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Editorial: Biden must set aggressive carbon reduction goals to meet Paris climate targets
As Biden prepares to host a virtual climate summit this week, he must set a U.S. goal of a 50% drop in carbon emissions by 2030.
Second Opinion: How long haul COVID could offer clues for treating other puzzling chronic illnesses
New ways to monitor the immune systems of COVID-19 patients could be useful in understanding the long-term symptoms of Lyme disease, among other conditions.
Column: Caitlyn Jenner for governor of California? What a terrible idea
Why do Americans — and especially Californians — fall for the lure of celebrity-politicians?
Op-Ed: Our Nextdoor — the microaggression edition, from Azusa to Santa Monica
Cartoonist Mimi Pond on the people, food and IKEA instructions that get on our last nerve
Letters to the Editor: We need to talk about racism and 'blue lives matter'
Shame probably kept people from showing up to a White Lives Matter rally, but there are other ways people are making racist statements in public.
Letters to the Editor: He's 83, Black, and still worried about his safety in America
A reader says he refuses to 'lie face down on the ground to satisfy the macho whims of a 29-year-old white cop, no matter what.'
Letters to the Editor: We've made everything about growing up competitive. It's time to stop
Youth sports, school, volunteering, college — everything about growing up now is a competition, and it's making kids miserable.
Op-Ed: We don't need a new Cold War with China
The national security state is cheering for a new Cold War with China. Americans should be deeply worried.
Letters to the Editor: It isn't just racism. Gender discrimination thrives in medicine
A dentist says she was discouraged from becoming a surgeon in the 1970s because of her gender, and her daughter faces similar problems.
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Opinion: What it felt like when the Afghanistan war started in 2001
Do any of us actually remember what we were doing when what would be the longest war in U.S. history began on Oct. 7, 2001?
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