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8/16: Wildfires and heat cause injuries across the West; One college students cross country journey to clothe teens in need

High temperatures and wildfires have destroyed homes and injured several firefighters in Washington; Allyson Ahlstrom is on a mission to clothe thousands of teens in need.
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Nets in talks to add guard Mike James amid Knicks interest
The sudden retirement of LaMarcus Aldridge has created an opening, with the Nets looking at a couple options. And one that appears to be rapidly gaining steam is guard Mike James. James is in New York and is on the radar of both the Nets and Knicks. And while sources have confirmed that Brooklyn is...
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Brazil's indigenous tribes protest mining bill
President Jair Bolsonaro has said it's a long held "dream" to release indigenous reserves for mining.
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How did the crowd respond to Trump's speech?
Donald Trump spoke for over 70 minutes Friday night at the Republican National Convention. Nancy Cordes, Major Garrett and Leslie Sanchez joined CBSN to discuss how his words were received on the convention floor.
Former Vice President Walter Mondale has died at 93
Former Vice President and presidential candidate Walter Mondale has died at age 93. His family announced he died Monday in Minneapolis. CBS News' Natalie Brand has more on Mondale's ground-breaking political legacy.
Breaking down Donald Trump's RNC speech
Donald Trump delivered his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination Thursday at the RNC. Steve Chaggaris, Nancy Cordes and Leslie Sanchez joined CBSN with analysis.
Defensive line won’t be big Jets concern at 2021 NFL Draft
As part of The Post’s 2021 NFL Draft preview, we examine what the Jets might do at each position. Monday: Defensive line. If there is one position the Jets feel pretty set at it is on the defensive line. It would be surprising if the Jets take any defensive linemen before the sixth round when you get into...
Ivanka Trump addresses RNC
Donald Trump's daughter and businesswoman Ivanka Trump addressed the RNC on Thursday night. She spoke about being inspired by her father's work and the ethics he instilled in her. She also voiced her support for gender and wage equality. Watch the full speech here.
In single day, skies went from somber to smiling
A bit of rain fell early, but the afternoon was bright.
Entrepreneur Peter Thiel speaks to RNC
Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, addressed the RNC. Thiel said the "government is broken," blaming Clinton's "incompetence." He also addressed LGBT issues, saying he is proud to be "gay, Republican and American."
Video at RNC highlights Trump's rise to success
On the final night of the Republican National Convention, a video was played highlighting Donald Trump's rise to success and various New York city building projects. See it here.
RNC chairman Reince Priebus speaks at the GOP convention
RNC chairman Reince Priebus addressed the crowd at the GOP convention. Priebus urged the GOP to unite under shared values of hard work, the American dream and respect for the constitution.
Brazil's indigenous tribes protest bill that would allow commercial mining on their land
President Jair Bolsonaro has said it's a long held "dream" to release indigenous reserves for mining.
Gov. Mary Fallin speaks at RNC
Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma addressed the RNC on Thursday night. She spoke about decreasing the national debt through opportunity, protecting the borders and respecting the military and law enforcement.
Brock Mealer addresses RNC
Motivational speaker Brock Mealer told the RNC crowd about a life-changing car crash and his Christian faith.
Donald Trump Says All the States That Voted for Him Had No Election Fraud
"Florida, Ohio, all of the states that we won, were properly run," Trump said, speaking of states he thought had adequate voter fraud safeguards.
Demi Lovato’s frozen yogurt comments addressed by store owners: ‘It’s comical’
Cary Russell and her mother Diane Dinow, owners of The Bigg Chill, spoke with Fox News on Monday and said the entire situation, including Lovato’s half-hearted apology, is “comical” and actually said that Piers Morgan coming to their defense so swiftly on the matter was “nice news to wake up to.”
Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks at RNC
Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio spoke at the 2016 RNC. Arpaio voiced his support for Trump and discussed issues including immigration and terrorism. Watch his speech here.
Looking back, Brendan Loughnane grateful for Dana White snub: 'There was a bigger plan'
PFL's Brendan Loughnane is happy about the way things worked out after his snub from Dana White at Contender Series.       Related StoriesLooking back, Brendan Loughnane grateful for Dana White snub: 'There was a bigger plan' - EnclosureJay Jay Wilson wants winner of Patricio Freire vs. A.J. McKee: 'I should be in line for the title'Jay Jay Wilson wants winner of Patricio Freire vs. A.J. McKee: 'I should be in line for the title' - Enclosure
Pastor Burns RNC remarks
Pastor Mark Burns delivered an energizing speech at the RNC. Burns delivered remarks on race relations and declared that "all lives matter."
Jerry Falwell Jr. addresses RNC
At the Republican National Convention, Jerry Falwell Jr. said that the Trumps are "a genuine and loving family." See his full remarks here.
Breaking down Trump's voter base
After Donald Trump formally accepts the Republican nomination for president on Thursday, he will look ahead to the general election. CBS elections Director Anthony Salvanto and former moderator of "Face the Nation" Bob Schieffer break down which voters Trump needs to convince
What to expect from final night at RNC
Donald Trump will formally accept the Repbulican nomination Thursday night, the final night of the GOP convention. Alex Wagner of The Atlantic and CBS News' Bob Schieffer join CBSN's Josh Elliott with more on what to expect from Trump's speech.
Walter Mondale Fast Facts
Read Walter Mondale Fast Facts on CNN and learn more about the life of the 42nd vice president of the United States.
Ted Cruz: I won't be a "servile puppy dog"
CBSN political contributor Leslie Sanchez and Texas Republican Congressman John Carter join CBSN with reaction to Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention.
2016 RNC final day: What to Expect
The Republican National Convention enters it's fourth and last day. CBSN political contributor Leslie Sanchez, Former senior communications director for the Huckabee campaign Hogan Gidley and CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett discuss what to expect from Cleveland on the final night of the RNC.
Dickerson and Schieffer reflect on the 2016 RNC
On the final night, CBS News' John Dickerson and Bob Schieffer weigh in on the highs and lows of the Republican National Convention so far.
Police shoot unarmed man with hands up
The state of Florida is investigating a police shooting in North Miami. An officer shot and wounded an unarmed black man who was lying on his back with his hands in the air. The victim was a mental health worker trying to return an autistic patient to a group home. Jericka Duncan reports.
Unprecedented heatwave blanketing the U.S.
Extreme heat broiling the central U.S. is moving east for the weekend. From the Great Lakes to the Atlantic, temperatures are expected to rise well into the 90s, with high humidity. Heat advisories have been posted in 23 states. Dean Reynolds reports.
Walter Mondale dies at 93
Walter Mondale, the former Democratic senator from Minnesota and vice president under Jimmy Carter has died. He was 93 years old. CNN's Wolf Blitzer reports.
Roger Ailes resigns from Fox News
Roger Ailes has resigned from the Fox News Channel, which he created two decades ago. At Fox, Ailes helped shape the nation's political conversation. But he was forced out over allegations of sexual harassment. Vinita Nair has more.
Kelly Clarkson returns to 'The Voice,' cries after singer 'killed my song in front of me'
She's back! Kelly Clarkson returned to her red coach chair after missing the Battle Rounds due to illness. And the water works followed soon after.
Democrats holding "shadow convention" in Cleveland
Twelve blocks from the Republican National Convention, a number of Democrats have spent the week railing against the GOP. Nancy Cordes has more.
Former Vice President Walter Mondale Dies At 93
The Minnesota Democrat was President Jimmy Carter's vice president and the Democratic nominee for president in 1984.
Ivanka Trump's role in dad's campaign
Ivanka Trump will introduce her father Donald Thursday night as he accepts the Republican nomination for president. Ivanka has played a prominent role in the campaign so far. Julianna Goldman has more.
Walter Mondale dead at 93, former vice president and presidential nominee
Mondale, known as Fritz, a pioneering vice president and a nimble ambassador to Japan, lost to Ronald Reagan in 1984.
Cruz supporters: He should have endorsed Trump
Ted Cruz had everyone talking after his speech Wednesday at the RNC, where he made it a point not to endorse Donald Trump. But Cruz isn't getting a lot of good feedback from Republicans in the aftermath, not even his own supporters.
Walter Mondale, Carter's vice president, dies at 93
Former Vice President Walter Mondale, a liberal icon who lost the most lopsided presidential election after bluntly telling voters to expect a tax increase if he won, has died
'The tipping point:' First T. rex mass death site in southern US, found in Utah, strengthens evidence of pack behavior
The pack of four, possibly five, T. rexes likely died in a seasonal flood after a slow-burn fire between 66 and 100 million years ago, scientists say.
How does Trump appeal to minority groups?
Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson, better known as "Diamond & Silk," are two prominent black Trump supporters, and join CBSN to discuss how the billionaire businessman can appeal to minorities.
Roger Ailes resigns as Fox News CEO
Fox New CEO Roger Ailes has resigned amid sexual harrasment allegations. CBS News correspondent Vinita Nair has been covering this story and joins CBSN with the latest details.
Democratic ad exploits GOP divisions after 1964 RNC
After the GOP convention in 1964 exposed some divisions within the party, President Lyndon Johnson's campaign wanted to make sure voters were aware.
Former Vice President Walter Mondale dies at 93
Walter Mondale, a former vice president and progressive icon who once staged an unsuccessful bid to unseat Republican rival Ronald Reagan, died Monday at age 93.
Judge resigns after admitting to using n-word and saying all lives matter while at work
Colorado District Judge Natalie Chase has resigned after she admitted using a racial slur in front of court employees, voiced her opinion on racial issues from the bench and asked employees to do personal tasks for her during work hours.
The last chance to save Alexey Navalny
Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, writes that Western leaders must make it clear to Russian President Vladimir Putin that the fate of opposition leader Alexey Navalny is in the Kremlin's hands.
Trump acceptance speech preview
CBS News' Sopan Deb and Washington Post reporter Jenna Johnson join CBSN with more on what we can expect from Donald Trump's speech tonight when he accepts the Republican nomination.
Tonight: Trump to formally accept GOP nomination
Tonight, during the final day of the Republican National Convention, Donald Trump will formally accept the GOP nomination. CBSN political contributor Leslie Sanchez and Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Tom Marino join CBSN with more on what we can expect from the billionaire businessman's speech.
Donald and Ivanka Trump discuss RNC speeches
Ahead of Donald Trump's highly anticipated speech at the RNC tonight, he and daughter Ivanka did a walkthrough of the arena, testing the teleprompter and discussing their speeches.
Loeffler's 'Greater Georgia' Targets Biden, Abrams, Warnock with New Billboards
Greater Georgia, a grassroots organization headed by former U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA), announced Monday that it would be placing billboards around Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia, to call out the "strike out squad" responsible for Major League Baseball's decision to pull its All-Star Game out of Atlanta.