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Albany pols, NYPD order cops to do nothing as drug addicts shoot up

New York City’s war on drugs is over. The junkies won. The New York Police Department waved the white flag last week — upon orders to surrender from Albany — directing officers to let drug addicts freely shoot up on city streets, and even let them share needles.
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The U.S. and dozens of nations condemn the Taliban over police killings
President Joe Biden and his administration have faced criticsim for not doing enough to help the hundreds of thousands of Afghan citizens who supported the U.S. mission get out of the country. Imtiaz Tyab reports.
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Scientists and students learn from volcanic eruption
The volcano on Spain's La Palma island has provided an opportunity for scientists and students to get up close with this destructive force of nature. Ian Lee reports on what they're hoping to learn.
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Levin contrasts Trump, Biden policies on border, COVID, and economy: 'There's no comparison'
“Life, Liberty, & Levin” Mark Levin takes aim at the media's incompetence and its kid-glove treatment of the Biden presidency.
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‘Succession’ Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: “Chiantishire”
"I'll be broken when you die."
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Veterans reflect on Pearl Harbor, 80 years later
The "date that will live in infamy" marked America's entry into World War II. KCBS's Joy Benedict met a group of veterans who traveled to Hawaii to remember, in hopes that we don't forget their sacrifice.
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Siakam scores 31 to help Raptors beat Wizards 102-90
Pascal Siakam scored 31 points, Precious Achiuwa had 10 points and 14 rebounds, and the Toronto Raptors beat the Washington Wizards 102-90 on Sunday night.
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NFC Week 13 overreactions: Time to put some respect on the Arizona Cardinals
Mackenzie Salmon 'overreacts' to the biggest storylines in the NFC after Week 13 in the NFL.       
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‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ review: Bringing the movie to Broadway was a huge mistake
Why has a movie that was never anything more than a ridiculous vehicle for the late Robin Williams’ comedic talents been dragged onstage almost 30 years later without him?
Virginia to begin removal process of Robert E. Lee statue pedestal in Richmond, governor says
The state is expected to begin the process of removing the pedestal on Monday, according to a statement from Gov. Ralph Northam.
Mathurin scores 29, No. 11 Arizona beats Oregon State 90-65
Bennedict Mathurin scored a season-high 29 points, including four 3-pointers, and No. 11 Arizona beat Oregon State 90-65 on Sunday.
Here Are All the Clues That Set Up Succession’s Huge Plot Twist
Turns out the HBO show has been dropping hints all season.
Has Succession Done the Unthinkable?
This article contains spoilers through the eighth episode of Succession Season 3.What’s clear by now is that the Roys need to stay away from water. Every late-in-the-season tragedy and act of bloodshed, whether real or intangible, has been tied to the element that classically represents femininity, emotion, and intuition. These are not, of course, qualities that you’d associate with the Roys, and yet balance will have its way in the end.Tonight’s episode, “Chiantishire,” named for the unfortunate moniker upper-class Brits give the region of Tuscany, ended with Kendall Roy (played by Jeremy Strong) lying facedown in an infinity pool in the Italian countryside. It was a climactic and devastating end to an episode chock-full of emotional violence, but also one that seems fated to be an installment on the upcoming podcast being made about the “curse of the Roys.” The news of that show, delivered casually by Kendall’s PR flack Comfrey (Dasha Nekrasova), added yet more anguish to Kendall’s buffet of psychological slights. First, his mother, Lady Caroline (Harriet Walter), made fun of his buzz cut. Then she asked him to back out of certain events at her wedding so his more powerful father could attend. Finally, Logan (Brian Cox) taunted Kendall over an uneaten dinner, refusing to agree to buy him out of Waystar Royco, and reminding him that his addictions had led to a young man’s death at the wedding of his sister, Shiv (Sarah Snook). “Whenever you fucked up, I cleaned up your shit,” Logan said. “And I’m a bad person? Fuck off, kiddo.”More on Kendall in a minute, but I appreciated—finally—an episode that gave some texture to the characters after seven-plus hours of insults, sniping, marital froideur, and dick jokes. In September, I wrote in my review of Season 3 that Succession seemed stuck. At its peak, no show can rival it, but its characteristic ping-ponging between drama and evil-workplace sitcom can prioritize style (rapid-fire insults and vicious satire) over substance. “Chiantishire” seemed to follow the Season 1 model of leaving everything consequential to the end. There were crucial assessments of Logan (“He never saw anything he loved that he didn’t want to kick, just to see if it would still come back,” Lady Caroline told Shiv). There were career meltdowns: Roman’s (Kieran Culkin) sending a picture of his penis to his father instead of Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron), a moment that led to the best wordless acting of the decade.[Read: How ]Succession is remaking Kendall RoyYou could argue, for all Logan’s cruelty to Kendall this episode, that his second-born son is his favorite, his “No. 1 boy,” the object of both his sharpest derision and his grudging admiration. In asking to be set free from not only the family business but the family itself, Kendall summoned strength that no one else in the Roy sphere has been able to muster. Shiv’s husband, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen), who seems to lose more of his life force in every episode, is perhaps hopelessly committed to the privilege and status of Logan’s C-suite. Roman, whose psychological issues are so many and so complex that Michaelangelo couldn’t capture them, has been corrupted even more this season by his ascension. Shiv, finally understanding Logan’s nature, is more convinced than ever that she can win the Game of Roy. “Fuck Dad,” she tells Tom, shortly before torturing him with a sexual head trip. “He can kick me as many times as he wants.” It’s the fight she craves as much as the victory. (The episode also poked at the origins of Shiv’s ruthlessness, elaborating on her decision to choose her father over her mother when her parents divorced: “I’ll have the carbonara, and Daddy,” as Lady Caroline mockingly summarized things.)[Read: When hell is a wealthy man’s birthday party]But for Kendall, the stakes had finally gotten too high. Following the calamitous performance-art meltdown that was his 40th birthday party, the dissolution of his hopes regarding legal action against Waystar Royco for its crimes, and the assurance that his mother, father, brothers, and sister care marginally less about him than they do about world hunger or the state of post-postmodernism—which is to say not at all—he was lower and more pathetic than he’d ever been. That kind of humiliation can breed growth. “Pay up. And let me out,” he tells his father, who is so suspicious that his son might be trying to poison him, he makes his grandson sample the appetizer. “I don’t want to be you. I’m a good guy.”Nothing in the episode, though, can top the way it ended: potentially killing off its best character. All season, Succession has alluded to death, nodding to Logan as the candidate. His collapse walking beachside with the billionaire investor Josh Aaronson (Adrien Brody), his “piss-mad” UTI outbursts, his Lear-like frailty in Sarajevo—all seemed to signal that the reign of right-wing media’s most iniquitous fictional overlord might finally be coming to an end. But if the show gets rid of Kendall, who was ominously pegged as a “blood sacrifice” at the end of the second season, it has the chance to do something even more satisfying by making Logan suffer. For three seasons his family members and wives and mistresses have all demonstrated the human cost that comes with being in Logan’s orbit—the gradual spiritual rot that seeps in when you’re exposed to unchecked wealth and power; the leaching of integrity; the loss of happiness. Logan has generally been entertaining, but the loss of his child might make him something more powerful: interesting.There was so much else to appreciate in this episode, like Caroline’s brutal honesty, the subtext of Shiv and Tom’s marriage finally becoming text, and Roman’s casual sexual harassment of both Gerri and his sister, who dressed so similarly in Italy that it had to have been intentional. There’s also the potential merger of Waystar Royco with a company led by a man who’d just declared to Roman that catastrophic failure was his next big career project. What could possibly go wrong? Without knowing exactly what has befallen Kendall until next week, we can simply acknowledge that “Chiantishire” was Succession at its best: savage, brutal, bleak.
NYC street vendor stabbed by armed robber
A 49-year-old street vendor was stabbed on a Midtown street as he tried to fight off an armed robber on Sunday night.
‘Fear the Walking Dead’: Alicia Finally Returns, With a Twist
Fan favorite Alicia is back on the midseason finale, but there's a price.
Mike Anderson’s tweaks pay off in St. John’s rebound win over Fordham
Mike Anderson shook up his starting lineup. The result, coincidence or not, was a step in the right direction.
Minus Robin Williams, ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ is not quite herself
A new musical version of the 1993 film comedy ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ has its official Broadway opening
Lions dedicate first win to Oxford High School shooting victims
The Detroit Lions picked up their first win of the season in a thrilling nail-biter against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday and after the game dedicated the victory to the victims of the Oxford High School shooting.
I Was Bob Dole's Press Secretary. This Is What I Learned From Him.
During his 1996 presidential campaign, Senator Dole would often go off-script. But it was those moments that revealed his rare empathy.
Celebrities make the case to break out slick catsuits
Celebrities like Rihanna, Hailey Bieber and Kim Kardashian this holiday season are donning sporting skintight suits everywhere from the red carpet and the stage to the streets, Elana Fishman writes.
Author says Xi Jinping pressing Biden to make decisions WH doesn't want to
CNN's Phil Mattingly talks to author Gordon Chang about reporting that the Biden administration is expected to announce that no US government officials will attend the 2022 Beijing Olympics, implementing a diplomatic boycott of the games.
Michigan 'person of interest' didn't know about Crumbley charges before he let them 'come by'
The lawyer of an Oakland County resident who local law enforcement believe may have a connection to James and Jennifer Crumbleys disappearance told Fox News that if he had known the couple had charges or active warrants against them, he would not have let them come to the building where his business is located.
What is Starlink? Inside the satellite business that could make Elon Musk a trillionaire.
Elon Musk created a "symbiotic" relationship between SpaceX launches and Starlink satellite deployments that can help both increase their businesses,
Man arrested, charged in harassment case against Kim Potter judge
The suspect allegedly entered a building he thought was the home of Judge Regina Chu.
Michigan's attorney general offers to investigate school shooting
Parents of alleged school shooter Ethan Crumbley remain behind bars as the Oakland School District is set to face inquiries about the incident from the state's attorney general. Michael George is in Oxford, Michigan with the latest.
Tensions flare in Europe as people protest new COVID restrictions
Police in Brussels, Belgium used water cannons and tear gas to control protesters outraged by new restrictions. Elizabeth Palmer has more on the global crisis.
Omicron coronavirus variant discovered in at least 17 U.S. states
Scientists around the world are racing to understand the new mutant strain of coronavirus. Major airports nationwide are now enforcing rules which will apply to passengers regardless of COVID vaccine status or nationality. Lila Luciano reports.
Michigan's attorney general wants to investigate the Oxford School shooting
State AG Dana Nessel said her office is the "perfect agency" to conduct a full review of the shooting that killed four students. The investigation would focus on the events leading up to the tragedy.
From conception to birth: A look at the stages of pregnancy
How does a baby develop inside the womb? Fox News looks at the various stages of development from conception to birth.
Takeaways from Chargers' win over Bengals: Joey Bosa could have returned
What we learned from Chargers' 41-22 road victory over the Bengals: Joey Bosa was cleared when checked for concussion but kept out as a precaution.
‘Doctor Who: Flux’ Was Too Many Big Swings That Never Quite Connected
The final episode of Flux, "The Vanquishers", didn't work - but it does point to a path forward for the series.
CNN's Phil Mattingly calls out Matt Gaetz's vaccine claim
CNN's Phil Mattingly takes a look at how some prominent Republican lawmakers are peddling misinformation about Covid-19 and vaccines.
University of New Hampshire student found dead in woods after fight at frat party
A 22-year-old University of New Hampshire student was found dead in a marshy area near the campus after he was reported missing a day earlier.
The African Wildlife Foundation is using photography to inspire the next generation of conservationists
Photographers from around the globe sent in over 9,000 entries for the inaugural Benjamin Mkapa African Wildlife Photography Awards, which hopes to raise awareness of conservation issues across Africa.
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John Ratcliffe: Biden needs to be 'blunt' and 'agressive' with Putin
Former National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe criticized President Biden on his international policies on “Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy.”
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Improvement Jets’ Zach Wilson showed still isn’t good enough
Zach Wilson was pretty good Sunday, but when you’re the No. 2 overall pick, that isn’t good enough.
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Buck O'Neil elected to MLB Hall of Fame
Oliva and Kaat, both 83 years old, are the only living new members.
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With Chris Cuomo gone from CNN, another cable news time slot is up for grabs
A version of this article first appeared in the "Reliable Sources" newsletter.
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CNN 10 - December 6, 2021
December 6, 2021
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CNN10 - 12/6/21
A deadly volcanic eruption occurs in Indonesia, the U.S. implements new travel rules, and the last surviving officer of a famous U.S. Army unit passes away.
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'Yellowstone' Episode 6 Recap: John Dutton Takes a Lover and Lloyd Finally Breaks
John takes a lover, Jamie gets the answers he was looking for and Lloyd attempts murder in an exceptional episode of "Yellowstone" on Paramount Network.
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7 popular Western desserts Japanese chefs have made their own
Many classic cakes and other desserts that are popular in the West made their way to Japan centuries ago and have since been adapted, perfected and popularized.
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WWII veteran and former presidential candidate Bob Dole dies at 98
Former republican presidential candidate Bob Dole died Sunday. He was 98. Major Garrett has more.
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NFL playoff picture after Week 13: AFC, NFC both wide open with no teams having clinched
Everything is still up for grabs in both the AFC and NFC, as no team has solidified a spot in the NFL postseason through Week 13.       
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Gowdy on media distrust: When the 'referee is biased,' you wonder whether fairness is a virtue worth pursuing
"Sunday Night in America" host Trey Gowdy sounded off at the media over the weekend, delivering an impassioned monologue on the importance of "fairness" and "respect."
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14-Year-Old Mexican Girl Jailed for Escaping Arranged Wedding Ceremony
Tlachinollan Human Rights CenterA 14-year-old girl was jailed last week after running away to escape the wedding ceremony for which she had been purchased.The girl, who has been identified in the local press only as Anayeli “N,” was supposed to marry a neighbor in Mexico’s Guerrero state whose family had offered a sum of 200,000 pesos (about $9,300 USD) to buy her hand in marriage.Anayeli’s mother had accepted the payment, and the neighboring family had hired a band, slaughtered a cow, and prepared a marriage feast to take place last Monday. All told, the would-be groom’s parents spent around 56,000 pesos (2,600 USD) on wedding prep.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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‘Yellowstone’ Star Piper Perabo Says A Romance Between Summer And John Is “Possible”
"I think fans are going to be excited about how Summer's journey opens up."
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5 Most Important Moments In ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 6
Beth Dutton doesn't take kindly to strangers.
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Consistent scoring and defense? Lakers searching for right five-player mix
Finding the right five-player combination of scoring and defense has been a struggle for the Lakers all season. Are they any closer to finding a fix?
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