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Biden administration proposes restoring California's right to set car pollution rules
The decision is a step toward restoring the state's unique power to set tougher fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions rules.
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Biden wanted to rally the world around his new climate target. Not all nations joined
As President Biden hoped, nations including Canada and Japan joined the U.S. in setting stronger goals for lower emissions at his climate summit. China and India balked.
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Senate passes bill targeting hate crimes against Asian Americans
The Senate approved a rare bipartisan bill to help law enforcement address anti-Asian hate crimes, which have spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic.
5 h
Rob Bonta is confirmed as California attorney general
Bonta, 49, will become the first Filipino American to to head the Department of Justice when he takes the oath of office at a ceremony on Friday.
6 h
Supreme Court OKs life in prison without parole for some juveniles convicted of murder
With liberals dissenting, the Supreme Court makes it easier for juveniles convicted of murder to get life in prison without parole.
7 h
State lawmakers, sensing opportunity to undo Roe vs. Wade, propose a flood of abortion bills
Over 500 bills to limit abortion have been introduced in state legislatures this year as antiabortion lawmakers see opportunity in the Supreme Court.
The U.S. is the biggest carbon emitter in history. Where do other nations stand?
World leaders promised to reduce CO2 emissions when they joined the Paris climate deal, but not all have kept their word.
Biden under pressure to become first U.S. president to recognize Armenian genocide
Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill are pressing President Biden to be the first U.S. president to acknowledge the events as genocide.
Justice Department announces probe of Minneapolis police a day after Chauvin verdict
Atty. Gen. Merrick Garland announces an investigation of Minneapolis police after an ex-officer is convicted of murder in George Floyd's death.
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Biden sets plans for hosting virtual climate summit, marking U.S. return to global arena
Four years after Donald Trump said the U.S. would leave the Paris climate pact, President Biden will host a virtual summit Thursday and Friday to mark U.S. return.
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Biden needs Asia's help to meet climate goals, but is it ready to give up coal?
China, Japan and South Korea are the biggest funders of coal-fired power plants worldwide. Persuading them to stop will be a major challenge.
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The GOP's Anglo-Saxon problem
Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar have abandoned their "America First Caucus," but white nationalism continues to thrive in the Republican Party.
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Column: With Chauvin's conviction, justice was served for once. I'll cheer when it's a norm
Cops like Derek Chauvin can't continue to be the norm in America. Nor can a cop getting convicted for breaking the law continue to be the exception.
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'A new phase of a long struggle.' Washington reacts to verdict in Derek Chauvin trial
Washington responded with calm determination as former police officer Derek Chauvin verdict was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.
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