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24 wounded, 3 killed from Milwaukee shootings near Bucks playoff game

Milwaukee erupted in gunfire Friday night, with five separate shootings that left three people dead and 24 wounded in the lakeside city.
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‘Wake up and do something!’: Chris Russo rants on gun laws after Texas school shooting
Responding to Steve Kerr's emotional plea to "do something" after the Texas school shooting, Chris Russo echoed the points made by the Warriors' head coach.
Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, 74, says he’s spent $6M on cocaine in his lifetime
Steven Tyler is a persuasive dude. In 1975, when the Aerosmith singer was 27, he shacked up with a 16-year-old groupie, Julia Holcomb, and convinced the girl’s mother to sign over guardianship to him. “He had mentioned that he wanted guardianship papers so I could travel across state lines when he was on tour,” Holcomb...
Sale of Chelsea by sanctioned Roman Abramovich approved by UK government
Roman Abramovich’s 19-year ownership of Chelsea is ending after the British government approved the sale of the Premier League club by the sanctioned Russian oligarch to a consortium fronted by Los Angeles Dodgers part-owner Todd Boehly.
Brooklyn man busted with $20K arsenal of ghost gun parts, high capacity magazine
A Brooklyn man was busted with a $20,000 arsenal of ghost guns parts, including nearly 300 high-capacity magazines that he allegedly purchased online, officials announced Wednesday. Rene Loyola, 25, is accused of ordering the massive cache of weapons parts from 12 separate online retailers between March 2020 and March 2022, the Manhattan and Brooklyn district...
Sweden, Finland NATO bid: Officials travel to Turkey in push to overcome their objections
Officials from Sweden and Finland, who submitted applications to join NATO, visited Turkey Wednesday in hopes of winning the country's support for their bids.
‘This Is Us’ Series Finale Ending Explained: The Pearsons’ Story Ends With A Simple, Hopeful Episode
For a show with plenty of twists and turns, Dan Fogelman had always planned for the finale to be simple -- and full of hope.
Lack of Financial Education Has Led Young People Into Debt, Study Says
A majority of adults believe their lack of financial education as a child has caused problems in later life.
One legacy of COVID-19: More cash for Americans in need
Guaranteed income programs are sprouting up around the U.S. One mayor calls them "a form of economic resilience."
3 reasons Trump's influence took a big hit in Tuesday's primaries
You'd be hard-pressed to find two Republican incumbents who drew more of Donald Trump's ire than Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Both won big on Tuesday.
Watch Live: Biden signs policing order 2 years after George Floyd's death
The president is signing an order reforming federal policing practices and establishing a database of officer misconduct.
Stephen Colbert uses Texas shooting to call on Americans to vote for anti-gun politicians in midterms
Comedian Stephen Colbert urged midterm voters to choose their politicians wisely in the wake of the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas that left at least 22 dead.
At L.A. concert, Olivia Rodrigo calls for 'stricter gun control' after Texas shooting
'I'm so heartbroken that this is the reality that we're living in,' Olivia Rodrigo said after a gunman killed 19 children at an elementary school.
ESPN Host Absolutely Torches GOP Over Texas School Shooting: ‘Wake Up!’
ESPNESPN personality Chris “Mad Dog” Russo on Wednesday morning absolutely tore into Republicans after the horrific Uvalde school massacre, calling on them to “shape up, wake up and do something” and blasting them for standing in the way of gun-control legislation.Following Tuesday’s mass shooting at Robb Elementary that left at least 19 schoolchildren dead, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr furiously pleaded with GOP leaders to enact a universal background check. “They won’t vote on it because they want to hold onto their own power. It’s pathetic! I’ve had enough,” Kerr shouted before storming out of a pre-game press conference.And during Wednesday morning’s broadcast of ESPN talk show First Take, an outraged Russo followed up that anger with his own impassioned, take-no-prisoners rant.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Viral TikTok avocado hack can make you violently ill: FDA
A TikTok user has promoted a "magic" method to keep avocados fresh but the Food and Drug Administration has warned against it.
Biden to visit Texas after school shooting leaves 21 dead: report
The White House is reportedly coordinating President Biden's visit to Texas following the mass school shooting that took place in Uvalde on Tuesday.
How To Watch Anne Hathaway and Zendaya's Bulgari Short Movie
The actresses have teamed up for Bulgari's latest advertising campaign, "Unexpected Wonders," directed by Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino.
Sen. Chris Murphy calls for gun reform following Texas shooting
Murphy, who represented the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School,​ urged colleagues to take legislative action.
Experts Find 2 New Prehistoric Dolphin Species - in Swiss Alps
The previously unknown dolphin species inhabited the area of today's landlocked mountainous Switzerland 20 million years ago.
Mavericks vs Warriors Game 4 score: Mavs avoid sweep with hot shooting, head back to San Francisco for Game 5
The Dallas Mavericks made 20 three-pointers in Game 4, ending the Warriors Western Conference Finals sweep hopes and sending the series back to Golden State for Game 5.
Небензя: Пленные солдаты ВСУ признались, что им приказывали стрелять в мирных жителей
«Хочу привлечь внимание к пыткам и издевательствам со стороны украинских националистов и ВСУ над российскими военнопленными
Юристов ДНР пригласили на Петербургский юридический форум
В ходе церемонии министр юстиции Константин Чуйченко пригласил донецких коллег принять участие в юбилейном Петербургском международном юридическом форуме, который пройдет с 29 июня по 1 июля 2022 года
Nick Jonas reflects on daughter Malti’s ‘wild’ journey after 100 days in NICU
"It's just been a magical season in our life," the Jonas Brothers member gushed of parenthood with wife Priyanka Chopra on "The Kelly Clarkson Show."
Oreo and Ritz teaming up for free cookie-cracker collab
The brands will be giving away 1,000 free packs of the limited-time collab.
Delivery app Getir axing 14% of employees, NYC workers outraged
Getir CEO Nazım Salur broke the news on a call with managers on Wednesday morning, a company source told The Post.
Карен Хачанов вышел в третий круг "Ролан Гаррос"
Накануне, напомним, во второй круг вышли вторая ракетка мира Даниил Медведев и седьмой номер рейтинга Андрей Рублев
California just adopted new, tougher water restrictions: What you need to know
California's drought rules forbid the use of drinking water for irrigating grass that is purely decorative at businesses and some residential areas.
Chilling images show students at Salvador Ramos’ HS pretending to be dead during active-shooter drill
Ruben Ruiz, a Uvalde school district cop and husband of slain Robb Elementary teacher Eva Mireles, held the chillingly prophetic drill on March 22 at Uvalde High School.
Stranded dolphins 'doing great' after rescue on Cape Cod
The International Fund for Animal Welfare said satellite tracking shows 7 dolphins rescued May 18 in the Cape Cod community of Wellfleet are thriving.
A Handful of Climate-Focused Independents Just Upended Australia’s Political System. Here’s What Comes Next
"It’s clear that Australians will no longer stand for a government that won’t act on climate change"
Does Texas school shooting highlight need for faith, higher purpose in kids' lives?
Americans are responding to the Texas school shooting on May 24, 2022 — when an apparent lone gunman took the lives of at least 19 schoolchildren and two teachers. Fox News Digital heard from psychologists, faith leaders and others about the need to have faith in God today and share it with our kids.
The best appliance deals at Best Buy's huge Memorial Day sale: Save big on Samsung and LG refrigerators, washers, dryers and more
If you're looking for a new refrigerator, range, washer or dryer, Best Buy has plenty of deals you can stack now.
Aunt of 10-year-old mourns death in Texas shooting
A school teacher in Uvalde, Texas is mourning the death of her 10-year-old niece who was killed in Tuesday's mass shooting at an elementary school. (May 25)
На чемпионате мира по хоккею пройдут четвертьфинальные матчи
Первый этап турнира завершился двумя матчами
New alopecia drug regrows hair in 40% of patients — FDA approval sought
The latest trial studied 706 adults who have alopecia, aged 18 to 65, for 24 weeks in the US, Canada and Europe.
Why Do I Have White Spots on My Nails?
White spots on finger nails are common and are nothing to be concerned about in the vast majority of cases.
China’s Big Climate Pledge At Davos Sounds Promising, But Experts Are Skeptical
China intends to plant and conserve 70 billion trees by 2030 in its efforts to fight deforestation and climate change, the nation’s special envoy on climate Xie Zhenhua told the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos on Tuesday, as the world’s worst polluter ramps up attempts to rebrand itself as an environmental champion. The pledge…
Austin suspect accused in love triangle killing is on the move: What we know
Police say Kaitlin Marie Armstrong, wanted in connection with the May 11 killing of pro cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson in Austin, fled to New York City.
Prosecution, defense spar over bill allegedly proving Sussmann charged Clinton campaign for 2016 FBI meeting
Michael Sussmann billed Clinton's campaign for his meeting with the FBI where he shared allegations of communications between the Trump Organization and a Russian bank
Exclusive - Colorado Conservatives: State Giving Illegal Aliens Health Care Makes Citizens 'Second Tier'
Three Colorado conservatives balked at Colorado's waiver request to have Colorado provide health care for illegal aliens, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.
CNN's Juliette Kayyem Demands Federal Government Suspend Immigration Enforcement in Uvalde
In the wake of Tuesday’s attack on a Texas elementary school which left 19 children and two adults dead, CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem called for the federal government to suspend immigration enforcement in the area of Uvalde, Texas, and turn the small town into a “safe harbor” for illegals residing there.
Here are the victims of the Texas school shooting
The names and stories of those killed in the Texas school shooting are still emerging as the stunned Uvalde community processes the attack.
'He's Not Your Son:' Man Praised for Sending Dying Mom Away Over Cruel Jibe
"I said that she has two grandkids, because I have two children," the dad wrote in a viral Reddit post about why he took his mother to a hospice.
В Гомеле открылся кабинет русской лингвокультуры
На празднике, посвященном популяризации «великого и могучего», собрались сотрудники Русского дома в Гомеле, преподаватели и студенты белорусского вуза
Whoopi Goldberg threatens to 'punch somebody' if she hears Republicans are heartbroken after Texas shooting
"The View's" Whoopi Goldberg threatened Wednesday to "punch somebody" if she heard Republicans offer "thoughts and prayers" following the shooting at a school in Uvalde, Texas.
Fans and record labels are addicted to TikTok. But some artists are just saying no
This week, pop star Halsey criticized her record label for its reliance on TikTok to promote her music, and other prominent artists followed suit.
Homeless Man Set on Fire While Sleeping Under Trump Tower
The 75-year-old is fighting for his life in hospital after almost half of his body was burned in the attack.
Oprah Winfrey gets 'a little emotional' saying goodbye to 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'
Oprah Winfrey joined "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" during its final week on air and reminisced about what it was like to wrap her own show in 2011.
Hollywood Minute: 'Sonic' stays in shape
Ben Schwartz, the voice of 'Sonic,' on staying sharp between films, and the new doc 'Box of Rain' goes inside Deadhead culture. David Daniel reports.