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Texas’ Governor Wants You to Forget About Uvalde
Greg Abbott is stalling.
Democrats Finally Figured Out Their Post-Dobbs Message
"Give us two more Senate seats and we will make abortion legal nationwide."
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The Supreme Court’s Attack on Civil Servants Takes a Page From Trump’s Playbook
The conservative justices keep making it harder for the government to do its job.
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The Biden Administration Is to Blame for the Horrific Deaths of 51 Migrants in Texas
Democratic leaders cannot see that both the existence of smugglers and the deaths of migrants are effects of this country’s migration policies.
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I Work in Porn. The Summer’s Much-Hyped “Raw and Real” Movie About the Industry Has a Glaring Problem.
Hollywood can't let go of one particular obsession.
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Is Marriage Equality in Jeopardy?
Will the cops arrest queers for having sex?
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The Teenage Victims of Abortion Bans
The U.S. already is experiencing an epidemic in suicide among adolescent girls.
What Texas Can’t Forget
Can the tragedy in Uvalde stay in people’s minds long enough for the Texas state government to do something?
This Episode Will Not Bum You Out
We all need to take a break for a little bit of internet joy.
So That’s What a Trump Tantrum Is Really Like
Cassidy Hutchinson's bombshell testimony before the Jan. 6 committee described the former president in the midst of a historically terrifying flip out.
What Would Donald Trump Have Done If He’d Actually Gotten to the Capitol?
Grab a spear? Tear up ballots? Or glower and wave?
Donald Trump Thinks He’s a Mob Boss, But That’s an Insult to Mob Bosses
A real Mafia don would have found a way to finish the job.
How Mississippi Brought Down Roe
With the help of an extremist Christian group.
The State Constitution of Florida—Yes, Florida—Protects the Right to Abortion
Make no mistake, the protection of that right is not affected by prevailing interpretations of the federal Constitution.
If You’re Criticizing the Corporations Touting Abortion Benefits, There May Be a Big Point You’ve Missed
Do you see any better options right now?
Why Were Celebrities Better Prepared to Talk About Abortion Than Democrats?
It’s not like we didn’t know this was coming.
The Uphill Battle Of Pronoun Training When You Come Out As Nonbinary
Talking pronoun training, and when poly pulls apart with guest Noah Zazanis.
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Cassidy Hutchison’s Jan. 6 Testimony Was Full of Genuinely Shocking Bombshells
Sounds bad, legally speaking!
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Neil Gorsuch to Non-Christian Kids Who Don’t Want Prayer in Public School: Get Over It
Religious minorities do not matter to this Supreme Court.
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Why the Eastman-Clark Phone Seizures Are a Huge Deal for the Jan. 6 Investigation
What possible crimes could have justified such a search?
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I Know the Secret to Great Sex in Your 70s. I’m Worried About My Husband’s Reaction.
I'm worried about his reaction.
1 d
Finding Joy While Incarcerated
Keri Blakinger’s new book, Corrections in Ink gives a raw look at life behind bars.
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Help! My Mother and I Are Both Pregnant. Do I Really Have to Do “Baby Planning” With Her?
The idea honestly feels weird to me.
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Time in Solitary Confinement Still Haunts Keri Blakinger a Decade After Her Release
She's still haunted by solitary confinement a decade after her release.
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Dear Care and Feeding: My Sister Is Caving Under Our Parents’ Pressure
Parenting advice on sports, birthday parties, and terrible behavior.
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Can Regulators Catch Up to Crypto?
Anthony Lee Zhang on the future of crypto investment.
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The State That Brought Down Roe
Of all the conservative states, Mississippi was the one that brought the case that felled Roe v. Wade.
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Christian Religious Freedom Trumps Everything Again
The Supreme Court failed the truth in the coach prayer case.
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An Olympic Gold Medalist on How Getting an Abortion Changed Her Life
Crissy Perham on what Roe getting overturned means for women athletes.
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Supreme Court Lets Public Schools Coerce Students Into Practicing Christianity
The conservative supermajority continues to repeal the separation of church and state.
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