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Letters to the Editor: America needs an infusion of optimism and grit. That's what immigrants bring
Readers share stories about what their immigrant ancestors were able to accomplish in this country, even when they weren't so readily accepted.
Letters to the Editor: If libraries restrict certain children's books, what will be next?
Former Huntington Beach children's librarian Barbara Richardson warns that calls to protect kids are really a pretext for banning books.
Letters to the Editor: Colleges should tap alumni to help students with mental health issues
A reader who is a licensed clinical social worker says he should be asked by his school alumni group to help students struggling with mental health issues.
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Letters to the Editor: Get ready for more light pollution in L.A. under Metro's digital billboards plan
Readers debate the safety hazards of the city's proposal to generate revenue from electronic billboards.
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Letters to the Editor: What's better than suing oil companies? Passing a carbon tax
It'll be years before California's lawsuit against five big oil companies pay dividends. In the meantime, we should put a fee on carbon emissions.
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