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Biden Urges Climate Action: ‘We Don’t Have Much More Than 10 Years’

President Biden spent two days warning about the climate crisis and promising that his administration would work to confront it, but Congress is not aligned on the solution.
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Three ways to save the Yankees lineup from the one-trick mess it’s become
How the Yankees can remake their roster to repair their biggest weakness.
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James Balog's photos chronicle climate change - "The Takeout"
On "The Takeout" podcast this week, nature photographer James Balog confronts climate skeptics with his photographic evidence of climate change.
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Who was Halyna Hutchins? Tributes paid to director of photography killed by prop gun
The film industry has been left shocked and in mourning after cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed on set when actor and producer Alec Baldwin discharged a prop firearm.
Donald Trump Says Unloading Ships 'Very Simple Task' in Dig at Supply Chain Crisis
The Biden administration has not ruled out deploying the National Guard to assist with unloading ships.
Think You’re Smarter Than Slate’s Director of Media Relations? Find Out With This Week’s News Quiz.
Test your knowledge of this week’s big stories.
‘While I’m Alive, I’ll Keep Speaking.’ Journalist Rana Ayyub’s Fight to Expose the Truth in India
For the last several months, every time Rana Ayyub’s phone or doorbell rings, she has felt a pang of fear. Could this be the day the Indian government finally throws her in prison—or worse? In early October, Ayyub was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night with a suspected heart attack. She…
How the Ghost of Jimmy Carter’s Presidency Haunts Everything Biden Says About Supply Shortages
The last from-the-top critique of American overconsumption generated a massive backlash.
Candace Owens' Calls to Invade Australia Viewed over 330k Times
The conservative commentator condemned Australia's tough COVID lockdown measures.
5 of Adele's Favorite Pubs and Restaurants in London
Adele has revealed her favorite spots in her home city in a video with Vogue. Want to try a tour of London inspired by the singer? Here's where to go.
The Truth About “Smartphone Pinkie”
And what to really watch out for.
Parts of India continue to see heavy rain and flooding
Parts of India see heavy rain and flooding as the monsoon rains continue their retreat. CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam gives an update and when the rains will subside.
California teacher placed on leave after video shows her imitating Native American dance in headdress
The video, which was reportedly recorded by a Native American student, has sparked outrage.
California teacher placed on leave after video shows her imitating Native American dance in headdress
The video, which was reportedly recorded by a Native American student, has sparked outrage.
Haiti gang leader threatens to kill kidnapped missionaries
The leader of the 400 Mawozo gang that police say is holding 17 members of a kidnapped missionary group is seen in a video released Thursday saying he will kill them if he doesn’t get what he’s demanding.
Man airlifted after vehicle fell on top of him
Virginia vineyard, winery and house for sale for $6 million
HOUSE OF THE WEEK | The Rappahannock County property has produced gold-medal wines.
Halyna Hutchins Tributes Flood in for Cinematographer After Alec Baldwin Prop Gun Incident
Halyna Hutchins died after Alec Baldwin "discharged" a prop gun on the set of their movie "Rust," officials said.
The Sixers are complicit in the Ben Simmons mess. The burden is on them to get out of it.
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Lana Del Rey's New Album Reviews: What Critics Are Saying About 'Blue Banisters'
Lana Del Rey is back with a new album only months since her last LP, "Chemtrails over the Country Club," was released. Here's what critics have to say about it.
The Backstory: Long before the Champlain Towers collapse, there was money laundering. Here's how we uncovered it.
No one wanted to talk about what happened at the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida. Our reporters kept digging.
They refused to pay rent and stole the fridge. Landlords deal with pandemic squatters
Some landlords got hurt by squatters who took advantage of eviction bans during the pandemic. Now they can't get any help from a massive $47 billion federal rental assistance program.
Is This the Cure for the Loneliness of American Motherhood?
American moms are isolated, overworked and undersupported. The solution may be living together, separately.
How Russia Is Cashing In on Climate Change
Global warming may pose grave dangers around the world, but as one tiny Russian town on the Arctic Ocean shows, it can also be a ticket to prosperity.
AP Top Stories October 22 A
Here's the latest for Friday October 22nd: Prop gun discharged, killing woman on New Mexico movie set; House votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress; CDC endorses COVID-19 booster shots; Storm damage in Pittsburgh.
Many Poorer Nations Are Still Waiting for First Vaccine Doses
The U.S. plan to offer booster shots underlines the disparity in vaccine access between rich and poor countries. Here’s the latest on the pandemic.
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Justice Thomas celebrates 30 years on a Supreme Court that is moving in his direction
With abortion and guns on the docket, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has an opportunity to wield the influence that comes with his seniority.       
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Daniel Arsham injects art into unexpected places
This New York-based artist pushes the boundaries of art and design with works spanning everything from sculpture and painting to architecture, furniture design and commercial collaboration.
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The Democratic coalition will be tested in the Virginia governor's race
Virginia has trended Democratic as it's gotten more diverse. But this year's race for governor seems set to be close. That's in large part because Democrats are fighting apathy among their base.
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Angela Merkel's Refugee Plan Worked
Opening Germany to a million refugees looks even better in retrospect. 
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Biden says running LA ports 24/7 will help save Christmas shopping. It's not that simple, experts warn.
Biden's plan to speed holiday gift deliveries by prodding California ports to operate round-the-clock leaves other supply-chain snarls unresolved.      
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While COVID still rages, anti-vaccine activists will gather for a big conference
Among the attendees are people who also spread misinformation about 2020 presidential election and other conspiracy theories.
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Here's what we know is in the scaled back Biden budget bill and what got cut
Arizona Sen. Sinema's opposition to increasing taxes on corporations forced Democrats to rework how they pay for their spending bill. But negotiators have come up with an alternative they agree on.
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D.C.-area forecast: Cooler air takes over as fall weather returns to the region
We’ve got a generally nice weekend ahead, with clouds and breezes mostly behaving. Rain chances increase early next week.
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CDC gives go-ahead to J&J, Moderna and mix-and-match boosters: COVID-19 updates
The CDC signed off on mix-and-match COVID-19 booster shots, meaning clinics, doctors and pharmacies can begin giving them out Friday. COVID updates.       
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Climate change threatens global security
The National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on climate change has identified a link between climate change and migration. CNN meteorologist Derek Van Dam explains which disasters lead to more migration.
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Landon Collins isn’t happy with move to linebacker but says he’s a team player
The former all-pro safety was displeased about his move to linebacker but said he accepted it as a team player.
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Violence Strikes, and India’s Farmers Want You to See It
A year on, protesters against the country’s agricultural laws are taking an increasingly confrontational approach with the country’s leaders.
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Russia Strengthens Its Internet Censorship Powers
Quietly built over two years, the Kremlin’s censorship infrastructure gives it sweeping power to block sites. Many fear a new age of digital isolation.
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Do Africans want democracy — and do they think they’re getting it?
The first in Afrobarometer's special African democracy summit series.
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Democrats' Plan Takes Gender-Neutral Approach to Family Policies
Compared with its peers, the U.S. has little in the way of family policy, but where it exists, it has mostly treated men and women the same. The Democrats’ plan would cement that.
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The Market for Single-Family Rentals Grows as Homeownership Wanes
House hunters are attracted to the hassle-free living and lack of down payments, but there’s a trade-off: They give up the investment of owning a home.
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Even With a Dream Job, You Can Be Antiwork
The pandemic has prompted a dawning realization that we are way too obsessed with our jobs.
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The Supreme Court Faces a Huge Test on Libel Law
Two of the justices want to revisit a landmark decision for free expression. They may soon get the chance.
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What Keeping American Democracy Alive Looks Like
The historian Martha S. Jones documents the marginalized groups that forged the country’s political system.
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'I could feel she looked beautiful': Bride wears tactile wedding dress for blind husband
Kelly Ann and Anthony Ferraro just got married. Kelly Ann wore a custom made, tactile dress so Anthony, who is blind, could "feel how she looked."       
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What It Takes to Become One of America's Most Loved Workplaces
Sure, health benefits, a 401(k) and paid time off are nice. But it takes a lot more than a few perks to land on Newsweek's list of the Most Loved Workplaces.
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Spotify Is America's Most Loved Workplace
The music-streaming behemoth is the No. 1 company on Newsweek's first annual list of the Most Loved Workplaces in America. This is how they did it.
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Landon Collins isn’t happy with move to linebacker but says he’s a team player
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