America's debate calendar may be due for an overhaul

The truth about Election Day in the United States is that it's actually a whole season. Seven weeks out, voters in North Carolina can already mail in their ballots. And Michigan, a crucial swing state prize, allows voting five days before the first debate.
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Michael Conforto’s Mets future may hinge on Steve Cohen
Michael Conforto will wait to hear the prospective new owner’s plan before counting his money. Steve Cohen’s “to do” list this offseason, should he receive the needed 23 votes from MLB owners to complete his $2.4 billion purchase of the Mets, will be lengthy, but among the top priorities might be Conforto, in the outfielder’s...
Michelle Obama talks coronavirus, voting on Conan O’Brien
Michelle Obama stressed her get-out-the-vote message during an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s show Wednesday and said that her husband, former President Barack Obama, won’t be adding a stand-up special to his Netflix duties anytime soon.  In particular, she emphasized the variety of options for voters casting their ballots this year — and added that she...
How did Korea split? (2018)
In 2018, North and South Korea pledged to formally end the Korean War and negotiate a peace treaty. But the pledge never became a reality, and without a peace treaty, the two countries are still technically at war. CNN explains how it all began seven decades ago.
Yankees have one shot at redemption after major letdown
BUFFALO — Was this a parting gift or more of a first night of Hanukkah sort of thing? An exorcism or an appetizer? Either way, the Rays scouts monitoring Wednesday night’s action at Sahlen Field had to think, “This is the way the Yankees looked when they played us!” Yes, the Rays’ first American League...
Live updates: 2020 presidential election: 1st presidential debate Tuesday
President Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden are making their last pitches to voters ahead of the first presidential debate next Tuesday.
Live updates: Ruth Bader Ginsburg honored, partisan Supreme Court vacancy battle continues
As Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s casket arrived at the Supreme Court building Wednesday morning, Republicans and Democrats continued a partisan battle over which party will fill the vacancy.
Thousands may have been exposed to coronavirus in 2020, CDC says
Donald Trump Jr. condemns 'anarchy' in Louisville after officers shot amid Breonna Taylor protests
Louisville, Ky., is the latest American city to see peaceful protests transform into violent riots and "anarchy," Donald Trump Jr. said Wednesday during an appearance on “Hannity”
Times Square New Year’s Eve organizers say event will go virtual, no crowd on scene
Times Square will look very different on New Year's Eve this year.
AP probe uncovers abuses in palm oil industry
An investigation by The Associated Press has found the palm oil industry is rife with exploitation and abuse. (Sept. 24)
'The Masked Singer' starts season with the Dragon's identity
In the season four premiere of "The Masked Singer," the first celebrity was revealed to be an iconic rapper and record producer, and the show debuted the first duet ever.
WATCH: Car Drives Through Roadblock in Denver, Hits Protester
A large group of demonstrators set-up a roadblock in Denver on Wednesday night, as part of a wave of protests that swept over the country in wake of the Grand Jury decision in the Breonna Taylor case.
Pay attention to nightmare election scenarios. One might come true
Republicans have shown themselves this week to care not a whit about hypocrisy when there's a Supreme Court justice on the line.
Oprah Winfrey voices support for Breonna Taylor's mother: 'My heart goes out to Tamika Palmer'
Oprah Winfrey spoke out Wednesday following the indictment of one of the police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor.
Bill Murray talks late-night NYC joy riding in Sofia Coppola's new film 'On the Rocks'
'On the Rocks' gave Bill Murray a chance to joy ride in New York City, team with Rashida Jones and reconnect with an old pal, director Sofia Coppola.
Rob Smith: Black Ky. AG unjustly criticized by Black left for not charging police in Breonna Taylor death
The decision not to charge police in the shooting of Breonna Taylor made those intent on using Black pain to exploit a political agenda very upset, and they responded with racially charged attacks on Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a Black Republican.
Palm oil in products often obscured by many names
Palm oil is the miracle crop grown used in everything from beauty products to snack foods. Yet, it can be difficult to tell if it's in the many items in your cabinets or on your shelves. AP explains how palm oil goes by many names. (Sept. 24)
Fewer Students Are Going To Community College, Despite High Unemployment
Often during a recession, enrollment in community colleges goes up. The first numbers for this fall show a decline — down nearly 8% compared with last year.
Protests erupt after grand jury does not charge Louisville officers in killing of Breonna Taylor
The death of Breonna Taylor nearly slipped into obscurity. But protesters made it a national cause celebre. On Wednesday, a grand jury indicted only one of three officers, and none for shooting Taylor inside her apartment in March.
Joe Biden Dodges Question About Packing the Court -- Again
Former Vice President Joe Biden continued to dodge questions about "packing" the Supreme Court again Wednesday, insisting that the question is a distraction -- even though liberals are clamoring to expand the court to add left-wing justices.
Judge Andrew P. Napolitano: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Constitution
Ruth Bader Ginsburg believed that the Constitution enabled Congress to right any national wrong.
Donald Trump just told us our democracy is at risk -- from him
John Avlon writes that American democracy has been defined by the peaceful transfer of power. Donald Trump seems to have other ideas; at this point, it would be naïve to think that Trump would accept the legitimacy of the election if he loses.
Reporter recalls shooting in Louisville as Breonna Taylor protests rage: 'People started to scatter'
A demonstrator's chilling warning to Louisville Metropolitan police officers nearly turned out to be prophetic, reporter Julio Rosas told "The Ingraham Angle" Wednesday.
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September 23 coronavirus news
The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.
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Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Tweet: 'Say Her Name' amid Street Protests
The Democratic candidate for president and his running mate tweeted the street slogan, "Say Her Name," amid a wave of raucous and sometimes violent protests from coast to coast.
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Littered face mask found inside stomach of dead penguin in Brazil
A face mask was discovered inside the stomach of a dead penguin that washed up on a beach in Brazil, according to a local environmental conservation group. The Magellanic penguin was found on Juqueí beach in São Paulo on Sept. 9, the Instituto Argonauta announced in a press release last Tuesday. “This case is unequivocal...
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Texas GOP Sues Republican Gov. Over Extending Early Voting Period By 6 Days
Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott's order to extend early voting by less than a week would cause "harm" and has "the ability to impact local, state and national elections," according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by the Texas GOP and multiple individual Republicans.
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Outrage and protests after no officers directly charged with Breonna Taylor's death
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Hundreds of Protesters Take to the Streets in D.C., Scuffle with Police
About 200 protesters in D.C. took to the streets, breaking businesses' windows, shouting at diners on patios and scuffling with police.
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Israel Adesanya calls media out for hypocrisy when addressing Colby Covington's comments
Israel Adesanya sees a large problem in the way the media chooses to cover things.        Related StoriesUFC 253 'Embedded,' No. 3: Fun and games for Jan BlachowiczWilliam Knight details history, animosity with Aleksa Camur ahead of UFC 253Sijara Eubanks explains quick turn for UFC 253: I wanted to do 'some gangster (explicit)' 
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‘On The Rocks’ review: An ingenious Bill Murray will make you miss NYC
In the pantheon of perfect Bill Murray roles — “Caddyshack,” “Groundhog Day,” “Lost In Translation” — his smooth-talking character in new comedy “On The Rocks” ranks as one of the best.
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NY Times chairman Arthur Sulzberger Jr. retiring, handing role to son
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr. will retire as chairman and a member of the New York Times Co. board by the end of this year, the newspaper publisher said Wednesday.
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NBA playoffs: Tyler Herro is the hero as Heat top Celtics
Tyler Herro scored a Heat rookie-record 37 points, Jimmy Butler had 24 and Miami beat the Boston Celtics 112-109 on Wednesday night in Game 4 of the Eastern Conference finals.
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Analysis: Big Tech is falling short as Trump and his allies poison the well with disinformation
It's been clear for years that tech platforms needed to get their houses in order ahead of the 2020 election.
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Federal Judge Refuses to Rule on Wisconsin ID Laws Before Election, Saying Ruling Would Cause 'Chaos and Confusion'
Wisconsin is the only state that requires students to have ID with five necessary pieces of information and proof of school enrollment.
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Tyler Herro goes off to give Heat commanding lead over Celtics
He was the Herro indeed. Heat rookie Tyler Herro poured in 37 points off the bench Wednesday night in Miami’s 112-109 win over the Celtics. Herro, the 20-year-old point guard who was picked 13th overall in the 2020 NBA Draft, added six rebounds and three assists, as the Heat took a 3-1 lead in the...
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Tyler Herro helps Heat to 3-1 series lead vs. Celtics in Eastern Conference finals
Miami's Tyler Herro, a 20-year-old rookie, scored a game-high 37 points as the Heat won Game 4 of the East finals vs. the Boston Celtics.        
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Trump offers prayers for two Louisville cops shot amid protests
President Trump on Wednesday night offered prayers to the two cops shot in Louisville amid protests over the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case. “Praying for the two police officers that were shot tonight in Louisville, Kentucky,” the president tweeted. “The Federal Government stands behind you and is ready to help.” The president also...
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Mets missing playoffs is one of biggest failures in team history
This was always going to be the trickiest part for the Mets, no matter how much the odd arithmetic of this baseball season wanted to insist they weren’t yet buried for good. This was always the thing the 2020 Mets were never able to do with any reasonable amount of consistency: Win baseball games. In...
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Mark Steyn blasts Seattle's hiring of former pimp as alternative to police: 'This is a joke'
The City of Seattle's hiring of a former pimp to act as the city's "street czar" and offer "alternatives to policing" is a "joke," author and columnist Mark Steyn told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Wednesday.
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Minnesota: Black Lives Matter Shuts Down I-94 in St. Paul
Black Lives Matter protesters walked onto I-94 in St. Paul, Minnesota, to obstruct highway traffic on Wednesday evening. A local Fox affiliate reported that authorities "blocked off traffic in the area" where the protesting crowd entered the interstate.
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Pandemic limbo pushes New Yorkers to test out other places to live
"I had friends who said, ‘So you’re giving up? That’s it?’ And I keep saying, ‘Not necessarily! This is a trial run. New York is never off the table.’ "
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Schiff: 'Republicans of Good Conscience' in Trump Administration Should Resign -- His 'Autocratic Intentions' Are Clear
Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said on MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" on Wednesday night that "Republicans of good conscience" in the Trump administration should resign over President Donald Trump's refusal to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election.
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Louisville police officers shot amid protests over Breonna Taylor
Two Louisville police officers have been shot amid protests over the decision not to indict any officers in the police killing of Breonna Taylor. The officers are expected to survive and a suspect is in custody, police said.
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Cincinnati Reds' Trevor Bauer on his Cy Young case: 'I don't see how you can see it any other way'
After striking out 12 over eight innings in Cincinnati's 6-1 win over Milwaukee, Reds right-hander Trevor Bauer makes a convincing argument.      
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Donald Trump Praying for Officers Shot in Louisville After Breonna Taylor Verdict
"Praying for the two police officers that were shot tonight in Louisville, Kentucky," Trump wrote. "The Federal Government stands behind you and is ready to help."
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Suspicions raised after woman says she accidentally shot her boyfriend
The relationship between high school sweethearts turns toxic, culminating in a fatal shooting with allegations of abuse that would leave their families shattered and their small town of Griffin, Georgia, divided over the evidence in the case.
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BLM co-founder argues Black Kentucky AG gave a 'Bull Connor speech in 2020'
Black Lives Matter co-founder Alicia Garza suggested on Wednesday that Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron sounded like a notorious segregationist and racist from the civil rights era.
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