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After the GameStop fiasco, momentum builds for $800 billion tax

Uncle Sam is in search for a pot of gold that could ease the pain of trillion-dollar deficits. And some believe Wall Street might just have the answer.
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Cuomo’s behavior created ‘hostile, toxic’ workplace culture for decades, former aides say
One woman who worked with Andrew M. Cuomo when he was housing secretary said he gave her a physical embrace in a hotel room in 2000 that was “too tight, too intimate.” Cuomo denies her account.
Safe water -- it's what women want
Writing for International Women's Day, the former leaders of New Zealand and Costa Rica Helen Clark and Laura Chinchilla say the pandemic has exacerbated many gender inequalities, especially the lack of access to safe water and sanitation, suffered by billions around the world and disproportionately affecting women and girls.
Opinion: Big Ten promises bruising, exciting tournament that could yield national champion
The Big Ten's championship contenders - including two probable No. 1 seeds - make the conference tournament a warm-up for a national title run.
Black mother pepper-sprayed in front of her toddler, police say
The Police Accountability Board in Rochester, New York, is calling for fundamental changes in the city's police department after police said a Black mother was pepper-sprayed during an arrest, which body camera footage showed took place in front of her 3-year-old child.
$1,400 Stimulus Check Is 'Down Payment,' Recurring Checks Need to Follow, Says Senator Ed Markey
"We need recurring payments," Markey said. "We will not stop until we pass at least a $15 federal minimum wage, and that includes abolishing the filibuster to ensure we give our workers a raise."
Mom allegedly abandoned, then killed, 6-year-old son; dumped body in river
An Ohio mother was indicted on 16 counts, including murder, in the death of her 6-year-old son, who police say was dumped in the Ohio River and has yet to be found.
Dodgers' Trevor Bauer, in one-eyed-jack mode, throws three scoreless innings
Trevor Bauer, who threw some of his pitches with an eye shut, tossed three scoreless innings in the Dodgers' 2-1 spring training loss to San Diego.
Adam Silver on LeBron James' All-Star Game criticism, vaccines and returning to normal
During his All-Star Game news conference, Adam Silver talked about criticism of the All-Star Game, diversity issues, vaccines and returning to normal.
Georgia district attorney investigating Trump hires lawyer with expertise in racketeering cases
A lawyer with deep expertise in racketeering cases has been retained by the Atlanta-area district attorney's office investigating former President Donald Trump.
FDA warns against using head lice drug ivermectin to treat coronavirus
The Food and Drug Administration is warning Americans against using ivermectin, a drug that kills parasites, to treat COVID-19.
Yankees ‘shocked’ by Aaron Boone’s quick return after heart scare
TAMPA — Aaron Boone went back to work Saturday, just three days after having a pacemaker inserted to address a low heart rate. The manager was at the Yankees’ Player Development Complex on Saturday morning, while Gerrit Cole and Justin Wilson pitched live batting practice. The team then headed to Bradenton, Fla., to face the...
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Arnold Palmer would have loved this incredible day of golf
ORLANDO, Fla. — Sometimes, you get days like this in golf. Days when there are so many fireworks going off in the same tournament it becomes dizzying, your head constantly on a swivel. If you were fortunate enough to be on the grounds at Bay Hill on Saturday for the third round of the Arnold...
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Rangers face another goalie decision as Igor Shesterkin’s return draws near
Igor Shesterkin, who suffered a groin injury late in the Rangers’ victory Thursday at Prudential Center and who is listed as “day-to-day,” will accompany the Blueshirts to Pittsburgh for the two-game set that commences on Sunday. The goaltender will not play in at least the first contest, however. To that end, coach David Quinn will...
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Kennedy Nzechukwu ends insane UFC 259 fight with violent KO of Carlos Ulberg
At UFC 259, Kennedy Nzechukwu and Carlos Ulberg went back and forth until the fight came to an end in violent fashion.       Related StoriesKennedy Nzechukwu ends insane UFC 259 fight with violent KO of Carlos Ulberg - EnclosureJoe Rogan, Daniel Cormier criticize referee in Uros Medic's drawn-out TKO at UFC 259Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier criticize referee in Uros Medic's drawn-out TKO at UFC 259 - Enclosure 
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Cuomo's inner circle: What to know about embattled NY governor's senior administration
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NYC mom enraged by teacher playing rap videos during Zoom economics class
A Queens mom working at home was outraged to discover that her son’s Zoom economics class at a Brooklyn high school consisted of rap videos featuring drug deals, prostitutes and vulgar language, including the N-word.
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Bubble watch: Wichita State quietly thriving; Louisville tumbles out of NCAA Tournament consideration
The Shockers roll over South Florida and continue to build their case for inclusion in the NCAA Tournament a week from Selection Sunday.       
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Foster kid abused 6-year-old daughter, mom claims in lawsuit
A Brooklyn mom claims her 6-year-old was sexually abused by a foster child the city’s Administration for Children’s Services practically dumped on her doorstep. The disturbing situation began with a bizarre night in January 2020, when a pregnant lady the mother had met just once before on the playground rang her doorbell with a child...
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UFC 259 video: Sean Brady dominates Jake Matthews, sinks in third-round choke submission
Watch Sean Brady pick up his 14th pro win at UFC 259.       Related StoriesUFC 259 video: Sean Brady dominates Jake Matthews, sinks in third-round choke submission - EnclosureJoe Rogan, Daniel Cormier criticize referee in Uros Medic's drawn-out TKO at UFC 259Joe Rogan, Daniel Cormier criticize referee in Uros Medic's drawn-out TKO at UFC 259 - Enclosure 
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Lawmaker fires back at Tucker Carlson's QAnon spin
Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) weighs in on Fox News host Tucker Carlson calling QAnon supporters "gentle people." Quigley was at the Capitol on January 6 when a pro-Trump mob stormed the building, leaving five dead and dozens injured.
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Biden administration fires Trump-appointed lawyer who refused to resign
The White House fired the Trump-appointed General Counsel of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) Friday evening, following her refusal to step down.
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Port Authority shoe shiners sue over alleged falsified wages
They were practically shoe shine slaves. Two men who claim they earned just $20 a day shining shoes at Port Authority are suing their former boss for their alleged dismal earnings. Reynaldo Almonte of the Bronx and Benigno Pacheco, of Brooklyn, worked without breaks, were paid in cash and were never paid overtime, they alleged...
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New body camera video of man who died in police custody released
Newly released body camera footage from a May 2017 incident provides new details about the death of Joseph Perez, a man who died after being restrained by law enforcement in Fresno, California.
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‘Arses’ on the line? Brits fear for Scrabble crackdown on ‘offensive’ words
Toy giant Mattel plans to scrub the U.K. versions of Scrabble of hundreds of “offensive” words — leaving game-loving Brits clutching their “boobies” for fear of losing their “arses.” Other prized words, such as “goolies,” “wrinklies,” “boffing,” “farting” and “fatso,” may also wind up on the wrong side of the official Scrabble lexicon, British aficionados...
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Johnson & Johnson vaccines come with messages of hope
The first shipments of the Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine came with messages of hope. Workers handling the first batches to go out signed the boxes and wrote notes for the people receiving the doses. Adriana Diaz reports.
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Despite palace fears, Meghan Markle has only ‘kind words’ for Kate Middleton in Oprah interview
Buckingham Palace is terrified that Meghan Markle will say nasty things about Kate Middleton on Sunday’s interview with Oprah Winfrey — but sources assure The Post that the duchess offers only “kind words” for her sister-in-law in the otherwise bombshell sit-down. Markle dissing Middleton — and exposing the dirty details of their notorious rift —...
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Black-owned businesses hit hard during pandemic, but some are thriving
The pandemic has hit Black-owned businesses especially hard, but some enterprising women are bucking the trend. Jessi Mitchell reports.
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Where Lisa Murkowski Is in Polls As Trump Vows to Campaign Against 'Disloyal' GOP Senator
Murkowski is the 86th most popular Republican in Congress, with 13 percent sharing a positive opinion and 23 percent sharing a negative opinion of her, according to YouGov.
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Johnson & Johnson vaccines come with uplifting messages
The first shipment of the vaccine read, "1st J&J pack out — get healthy."
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Edie Falco playing Hillary Clinton in TV show about Bill Clinton's impeachment: report
Actress Edie Falco will play Hillary Clinton in the third installment of FX's American Crime Story series, which will explore the sex scandal that scarred Bill Clinton's presidency and led to his impeachment, according to Hollywood Reporter. 
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Biden administration expected to form task force to deal with Microsoft hack linked to China
The Biden administration is expected to put together a task force to deal with major cyber intrusions that Microsoft said this week were linked to China, according to a US official.
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A New Yorker braves the cold to paddleboard on the Hudson River
Stefani Jackenthal drops her paddleboard in the river, steps on and chills. The air temp is near freezing. The water, 36 degrees. But despite the cold, standup paddleboarding is a comfort to Jackenthal, the way she copes with all the COVID-19 craziness of the past year — the social distancing, the masks, the changes in...
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Royal family pushing back ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah
The British royal family and the U.K. press are already pushing back in anticipation of an interview of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The two-hour interview with Oprah airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on CBS. Imtiaz Tyab reports from London.
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NYPD reports surge in home invasion robberies amid COVID-19
Thieves committed 204 home-invasion robberies in 2020, a 7 percent increase from the 190 reported in 2019, according to NYPD data that points to the pandemic as a factor in the uptick in the often-terrifying and violent crimes. A Dec. 22 home invasion in the East Village left two people shot and a third person...
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Pope Francis meets with Iraq's top Shiite cleric
Saturday marks the second day of Pope Francis' historic four-day historic pilgrimage to Iraq. The Pope met with Iraq's Grand Ayatollah, calling for interfaith unity. Chris Livesay reports from Iraq.
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NYT: Cellphone Data Tie Proud Boys Member With Trump White House Before Capitol Riot
The contact was in addition to a leader of the far-right group calling Trump associate Roger Stone shortly before the riot.
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21 Dangerous TikTok Trends Every Parent Should Be Aware of
Overdosing on allergy medication and starting electrical fires—these are the most dangerous TikTok trends.
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Fresno police face scrutiny after video shows man who later died pleading "I can't breathe"
Police and first responders in Fresno, California, are facing intense scrutiny after newly released video shows a man in their custody pleading, "I can't breathe." He later died on the way to the hospital. Michael George reports.
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Pinkerton: Labor Unions Are the Bulwark Against AOC's Socialism
Labor unions have historically been the bulwark against socialism and communism, and history may repeat itself if Republicans seize the moment.
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How rape allegations among Australia's political elite reignited its #MeToo movement
When Australia's attorney general last week outed himself as the minister accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in 1988, his denial was emphatic.
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How rape allegations among Australia's political elite reignited its #MeToo movement
The Australian prime minister has thrown his support behind the attorney general who vehemently denies allegations of rape. But thousands of women say that's not good enough -- and they're planning to march on the capital later this month.
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90 million Americans receive coronavirus vaccine
Nearly 90 million Americans have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. In hard-hit California, 10 million have received one or both doses. The news comes amid increased warnings that now is not the time for states to let down their guard. Danya Bacchus reports.
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Deion Sanders leads Jackson State to wild win over Grambling State, 33-28
Deion Sanders and Jackson State survived Grambling State in a wild road game in Louisiana. Jackson State sealed the win with a forced fumble.       
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Watch: House GOP, Democrats, Debate Transgender Bill
GOP Senators will have to debate the Democrats' pro-transgender Equality Act now that the far-reaching bill has passed in the House.
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Biden Praises Senate Passage Of 'Desperately Needed' COVID-19 Relief Bill
In remarks after a divided Senate approved his $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, Biden credited dogged lawmakers and widespread public support with getting it across the finish line.
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Acting teacher sues NYC student for libel, slander
She went off-script. An Upper West Side acting coach, whose bit-part Hollywood credits include “Air Force One” and “GI Jane,” claims his reputation was besmirched by one of his students, who unleashed a “tirade” during a group class in Central Park and then launched a social media campaign against him. David Vadim, 48, is suing...
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Senate Democrats pass $1.9 trillion relief bill without Republican support
After 25 hours and votes on 39 amendments, the Senate passed a $1.9 trillion COVID relief bill. No Republicans voted for the bill. Kris Van Cleave reports.
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Buckingham Palace to air TV special before Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview
Team Buckingham Palace will show a united front on TV Sunday.
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