Around Big Ten, students say football boosts morale, but some question players' access to tests

Some students say the Big Ten's decision to delay the start of football season until October will result in stronger safety protocols.        
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Discussing Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement doesn't 'dishonor' her, Brit Hume says
Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume defended the idea that people could discuss Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's replacement, especially given her reported dying wish.
Southern California shook up by magnitude 4.6 earthquake
Southern California spent Saturday bracing for aftershocks from a magnitude 4.6 earthquake that rattled the region the night before. The US Geological Survey recorded the earthquake at around 11:40 p.m., about two miles outside of South El Monte, near Los Angeles, ABC News reported. The agency estimated the tremor was about 11 miles deep. No...
Andrew McCarthy: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death means Trump should pivot to this surprising strategy
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg lived an extraordinary American life.
Supreme Court justices remember Ruth Bader Ginsburg as 'a superb judge' who 'inspired us all'
Ginsburg's colleagues on the high court recalled her as as "a jurist of historic stature" "who gave her best and exacted the best from each of us."
Trump Says Republicans Have “Obligation” to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy
The president is expected to unveil his nominee to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat within the next few days.
Former Ginsburg clerk Gillian Metzger on the legacy of her former boss
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is being remembered for her legacy as a champion for equal rights and progressive values after her death. Gillian Metzger, a professor at Columbia Law School and former clerk of Ginsburg's, joined CBSN to break down her legacy.
Jared Walsh could be your unexpected fantasy baseball savior
If there is one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it is that we should expect the unexpected. We never expected our living rooms would double as our offices, yet here we are. We never expected a 19-ounce can of Lysol disinfectant spray to cost $15, yet here we are. We never expected to get sick...
Trump: We have obligation to nominate Supreme Court justice "without delay"
President Trump and his fellow republican leaders are moving forward with plans to nominate a Supreme Court justice to fill the seat left vacant after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Sean Sullivan, a CBSN political contributor and national political reporter for The Washington Post, spoke to Lana Zak about the tight timeline for the coming fight.
ActBlue Raises Nearly $31 Million Following Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death
Left-wing ActBlue raised a record amount of money from Friday evening until Saturday morning following the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Two-time Cy Young Award winner Justin Verlander to undergo Tommy John surgery, will miss 2021 season
Astros pitcher Justin Verlander said Saturday he will undergo Tommy John surgery; the two-time Cy Young winner will likely miss all of 2021 season.
Florida State coach Mike Norvell to miss Miami (Fla.) game after testing positive for COVID-19
Florida State coach Mike Norvell will miss his team's game next week against Miami (Fla.) after he tested positive for COVID-19.
The Republican race to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg - States of America
The GOP held up hearings for President Obama's Supreme Court nominee in 2016. But it's a different story for President Trump's nominee in 2020.
Pilot Harry to fly Meghan Markle, Archie around in private helicopters
Prince Harry has joined an exclusive helicopter club near his new home in Santa Barbara, Calif.
Supreme Court fight highlights US Senate race in Arizona
The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has put a spotlight on the divisions in the US Senate -- in particular the unique circumstances surrounding the competitive race for a seat in Arizona.
There Isn’t Much Reason to Believe a Supreme Court Opening Will Help the Trump Campaign
All the voters who want the president to fill another seat on the bench were already going to vote to reelect him.
European countries impose new COVID-19 restrictions after surge in cases
Britain is considering another national lockdown to stop a surge in coronavirus cases and a handful of other European countries have imposed new restrictions to tamp down spikes in their biggest cities. The UK has nearly double the confirmed cases — 6,000 a day — and hospital rates are soaring in London, Reuters reported. Britain...
White women are allegedly bullying Guggenheim staffers of color to join their cause
The group, A Better Guggenheim, claims it is holding the museum "accountable for systemic racism and a toxic work environment."
The biggest roadblock in Daniel Jones’ Giants development
By his second NFL season, Eli Manning was winning games. Now in his second season, Daniel Jones is going to find it exceedingly difficult to follow that lead. It is not that Manning was so much further along in his development in Year 2 than Jones is right now. Manning had the makings of capable...
NASA keeps astronaut selection for bold new missions shrouded in mystery
While the newest class of NASA astronauts is presented with opportunities like never before, how they are chosen from a competitive pool of 18,000 applicants remains shrouded in secrecy.
Let’s Talk About Whether RBG Should Have Retired
The decision looks a lot different in hindsight.
Unlike 2016, polling this year suggests Democrats more motivated by Supreme Court than Republicans
The death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has the ability to upend the 2020 presidential election. But while most analysis suggests President Donald Trump was helped by the opportunity to appoint a new justice in the 2016 election, polling this time around suggests something different may be in the offing.
Justin Verlander needs Tommy John surgery in Astros blow
Justin Verlander’s injury comeback has been cut short — in serious fashion. The Astros ace needs Tommy John surgery, he revealed Saturday in an Instagram video. The 37-year-old pitched only in the Astros’ season opener this year, but was working his way back from a forearm strain in hopes of pitching in the postseason until...
This pressure washer can help you tackle tough cleaning jobs—and it's on sale
A new electric pressure washer from Sun Joe can be yours for 25% off today thanks to this deal at Woot—get the details.
Queens man charged with metal-pipe attack on elderly gas station worker
A Queens man bashed an elderly Long Island gas station worker with a metal pipe after the clerk asked him to keep his distance, police said. Hiram Vega, 41, of Flushing, was arrested Friday by Nassau County Police and charged with first degree assault in the April 3 attack at a Freeport Shell gas station,...
Syracuse's Rex Culpepper throws first TD pass since being declared cancer-free
Syracuse quarterback Rex Culpepper was declared cancer-free in 2018. More than two years later, against Pittsburgh on Saturday, he threw his first touchdown since overcoming the disease.
Education Secretary DeVos warns about wave of private school closings: 'That's a crisis in the making'
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos called for Congress to pass coronavirus relief legislation with funding for school choice, warning that more private schools are on the brink of closing without federal help.
Ex-Clinton aide claims Trump's SCOTUS pick would be 'fundamentally illegitimate' if confirmed
A leading Democratic activist and former adviser to Hillary Clinton argued on Friday that President Trump's replacement for Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will inevitably be "illegitimate."
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Celebrities demand justice amid fight to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Supreme Court seat: 'This is war'
A number of Hollywood stars are speaking out in defense of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's reported last wish to not be replaced until after the 2020 presidential election.
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What McConnell has said on SCOTUS vacancies in an election year
"I believe that it is today the American people who are best-positioned to help make this important decision," he said in 2016
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Official: Toilet display mocking mail-in voting is a crime
Michigan resident’s apparent joke is no laughing matter for elections official.
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What Time Will ‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Episode 3 Be on Starz?
"It's not the truth that matters. It's what we can sell to a jury."
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Gareth Bale completes loan move to Tottenham Hotspur from Real Madrid
Gareth Bale completed a season-long loan move from Real Madrid to Tottenham on Saturday, seven years after leaving the English Premier League club.
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New York to honor Ginsburg with a statue in Brooklyn, her birthplace
"This statue will serve as a physical reminder of her many contributions to the America we know today," said Governor Cuomo.
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Ginsburg Supreme Court vacancy could complicate possible contested election, some scholars say
Some legal minds are warning of a possible “constitutional crisis” in the case the election heads to the courts
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Gabourey Sidibe Says “A Few Factors” Boosted Anna Kendrick’s Career Over Hers After Both Were Oscar Noms
"No, the Hollywood seas didn’t part for me," claims the Antebellum actress.
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NYC parents say de Blasio’s free child care program is a mess
The city’s free child care program is costing parents their patience. Parents say they’ve been left in lurch with no notification on whether their child secured a slot or have received last-minute acceptances into the Learning Bridges program. “The mayor fails to provide any specific information that parents need,” said Robert Bonanni, of Forest Hills,...
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Beloved Staten Island tavern loses liquor license days after suing over restaurant ban
The borough's beloved Joyce's Tavern lost its liquor license following a "surprise, random" visit during a 9/11 fundraiser on Sept. 11 by State Liquor Authority (SLA) inspectors.
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Basketball legend Rebecca Lobo remembers Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 'My heart weeps tonight'
Basketball legend Rebecca Lobo paid tribute to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Friday night after news of her death swept across the U.S.
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Election-year Supreme Court blockbusters: A look back at history
Here are some landmark, presidential election-year legal disputes handled by the Supreme Court
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Ginsburg v. cancer was a 'remarkable fight': RBG battled five bouts of cancer over two decades
Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had overcome four bouts with pancreatic, lung and colon cancer dating back two decades.       
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Demonstrators in Trafalgar Square protest mask regulations
Protesters defying coronavirus measures gathered in London's Trafalgar Square, clashing with police. As of September 19, the UK reported 390,358 positive coronavirus cases and 41,759 deaths tied to the virus.       
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TikTok and WeChat downloads soar ahead of Sunday's ban
People in the United States rushed to download TikTok and WeChat after the Commerce Department announced plans to restrict access to both apps starting Sunday.
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Hillary Clinton: Quickly filling RBG's seat would be 'monument to hypocrisy,' 'greatest travesty'
Democrats should use every tool at their disposal to prevent what would be a "monument to hypocrisy" in Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., replacing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg before the election, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton argued Friday.
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Alex Rodriguez on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death: 'You will be deeply missed by all'
Alex Rodriguez was among the current and former professional athletes who remembered Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg after her death Friday night.
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Tom Brady pays respects to Ruth Bader Ginsburg: 'We should all aspire to live our lives as principled as RBG'
Tom Brady reacted to the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Saturday – hours after one of the biggest champions for women’s rights had died.
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Democratic donors raised millions after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks after touring Jerry Alander Carpenter Training Center on September 18, 2020, in Hermantown, Minnesota. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images Swing state polls show voters want Joe Biden to choose the next Supreme Court justice. As soon as the news of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death was announced, the speculation began about the fight to replace her on the Court and how it might affect the 2020 presidential election. Court appointments were already a key issue for voters across the political spectrum. Recent polling showed that Democratic voters were more motivated than Republicans by Supreme Court nominations. As President Trump’s polling numbers have lagged behind Democratic nominee Joe Biden over the past several months largely due to his inept response to the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic collapse, Trump has attempted to remind voters that Supreme Court nominations are on the line this election. “The next president will get one, two, three, or four Supreme Court justices,” Trump said at a rally in Minnesota Friday, seemingly unaware of the news of Ginsburg’s passing. “Many presidents have had none, they’ve had none, because they are there for a long time.” But polling taken before Friday’s news broke shows that voters in several key swing states largely trust Biden, not Trump, to choose Supreme Court justices. In Arizona, where Biden currently holds a 9-point lead, according to a New York Times/Siena College poll of 653 likely voters in the state taken September 10 to 15, voters trust Biden to choose a Supreme Court justice 53 to 43 percent with a 4.1 percent margin of error. In Maine, where Republican senator and self-proclaimed moderate Susan Collins is currently trailing her Democratic opponent Sara Gideon, voters trust Biden to choose a justice by an even wider margin. A similar NYT poll of 663 likely voters in Maine taken September 11 to 16 showed voters prefer Biden choose a justice over Trump 59 percent to 37 percent, with a 5.1 percent margin of error. And in North Carolina, a state that went for Trump by 2.6 percent in 2016, voters again choose Biden, 47 percent to 44 percent, in an NYT poll of 653 likely voters in the state taken September 11-16, with a 4.3 percent margin of error. Four Republican senators would need to join forces with Democrats to block Trump from successfully confirming a justice to the Supreme Court. Republican senators from each of those three states are locked in difficult reelection campaigns, and the polling suggests confirming a Supreme Court nomination before the election or during a lame-duck session of Congress might complicate their effort to keep their seats. Meanwhile,early indicators suggest that Democratic voters have responded to Ginsburg’s death, and the coming political and electoral fight, in a big way. According to the Democratic donor site ActBlue, $6.2 million flowed through the site in the 9 pm hour Friday, immediately following news of Ginsburg’s death. It was more money raised in a single hour on the site since its launch 16 years ago — and it was immediately eclipsed by the 10 pm hour, which saw $6.3 million raised. A major shake-up — and new stakes — for the presidential campaigns Ginsburg’s passing has clearly raised the stakes for this November’s general election. While Biden had solidified a lead by hammering Trump for his administration’s failed pandemic response and continuing to trumpet the health care message that swept Democrats into power in the House in 2018, Trump has continually reminded conservative voters about the importance of the courts over the long term. Trump on Saturday morning tweeted a pledge to immediately fill the seat, reminding voters that he was elected with a strong mandate to appoint conservative judges. Biden, in turn, called for the nomination process to be stalled until after the election so that voters can have a direct voice in who the nominee should be. It remains to be seen whether another hotly contested Supreme Court nomination process will help Trump close the polling gap with Biden. “There was always going to be massive turnout, and Democrats are already fired up beyond belief,” Robert Blizzard, a Republican pollster, told Politico Friday. “With Democrats likely to enjoy a significant advantage in early, mail-in voting, we’re going to need every vote we can get come Election Day to offset that deficit.” The calculus for Trump is clear. After struggling deep into this election cycle, he needs to remind his base that he is their champion on social issues, such as abortion, LGBTQ rights, and other key decisions that lie with the high court. And as the two most recent nomination processes have shown, Trump and Senate Republicans are more than capable of seating justices favored by conservatives In 2018, many pundits believed that the emotional battle over Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court would rally outraged conservatives to turn out in the midterm elections. Instead, there was a blue wave. And if the early fundraising numbers are any indicator, there may just be too much on the line for Democrats this year for Trump to overcome. Will you help keep Vox free for all? The United States is in the middle of one the most consequential presidential election of our lifetimes. It’s essential that all Americans are able to access clear, concise information on what the potential outcome of the election could mean for their lives, and the lives of their families and communities. That is our mission at Vox. But our distinctive brand of explanatory journalism takes resources. Even when the economy and the news advertising market recovers, your support will be a critical part of sustaining our resource-intensive work. If you have already contributed, thank you. If you haven’t, please consider helping everyone understand this presidential election: Contribute today from as little as $3.
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