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Biden officials say no Afghans ‘of concern’ have entered US

The Biden administration is working with “urgency and care” to enhance its screening and vetting operations as part of its effort to resettle Afghan refugees in the United States, with senior government officials telling Fox News that, at this point, no Afghans of “concern” have entered the country.
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‘The View’: Nurse Wendy Livingston Reportedly Cut From Show After Live COVID Scare
The View's very own "Florence Nightingale" has taken the fall for last month's on-air COVID scare.
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Millions of ‘filthy’ used medical gloves reportedly imported into US
Millions of filthy, used medical gloves -- some even obviously bloodstained -- were imported into the US from Thailand amid a shortage of personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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The 15 best pieces from J.Crew’s 60% off sale: Flannels, boots, more
The retailer with a keen eye for classic cuts and stay-warm styles is hosting an impressive 60% off sale on nearly 2,000 of its pieces.
What the Hell Is Wrong With the Kansas City Chiefs?
Something’s amiss with the NFL’s best quarterback and his perennial contenders.
The shoes from Michael Jordan's rookie season sold for a record $1.47 million
Michael Jordan's earliest known game-worn and autographed shoes sold for nearly $1.5 million at an auction in Las Vegas. They are the most valuable sneakers ever offered at an auction.
Facebook has struggled to fight human trafficking, leaked documents show
Facebook has known about human traffickers using its platforms since at least 2018. The issues got so bad that in 2019, Apple threated to pull Facebook and Instagram from the App Store.
‘The Good Wife’ star Alan Cumming opens up about friendship with Monica Lewinsky
"She's just one of the most hilarious, kind people," Cumming told Page Six about pal Monica Lewinsky. "And considering what she's been through in her life, that's remarkable."
What we know: Where things stand with Texans QB Deshaun Watson as NFL trade deadline looms
As the NFL trade deadline looms next Tuesday, there are multiple reports about the Houston Texans looking to move on from quarterback Deshaun Watson.
The Most Human Character on Friends
In a Season 4 episode of Friends, Ross is about to get married (again). At his bachelor party, Joey and Chandler argue over who will serve as his best man. Their bickering devolves into pettiness, until a fed-up Chandler makes an announcement about one of their guests, the barista at their favorite coffee shop: When he gets married, Chandler says, he’ll just ask Gunther to be his best man.Gunther, who is accustomed to being the object of the friends’ varied condescensions, considers this alleged honor. “What’s my last name?” he asks Chandler. Chandler is stymied. “… Central Perk?” he replies.[Read: The ]Friends mythology has come full circleThrough Friends’ 10 seasons, Gunther serves as the consummate supporting character. He is often simply there: working behind the counter at Central Perk, standing around at parties the friends throw, backgrounded even in the moments when he is brought to the fore. But the actor James Michael Tyler, who died yesterday of prostate cancer at the age of 59, didn’t play Gunther as a side character. He played Gunther, instead, as a character who was sidelined. That made all the difference. Tyler invested Gunther, who was otherwise the stuff of sitcom cliché, with a biting awareness of his own exclusion from the show’s hermetic main group. Gunther is always in their orbit, but never in their world—and he is keenly aware of that disconnect. In the friends’ lives, though no one told you life was gonna be this way, things work out all the same. Not so for Gunther. Through him, reality pierces Friends’ chipper fantasies. James Michael Tyler played Gunther (far left) as someone seemingly hovering between the world of the show and the world its audiences inhabit. (Paul Drinkwater / NBCU / Getty) Gunther is like the friends, until he isn’t. He has been, like Joey, a struggling actor. (He played Bryce on All My Children … until the character was buried in an avalanche.) He is, like Ross, in love with Rachel. His job’s a joke; he’s broke; his love life’s DOA. He is a reminder of how life actually works, for people who are not on sitcoms. Midway through the series, Joey finds the keys to a Porsche left in Central Perk. He asks Gunther whether the keys belong to him. “Yes, that’s what I drive,” Gunther replies, tersely. “I make four bucks an hour. I saved up for 350 years.”Sitcoms need both stars and background characters to tell their stories, and most supporting characters do not question their sidelining. But Gunther? Gunther is bitter about it. He is an avatar of the casual arbitrariness of the show, and of the friends’ insularity: These six people are deeply incurious about the people who are not part of their little world. On paper, Gunther is often a sap, a tangle of desire and disappointment. In practice, the way Tyler played him, he is the most human character on the show—and arguably its moral rudder. When Chandler reveals that he doesn’t know the full name of the guy he has seen almost every day for years, the joke doesn’t come at Gunther’s expense. It comes at Chandler’s.[Read: On Chandler Bing’s job]Tyler didn’t simply convey Gunther’s frustrations; he deployed them. His performances convey the simmering indignation of being rendered invisible. In a scene in Friends’ third season, Gunther watches as a guy at Central Perk asks Rachel on a date. He heads back to a storage room, out of view; soon, viewers hear the thunderous sound of shattering glass. Gunther emerges, as the coffeehouse patrons stare at him in shock. “I dropped a cup,” he says, wanly.That interplay—what viewers see of Gunther, and what they are prevented from seeing—brings a remarkable poignancy to his character. Much about Gunther, whether his bleach-bright hair or his fluorescent outfits, suggests a deep desire to be the center of attention. And yet the show, on the whole, keeps him relegated to the spaces behind the scenes. Gunther functions, in Friends, as a consequential stranger: a person you might often encounter as you live your life, but whom you don’t, in any meaningful sense, know. Viewers are exposed to him in roughly the same way they might be exposed to the people they casually interact with in everyday life. Chandler may not be bothered to be curious about him; for viewers, though, he is a tantalizing mix of half-revealed facts. We learn, off-handedly, that he speaks fluent Dutch. And that he’s sharply witty. (“Hey buddy, this is a family place,” he tartly informs a customer who wears shorts without underwear. “Put the mouse back in the house.”) And that he is in love with Rachel. And that he will have to find a way to accept that his love will go unrequited.[Read: And the meek shall inherit Pawnee]Gunther is a background character who knows that, in another show, he would have been the star. And although Tyler did not have many lines, he used the ones he did have to give Gunther a fourth-wall kind of eloquence. Particularly as Friends moved into its later seasons, Tyler imbued the character with a sense of ironized self-awareness. To watch Gunther is to suspect that he is watching the proceedings—these blandly telegenic young people, with their blend of cheerful entitlements—at the same time that we are. He’s a viewer, too. He exists in a liminal space, seemingly hovering between the world of the show and the world its audiences inhabit. Tyler gave Gunther the feel of a Greek chorus, or of a narrator: He sees the hijinx on stage for what they are. He knows that Friends is selling a fantasy. But he also knows that he can have his moments inside the illusion. In Season 4, Joey comes to Central Perk looking for Chandler. Gunther gazes at him, coolly. “I thought you were Chandler?” he says. “But um, one of you is over there.”
McDonald’s workers set to strike Tuesday over sexual harassment
McDonald's employees in at least 10 cities are planning to strike on Tuesday to protest the company’s handling of alleged sexual harassment and urge workers to unionize.
Want your hotel room cleaned every day? It's time to reset your expectations
The absence of daily housekeeping will be a permanent change at some hotel properties, according to hospitality experts.
Plant-based shrimp? It's part of Nestlé's net zero plan
Food giant Nestlé is trying to slash its carbon emissions by developing plant-based shrimp, biodegradable bottles and other innovations at its global R&D centers.
Super Bowl-winning coach 'wild card' for USC job, Carson Palmer suggests
The USC job is one of the hottest openings in college football and former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Carson Palmer teased one potential contender for the position on Monday.
New John Wayne Gacy Victim Identified Using DNA Link
The newly identified victim was among the bodies found in the crawlspace of Gacy's Chicago-area home on December 26, 1978.
PayPal says it’s not buying Pinterest
PayPal is not pursuing an acquisition of Pinterest at this time, the digital payments company said on Monday, after several media last week reported on its talks to buy the digital pinboard site for as much as $45 billion. The latest development is a blow for Pinterest, which is currently grappling with the twin challenges...
Woman takes 23 family members on blind date to test man’s generosity
The rather bizarre tactic well and truly backfired when her date did a runner.
Preliminary Numbers Show Nearly 10 Percent Decrease in North Atlantic Right Whales
New England's North Atlantic right whale population has dropped significantly but researchers remain encouraged.
Washington Gov.: There is 'cause for optimism' on climate
Washington Governor Jay Inslee talks to Amanpour about the upcoming COP26 summit in Glasgow as President Biden's climate credibility hangs in the balance.
Chad Wolf: Mexico 'very upset' with Biden admin's rollback of Trump border policies
Former Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf told “America Reports” on Monday that the Mexican government is “upset” with the Biden administration over its policies.
Ex-Saudi official claims to have intel, video of crown prince's death threats against previous monarch
A former senior Saudi Arabia security official claimed in an interview that the kingdom’s crown prince once spoke of killing a sitting Saudi monarch before his own father was crowned king.
The Dow and S&P 500 hit record highs as Tesla stock electrifies
Wall Street is brushing off concerns about Facebook. The Dow and S&P 500 both hit record highs Monday — while Tesla shares soared to a new all-time peak above $1,000 and sending the company's market share past the $1 trillion level.
The Dow and S&P 500 hit record highs as Tesla stock electrifies
Wall Street is brushing off concerns about Facebook. The Dow and S&P 500 both hit record highs Monday — while Tesla shares soared to a new all-time peak above $1,000 and sending the company's market share past the $1 trillion level.
Tomi Lahren on 'Outnumbered': Once again, Democrats have overplayed their hand
Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren blasted the left saying “Democrats have overplayed their hand,” pushing back on Barack Obama's claims that Republicans invoke "culture wars."
Vaccine Mandates, Contact Tracing: What to Know About Biden Admin's New Air Travel Rules
International travelers will be required to show proof of vaccination before boarding a flight headed to the U.S. starting November 8.
Oliver Marmol, 35, is younger than some Cardinals stars. Now he’ll serve as their manager.
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Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cinderella’ musical needs work before Broadway
Bibbidi-bobbidi-cut 30 minutes! There is a satisfying musical buried somewhere in here — but, like the title character, the new show could use a Fairy Godmother’s wand.
Glenn Youngkin slams McAuliffe after Obama visit: 'Doing anything he can' to survive
Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Younkin sounded off on Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe after he received support form former President Obama. Youngkin said McAuliffe is bringing in big-name Democrats to distract from "his failed record" as governor.
Boston Joins College Census Challenge, Says It Also Missed Inmates, Foreign-Born Residents
Other college towns across the U.S., like Tuscaloosa, Alabama, claimed students were missed in the once-a-decade nationwide count.
Katie Couric, who's been caught in multiple editing scandals, complains her book is getting 'cherrypicked'
Journalist Katie Couric, who's been caught up in multiple editing scandals in her career, complained Monday that reported excerpts from her book had been "distorted" and "cherrypicked" to a degree that didn't resemble her actual writing.
NYPD’s largest police union files lawsuit over COVID vax mandate
The Police Benevolent Association argues in the Staten Island Supreme Court lawsuit that the current "vax or test" policy is "sufficient enough" in curbing infections.
Sleepy Hollow's lesser known ghost story: The Curse of the Bronze Lady in New York
Not far from Headless Horseman Bridge in Sleepy Hollow is a crypt where a larger-than-life woman, cast in bronze, sits waiting.
Warner Bros. defends ‘Batwoman’ actor Dougray Scott after Ruby Rose claims
"Warner Bros. has found Mr. Scott to be a consummate professional, and never received any allegation against him of bullying, or of abusive behavior on his part," the company said.
Washington Post opinion piece decries 'radical' parents trying to influence school cirriculums
The Washington Post has been widely criticized for publishing an op-ed claiming parents who want a say in what their children are taught in school are using a "political tactic" to stop young people from thinking independently with a long-term strategy designed to cause voter suppression.
U.S. Expresses 'Deep and Growing Concern' Over Iran's Delay in Returning to Nuclear Deal
According to the Biden Administration, diplomatic efforts to get Iran back into the deal are at a "critical place," patience with the country is "wearing thin."
Democrats Supported Redistricting Reform in Virginia. Was It a Mistake?
Democrats control the Virginia legislature. But a conservative court will soon redraw the state’s districts.
Ali Wentworth jokes she’s smarter than husband George Stephanopoulos
The comedian boasted to Page Six that she's "considered a top sex symbol in four countries," whereas the "GMA" co-anchor "didn't know where the Middle East was."
Proposed Tax on Billionaires Raises Question: What’s Income?
Democrats are homing in on unrealized capital gains raises as a way to help fund their social spending bill.
Halloween 2021: Jamie Lee Curtis, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian, more show off costumes
Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian as Sid and Nancy, Doja Cat as Princess Kida and more stars in costumes for Halloween 2021.
'Rust' movie production to shut down until Alec Baldwin shooting investigation is over
On Thursday, actor Alec Baldwin accidentally shot two people, killing cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and injuring "Rust" director Joel Souza when he discharged a prop gun.
The Mannings are back on TV: Peyton, Eli return to 'MNF' broadcast for Saints vs. Seahawks
Peyton and Eli Manning are back with their alternative Monday Night Football broadcast on ESPN2 for the New Orleans Saints vs. Seattle Seahawks.
Severe weather in the West Coast as Northeast prepares for storm
The West Coast is reeling from extreme weather over the weekend, and the northeast is expected to be hit next. CBS News lead national correspondent David Begnaud reports on California's record rain, and CBS News meteorologist and climate specialist Jeff Berardelli spoke with CBSN anchor Tanya Riviero about the severe weather forecast.
Bomb Cyclone Live Updates: Burn Area Residents Warned As Storm Heads to Southern California
A storm is expected to hit Southern California Monday after record-breaking rainfall in Northern California. Follow along with Newsweek's blog for updates.
US secretly sending Afghans flagged as security threat to base in Kosovo: report
Around 30 Afghan evacuees, along with about 170 family members, were flagged in the security vetting process and have been transported to Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo within the past six weeks.
Migrant caravan containing thousands travels through Mexico towards US border: 'Tell Biden we are coming'
A massive migrant caravan organized by QR code left the town of Huehuetán in the south of Mexico Monday morning on the third day of their long trek toward the U.S. southern border.
Man fatally shot in Landover
Police are investigating the Friday evening shooting.
NASA targeting February for launch of first moon rocket since Apollo mission
Stacked with the agency's Orion crew capsule, the SLS is 332 feet tall and currently sits at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Biden Administration Says Sputnik Vaccine Won’t Count for International Travelers Hoping to Visit America
KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty ImagesThe Biden administration has released additional details on its plan to require international travelers to prove that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19, issuing a presidential proclamation on Monday that outlines the process.According to senior administration officials, almost all non-citizen visitors traveling to the United States by air after November 8 will be required to provide proof of vaccination status to airline officials prior to boarding a flight—although some vaccines, including Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine and others that have not been approved for emergency use by the World Health Organization, won’t qualify.“Vaccines will be accepted that include the FDA-approved or authorized vaccines, and the World Health Organization’s list of emergency use listings,” a senior administration official told reporters in a briefing ahead of the policy’s announcement.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
Haiti kidnappings: Michigan vigil prays for missionaries
More than 100 people gathered in Michigan to pray for the safe release of a local family among 17 members of a missionary group kidnapped by a gang in Haiti