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News and Politics - Slate Magazine
Jim Jordan Showed on His First Day How Unfit He Is To Lead the Judiciary Committee
Jordan is a classic example of a member of Congress who has demonstrated contempt for congressional oversight.
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Ilhan Omar Loses Her Foreign Affairs Committee Seat
One of three Muslims serving in Congress, Omar was voted off the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.
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The Death Penalty’s Problems Are Forcing One of America’s Execution Capitals to Reform
A Republican attorney general in a deep red state is reckoning with capital punishment’s injustices and deficiencies.
Republicans’ Latest Headache Is a Fight About Ilhan Omar
A perfect, stupid sequel to the party’s speaker battle has arrived.
The National Prayer Breakfast’s Mysterious Schism
Why has this annual D.C. tradition split in two?
The Plot Against Pope Francis
Cardinals feeling buyers’ remorse for Pope Francis are planning a conservative successor.
What Rodney King and Tyre Nichols Have in Common
Decades have passed, but Nichols’ death shows how little has changed.
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RNC Urges Candidates to Double Down on the Thing That Made Them Lose in November
It's a bold plan.
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The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Wasn’t Always Like John Roberts
The story of Abe Fortas’ quick axing from the high court reminds us of a time when there was actually something to be done about ethical concerns.
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Kathy Hochul Vetoes Wrongful Death Reform Bill, Picking Yet Another Fight With Her Party
The New York governor shot down a bipartisan bill to help compensate grieving families. Why?
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The Hysteria Over D.C.’s New Crime Bill
No data suggest D.C. is instigating a crime wave.
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