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Are you a Scorpio? Here’s everything you need to know about your zodiac sign

The gift of an actualized Scorpio is being able to show others that there is a way through the dark and that what awaits you on the other side can be better than anything you may have shed to get there.
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Prince Charles and Harry are talking again, but it’s not ‘all roses’
A source tells Page Six that "channels of communication are open," but they are not "sitting down for a heart-to-heart on the phone once a week."
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Cost of Living in the Midst of the Great Depression Baffles the Internet: 'Incredible'
A price breakdown for 1938 reveals that a new house cost $3,900, while rent was $27 a month.
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COVID Cases Are Falling in the Five Least Vaccinated States
West Virginia, which is only 42 percent fully vaccinated, has seen its daily average of new cases fall by 7 percent over the last 14 days,
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Omicron Variant May Have Spread From Animal to Human, Scientists Suggest
Scientists say it is plausible the variant of concern emerged from an animal host, but its origins are still unclear.
Is There Really An Omicron Variant Movie from 1964?
The film also centers on an invisible threat.
How Bryson DeChambeau came back from the brink of quitting golf — with Chris Pratt’s help
DeChambeau, who’s built himself into the longest hitter in golf and one of the most compelling and popular figures in the game, was swirling uncontrollably in a maelstrom of negative attention and he felt trapped.
Britney Spears Serenaded by Fiancé on Private Jet As She Celebrates 40th Birthday
Pop star Britney Spears boarded a private jet with her husband-to-be Sam Asghari on Wednesday—one day before her milestone 40th birthday.
PS5 restock: Check the status at Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon and more
Looking to buy a PS5? Here's a handy guide for tracking restocks at Target, Best Buy, Gamestop, Amazon and more.
As nuclear talks resume in Vienna, the game has just begun
Having spent a couple decades in and around failing Arab-Israeli negotiations, I know a negotiation that's in serious trouble when I see one. The Iran nuclear negotiations that resumed this week in Vienna after a suspension of almost five months are a case in point.
Rand Paul: 'Fauci Should Go to Prison for Five Years for Lying to Congress
Thursday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called for National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director Dr. Anthony Fauci's imprisonment for "lying" to Congress over his department's funding of gain of function research.
Britney Spears turns 40 and dances the year away on Instagram
Britney Spears is celebrating her 40th birthday today! She’s off to celebrate with an international birthday trip with fiancé Sam Asghari. All year long, she danced away her problems on Instagram to the delight of fans and the #FreeBritney movement. For Spears, 2021 was quite the liberating year. Now she’s 40, flirty and free! Subscribe to...
"Mystery" prehistoric footprints re-excavated for second look
When famed paleontologist Mary Leakey first uncovered the footprints in Tanzania 40 years ago, the evidence was ambiguous.
$3-a-Gallon Gasoline Isn’t as Painful as It Used to Be
Fuel efficiency and higher wages mean that drivers don’t need to work as many hours to fill up their tanks.
Holiday-themed homes for rent: Would you stay in the 'Home Alone' house or Grinch's Cave?
The Home Alone House is available on Airbnb, and the Grinch's Cave is listed on Vacasa for this holiday season as unique vacations rise in popularity.
White House celebrates Hanukkah with menorah-lighting ceremony, Doug Emhoff makes history
White House celebrates Hanukkah with a menorah ceremony and Doug Emhoff lit it as the first Jewish spouse in history of a president or vice president.
Due to court order, 'Remain in Mexico' rules for migrants are likely to restart Monday
The Biden administration plans to relaunch the Trump-era border program known as "Remain in Mexico" on Monday due to a court order, meaning the US will again send migrants to Mexico to await their immigration court hearings, administration officials announced Thursday.
Gift unlimited learning with this Rosetta Stone deal that’s under $140
This award-winning software makes learning a second, third, or even fourth language easier than ever, thanks to its intuitive, immersive training method.
Bikinis used as confidence boosters for cancer survivors
Heather Reimerm built her confidence back up after surviving triple negative breast cancer by entering fitness bikini contests. Now she helps other survivors do the same.
Michigan authorities consider charges against the school shooting suspect's parents
Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said that the parents of the suspect failed to keep a recently purchased firearm out of the hands of their son, who is accused of killing four classmates.
As Roe Hangs in the Balance, New Texas Law Restricts Use of Abortion-Inducing Medicine
The law, which went into effect on December 1, also makes it illegal to provide the medication by "courier, delivery or mail service."
Biden's Net Approval Rating Hits New Low as Poll Finds Infrastructure, BBB Aren't Helping
The Morning Consult survey found 45 percent of registered voters approved of Biden's job performance, while 52 percent disapproved.
Ed Sheeran thought he was gay as a child. We need to talk about why.
Why do concerns about queerness begin as prepubescent childhood? Because of adults and the expectations society sets, according to experts.
This rhythm therapy device is even better than a massage gun
It's time for reinvented pain relief.
Students Stage Walkout to Protest Video Featuring Racial Slurs
Hundreds of students at Tigard High School in Oregon walked out of class in protest after a social media video showed some students using racial slurs.
Sandra Bullock opens up about partner and parenting on 'Red Table Talk'
Sandra Bullock is pretty private and protective when it comes to her children, but she opened up on the new episode of "Red Table Talk."
Ryan Rogers murder: Florida police identify suspect in custody after teen's 'deliberate' killing
Florida police say a 39-year-old homeless man is behind the Nov. 15 slaying of Ryan Rogers, 14, who went out for a bike ride and never came home.
White House set to announce new COVID-19 measures today after the first case of the Omicron variant reported in the U.S.
The White House is expected to announce new measures Thursday after the first case of the Omicron coronavirus variant was reported in the U.S., including family vaccination clinics, extending the transit mask requirement and requiring all international travelers to test negative for COVID within 24 hours of their departure. CBS News Chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes joins "CBSN AM" with the latest.
Michigan school shooting suspect faces life in prison: What murder, terrorism charges mean
If convicted, Ethan Crumbley, the 15-year-old suspect in the Oxford High School shooting, could spend the rest of his life behind bars.
"Mountain of digital evidence" suggests school shooting was planned
Tate Myre was one of the four teenagers killed​ on Tuesday when a student opened fire at a Michigan high school.
Kamala Harris Praises Joe Biden as 'Man of Deep Faith' and 'Guided by the Light' After He Defends Abortion
Vice President Kamala Harris praised President Joe Biden as a "man of deep faith" on Thursday even after the president defended the right of a woman to abort her unborn child.
Donald Trump rips media for refusing to cover national crime surge: 'Our country is being destroyed'
Former President Donald Trump torched the media on 'Fox & Friends' for refusing to cover the nationwide crime surge.
Longtime Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity president ousted following ‘personal’ impropriety
The longtime president of Americans for Prosperity (AFP) was forced to resign from the powerful fiscally conservative and libertarian political advocacy group
House lawmakers reach deal on funding bill to avoid government shutdown
The bill funds the government through February 18, and includes $7 billion to held resettle Afghan refugees.
'Gutfeld!' on Chris Cuomo, Rittenhouse Arizona State University controversy
Guests: Susan Li, Todd Piro, Kat Timpf, Tyrus
Podcast: Estimates suggest half a million people have died in the ongoing war in Syria. Activists are now asking if the revolution was worth the cost
Hours after Chinese boycott, IOC speaks to star player Peng Shuai
The IOC said that "a team" from the committee held a video call with Peng, but it did not outline what was discussed or provide any photos or video.
Real estate has gone meta
In November, a company sold a tract of virtual real estate for about $2.5 million worth of cryptocurrency. | MR.Cole_Photographer / Getty Images You can now be a landlord in the metaverse. The metaverse is getting hotter. Not hot, like a delicious meal or a Finnish sauna. This mostly fictional, virtual world is getting hot like a real estate market. Because lately, it is one. If you have enough money and courage, you can now buy up digital tracts of land in the metaverse. Of course, there isn’t just one metaverse. Much like a website is part of the larger World Wide Web, there are countless companies, including Meta (née Facebook), building their own virtual realms where they hope people will soon gather as their digital avatars to play games, buy things, and interact with ads. The emerging real estate market for these three-dimensional spaces in virtual reality — including everything from virtual concert venues and shopping malls to houses and monuments — anticipates a future in which digital property owners can work with brands that want a presence in the various iterations of the metaverse. One of the first companies to get into the digital real estate business is Metaverse Group, which operates a virtual world called Decentraland. Last week, Metaverse Group’s parent company,, announced that a “116 parcel estate in the heart of the Fashion Street district within Decentraland” sold for the equivalent of about $2.5 million — a record! The new owner of this estate near Fashion Street could presumably profit if Louis Vuitton wants to open a store there: They could effectively be the brand’s virtual landlord. This Decentraland deal did not, strictly speaking, involve real money. The digital estate sold for 618,000 mana, a type of cryptocurrency used in Decentraland. When you say it out loud, “mana” actually sounds a lot like the first couple syllables of “Monopoly money.” “Imagine if you came to New York when it was farmland, and you had the option to get a block of SoHo,” Metaverse Group co-founder Michael Gord recently told the New York Times. “If someone wants to buy a block of real estate in SoHo today, it’s priceless, it’s not on the market. That same experience is going to happen in the metaverse.” All this probably sounds a bit mind-bending. Who would pay real money for the rights to a piece of a virtual world that doesn’t entirely exist yet and will never exist in the real world? Well, if you’ve been paying any attention to the NFT craze or the cryptocurrency boom in recent years, plenty of people are pouring millions of dollars into digital assets with the expectation that others might be willing to pay even more for them in the future. This metaverse land grab is happening under a similar assumption. What makes the metaverse real estate boom all the more enticing, though, is the idea that once you own a piece of digital land, you might be able to make money by leasing it out or selling ads. Decentraland Users can wander around Decentraland to find stores and activities. They can also buy land and build their own. In its most basic form, the metaverse concept is not that different from the early days of the web. Starting in the late ‘80s, a common programming language for the web (HTML) enabled people to build websites that hosted content or offered services to users, and eventually, when websites attracted enough of these users, the site owners could sell ads or charge fees to make money off it all. The big difference, of course, is that the web was designed to be free while the metaverse seems destined to be owned by big companies. Just before announcing that Facebook would change its name to Meta, for example, Mark Zuckerberg told investors that the company expected to spend more than $10 billion on its metaverse projects this year alone. It’s hard for anyone to compete with that kind of cash. Still, plenty of companies are trying. In addition to Decentraland, you can now buy digital land in metaverses with names like Somnium Space, the Sandbox, and Upland. One company called Spotselfie, which currently operates an augmented reality app, will soon let you buy virtual real estate that’s associated with GPS coordinates in the real world through a new feature called Spotland. The idea is that by using tokens issued by Spotselfie — these are effectively cryptocurrency that’s specific to this metaverse, much like the mana used in Decentraland — you’ll buy the rights to a radius around a GPS coordinate, and then if Spotselfie decides to sell ads at that location, you get a cut. The big difference here is that Spotselfie’s metaverse is designed for augmented reality, not virtual reality. To see the metaverse, you just point your phone’s camera at the real-world location, and the Spotland software overlays a digital world onto your screen, ads and all. This could be the future. If and when mixed reality glasses become a thing — some analysts think that Apple will release a version of them in 2022 — we could be walking around looking at an overwhelming collision of real and digital worlds. And even though a lot of companies are scrambling to stake their claim, it’s unclear exactly who will own that space. Spotselfie co-founder Ray Shingler, for one, hopes that by offering users the option to buy now, his technology will bring some of that democratic, web 1.0 spirit to the nascent metaverse. “I’m trying to figure out a way,” Shingler told Recode, “where the users are actually getting something out of being in the app, and they actually control the metaverse. Because if you don’t control it soon enough, it’ll be lost to Facebook, or be lost to the Gemini Brothers.” (He’s referring to Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who recently received $400 million in funding for metaverse projects.) Then again, Mark Zuckerberg might be wrong about the metaverse. It’s entirely possible that not that many people actually want to wander around a virtual world, meeting other avatars and buying NFTs with cryptocurrency. Maybe we don’t want to inhabit some boundless digital space filled with ads and designed to track our behavior in ways we haven’t imagined yet. But if indeed the metaverse is the 21st century’s answer to the web, you can buy your piece of it now. Hurry up, though. The market is virtually hot. This story was first published in the Recode newsletter. Sign up here so you don’t miss the next one!
Biden to Unveil New Virus Plan as Omicron Reaches U.S.
President Biden will announce insurance reimbursement for at-home coronavirus tests and better access to tests for those without insurance as Omicron spreads. His plan to combat the pandemic also includes stricter testing for U.S.-bound travelers and a mask mandate extension. Here’s the latest.
Inflation causing hardship for almost half of U.S. households
New Gallup survey also finds that more Republicans than Democrats are feeling the pinch from higher prices.
Save an extra 20% on personal massage guns for Cyber Week
We’ve rounded up the best massagers currently on sale for Cyber Monday with the promo code CMSAVE20 for a limited time.
WorldView: Facebook parent company removes Chinese accounts spreading COVID-19 disinformation
The parent company of Facebook and Instagram has taken down more than 600 accounts, pages and groups connected to a Chinese operation spreading COVID-19 disinformation. Meanwhile, a British court dismissed an appeal by a tabloid paper against a ruling that it had breached the privacy of Meghan, Duchess of Sussex by printing parts of a letter she wrote to her estranged father. Ian Lee reports from London on these and other stories from around the world.
Conservative-leaning Supreme Court justices signal support for Mississippi abortion law
A majority of the U.S. Supreme Court is signaling support for Mississippi's abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Ilya Shapiro, director of the Robert A. Levy Center for Constitutional Studies at the Cato Institute, joined "CBSN AM" to discuss.
The vast majority of Republicans don't want a booster
The effort to provide a Covid-19 vaccine booster to every American adult is underway. While millions of Americans have received their booster, 84% of adults have not.
Mortgage rates hold steady despite volatility in financial markets and new covid concerns
The 30-year fixed-rate average slowed its upward trajectory this week, edging up to 3.11 percent.
Nolte — Brian Stelter: After Enjoying the Holidays Off, Chris Cuomo Will Probably Return in January
"I think it's possible [Chris Cuomo] will be back in January," reports Brian Stelter (D-CNN).
Mass Food Poisoning Among Church Congregation Kills One, Leaves Dozens Ill
Cook John Croucher was sentenced to a four-month jail sentence after admitting to the charges against him.
Bradley Cooper calls ex Irina Shayk’s support ‘very special’
The Oscar nominee attended the premiere of his movie "Nightmare Alley" in NYC on Wednesday night with the Russian model by his side amid rumors they're back on.
The bombshell about Trump testing positive also implicates the Trump family
Only a few days after Trump tested positive for covid, his family sat maskless in the debate audience.