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R. Kelly Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Sex Crimes
Antonio Perez/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty ImagesR. Kelly, the disgraced R&B singer convicted of leading a criminal enterprise geared at helping him prey on boys, girls, and adults for his own sexual gratification, has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.Kelly, 55, was found guilty last September of all charges against him in Brooklyn federal court. They included racketeering based on sexual exploitation of children, kidnapping, forced labor, and violations of the Mann Act, which barred the transport of people across state lines for sex. On Wednesday, Kelly greeted Judge Anna Donnelly “good morning” and appeared to be taking notes as his sentencing hearing began. Wearing black glasses and a khaki shirt, the singer quickly put his head down as Donnelly began to go over the sentencing guidelines.Read more at The Daily Beast.
This Four-Hour ‘Hamlet’ Is Compelling. Just Lose the TV Screens.
Stephanie Berger Photography/Park Avenue ArmoryThere are many artistic and moral questions to be discussed around the 3-hour, 50-minute Hamlet that has just opened in the cavernous expanse of New York City’s Park Avenue Armory (running through Aug 13). But to answer some important basic questions first: Yes, your ass and legs should be fine. The seats are super-comfortable and legroom more plentiful than in most Broadway houses; the views of the stage are clear and unobstructed thanks to the audience sitting on risers. The theater staged in the Armory is consistently memorable; not always successful but always striking—inventive designers and directors have fun here, as seen on productions as various as Yerma, Enemy of the People, The Damned, and the first incarnation of The Lehman Trilogy before its Tonys-triumphant Broadway run. Does this Hamlet feel long, too long? Four hours long? No, it does not. Theatergoers know the restive yawns of fellow seatmates as plays progress past two and a half hours. Such sighs, and any restlessness, were absent the night this reporter saw Hamlet. The audience was engrossed, by what was unfolding on stage, the words spoken so beautifully, and the thoughts and questions flowing from those words.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Homeowners Rejoice—This Top-Rated Pressure Washer Will Save You Thousands of Dollars
Scouted/The Daily Beast/iStock.Scouted selects products independently. If you purchase something from our posts, we may earn a small commission.Homeownership inspires the oddest desires in a person. Whereas I once saved for high-fashion shoes and luxury vacations, I now budget for items like new household appliances, kitchen remodels, backup generators, and even pressure washers.For years, I outsourced the pressure washing of my house and driveway to Yelp-reviewed and Google-recommended professionals and paid anywhere from $600 - $800 a session. And while they certainly did a fantastic job, I realized over time that I could be saving hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars by investing in a pressure washer and doing the job myself. So what was holding me back from making the leap?Read more at The Daily Beast.
This Is a Julia Roberts and George Clooney Rom-Com Alert!
Xinhua News AgencyJust when the world needs her most, Julia Roberts is making her triumphant return to the genre she basically reinvented in the 90s—the romantic comedy. In a genius stroke of casting, she will reunite with her Ocean’s 11 co-star George Clooney for Ticket to Paradise, out this October.Ticket to Paradise hinges on the enemies-to-lovers rom-com trope. The first trailer is essentially two-and-a-half straight minutes of Roberts and Clooney exchanging hate-fueled, sexually-charged banter. In other words, it’s already our favorite movie of the year. If you don’t think it’s sexy when someone is mean to you, you need to grow up and watch Season 2 of Bridgerton. Roberts and Clooney play a bitterly divorced couple who rushed into marriage and now must team up to save their daughter, Lily (Kaitlyn Dever), from the same mistake. Lily is set on marrying a man she just met on a post-graduation trip to Bali. Hijinks, of course, ensue as Roberts and Clooney begrudgingly travel to Bali together to stop the wedding.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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A Dire Warning: Putin Could Invade Europe Within a Year
GettyLeaders of North Atlantic Treaty Organization member countries, including the United States, are cheering on the alliance’s decision to welcome Finland and Sweden into the alliance Wednesday as a bulwark against Russian aggression in Europe.But Russia might be coming for European countries beyond Ukraine in approximately a year’s time anyways, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Wednesday.“I can say what we need: We need security guarantees, and you have to find a place for Ukraine in the common security space. There will be either urgent help for Ukraine, which is enough to win, or Russia's postponed war with you,” Zelensky said, suggesting if countries don’t step up their security assistance to Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin will go after even more targets. “Next year could be a worse situation [for] not only Ukraine, but also several other states, possibly members of the alliance… under fire from Russia.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Get the Most Stylish Beach Towel Ever During Brooklinen’s Summer Sale Event
Scouted/The Daily Beast/BrooklinenScouted selects products independently. If you purchase something from our posts, we may earn a small commission.When it comes to blending style and quality into everyday items, there are few brands I trust more than Brooklinen. Brooklinen has created a number of attractive items over the years with an obvious focus on its inventory of luxury sheets, duvet covers and bath towels. However, one of the most exciting new product lines being sold right now is Brooklinen’s new Limited Edition Beach Towels. The beach towels are made with 600 GSM terrycloth for a thick and absorbent towel that feels heartier than the other bath towels Brooklinen sells. With a length of 70 inches, the towel is also long enough to serve as a true beach towel you can lay down on. What makes the beach towels really stand out however is their unique designs. Each of the six different designs was specially created by New York City artists to help represent summer. While each is incredibly beautiful, I’m partial to the Spinning Beach Towel designed by Jing Wei. Right now, you can buy the beach towels, or any other Brooklinen products for 15% off during the sitewide Summer Sale Event. The sale only lasts a few days so make sure to act before time runs out.Don’t forget to check out our coupon site to find deals from Sephora, CVS, and more.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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A Trans Character Buys Menstrual Pads in Disney Kids’ Series ‘Baymax’
Disney+Not this again. Baymax, a new series based on the beloved puffy robot from Big Hero 6 on Disney+ has included a couple of LGBTQ+ characters, a rare and refreshing effort to promote inclusivity in children’s television. In one scene, for example, a person who appears to be a transmasculine character is seen shopping in a tampon aisle. Naturally, bad-faith trolls are raging in response on social media. But a majority of viewers are thrilled to see some much-needed representation from the company, going so far as to dunk on the critics’ predictable—and, wouldn’t you know it, entirely misinformed—complaints.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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This Bird-Brained Bot Translates Chicken Clucks and Squawks
KARRASTOCK via GettyIf you’re a responsible farmer, keeping your animals healthy is about knowing whether or not they’re happy—or unhappy. Doing so can be a challenge, especially if you have a ton of creatures to care for. And let’s face it: They’re animals. They can’t exactly tell you whether they’re happy… or can they?With the help of artificial intelligence, they actually can. A team of scientists from City University of Hong Kong created a new AI that can accurately detect distress noises from chickens. In a paper published in The Journal of Royal Society Interface on Wednesday, they said the tech could identify distress calls from chickens with up to 97 percent accuracy. The tool could be employed on other animals and livestock too in order to boost welfare practices in the farming industry as a whole.“Our end goal is not to count distress calls, but to create conditions in which the chickens can live and have a reduced amount of distress,” Alan McElligott, an associate professor of animal behavior and welfare at the City University of Hong Kong and co-author of the paper, told The Guardian.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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Teen Suspect in Sister’s Death Said She’d Have ‘Killed Sooner’ If She Knew She’d Get McDonald’s, Cop Says
Facebook / Lancaster County District AttorneyA Pennsylvania teenager accused of fatally stabbing her disabled older sibling with a kitchen knife told a police officer “I Michael Myers’d my sister” shortly after the grisly killing, according to testimony heard in a Pennsylvania court.Claire Miller, now 16, was 14 years old when prosecutors in Lancaster County say she repeatedly stabbed her sister, Helen, in the neck while their parents were sleeping. Helen, who had cerebral palsy, was found with a pillow over her face and a knife still in her neck when officers arrived after a hysterical phone call from Claire, court documents show.The February 2021 killing is now at the center of a hearing to decide if the teenager will face a homicide trial in adult court or be allowed to move to a juvenile court, which would allow for her rehabilitation. (Pennsylvania law calls for all homicide proceedings to go through adult courts, regardless of the defendant’s age, and it is then up to defense lawyers to petition for a move to the juvenile court system.)Read more at The Daily Beast.
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‘See How They Run’ Isn’t a Wes Anderson Movie, But It Might As Well Be
Searchlight PicturesThe month of rebellious leading ladies in gripping mysteries is inching closer and closer. This September, just a week after Florence Pugh throws herself into a tizzy in Don’t Worry Darling, her Little Women co-star Saoirse Ronan will follow the twists and turns into a new movie called See How They Run.In See How They Run, Ronan plays a young rookie cop sleuthing on a high-stakes case in London’s famed West End theatre district.She’s going to need help if she wants to succeed here, though, because this case sure is tricky. Under the guidance of a storied inspector (Sam Rockwell), the young detective must figure out the murder of an acclaimed Hollywood director (Adrien Brody) before the glamorous theater players begin falling to more homicides.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Smart Contact Lenses Let You Gaze Into the Metaverse Future
Mojo VisionIn March, a tech startup called Mojo Vision unveiled a look at the future—or rather, through the future. It had invented prototype “smart” contact lenses that, when worn, projected augmented reality (AR) displays over whatever users looked at. Think of it as Google Glass, but it’s experimental and goes directly on your eyeballs. The contacts, dubbed Mojo Lens, promised pristine 3D displays and an eye-tracking system that allows wearers to see handy information like how far you’ve run during a workout, or what hole you’re on during a round of golf.There was just one critical problem: The prototype lenses still couldn’t be worn. You could only peer through the lenses one at a time, and they couldn’t be placed safely on your eyeballs.That’s quickly changed now that Mojo has proven they can be worn by human eyes. And company CEO Drew Perkins is the first person to don a pair, Mojo announced on June 28.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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Man High on Meth Among Those Arrested in Texas Human Smuggling Tragedy, Report Says
Kaylee Greenlee Beal/ReutersThree men have been arrested in connection with the horrific human-smuggling tragedy in Texas that killed 51 people and sparked fears of cascading death and misery at the Mexico border this summer.According to a report by the San Antonio Express-News, among them was a driver believed to have abandoned the ill-fated truck, which was found in a field near the Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. “He was very high on meth when he was arrested nearby and had to be taken to the hospital,” the outlet reported, citing a law-enforcement source. Police also found two other men—Mexican nationals idnertified as Francisco D'Luna-Bilbao and Juan Claudio D'Luna-Mendez—at an address linked to the truck and have charged them with possessing weapons while residing illegally in the U.S, NBC News reported.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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The Real Artist Behind Those Big-Eyed Waifs Has Died
BettmannMargaret Keane, the rightful artist of the critically panned but publicly adored paintings of saucer-eyed, anemic waifs, died Sunday at her home in Napa, California. She was 94. Keane’s big-eye paintings were a source of such fierce controversy that they even inspired the 2014 Tim Burton film Big Eyes, a biopic that once and for all told the true story of the artist behind the ridiculously popular kitschy paintings.In 1955, Margaret Keane’s husband, Walter Stanley Keane, began selling her paintings as his own work. Not even Margaret was aware of the deception at first. She only discovered the con one night at the Hungry i, a comedy club in San Francisco where, banished to the corner, she observed Walter representing her work to buyers. Only when a customer came up to her and asked if she also painted did she realize that her husband was taking credit for work she had created.Walter’s reasons made some sense to her: He explained that buyers are receptive to artists representing their personal work and that paintings by male artists tend to sell better. She was also afraid of her husband, who claimed he was mob connected. So, she remained complicit, anonymously churning out the portraits of children with enormous eyes while Walter lived a luxurious playboy life with orgies in their kidney-shaped pool, all of it financed by the sale of Margaret’s painting.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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She Was Her Friends’ Designated Driver. A Bullet Fired Into a Philadelphia Bar Killed Her.
Jailene HoltonWhat began with an argument about a game of pool ended with a young woman being fatally shot in the head in the rear of a Philadelphia bar on Tuesday night. Jailene Holton, 21, had reluctantly gone out with friends for a reunion, according to a Fox 29 news report. She was the designated driver for the group, who began their evening at a local Topgolf before heading to Philly Bar & Restaurant, where a sign over the door reads: “LIFE, LIBERTY, BEER.” The Northeast neighborhood bar hosts a billiards league night on Tuesdays on its only pool table—which ultimately began the deadly violence. At some point in the evening, three patrons arrived hoping to play on the pool table, only to find it occupied, according to the report. One of the men in the group flew into a rage about not being able to play, leading to a bouncer kicking all of them out of the bar. At just after 11:30 p.m., one of the men opened fire at the venue from around 200 feet away before fleeing in a dark-colored pickup truck, cops said. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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U.S. Takes Aim at Putin With Military Boost in Europe
GettyThe U.S. military’s presence in Europe is about to get a whole lot bigger as fears grow over an unhinged Vladimir Putin.President Joe Biden announced the news at a NATO summit in Madrid on Wednesday, pointing the finger directly at the Russian leader who has repeatedly claimed NATO expansion is to blame for his bloody onslaught against Ukraine.“In a moment where Putin has shattered peace in Europe and attacked the very, very tenets of the rule-based order of the United States and our allies—we’re stepping up,” Biden said.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Meghan Markle Says Prince Harry Had a ‘Guttural’ Reaction to Overturning of Roe v. Wade
Charles McQuillan / Getty ImagesMeghan Markle has revealed that Prince Harry was outraged by the June 24 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, saying “His reaction last week was guttural, like mine.”Markle was speaking in an interview with Vogue magazine, in a conversation with Gloria Steinem and journalist Jessica Yellin. Her comments about her husband’s opinions are likely to attract attention in the U.K., where members of the royal family are supposed to remain inscrutable in their views on political matters, especially when it comes to the affairs of non-British jurisdictions.There has recently been controversy in the U.K. over private comments allegedly made by Prince Charles, who is reported to have described as “appalling” a new British policy of deporting some migrants to Rwanda while their cases are working their way through the legal system.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Golf Cash Grab Enrages Dad Whose Teen Was Killed by Saudi
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty/Courtesy Seth SmartPORTLAND, Oregon—An upcoming golf tournament backed by Saudi Arabian cash and set to tee off Thursday at an Oregon golf course has roiled local politicians, golfers, and the general public.But the pain of the nascent spectacle is unique for the family of 15-year-old Fallon Smart.In August 2016, the high-school student was crossing the street at an intersection in a popular area of southeast Portland when, police say, she was fatally struck by a driver, Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah. The Saudi national, then 21 years old, was in a gold Lexus going nearly 60 miles per hour, according to police records. Two weeks before facing trial on charges including manslaughter and reckless driving, Noorah was last seen getting into a black SUV before vanishing from the U.S. and eventually re-emerging in Saudi Arabia, according to The Oregonian.Read more at The Daily Beast.
How ‘Marcel the Shell With Shoes On’ Saved Jenny Slate
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/GettyWhat if for a fleeting moment, when you really, truly needed to, you were able to be a little brave? What if you were able to look at the thing about yourself that you’re self-conscious about, that you feel others might find weird or different, and psych yourself up every once in a while about it? Maybe even brag that it’s the thing that makes you great?What if when you were struck by the weight of loneliness or faced with great loss, even if just briefly, you were able to access the emotional memory of love and community and put that out into the world instead of despair?What if you smiled a lot, just because it's worth it?Read more at The Daily Beast.
Inside a U.S. Rep’s ‘Deeply Troubling’ Brush With China’s Panda Diplomacy
Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The DailyBeast/GettyA New York City congresswoman’s years-long quest to bring giant pandas to Central Park Zoo may have inadvertently exposed a soft white underbelly to the Chinese government, which has long used the iconic animals as instruments of its international agenda.Rep. Carolyn Maloney’s fixation on bringing the bamboo-chomping beasts to the Big Apple has become an inside joke among local politicos—so much so that an opponent once taunted her at a press conference with a man dressed in a panda suit. City Hall and local zoos have balked at the cost of caring for the animals, which could top $50 million, but the congresswoman has pursued her dream nonetheless: traveling to the creatures’ native country, courting diplomats, helping launch a nonprofit to raise the necessary funds, and even hosting a glitzy Manhattan bash that reportedly amassed half a million dollars toward the cause.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Chris Pratt’s ‘The Terminal List’ Is a Deranged Right-Wing Revenge Fantasy
Amazon The Terminal List features Chris Pratt going vengefully homicidal due, in part, to a serious mental condition in Amazon’s latest, which follows in the tradition of Jack Ryan and Jack Reacher by delivering gung-ho macho action-drama tailor-made for fortysomething Call of Duty players. Still, if this adaptation of Jack Carr’s novel mostly fits itself into a particular dad-entertainment streaming niche, it also, to a large extent, comes off as a wet dream for militia-minded anti-establishment kooks, replete with a deranged Pratt performance as a Navy SEAL who responds to injustice by murdering the guilty with extremely wackadoo prejudice.Given its suggestion that slaughtering your powers-that-be enemies for a righteous revenge cause is totally OK and very cool, the morality of showrunner David DiGilio and executive producer/director Antoine Fuqua’s eight-part series (July 1) is, let’s say, lacking. There’s some serious lunacy to The Terminal List, courtesy of its excessive take on the military-conspiracy genre and its headliner’s turn as an impaired war hero running amok as a shoot-first, ask-questions-never vigilante. As recently confirmed by Jurassic World Dominion, Pratt’s stolid leading-man routine is usually his least interesting mode of operation; the actor’s best work (Parks and Rec, Guardians of the Galaxy) undercuts any pretenses of He-Man ruggedness with goofy, self-effacing humor. There’s none of that here, and yet the single-mindedness of his character, and the material, is so fanatical that it often tips everything into insanity, sporadically warping an otherwise straightforward payback narrative into something dark and disturbing.Set primarily in Coronado, California, but pandering to male red-state viewers with routine references to beer, guns, country music, and hunting, The Terminal List stars Pratt as James Reece, a decorated Navy SEAL who embarks on a mission in Syria to capture a chemical-weapons baddie that culminates with an ambush, resulting in the death of his entire squad. Reece returns stateside with a horrible concussion and an apparently faulty recollection of these catastrophic events and the subsequent suicide of a close platoonmate. He becomes immediately convinced that someone is altering the record in order to cover something up, the problem being that his migraines and incessant conflation of various memories (seen in swirling flashbacks) are so rampant that he can’t trust his own thoughts. Nonetheless, he decides that his recent undertaking was a trap orchestrated by nefarious forces who fed him bad intel and begins investigating what really happened with the aid of his close buddy, shaggy boozehound CIA spook Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch).Read more at The Daily Beast.
Soccer Mommy and the Unexpected Healing of ‘Sad Girl Music’
Sophie HurEighty-seven years ago, in spring 2020, I had a handful of things to keep me sane: my health, thank goodness; my roommate/close friend; and content. Most of it was garbage—90 Day Fiancé was a go-to—but some of it saved my life. The Nintendo Switch video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, whose launch coincided with lockdown, became somewhat of a phenomenon, and I played the heck out of that. But what I associate with those harrowing months of fear, loneliness, and anxiety just as closely is Soccer Mommy.Soccer Mommy—the stage name of 25-year-old singer-songwriter Sophie Allison—makes indie rock often referred to as “sad girl music.” That descriptor can be seen as dismissive, reductive, and low-key misogynistic. But to this sad girl, it’s not totally inaccurate. Soccer Mommy’s second studio album, Color Theory, had the somewhat unfortunate luck—commercially speaking—of debuting in late February 2020. But that release timing was, in other ways, perfect, at least for this fan. It meant that the album soundtracked, appropriately, some of the saddest months of my life.Songs like “Bloodstream,” in which Allison pointedly asks herself, “Why am I so blue?” and “Circle the Drain,” the chorus of which finds her repeating “round and around and around and around,” were well-suited for that time’s awful monotony. But looking back over the years, Allison’s always been good at pointedly expressing and evoking the dominant feelings of my life.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Montreal’s Newest Attraction Wants to Loosen You Up
Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily BeastI need to loosen up, honestly.I’m what some may call a type-A personality: I’ve ne’er met a flow with which I could go easily.But in an era of major global, political, and personal upheaval, I’ve found a rigid stance to be far from beneficial.Read more at The Daily Beast.
If Dems Don’t Start Acting Like Winners, Animal Science Says They’re Fucked
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyBehavioral biologists have long been fascinated by the nature of dominance hierarchies in animals. There is a direct correlation, they posit, between the increased probability of winning at a given time and victories proximate to that time. In other words, if an animal perceives that it has a superior ability to win an all-out fight, it considers itself to be dominant and continues winning. It is this phenomena that accounts for what’s commonly referred to as the “winner” and “loser” effects. Never have those effects been more on display in the human species than this past weekend, embodied by the national Republican and Democratic parties respectively.As the Republican Party celebrated a victory over Roe v. Wade 50 years in the making—a culture war carefully mapped out and methodically executed—Democrats forced a smile and extolled the virtue of accepting breadcrumbs in the wake of another mass shooting of school children.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Was the Return of QAnon’s ‘Q’ Just a Republican Primary Play?
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyQAnon believers have been thrilled by last week’s return of Q, the anonymous internet poster who launched the far-right conspiracy theory.In this week’s Fever Dreams podcast, host Will Sommer and guest host Sam Brodey talk about how Q’s new posts after a near-two-year hiatus, published on anarchic internet message board 8kun, have energized QAnon believers looking for hope after Donald Trump’s 2020 election defeat.“We thought Q was gone!” Sommer said.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Secret Service Agents Denying Trump Freakout Claim Were His ‘Yes Men’: WaPo
MSNBCThe Secret Service agents who have reportedly pushed back on bombshell testimony about former President Donald Trump in a presidential SUV on Jan. 6 were “very close” to him and have even been described as “yes men,” according to a Washington Post reporter.In testimony before the House Jan. 6 Committee on Tuesday, former Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson said she had heard that after the Jan. 6 Stop the Steal rally, Trump tried to grab the steering wheel of the vehicle and “lunged” at a Secret Service agent in a desperate attempt to be taken to the Capitol.Hutchinson testified that Tony Ornato, a Secret Service agent who also served as White House deputy chief of staff, told her about it after Trump had instead been driven back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, where he apparently proceeded to throw his lunch against the wall in anger.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Say What You Will About Kim Kardashian, But She Makes the Best Damn Shapewear on the Market
Scouted/The Daily Beast/SKIMS.Scouted selects products independently. If you purchase something from our posts, we may earn a small commission.I know I’m late to the game here (Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand launched back in 2019), but until recently, I hadn’t tried SKIMS’ coveted shapewear range. Last year, I fell in love with SKIMS’ seamless and cotton basics, including the seamless t-shirt and underwear, so when I was on the hunt for some shapewear styles to wear under my wedding dress the other month, I figured I might as well give SKIMS a try. Just to be sure I had all my bases covered for the big day, I decided to try three of SKIMS’ best-selling shapewear pieces: the Waist Trainer, the Sheer Sculpt Low Back Short, and the Sculpting Short Above the Knee With Open Gusset. I also got their almost-always-sold-out Soft Lounge Slip Dress, which isn’t shapewear, but I couldn't recommend it more—it looks amazing on literally everybody. Full disclosure: the package sadly did not make it in time for my wedding (thanks a lot, Memorial Day Weekend delays!), but yes, I survived my big day without them and have been testing out my shapewear post-nuptials with plenty of summer bodycon dresses. Read more at The Daily Beast.
Indicted Election Denier Tina Peters Loses Bid to Oversee Colo. Elections
AAron Ontiveroz/GettyTina Peters, the Colorado county clerk who flogged election conspiracy theories and was then indicted for allegedly breaching her own voting machines, lost her primary bid to become the secretary of state—a role that oversees elections.Pam Anderson, a former Jefferson County clerk who has declared there was no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, won the Republican primary. She had a 15-point lead around 11 p.m., according to the Associated Press.Peters’ loss will be a blow to a cast of her fellow election deniers, including prominent backer Mike Lindell, who are clinging to the baseless notion that the election was stolen from Donald Trump.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Trump-Backed GOP Rep Beats ‘RINO’ Colleague in IL Primary
Kate Munsch/ReutersA far-right ally of former President Donald Trump has won her primary race against a fellow Republican lawmaker in a deep-red Illinois district, providing one more sign of the ex-president’s continued hold on the party.Rep. Mary Miller, a freshman Republican best known nationally for praising Adolf Hitler on her second day in office, defeated Rep. Rodney Davis, a five-term lawmaker known as a GOP insider, by a narrow margin.Miller’s victory all but ensures she will earn a second term in Congress come November.Read more at The Daily Beast.
The Entire GOP Is Complicit in the Coup Attempt
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty“There was ketchup dripping down the wall and there’s a shattered porcelain plate on the floor.” Cassidy Hutchinson, the House Jan. 6 committee’s surprise witness, painted the perfect metaphor for the GOP’s continued violent assault on our nation’s increasingly fragile democracy.In her damning and chilling testimony on Tuesday, Hutchinson, a former top aide to Donald Trump’s chief of staff Mark Meadows, unleashed an arsenal of smoking guns. She not only implicated the Trump administration but exposed the entire right-wing ecosystem as active and willing participants in a failed authoritarian’s desire to use violence, intimidation, and illegality to ensure power for his radicalized MAGA movement that has now consumed the GOP and replaced all “rational” Republicans.According to Hutchinson, the Trump administration knew the protesters were heavily armed, but Trump cared more about his crowd size. Indeed, she said, Trump embraced and welcomed his own personal army. “I don’t fucking care that they have weapons,” was Trump’s response, according to Hutchinson. “They’re not here to hurt me. Take the fucking [metal detectors] away. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol from here.” These are the same protesters who the Republican National Committee earlier this year said were “ordinary citizens” engaged in a “legitimate political discourse.” Per Hutchinson’s testimony, Trump and his staff, including Meadows, who at worst comes off as a neutered, pathetic accomplice or at best a deliberate conspirator, were told early on that some were fastening spears to flag poles and others were carrying AR-15s, the murder weapon of choice for mass shooters. They did more than march. The violent insurrectionists eventually overtook the U.S. Capitol, which resulted in the deaths of five people, including a police officer, and terrorized the Capitol police and our elected officials.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Seth Meyers Rips Fox News and GOP ‘Gaslighting’ on Abortion Bans
NBCAfter turning a good portion of his show over to the president of Planned Parenthood and three female writers on Monday, Seth Meyers finally took “A Closer Look” at the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade on Tuesday.“Amid a torrent of national outrage and widespread protest over the Supreme Court’s grotesque decision to shred abortion rights, Republicans are shamelessly claiming that it’s Democrats who are staging riots by peacefully protesting,” the Late Night host began. “And on top of that, they’re trying to gaslight everyone into thinking nothing has been banned as a result of this decision.”Specifically, Meyers dug into the bizarre juxtaposition of conservatives on Fox News and elsewhere accusing Democrats of supposedly resorting to violence over the ruling on the same day that Americans are learning Donald Trump welcomed deadly weapons into his Jan.uary 6th rally because, as he allegedly put it, “They’re not here to hurt me.”Read more at The Daily Beast.