60 Minutes premieres its 53rd season

Sunday, we premiere our 53rd season with an interview with former national security advisor retired Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster, a report on voting by mail, and a profile of LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron.
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Taiwan Says It Can 'Counter Attack' After China Practices Invasion
Chinese jets crossed the midpoint of the Taiwan Strait this weekend while troops conducted combat drills nearby.
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Woman allegedly leads cops on high-speed chase after unusual request
Driver operating car with suspended license, outstanding warrants
Nikola founder Trevor Milton steps down as chairman in battle with short seller
Nikola founder Trevor Milton has stepped down as executive chairman after a short seller accused the hydrogen and electric truck startup of misleading investors and overstating the value of a business deal.
Nikola founder Trevor Milton steps down as chairman in battle with short seller
Nikola founder Trevor Milton has stepped down as executive chairman after a short seller accused the hydrogen and electric truck startup of misleading investors and overstating the value of a business deal.
China’s air force seems to use video to simulate attack on US air base: report
The video was reportedly titled, “The god of war H-6K goes on the attack!”
Pollsters Warn Comparing Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton Is Pointless
While it is easy to compare the two Democratic presidential candidates, pollsters have suggested doing so might not be as simple as a like for like analysis.
Here's how Taiwan is beating coronavirus
While the world continues to grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic, life in Taiwan is starting to return to normal. The island's coronavirus response has been praised and studied around the world as a model to follow. CNN's Paula Hancocks visits Taipei to see what Taiwan has done right.
Tropical Storm Beta nears Texas and Louisiana
Tropical Storm Beta is set to make landfall along Texas' central or upper Gulf Coast late Monday night, the National Hurricane Center said. It could drop up to 20 inches of rain to some areas of Texas and Louisiana. (Sept. 21)
Trump Says Democrats Are 'Denigrating' Coronavirus Vaccine After Biden Warns About Political Interference
President Trump has claimed a coronavirus vaccine could be available before the election on November 3.
Emmys 2020: Zendaya and 'Schitt's Creek' Break Major Awards Records
The Emmys 2020 saw Zendaya and "Schitt's Creek" among the nominees that made history in a year that was very different for the awards ceremony.
State Trooper Accused of Selling Stolen Military Equipment, Faces 25 Years In Prison
The former marine was taken into custody on charges of conspiracy, theft of government property, and transporting stolen goods between states.
Jake Gardner, Bar Owner Indicted in Killing of Black Protester, Dies by Suicide
Jake Gardner, 38, took his own life days after a grand jury indicted him in the shooting death of 22-year-old James Scurlock during protests in Omaha, Nebraska on May 30.
Florida Woman Swims Away From Hurricane Sally Flood With 1-year-Old Grandson On Her Back
Ceteria Holley said she climbed on top of her dining room table as several feet of water engulfed her home in Pensacola on Wednesday.
Alleged sender of ricin envelope to White House arrested
She was caught at the New York-Canada border, apparently trying to get into the U.S. and was carrying a gun, CBS News has learned.
Street-side classes for poor students in India
A former Indian diplomat and his wife are teaching free classes on a New Delhi sidewalk to children, ages 4 to 14. Virendra and Veena Gupta are trying to help the children keep up while COVID-19 has schools shut down. (Sept. 21)
Fox Host Calls on Trump to Hold SCOTUS Vote After the Election
Steve Hilton also pushed for Democratic nominee Joe Biden to reveal who he would nominate to the Supreme Court.
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Woman too 'scared' to join gym transforms body on her own, becomes fitness influencer
The fitness influencer still eats junk food, though.
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Tropical Storm Beta nearing Texas coast today
Tropical Storm Beta to soon bring tropical storm force conditions to the Texas coast. CNN meteorologist Tyler Mauldin has the update.
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Several Children Dead, Dozens Feared Trapped After Building Collapses in India
The residents of the three-storey building in Bhiwandi had been told to vacate the property as it was in a dangerous condition.
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US Rep. Jahana Hayes says she tested positive for COVID-19
U.S. Rep. Jahana Hayes, a Democrat from Connecticut, announced on Saturday that she has tested positive for COVID-19.
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Why Anthony Davis Shouted "Kobe" To Celebrate Buzzer Beater over Denver
Davis drained a game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer to help the Lakers take a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals.
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CDC Says Coronavirus Airborne—Here's How the Guidelines on Transmission Have Changed
The disease control agency updated its website amid a debate among scientists on how the coronavirus spreads.
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'Schitt's Creek' sweep, Jennifer Aniston, Zendaya and more highlight virtual Emmy Awards
The 2020 Emmys were filled with highlights, from Jennifer Aniston extinguishing a fire to 'Schitt's Creek' and Zendaya making award show history.       
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Watch some of this year's best Emmy acceptance speeches
Watch some of the best Emmy acceptance speeches from the stars of "Schitt's Creek," "Succession," "Watchmen" and more.
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McConnell Op-Ed Arguing for People to Have a Voice on SCOTUS Pick Resurfaces
An article penned by the Senate Majority Leader argued in 2016 that it was too close to an election to choose a new justice.
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Commentary: Essential workers saved the Emmys from being completely out of touch
At Sunday's Emmys, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Breonna Taylor were remembered. Winners encouraged viewers to vote. And essential workers grounded the show.
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Storm surge and debris already present along Gulf Coast as Tropical Storm Beta takes aim at Texas
Tropical Storm Beta is churning off the coast of Texas with winds of 60 mph as it takes aim for a potential landfall Monday night or Tuesday morning.
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Logitech's $79 MX Anywhere 3 is the work from home mouse we all deserve
With home offices ranging from the kitchen table to dedicated nooks, it's especially true that the tools you use can adapt. Enter the Logitech MX Anywhere 3, the company's latest compact mouse.
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Trump’s falsehoods about Biden’s plan for prisons
Biden says he would end the use of private prisons and increase funding for halfway housing. Trump falsely says Biden would close the prison system.
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Opinion: Seahawks' overconfidence nearly cost them big win vs. Patriots
The Seahawks triumphed against the Patriots thanks to a dramatic goal-line stand, but Pete Carroll's gamble nearly cost his team a win.        
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Column: To study wildfire prevention, Berkeley experts are looking to Baja. Newsom should too
Climate change isn't the sole cause of recent wildfires, George Skelton writes. Forestry mismanagement and overpopulation of wildlands also play a role.
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Xinjiang government confirms huge birth rate drop but denies forced sterilization of women
Chinese officials have officially acknowledged birth rates in Xinjiang dropped by almost a third in 2018, compared to the previous year, in a letter to CNN in which they also denied reports of forced sterilization and genocide by authorities in the far western region.
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A sweep for 'Schitt's Creek,' 'Succession' tops Emmy Awards
"Schitt's Creek" was the talk of this year's Emmys with a historic comedy awards sweep. Other big winners included "Succession" for best drama series, "Watchmen" for outstanding limited series and "Euphoria" star Zendaya, who became the youngest-ever winner in the drama lead actress category. (Sept. 20)       
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Handcuffed in a Speed Trap: The Indelible Taste of Hate
STEVE DEBENPORT/GettyWhen the cuffs came out and my head was slammed onto the hood of my rented car, I knew this was more than a traffic ticket. True, I was doing 40 in a 30 zone or something like that. I’m not sure. The signs changed so quickly and so often, some obscured by trees, it was hard to tell.The first thing I learned was that handcuffs, if secured with a certain intent, hurt. The next thing I learned is that when this stuff starts to happen, reason gets you nowhere. Halfway into my 45 minutes in the backseat of a state trooper’s car on the road’s shoulder, in the rising heat of a mid-summer North Florida morning, the window cut open less than you might leave it for a dog, my sensible entreaties turned to indignation. “I am not a criminal!” I declared. I was assured that I was. (The charge: “Driving without a valid license.” A thought dawned. I did have those unpaid parking tickets; maybe my license had been suspended.) Gradually, as this lone Florida officer conducted what I later learned was an illegal search of my belongings, I began to grasp the nature of the situation.He never actually said the word “Jew.” I’m not sure if he meant his spit to land on my face when he leaned in and over-pronounced my last name: Blumen-FELD. I got it when he expressed disdain for “how your people live in New York City” and explained that “our people do things differently.” I couldn’t hear what he and the two other cops who pulled up were saying. I could tell that they were laughing, and that one of them was pointing at me. Was this fun for them? I tried protesting again until he leaned in, giving me a clear view of the medal on his chest—“pistol expert”—while he told me, “Your people like to get really agitated. I wouldn’t do that. Things can get really bad here for someone like you.” After we arrived at the police station, I can’t say if seconds or minutes went by after the double doors shut on either side and it was just me and three cops in awkward silence. I didn’t really think a beat-down would start but no one would have heard. I began to understand how much handcuffs, combined with an inability to cut and run, mess with even an orderly mind.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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DeChambeau wins US Open to secure first major
American golfer Bryson DeChambeau won the 120th edition of US Open Championship Sunday at Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, New York.
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I Got Glaucoma After COVID and I’m One of the Lucky Ones.
Courtesy Diana BerrentOn March 9, nine days after the first case of COVID-19 was confirmed in New York City, I walked into a meeting not knowing that several attendees had been at a conference that would later be identified as a super-spreader event. I was being extra careful to wash my hands and not touch my face; little did I know that the insidious virus, harmful we were told mostly to the elderly and immunocompromised, was lurking in the air we were breathing. Everyone at the meeting was infected with the coronavirus, and one died of it two weeks later.I had what you could call the “Tylenol and Gatorade” variety of COVID-19. Later on, a friend and I joked that she had the Tom Hanks version and I had the Rita Wilson kind. I recovered at home, in complete isolation for 18 days, watching as the city around me started to burn, the virus sweeping through the metropolitan area like a wildfire. I was scared and I was sick, but I never came close to having to be hospitalized. And I recovered. Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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Xinjiang government confirms huge birth rate drop but denies forced sterilization of women
The government of China's Xinjiang region has confirmed a significant drop in the birth rate in Xinjiang, China, but denied reports of forced sterilization and genocide in a letter to CNN. The letter comes after a previous CNN report that documented a campaign of abuse and control by Beijing targeting women from the Uyghur minority. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.
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Egyptian tomb in Saqqara necropolis found to contain huge cache of sealed sarcophagi
Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered almost 30 sarcophagi believed to have been buried for around 2,500 years, according to the country's Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
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Cam Newton defends Patriots' call on final play in loss to Seahawks
Though Cam Newton came up 1 yard short of leading the Patriots to a comeback win over the Seahawks, the QB supported his team's decision.        
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Review: Strangest Emmys ever? Sure, but surprising, intimate and delightful too
In the weirdest of times, a weird awards show delivers a strange sort of comfort, not to mention some genuine surprise.
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Plaschke: Anthony Davis channels his inner Kobe to save Lakers with his 'Mamba Shot'
The Lakers were barreling toward a loss in Game 2 against the Denver Nuggets before Anthony Davis hit what forever will be known as "The Mamba Shot."
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'Just devastating': Patriots voice support for James White after RB's father is killed in car accident
Patriots RB James White was inactive for Sunday's game after his father was killed in a car accident, but he remained on his teammates' minds.        
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Regina King uses Emmys to highlight push for social justice
Regina King was among the Emmy winners who used the remote ceremony to highlight the national struggle for social justice. The "Watchmen" star wore a T-shirt featuring Breonna Taylor. (Sept. 20)       
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Sad Giants trend continues with another 0-2 start
CHICAGO — The Giants should ask the NFL to start next season with a double-bye just to survive into Week 3. For the fourth straight season and the seventh time in eight years under four different head coaches, the Giants opened the season with back-to-back defeats, following a loss to the Steelers with a 17-13...
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Dan Levy: 'Schitt's Creek' Emmy wins 'like a dream'
"Schitt's Creek" co-creator and star Dan Levy says "it feels like a dream" after the series completed a historic sweep of Emmys comedy categories. Next: a movie? (Sept. 20)       
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The Bobcat Fire is now one of the largest in Los Angeles County history after scorching more than 100,000 acres
The wildfire is one of at least 27 blazes currently burning in the state, where 26 people have died and 6,100 structures have been destroyed since fire activity picked up in August.
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Harris English loses his temper over lost-ball fiasco at US Open
Harris English doesn’t generally lose his temper. He might be one of the most even-tempered players on the PGA Tour. But on the first hole of the U.S. Open final round Sunday at Winged Foot, where he began the day with an outside chance at even-par, four shots out of the lead, English was ticked...
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Families shattered by COVID forge new paths
Parents are among the nearly 200,000 COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., leaving behind an untold number of children. Sisters Katherine and Jennifer Guzman are now raising two small children their mother had adopted before she died in March. (Sept. 21)       
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