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Secret Service: Jan. 6 committee didn't reach out before Hutchinson's explosive Trump testimony
The agency says it got no outreach for 10 days before the committee aired testimony about Donald Trump's behavior in the presidential vehicle on Jan. 6.
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Opinion | Why Are Democrats Letting Republicans Steamroll Them?
For too long, the GOP has busted norms with no consequences.
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Illinois GOP takes big right turn with primary victories
State Sen. Darren Bailey won the GOP nomination for governor, besting Richard Irvin, whose campaign received $50 million from megadonor Ken Griffin.
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Searches for abortion medications have soared
Doctors fear people will manage their own care and turn to black market products.
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Biden admin escalates fight against monkeypox
The Department of Health and Human Services said it will immediately send 56,000 doses of Jynneos to parts of the country where the virus is spreading.
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`We have a lot of work to do': Women and the economy
The pandemic recession hit women hard, battering industries in which they make up a disproportionate share of workers.
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Pelosi receives Communion in Vatican despite abortion stance
Pelosi’s home archbishop has said he will no longer allow her to receive the sacrament in his archdiocese because of her support for abortion rights.
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Canada’s national police force admits use of spyware to hack phones
The RCMP says it needs to use malware because encryption has made surveillance “exponentially more difficult.”
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POLITICO Playbook: Jan. 6 panel may have found its 'smoking gun'
And more on last night's primaries
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State lawmakers are shaping the future of abortion. Watch these names.
Legislators were long unable to impose major regulations on abortion. Now, the power to decide when — and whether — abortion should be legal is squarely in their hands.
Abortion doctors’ post-Roe dilemma: Move, stay or straddle state lines
Health experts warn that this potential migration could be devastating for patients, leaving them without access to birth control, prenatal care and other reproductive health services.
How to Undo the Supreme Court’s Mistakes
The history of the Supreme Court is replete with outrages and abominations, but they can be tough to overcome.
Opinion | The Supreme Court is Retrenching. States Don’t Have To.
It's a little-appreciated feature of our democracy that the U.S. Constitution only sets a minimum for individual rights — not a maximum.
Opinion | Democrats Need an LGBTQ Wedge Issue of Their Own
It’s time to run again on same-sex marriage.
Ukraine wants to win today, the West is looking at 2023
U.S. and allied leaders at the NATO summit in Madrid acknowledge Ukraine's urgent requests for weapons, but they aren’t biting on the timeline.
Roe jolts the midterms: 5 takeaways from the 2022 election midpoint
Trump isn’t beaten, but he’s beatable.
Trump made 17 endorsements in recent primaries. Here are the winners.
The former president successfully intervened in a member-versus-member GOP primary in Illinois.
Eastman drops bid to block phone records from Jan. 6 committee
The former Trump lawyer is increasingly the subject of legal scrutiny.
Zeldin wins GOP primary for New York governor versus Andrew Giuliani
Early results showed Zeldin with 43 percent of the vote with about half of the votes counted.
Delgado comfortably wins New York's lieutenant governor primary
Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado received 58 percent of the vote in a three-way contest with about half the total ballots counted.
Trump-endorsed Miller beats Davis in GOP primary featuring 2 Illinois incumbents
Miller was able to galvanize conservative voters by painting Davis as a moderate, citing both former President Donald Trump’s endorsement of her and her vote against certifying the 2020 presidential election results.
Casten beats Newman in matchup of Dem incumbents in Illinois
Redistricting forced the incumbents to fight it out for the same seat in an intense, sometimes awkward, race for a Chicago-area seat.
GOP Rep. Steven Palazzo loses primary amid ethics cloud
The six-term lawmaker fell to Jackson County Sheriff Mike Ezell, who finished second in the June 7 primary. While Palazzo was on top in the primary, he only secured 31 percent of the vote — a sign of dissatisfaction among voters.
Hochul cruises to victory in Democratic primary in New York
New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul is the first woman to win a major party’s gubernatorial nomination in state history.
Bailey wins GOP governor primary in Illinois
The conservative state senator benefitted from a Democratic meddling campaign.
Aide's testimony that Trump was told of weapons could boost civil suits
The revelation at a House Jan. 6 hearing could be fodder for cases arguing that Trump knew violence was likely when he sent backers to the Capitol.
Opinion | The Effing President Gets His Comeuppance
White House insider Cassidy Hutchinson blows the whistle on Trump.
Biden administration ramps up monkeypox vaccination amid rising cases
Cities say demand for vaccines is still outstripping supply.
Opinion | What Cassidy Hutchinson Said that Could Prove Trump’s Criminal Undoing
Donald Trump’s determination to lead his armed followers to march on the Capitol demonstrates the state of mind necessary to prove crimes such as incitement and obstruction.