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Bake colorful kaleidoscope cookies with this adaptable marbled shortbread recipe

Customize the colors, shape and decorations of these buttery marbled shortbread cookies for a gorgeous holiday treat.
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E-commerce surge strains retailers and delivery networks
As Americans shop online more than ever before, shippers are strained by the demand, leaving many wondering if their items will be delivered in time. New York Times business reporter Sapna Maheshwari joined CBSN to discuss the anticipated 3 billion packages headed through the nation's shipping infrastructure this holiday season.
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Biden administration to give out 400 million free N95 masks
The highly-protective masks will be distributed through pharmacies and health centers nationwide.
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D.C.-area forecast: Briefly warmer today before potential burst of snow for Thursday morning rush
Rain tonight could change to wet snow early Thursday morning with some accumulation possible.
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Here's how to request free at-home COVID tests today
Americans may order four at-home tests per household as part of the Biden administration's strategy to make tests accessible.
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House Judiciary Committee holds impeachment hearing
The House Judiciary Committee questioned four legal scholars Wednesday over whether President Trump's actions could be considered an impeachable offense. CBSN legal contributor Rebecca Roiphe joins CBSN to provide a legal analysis of the hearing.
Kids Cancer Hospital Is in the Path of Putin’s New Attack Route
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyCHERNIHIV, Ukraine—For years, Ukraine has been dealing with Russian aggression and preparing for an invasion on its Eastern flank where the two nations share more than 1,000 miles of sometimes disputed borders. But the recent bromance between President Vladimir Putin and his Belarusian counterpart has opened up the terrifying possibility of a new line of attack.The southern border of Belarus is less than a three-hour drive from Kyiv, Ukraine’s economic and political capital.Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has always had a testy relationship with Putin, until Moscow rescued him from an attempted popular revolution last year. By way of repayment, Lukashenko has signed up for the closest integration between the two countries since the collapse of the Soviet Union.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Forgotten Winter Olympic sports: Sled dog racing
Is this a dog lover's favorite ever sport at an Olympics? Dogsledding once featured at the 1932 Lake Placid Winter Olympics as a demonstration sport, but it's still got a strong community around the world.
NCAA investigating MSU over handling of Nassar case
The NCAA has reportedly opened an investigation into Michigan State University's handling of the Larry Nassar case, the gymnastics doctor has been accused of sexual abuse by more than 120 women and girls. More women and girls spoke at his sentencing Tuesday.
‘Redeeming Love’: Evangelicalism’s Toxic Slut-Shaming Tale Gets the Hollywood Treatment
UniversalOne surefire way to desiccate a steamy romance is to reveal that it’s a literary chastity belt. This may not be evident in the trailer for Redeeming Love, coming to theaters Friday, but make no mistake: between the Western’s corseted bar girls and the brawny gold miners is a cult classic of evangelical sex education.It was the late-aughts when my generation of church youth discovered Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love (1991), which re-emerged on evangelical shelves when it was repackaged in 2005. For both quivering teens and languishing church ladies, it was the most salacious novel to clear religious censorship—and it was consumed as more than fiction. The book sold 3 million copies and offered a six-week “companion study” to teach Christian women what to expect of men, of marriage, and of themselves.The book’s cover features an illustration of the heroine that accentuates her thin arms and the bodice of her billowing, scarlet dress—her head, however, disappears over the top edge of the book. For a church kid, the image seemed captivating and elusive, an apt representation of the jaded beauty. I now see that the spotlit body and faceless figure reflect the unsettling undertones of an evangelical sex zeitgeist.Read more at The Daily Beast.
‘How I Met Your Father’s’ Francia Raisa Won’t Be Your ‘Token Latina’ Anymore
HuluYears before Francia Raisa and Hilary Duff would star together on How I Met Your Father–the millennial-friendly spinoff of How I Met Your Mother premiering Tuesday on Hulu–they had quite the TMI-filled first meeting.“I had just learned what a mucus plug was, and I asked her if she still had hers,” Raisa recalled of their very first conversation a decade ago, when Duff was pregnant with her first child. “So yeah, the first thing I asked Hilary Duff was if she had her mucus plug… I’m not as cool as I come across sometimes.”“But you know what? I left an impression, and now here we are–look at us!”Read more at The Daily Beast.
Progressive Allies Need to Call Out Everyday Antisemitism
Brandon Bell/GettyAmerican Jews were reminded once again last weekend that even in one of the safest countries in the world for Jews, they are never truly safe.A gun-wielding man of British Muslim descent took four worshipers hostage in a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas. After hours of fruitless negotiations, the hostages fled for their lives and the gunman was subsequently killed by an FBI anti-terrorism unit.As is often the case when high-profile antisemitic attacks occur, American Jews were bombarded by the now familiar “thoughts and prayers” from political leaders and media figures outraged by the latest manifestation of anti-Jewish hatred.Read more at The Daily Beast.
NYT: "Grandma The Clown" resigned after misconduct allegation
Grandma the Clown has reportedly resigned from the Big Apple circus after misconduct allegations. According to The New York Times, Barry Lubin admitted he pressured a teenage performer to pose for pornographic photos in 2004.
Donald Trump Caught in Pincer Move Following 'Significant' Updates to Jan. 6, Fraud Probes
Trump's legal team, including Rudy Giuliani, was subpoenaed in Capitol attack investigation, just before Letitia James released new details of her inquiry
Tom Brady’s New Fashion Label Is a Shameless Burst of Logomania
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyThe era of celebrities turning themselves into entrepreneurs is becoming an enduring one. Beyoncé has her fashion brand Ivy Park, Mariah Carey has her Irish cream liquor Black Irish, and now NFL star Tom Brady has thrown his hat into the ring with his new sportswear line aptly titled BRADY. And he appears as determined to succeed as a fashion entrepreneur as he is on the field.Brady began by enlisting 10 NCAA and newly drafted pro-athletes for the campaign for the collection including Freshman of the Year Shedeur Sanders, son of famed football player Deion Sanders, and Cade McNamara of Tom Brady’s alma mater, University of Michigan, and the first quarterback to beat Ohio State in a decade. Of course, bringing in top talent for his brand launch was to be expected, but he did not stop there.Brady went as far as to create his own Pantone color, Brady Blue. This bold blue tone was described by the brand as embodying “the brand’s founding principles to be the best you can be while inspiring fearlessness, resilience, and confidence towards achieving peak performance. Exuding strength and confidence, Brady Blue is an impressive blue shade with an intensity emblematic of Tom Brady’s self-determination and commitment to precision.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
Latest Bonkers MAGA Conspiracy Involves a Biden ‘Wall’ Around the White House
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/GettyThe latest conspiracy theory to convulse MAGA-land does not involve COVID-19 boosters or “deep state” Jan. 6 plots (more on those in a bit), but a bit of routine construction at dear old 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue—which has convinced some on the right that Joe Biden is about to impose martial law.The White House tells The Daily Beast that the concrete barriers—or “wall,” if you’re being dramatic—on the lawn are for fountain maintenance. (“They kind of treated me like a kook,” discloses Fever Dreams host Will Sommer, who contacted the executive branch for comment.) This has not stopped some right-wing personalities characters from implying that “Biden is about to impose martial law or some unconscionable new law or executive order that will so outrage the American people that they will want to storm the barricades.”While the White House’s denial is unlikely to satisfy the true believers, Sommer points out that the incident is a meta-commentary on “Washington as canvas for conspiracy theories… there are people who walk around Washington, these conspiracy theorists who are very well paid by their fans, who just walk around Washington filming things that they think are odd but often aren’t odd… like, ‘Hmm, lights out at the Department of Labor. This sounds like the coup is on.’”Read more at The Daily Beast.
Texas man rides on top of cop car
A Texas man tried to resist arrest by kicking out the back window of a police cruiser and riding on top of the car.
Dallas shooter's parents react to ambush in interview
CBS News' Manuel Bojorquez discusses the interview with Dallas shooter Micah Johnson's parents. Bojorquez is in Dallas, where President Obama and George W. Bush will speak at a memorial today.
The Voice of Holland talent show hit by #MeToo scandal
Dutch talent show The Voice of Holland has been taken off air in the Netherlands amid a sexual misconduct scandal
Lusia Harris, the only woman ever officially drafted by an NBA team, has died
Lusia "Lucy" Harris, a star in women's collegiate basketball during the 1970s and the first and only woman ever to be officially drafted by an NBA team, died Tuesday, according to a statement from her family as well as Delta State University. She was 66.
Republicans Urge Ron DeSantis to Respect Donald Trump: 'It's His Party'
Both sides have downplayed the idea that there's animosity between the governor and the former president.
Unvaccinated Man Who Was 'Never Ill' Almost Dies Three Times After Catching COVID
Scot Griffiths said he may have been influenced by online conspiracy theories and has since had a COVID shot.
Pita Taufatofua: GoFundMe set up by Tonga's Olympic flagbearer raises over $310,000
A fundraising campaign set up by Tonga's Olympic flagbearer Pita Taufatofua has raised over $310,000 after Saturday's massive volcanic eruption.
Andre Leon Talley: fashion icon’s life in photos
Andre Leon Talley, the legendary fashion mogul and former Vogue creative director, died at age 73 on January 18, 2022.
Following Serena Williams’ career through photos
Serena Williams, one of the most accomplished female tennis players in the world — winning 23 Grand Slams, the most by any man or woman — is followed through photos from her legendary career.
Russia Tells U.S. To Not Arm Ukraine As It Assembles Nearly 130k Troops at Border
Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Friday.
White House: Texas synagogue gunman raised no red flags
Akram was not believed to be included in the Terrorist Screening Database, a listing of known or suspected terrorists maintained by the FBI.
UK inflation surges to highest level in 30 years
UK consumer price inflation has surged to the highest level in three decades, heaping pressure on households already facing a huge increase in energy costs.
New details emerge about hostage taker's behavior in days before Texas synagogue standoff
As authorities work to learn more about the armed man who held four people hostage at a Texas synagogue Saturday, new details are emerging of his activities in the days leading up to the incident, including a heated exchange at a nearby mosque.
Business Updates: Britain’s Inflation Rate Climbs to Its Highest in 30 Years
The consumer price index rose to 5.4 percent in December from a year earlier.
Bond Market Plot Twist Puts Europe’s Recovery at Risk
Higher U.S. government borrowing costs are driving Europe’s benchmark yield into positive territory.
Texas authorities investigating possible double murder-suicide
Texas authorities are investigating three bodies found in a home as a possible double murder-suicide, according to a report.
André Leon Talley Death Mourned by Fashion World, Tributes Pour in for Former Vogue Editor
The influential fashion journalist, diversity pioneer, and stylist is being remembered as a "beacon of grace and aspiration."
China mined a record amount of coal in 2021. It might produce even more this year
China produced more coal than ever last year as its power stations struggled to meet demand for electricity, undermining plans to curb carbon emissions.
Puerto Rico exits bankruptcy after U.S. judge approves multibillion-dollar restructuring plan
The debt restructuring will require budget cuts for the economically weakened U.S. territory, but it is also likely to lower financing costs.
When We Were Young Festival 2022—Lineup and How To Get Tickets to the Emo Extravaganza
The concert event will feature performances from Paramore, My Chemical Romance and other emo-pop bands from the 2000s.
Steve Harvey's Warning to Daughter's Boyfriend, Michael B. Jordan
"Family Feud" host and comedian Steve Harvey has issued a warning to actor Michael B. Jordan who is dating his daughter Lori Harvey.
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Trump documents, Biden news conference, 5G networks launch: 5 things to know Wednesday
Trump documents set for release, Biden will hold his first formal news conference of the year and more news to start your Wednesday.      
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Five things to expect from Biden's news conference Wednesday: Inflation, COVID-19, voting rights and more
One day before his administration's one-year anniversary, Joe Biden will field questions from the press on COVID, voting rights, inflation and more.       
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Covid-19 live updates: WHO says ‘no evidence’ healthy children need boosters amid global vaccine inequity
The World Health Organization has repeatedly warned that additional doses reduce the supply for those in lower-income countries that have not been immunized.
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Biden banking on a PR ‘reset’ as Democrats showcase voting rights failure
Biden too often sounds like the 101st senator, mired in the Washington swamp. Combine that with his media aversion–he holds his first presser in nearly three months today–and social media dullness and you have a diminished bully pulpit.
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Australian Open 2022
Naomi Osaka, Rafael Nadal, Emma Raducanu and more tennis stars head down under to compete in the first Grand Slam of 2022 — the Australian Open.
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Choomba, One of the Worlds' Oldest Gorillas, Dies in Atlanta Zoo Aged 59
The zoo said that the gorilla, who was the fourth oldest in the world, leaves a "tremendous legacy" behind
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Dak Prescott: Dallas Cowboys star apologizes for praising fans who threw trash at officials after playoff loss
Dak Prescott has apologized for his comment praising fans who threw trash at officials after the Dallas Cowboys' dramatic NFL Wild Card playoff loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday.
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Tonga volcano erupted with force of more than 600 Hiroshima bombs
The undersea volcano near the island nation of Tonga erupted on Saturday with an explosive force that was more than 600 times as powerful as the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, according to scientists and reports.
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Nigeria's Grammy-winning recording artist Burna Boy has a complicated relationship with Africa
Nigeria's Grammy-winning recording artist Burna Boy doesn't hold back when it comes to his feelings about his continent.
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3 Indian sailors killed in explosion on naval ship
Three Indian Navy personnel were killed in an explosion on a ship at a naval dockyard in Mumbai on Tuesday, the navy said.
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Schumer to propose talking filibuster amid voting rights clash
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Airlines rush to scrap or change flights to U.S. over 5G dispute
Major carriers involved include Emirates and All Nippon, even though Verizon and AT&T pushed back the debut of their new 5G technology around some airports.
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