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The New Mortal Kombat Movie Rules
Yes, it’s just 110 minutes of dudes fighting, but on the other hand, it’s 110 minutes of dudes fighting!
A New Sitcom Tells “the Greatest Story Never Told”
With Rutherford Falls, TV’s first Native American showrunner puts white liberals in their place.
1 h
Joe Biden Wants to Tax the Hell Out of Rich Investors
Get ready for private equity guys to start making jokes about Uncle Joe Stalin.
2 h
Weird Shooting Pains After Your COVID Vax? There’s a Very Simple Explanation
There's a very simple explanation for your weird COVID vax side effects.
2 h
The Florida Supreme Court Won’t Let Voters Legalize Recreational Marijuana
A dubious decision by the ultra-conservative court denies Floridians the opportunity to reform their state’s drug laws.
4 h
Ignore Derek Chauvin’s Sentencing
America’s obsession with the criminal legal system as panacea is exactly what got us into this mess in the first place.
4 h
The World Doesn’t Need Another Captain America
What good is an American icon when the country’s reputation is in tatters?
4 h
Should a Schoolteacher Be Punished for Going to the Capitol Riot?
Inside the political debate that divided a tony Orange County community.
5 h
Why Did So Many Americans Support the Invasion of Iraq?
Season 5 of Slow Burn revisits America’s slow-motion march into disaster.
5 h
There’s No Good Exit Plan for Afghans Who Supported American Forces
The Biden administration seems unprepared for a potential humanitarian catastrophe.
5 h
Brett Kavanaugh’s Opinion Restoring Juvenile Life Without Parole Is Dishonest and Barbaric
Without admitting it, Kavanaugh overturned landmark precedents protecting the constitutional rights of children.
7 h
The Aristocrat and the CIA Officer Who Plotted to Overthrow Saddam Hussein—in 1995
Years before George W. Bush’s invasion, a wealthy Iraqi and a brash American spy collaborated to launch a coup.
7 h
Why We Don’t Know What’s Actually Going on With Periods and COVID Vaccines
Dr. Jen Gunter discusses a possible side effect and how it could have been overlooked.
7 h
The Really Surprising Thing About Fully Vaccinated People Who Get COVID-19
The reality is that breakthrough cases are normal and expected after vaccination.
8 h
HBO’s New Series Found a Better Way to Satirize Silicon Valley
The first season of Made for Love dared to think different, and it paid off.
8 h
The Dr. Fauci of Lebanon Leads a Shattered State’s COVID Response
Some glimmers of hope after a year of catastrophe.
9 h
An Ode to Chuck E. Cheese, Anti-Capitalist Rock Star
The pizza-slinging mouse and his animatronic band put out music that’s shockingly good—and confoundingly anti-capitalist.
9 h
Biden Commits U.S. to Cutting Emissions by Half Over Next Decade
Biden’s new emissions target nearly doubles Obama’s reduction pledge.
Virginia Police Officer Fired for Donation to Kenosha Shooter Kyle Rittenhouse’s Defense Fund
“Thank you for your courage,” an accompanying note read. “You’ve done nothing wrong.”
Help! My Fiancé Is Probably Going to Prison. Should I Leave Him?
I never thought his past would catch up to him.
The Cynical Republican Attack on “Critical Race Theory”
The U.N. ambassador’s candid speech on racism is the wrong target for the GOP's latest propaganda campaign.
Ask a Teacher: My Child’s School Wants Me to Reform Its Misogynistic Culture
What resources can the school offer to students?
It Will Take a Lot More Than Money to Get Internet to Every American
Joe Biden’s plan to fix the digital divide is a lot tougher than it looks.
Gridlock Is Coming Back. Noise Doesn’t Have to.
How cities could sound when commutes, and cars, are the norm once again.
How Amy Coney Barrett Is Backfiring for the Right
A different kind of SCOTUS reform is already happening.
Nothing Captures How Horny We All Are Like PissTok
A deep dive into pee-play TikTok and the memeification of kink.
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The College Baseball Announcer Who Made the Catch of the Year
“I think it was probably going 90, 95 miles per hour when it arrived.”
1 d
I’m Actually Glad Nancy Pelosi Thanked George Floyd for “Sacrificing” Himself
It's saying the quiet part loud.
1 d
The Latest Tesla Crash Tells Us a Lot About the Risks of Computers on Wheels 
Ideas and assumptions about a technology are often as important as the actual properties of the hardware itself.
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The Thrilling Collapse of the European Super League
How the biggest teams in global soccer drew up an incredible fiasco.
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