed Pfizer elites” insist they’re joking. Not everyone is so sure.
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