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9-Foot Alligator Attempting to Enter Community Pool Captured by Police

Police in North Carolina shared the humorous image online after they managed to capture an alligator that had been casually strolling through the neighborhood.
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Meet the Trump Fanatics Who Have Taken Over Elections In a Critical Swing State
What happens if Michigan GOP canvassers go rogue next time?
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Human Rights Groups Decry $18B Arms Deal Between France, UAE Over War Crimes in Yemen
As France signed a deal to sell combat planes and helicopters to the UAE, human rights groups denounced the decision, saying they could be used in war crimes.
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Plumber finds cash in wall of Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church years after burglary
A plumber went to Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church in Houston to remove a loose toilet but instead found envelopes stuffed with cash and checks inside the wall — seven years after $600,000 was stolen from the church safe.
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Carlos Correa’s free agency decisions has a big Cubs clue
Carlos Correa is doing his own research when it comes to his free agency, and that includes checking out Chicago.
Here's why Ron DeSantis wants to be president of Florida
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is proposing the reestablishment of a civilian military force that reports to him rather than to President Joe Biden through the Pentagon, a move clearly aimed at burnishing his credentials and persona for a future presidential run.
Deion Sanders brings model Brittany Renner to offer wisdom to Jackson State team
Jackson State coach Deion Sanders shared a teaching moment with his players on Thursday when he brought in model Brittany Renner to talk to them about being high-profile athletes.
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘Coming Out Colton’ On Netflix, Which Documents Colton Underwood Coming Out To Friends, Family And The Public
This new reality series follows the former Bachelor as he comes out to friends, family and former coaches before his public coming out last April
Mariah Carey says she needed "six grown men" to carry her Christmas dress
Mariah Carey dished about her extravagant beaded gown on ITV's "Lorraine", while promoting her second Apple TV+ holiday special.
Recount in Close Virginia House Race Affirms Republican Takeover of Chamber
Republican Karen Greenhalgh won the 85th District election by a mere 115 votes.
NBA executive Neil Olshey fired following review of workplace environment complaints
The National Basketball Association's (NBA) Portland Trail Blazers have fired president of basketball operations Neil Olshey after an independent review into concerns and complaints around the workplace environment, the team announced on Friday.
Prosecutor reveals text messages from mom of Michigan suspect
Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald shares timeline that led her to charge the parents of 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley with four counts of involuntary manslaughter following the Oxford High School shooting in Oakland County, Michigan.
Alec Baldwin says he's confident he's not at fault in 'Rust' shooting
In an hour-long interview on Thursday night, Baldwin maintained he didn't pull the trigger of the gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.
Daily Mail: Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House at Least 17 Times, Sometimes Twice a Day
Jeffrey Epstein visited then-President Bill Clinton's White House at least 17 times, according to visitor logs viewed by the Daily Mail.
Memphis Grizzlies beat OKC Thunder by 73 points. Some of the most lopsided wins in sports
The Texas Rangers once won a game 30-3 and in the NFL, the Chicago Bears beat a Washington team 73-0.
Netflix is making a feature film about the Thanksgiving grandma text mix-up
The Thanksgiving Text will follow the true story of an unlikely friendship between a grandmother and an unintended text message recipient that began in 2016.
Report: Omicron Spreads Coast to Coast to at Least Five States
The coronavirus omicron variant has reportedly spread coast to coast to at least five states in total.
Why Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Islamophobic Stunts Won’t Cost Her Politically
Apparently, the way someone animates violence against a colleague matters more than the fact they’re doing it in the first place—at least, if you’re a Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives. About two weeks ago, members of the House censured Rep. Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican who tweeted an animated video that portrayed him…
Biden Says U.S. Initiatives Will Make It 'Very, Very Difficult' for Russia to Invade Ukraine
Biden did not indicate what those initiatives may entail, but Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the U.S. has threatened new sanctions against Russia.
Community, leaders condemn anti-Semitic flyers found
FD: Condos have 'imminent threat of collapse'
Kids ask about Santa, Mrs. Claus after parade
Pedestrian killed when SUV crashes into Walmart
Trans student told to use different restroom
Priest pleads guilty to 9 counts of rape
Sen. Gary Peters reflects on the Senate floor after a deadly Michigan high school shooting
Sen. Gary Peters reflected on the Senate floor after a Michigan high school shooting left at least four teenagers dead.
Virginia governor’s race smashed fundraising records
Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe obliterated campaign finance records in the race for Virginia governor.
Sen. Debbie Stabenow speaks on the Senate floor about the Michigan high school shooting
Sen. Debbie Stabenow reflected on the Michigan high school shooting that has left at least four teenagers dead.
Rockies winter starts with a whimper
Denver is close to breaking a record for its longest streak ever without snow. The current record of 235 days without snow was set in 1887. Scientists are worried about the effects of climate change on the region's weather. (Dec. 3)
Portland Trail Blazers fire GM Neil Olshey after independent investigation into workplace culture
Assistant GM Joe Cronin was promoted to interim GM, and the Portland Trail Blazers said they will conduct a search for a permanent replacement.
These were the world's drunkest countries in 2021, according to a new study
Americans were among the heaviest drinkers in the world in early 2021, with participants reporting to being drunk a little under twice a month.
Oklahoma attorney general sues Biden admin over federal workforce vaccine mandate
Oklahoma's attorney general is slamming the Biden administration over the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and taking his grievances to court.
Hollywood Minute: Mariah Carey's Christmas special
Mariah Carey talks about her new Christmas special, and the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' creator on his new animated movie.
Paul Chambers and John Coltrane, ‘Omicron’: The Week In One Song
Omicron arrives in the United States.
Coach accused of assaulting French judo star is acquitted
French politicians and athletes have expressed outrage over the acquittal of a judo coach accused of domestic violence against judo champion Margaux Pinot.
Movies on TV this week: 'Patton' on Encore; 'Raging Bull' TCM; L.A. Confidential' Showtime
Movies on TV this week: December 5: 'Patton' on Encore; 'Raging Bull' on TCM; L.A. Confidential' on Showtime; 'White Christmas,' AMC; 'Jaws,' Sundance
Why You Shouldn’t Worry Too Much About the Crummy Jobs Report
COVID has really messed with the normal count.
Virginia Beach state House race upheld for GOP candidate
A three-judge panel overseeing a recount in a close Virginia Beach state House race upheld the Republican candidate’s victory on Friday, a decision that also reaffirms the GOP’s takeover of the chamber and completes the party's sweep of last month's elections.
Netflix making movie about grandma inviting stranger to Thanksgiving dinner
Netflix is turning the heartwarming story of a misfired text that would lead to an annual Thanksgiving tradition between two strangers in Arizona.
'25th Amendment!': Pundits React to Joe Biden's Hoarse Voice, Tired Appearance
Pundits in the Twitter world reacted to President Biden's hoarse voice and tired appearance during a speech about Friday's poor jobs report.
Sudanese democracy is hanging in the balance. Here’s what the West must do.
This is the moment for the international community to step in on the side of the Sudanese people.
The Women’s Tennis Association sticks up for Peng Shuai. Will anyone else?
Women's tennis is doing something rare: Standing up to China.
Brian Cashman teases the one big addition the Yankees can make now
With Major League Baseball in a lockdown, Cashman faces serious limits on what he can do (and say) to improve the Yankees.
‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ Tessica Brown loses locks in clumps after botched dye job
Gorilla Glue Girl is in another hairy situation — this time, losing her locks in chunks. Two days after dying her hair brown with Revlon box dye, Tessica Brown — known on the internet as the infamous “Gorilla Glue Girl” — is watching her hair fall out. Brown wanted to cover up some gray hairs...
Heather Dubrow still thinks ‘RHOC’ star Kelly Dodd is ‘trash,’ more
Today in celebrity news, there's "trash" talk, reunions, and zero regrets.
How President Roosevelt edited his Pearl Harbor 'a date which will live in infamy' speech
President Roosevelt made handwritten modifications to the dictated and typewritten first draft of his Declaration of War against Japan.
Trail Blazers fire GM Neil Olshey after toxic workplace investigation
The Portland Trail Blazers on Friday fired president of basketball operations and general manager Neil Olshey after an investigation into allegations he fostered a toxic workplace.
‘The View’ Shares Heated Debate Over Immigration Policy: “Joe Biden Is Basically Breaking the Law”
The Biden administration recently agreed to reinstate the Trump-era "Remain in Mexico" policy.