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Decapitated Animals Found Near Apartment Puts Community on Alert
According to police, the bags contained an array of dead farm animals, including chickens, goats, pigeons and pigs.
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Ukraine Sees Opportunity to Join NATO After Finland, Sweden Invite
A Ukrainian official said he noticed how Finland and Sweden were able to bypass the normally lengthy process to get invited into NATO.
Watch: Pro-Russia Recruits Training on Self-Propelled Heavy Mortar Vehicle
Images allegedly show fresh recruits for a pro-Russia separatist region in Ukraine training on a self-propelled heavy mortar vehicle in eastern Ukraine.
Trump 'Set Us Up' on Jan. 6, Officer Who Defended Capitol Says
"The president revealed his character a long time before January 6 and a long time before he was even president," Officer Daniel Hodges said.
Watch: Ukrainian Troops Blast Russian Targets With Howitzer
The 59th Motorized Brigade, a formation of the Ukrainian Ground Forces named after Yakov Gandziuk, said they carried out their attack "perfectly."
Watch: Russian Riflemen Blitz Ukrainian Positions With Tanks, Rocket Launchers
The Russian division allegedly used tanks and small arms to beat back the Ukrainian positions.
Russia Says Electronic Warfare System Took Out Ukrainian Drone
The Krasukha is a Russian mobile, ground-based, electronic warfare system that entered service in 2014.
Man Shot 7 Times During Argument Over Chicken at Anniversary Party
Police said a woman's mother started arguing with another family member about "guests getting too many pieces of chicken."
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Ukrainian Troops Take Out Russian Self-Propelled Guns With American M777 Howitzers 
The images appear to show destroyed Russian military vehicles after Ukrainian forces took them out.
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Bison's Tourist Goring at Yellowstone Park Prompts Expert's Warning
The National Park Service says the incident this week at Yellowstone National Park is the second reported goring by a bison in 2022.
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Biden Will Have to Admit the Economy Is in a Recession: Economist
Economist Peter Schiff said the economic turmoil in the U.S. is worse than what is being described, saying it will hurt much more than the Great Recession.
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Florida Grandma Allegedly Brought Heroin, Cocaine And Baby to Prison Visit
Police said there was more heroin and cocaine found in the woman's car.
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GOP Voters Still Back Trump in 2024 Despite DeSantis Boost, Jan. 6 Evidence
The latest poll found DeSantis with his best showing yet for a 2024 bid, but Trump retained the top spot among Republicans.
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New VW Beetle Tribute Model Worth $608K
Milivie GmbH, the brainchild of artistic engineer Jonathan Engler, has reimagined the Beetle, which ceased production in 2003, as the Milivie 1.
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Sea Eagles Listed as Extinct in Spain Return After Breeding Program
White-tailed eagles have arrived in Spain as part of a conservation plan to reintroduce the huge bird of prey to one of its ancient habitats.
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U.S. Establishing Permanent Troops in Poland Amid Fears of NATO-Russia War
Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the number of NATO troops on high readiness will increase more than sevenfold, the largest boost since the Cold War.
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Woman's Before And After Weight Loss Photos Leave Internet Stunned
"I am more active, joined an adult sports league, get better sleep, got a boyfriend, and just overall a lot happier," the woman said of her weight loss journey.
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Man's McDonald's Meal Tipped Off Border Patrol to Alleged Meth Discovery
"Law enforcement noticed Huang displayed suspicious behavior by eating a cheeseburger immediately upon arrival," a news release read.
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Who Is Kimberly Elise? Actress Praises Roe v. Wade Overturning
"Millions of babies will be saved from death by abortion due to the overturning of Roe V. Wade. Hallelujah!" the actress wrote on Instagram.
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Homemade Community Library Trashed With Chili and Cat Food Shocks Internet
"What a sad, bitter, spiteful, poor excuse for a human being to do this," a Redditor commented. "I'm so sorry for your neighbor."
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Puppy's Reaction to Owner's Huge St Bernard Has People Tearing up: 'Home'
The pair, a St. Bernard named Bear, and a Cocker Spaniel named Lolly, have formed an incredible bond.
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Woman's Attempt at Dealing with Rogue Chipmunk Has Internet In Stitches
Ashley Caron was just trying to help the chipmunk escape—but she didn't count on the intervention of her dog boss.
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How Burmese Pythons Invaded Florida With 100,000 Now Roaming the Everglades
Burmese pythons constitute some of the largest snakes in the world. Native to Southeast Asia, they can grow to lengths of 20 feet.
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How the Courts Have Gotten Abortion Wrong for Decades | Opinion
Can one truly believe that a free society is one in which state governments have power over the most imitate decisions that its citizens make?
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Heartwarming Footage Shows Firefighters Save Puppies Stuck in Tortoise Den
The authorities' initial attempts to coax Oscar, the 100-lb tortoise, out of the way with watermelon pieces were unsuccessful.
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When 'Criminal Minds' Is Leaving Netflix and Where You Can Watch It Next
The much-loved police drama "Criminal Minds" has found a new home and is officially leaving the streamer this summer.
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'Clowns': Fury As Worker Quits After Waiting a Week for 0% Counteroffer
The worker responded by quitting on the spot and walking out.
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Ukrainian Rescue Workers Clear Explosives Left Behind By Russian Shelling
Ukrainian officials say they have found thousands of explosives in fields since the start of the war.
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Woman Warned Not to Let Husband's Ex Partner Have Another Baby in His House
"We have made huge sacrifices in our relationship...It feels incredibly selfish of his ex to have a baby."
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Ben Shapiro Slams Olivia Rodrigo's Use of Lowercase Letters After Roe Rant
"Slow clap for the heroism involved in advocating for the killing of the unborn en masse by singing in front of people for money," Shapiro said of Rodrigo.
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