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Americans split over Biden infrastructure spending: poll

Americans are split on whether President Biden should press forward with an infrastructure plan to reinvigorate the US economy -- even if it means raising taxes.
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LaKeith Stanfield is sorry he didn't shut down anti-Semitic Clubhouse discussion
The 'Judas and the Black Messiah' star also posted video from the Clubhouse room's moderator stating that the actor didn't say anything anti-Semitic.
Football fans prepare for coldest Super Bowl ever
Temperatures in the Super Bowl city of Minneapolis are expected to top out at 20 degrees on Saturday and on game day it will be even colder. Players and fans will be happy that the game is being played indoors, but the Twin Cities is proving they're more than prepared for the frigid temperatures. Jamie Yuccas reports.
Why the Nunes memo does not discredit the Russia investigation
Mark Mazzetti, Washington investigations editor for the New York Times, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" from Washington to discuss what questions remain unresolved after the Nunes memo was released Friday, how it serves as a "proxy-battle" over the Russia probe, and why the biggest revelation in the document has to do with former Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos.
How a onetime party drug is helping the severely depressed
Nearly 10 million adults said they had serious thoughts about trying to take their own lives in 2016. An old drug is now being used to help people in the desperate grip of depression and the results have been astounding researchers. Paula Reid reports.
Chinese Park Hid Leopards' Escape From Citizens Before Hunting Them Down With Dogs: Police
A safari park in eastern China hid the escape of three leopards for nearly three weeks. One of them remains at large.
Winter Olympics already under attack from hackers
The Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning about cybercrimes – potentially at the hands of North Korea's vast and very capable hacking operation – that could target athletes and spectators alike at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. CBS News contributor and Wired editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss who hackers have already begun targeting, what types of cyber attacks are occurring, and the possible intentions of the people behind the attacks.
Tennessee dad buys Super Bowl ad in Palm Beach to get Trump's attention
A Tennessee man is hoping to catch President Trump's attention this weekend and raise awareness about a safety issue that changed his family forever. Kris Van Cleave reports.
Trump is the root of why GOP will sacrifice Cheney for Stefanik
Rep. Liz Cheney is being sacrificed on the altar of greed and for failing to fall on bended knee to such hypocrisy and cynicism, writes Charlie Dent. House GOP leadership's plan to replace Cheney with Stefanik -- once a moderate before becoming a Trump defender -- proves that loyalty to Trump trumps strict adherence to policy and ideological orthodoxy.
Massive security measures in place for Sunday's Super Bowl
Anticipation is running high for Sunday's Super Bowl in Minneapolis. While the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles ready for the game, law enforcement is preparing for a massive security operation. Nearly 2,000 federal agents are backing up the presence of state and local police in ways you can see – and in ways you cannot. Jamie Yuccas reports.
Florida 'designated driver' hits parked cars, charged with DUI after empty bourbon bottle found in car
A Florida woman who was supposed to be a designated driver during a night out became intoxicated herself and hit three parked cars over the weekend after leaving a bar, authorities said.
How significant is the Nunes memo?
Bob Cusack, editor-in-chief of The Hill, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the controversy over the Nunes memo, why it demonstrates that the House Intelligence Committee is "broken," and President Trump's State of the Union address.
French Military Leader Asserts Islamic State is 'Regenerating' Underground
Rear Admiral Marc Aussedat, the head of a task force that features the Charles de Gaulle nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, said reconnaissance flights are being carried out to help French forces on the ground observe the Islamic State and that weapons will be used if needed.
Nunes memo deepens the partisan divide over Russia probe
Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee released a memo authored by Chairman Devin Nunes on Friday, despite strong objections from the FBI, Justice Department and Democrats on the committee. The document, which includes information declassified by the White House, is intensifying the increasingly partisan battle over Russia's role in our presidential election. Errol Barnett reports.
Women athletic directors? Not in most elite NCAA conferences, where men still hold outsize advantage
In the last four months, 17 NCAA Division l schools hired athletic directors. How many women? Two. How many in the most powerful conferences? Zero.
What being a Second Generation Olympian means to Cameron Burrell
Sports Pulse: Cameron Burrell on his journey to the Olympics
White House Has 'Serious Concerns' About Escalating Tensions in Israel
"We have serious concerns about the situation, including violent confrontations that we've seen over the last few days," White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Monday, hours after Hamas militants fired rockets into Israel.
Colorado teacher accused of assaulting student who wouldn't stand for Pledge of Allegiance
A Colorado physical education teacher is on paid administrative leave after allegedly assaulting a student who refused to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. CBS Denver reports.
Amber Alert Issued in New Jersey for Missing Infant Chinna Payne Black
Black is believed to be with 27-year-old Damion Payne, the pair were last seen in East Orange, New Jersey.
NBC will not air the next Golden Globes after diversity controversy
The Golden Globes will not be airing on NBC next year.
2/2/18: CBSN Evening News
Partisan flights threatens Russia probes; as arctic ice thins causing polar bears to suffer
Biden approval rating: Thumbs up overall, but thumbs down on immigration: poll
A new national poll indicates that most Americans approve of the overall job President Biden is doing in the White House. But, according to AP-NORC survey released Monday, the president’s numbers are mixed on gun violence and underwater on immigration.
Breaking down the Nunes memo
President Trump declassified a controversial House Intelligence memo that Republicans say calls the Russia investigation into question. But does it tell us anything new? CBS News justice and homeland security correspondent Jeff Pegues joins CBSN to break down the controversy.
House GOP releases controversial memo
Chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes analyzes the politics behind the release of the House Intelligence Committee memo released Friday.
One killed, three wounded in Los Angeles shooting at crowded party
One person was killed and three others were wounded in a shooting at a crowded party in Los Angeles, authorities said.
Trump calls for Democrats to make DACA deal
While Washington is focusing on the House Intelligence Committee's memo, President Trump called on Democrats to come to the table on immigration reform. CBSN political contributor and political reporter for the Guardian Sabrina Siddiqui joins CBSN to discuss.
Cop who rescued 4-year-old wounded in shooting speaks out
"She was amazing. I can't believe that a little girl her age who had just been shot was so calm," said officer Alyssa Vogel, who is a new mother herself.
Kinzinger says McCarthy dismissed warnings about post-election violence
Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) says he warned House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) that the rhetoric from his Republican colleagues could lead to violence prior to the January 6 US Capitol riot. CNN's Manu Raju reports.
Minneapolis is hoping football fans embrace the cold climate for the Super Bowl
Football fans are in for some seriously cold temperatures at this weekend's Super Bowl. People in Minnesota call the twin cities of Minneapolis –Saint Paul the Bold North, but visitors may be using other words to describe the arctic temperatures. A bundled-up Meg Oliver reports from Minneapolis.
Washing machine collector takes a whirl back in time
Lee Maxwell started collecting washing machines years ago, and now he has enough to fill two warehouses. Steve Hartman has his story "On the Road."
NFL owners, players renew financial commitments to nine social justice organizations
As part of the Inspire Change initiative, the NFL announced the renewal of nine national social justice grant partnerships totaling $2.5 million.
Super Bowl expected to be coldest on record
Football fans in Minnesota will have to deal with frigid weather this Sunday for the big game -- with the temperature at kickoff expected to be just nine degrees. But as Jamie Yuccas reports, some people are embracing the cold.
Rape victim works to ban child marriage
Lawmakers in Florida are considering a bill that would make their state the first to ban marriages for children -- anyone under 18. Manuel Bojorquez reports the woman behind the campaign was forced to marry before she was a teenager.
Mets to put deGrom on injured list with right side tightness
Jacob deGrom will placed on the injured list by the New York Mets with tightness in his right side, a move that will keep the ace from taking the mound until May 20 at the earliest.
Flu deaths on the rise
The flu epidemic continues to take a toll, resulting in 53 pediatric deaths so far this season. That's compared to just 15 at this point last year. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook reports.
Photos Show Brown Bear Climbing Arizona Utility Poles
Sitting on power lines put the bear at risk of electrocution, but it luckily made its way back to the ground without issue.
Kinzinger defends Liz Cheney, says McCarthy ignored warnings about Jan. 6 violence
Rep. Adam Kinzinger Monday accused GOP House Leader Kevin McCarthy of ignoring his warnings of violence before the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and said the California Republican's leadership should be under fire rather than that of the third-ranking Republican, Rep. Liz Cheney.
Violence in Jerusalem threatens to spread
Palestinian politician Mustafa Barghouti and Israel Green Party head Stav Shaffir discuss a 'sad and risky combination of tensions' threatening the region
What we know about the ransomware attack on one of the largest US fuel pipelines
• FBI names criminal group behind cyberattack on major US pipeline
Newsmax Host Says Booming 'Trump Economy' Officially Over, 'Welcome to Obama's 3rd Term'
Chris Salcedo said Biden wants "near criminal levels" of taxes and touted Trump's 2017 cuts bringing in a "record $1.7 trillion" in revenue.
Man killed in shooting at Orlando U.S. immigration building; suspect in custody
A man was fatally shot outside a U.S. Customs and Immigration Services building in central Florida on Monday, and a suspect was taken into custody, authorities said.
Pizza shop workers foil masked robber, get surprise
Police say workers at a Massachusetts pizza shop got a surprise when they tackled a masked robber, only to discover he was a former employee. Sean Coulson told police in Barre he was just playing a joke.
Slain pregnant woman honored in Fargo as suspect sentenced
Fargo residents held a rally Feb. 1 to honor Savanna Greywind, a pregnant woman who was slain in August by a neighbor who said she wanted to keep the child as her own. That neighbor, Brooke Crews, was sentenced Feb. 2 to life without parole. Ashley Holcombe reports for CBS affiliate KXJB.
'Grey's Anatomy' is coming back for Season 18
Television's longest-running medical drama is still alive and kicking.
Ex-House Intelligence staffer weighs in on controversial memo
Michael Allen, former majority staff director for the House Intelligence Committee, joined CBSN to discuss the controversial memo released by Republicans on the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Allen said Republicans appear to be motivated by an effort to discredit the FBI's process for obtaining foreign intelligence surveillance warrants, such as one used to monitor Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.
Eichel refers to `disconnect' with Sabres on treating injury
Sabres captain Jack Eichel questioned his future in Buffalo on Monday by saying there’s a “a disconnect” with the team on whether to have surgery to repair his herniated disk.
Cuomo tells Fox News vaccine czar did 'phenomenal job' despite controversial alleged phone calls
Embattled New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told Fox News that former vaccine czar Larry Schwartz did a "phenomenal job" despite reports that Schwatz called county officials to gauge their loyalty to the scandal-plagued governor.
Natalie Wood investigators discuss challenges of high-profile Hollywood mystery
L.A. County homicide investigators Ralph Hernandez and John Corina talk with "48 Hours" Erin Moriarty outside the former Beverly Hills home of Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner about the obstacles that come with a celebrity case, and why Wagner’s behavior after Wood's death made them wonder if there was more to the story.