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Boeing recommends grounding some 777 planes after catastrophic engine failure

Boeing recommended grounding all aircraft with the same engine as one that blew apart over Denver. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the incident. Errol Barnett reports.
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Mets’ Pete Alonso on why he quit social media: ‘I want to live in real life’
PORT ST. LUCIE — Pete Alonso wasn’t the only big voice in the Mets organization to deactivate his social media accounts over the offseason. But the first baseman going dark on Twitter and Instagram had nothing to do with the aftermath of a stock market saga, which was the reason owner Steve Cohen ditched Twitter,...
Virginia cop fatally shot during traffic stop, suspect arrested
A Virginia police officer was shot and killed during a traffic stop Friday afternoon, cops said. Officer Nick Winum, 48, had stopped the car of suspect Dakota Richards in the town of Stanley at around 3:30 p.m., according to the Daily News-Record. But the suspect got out of his car and opened fire on Winum...
Warriors’ Draymond Green gets revenge vs. Hornets after losing cool week before
SAN FRANCISCO — Do-everything Draymond Green vowed to make up for losing his cool and costing Golden State a win at Charlotte last weekend. He delivered with a triple-double of a career-high 19 assists, 12 rebounds and 11 points to help the Warriors to their first three-game winning streak of the season with a 130-121...
Maher on Trump's upcoming CPAC speech: 'The shark is not gone. We need a bigger boat'
"Real Time" host Bill Maher sounded the alarm ahead of former President Trump's highly-anticipated speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), where he is expected to tease another presidential run in 2024.
Joanna Gaines reveals what tattoo she'll get to commemorate her husband Chip when he dies
Joanna Gaines reveals that she'll get the number 16 tattooed on her wrist to commemorate her husband Chip when he dies.
New Orleans police officer fatally shot at high school basketball game
A Tulane police officer was shot and killed outside a high school basketball game Friday evening, the New Orleans Police Department announced.
Uniform mix-up can’t stop Thunder from beating Hawks
OKLAHOMA CITY — Shai Gilgeous-Alexander scored 24 points and the Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Atlanta Hawks 118-109 on Friday night after changing uniforms at halftime because a mix-up left the teams wearing similar colors at the start. The Thunder began the game wearing their sunset orange uniforms while the Hawks wore red, making it...
LIVE UPDATES: Biden opening new migrant facility in Texas
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This Texas restaurant is offering free meals to those in need. Again
Restaurant owner Vira Chudasma is providing free meals to Texans struggling during the deadly winter storm. She did the same last April at the height of the pandemic.
This Texas restaurant is offering free meals to those in need. Again
A restaurant owner in Texas is offering free meals to people in need, no questions asked.
What to watch this weekend: ‘Valley of the Kings’ on Discovery Plus
Saturday February 27 and Sunday February 28, 2021 | Nick Jonas hosts SNL.
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Kevin McCarthy blasts Pelosi ‘payoff’ bill, declares ‘The Swamp is back’; Pelosi counters
As Congress debated a massive coronavirus bill Friday night, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy derided the proposed $1.9 trillion package as "Pelosi’s Payoff Bill."
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Dennis Schroder's return sparks Lakers to losing-streak busting win
Dennis Schroder returns to score 22 points and LeBron James finishes with 28 in the Lakers' 102-93 win over the Portland Trail Blazers.
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Two men sentenced to life in prison for murder of 3-year-old boy
Two men were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a 3-year-old boy caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting in Compton.
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Friday night lights is back as high school football gets a restart
Across California on Friday, full football practice was officially allowed in counties that had reached adjusted COVID-19 cases rates of 14.0 or fewer less per 100,000 people.
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Tucker Carlson: Americans have been lied to by COVID response leaders
Fox News host lays out the lies Americans have been told about the coronavirus over the past year.
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Yankees’ first spring training game will be seven innings
TAMPA — Aaron Boone said the Yankees’ first spring training game will be seven innings, as part of Major League Baseball’s spring training protocols. Beginning Sunday — when the Yankees host the Blue Jays at Steinbrenner Field — games through March 13 may be shortened to five or seven innings if both teams agree. With...
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Young stars have Rangers still reaping benefits of Rick Nash trade
We all know that the Rangers have amassed an abundance of young, promising pieces since embarking on the Great Rebuilding leading up to the 2018 trade deadline. It is, however, still impossible to say whether the team is ahead, behind or on schedule because, let’s fact it, the final picture’s look remains not only unfinished,...
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Swing tweaks have Luis Guillorme’s Mets value growing
PORT ST. LUCIE — Luis Guillorme’s value to the Mets in parts of his first two major league seasons was as an infield glove. Last year, he added another dimension. In a limited sample size (68 plate appearances), Guillorme had a slash line of .333/.426/.439 with nine RBIs and became a left-handed hitting option at...
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FBI zeroes in on video of officer who died after Capitol riot
The video has not yet led to charges directly related to the death of the officer, Brian Sicknick.
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K’Andre Miller back after stint on Rangers’ COVID-19 list
K’Andre Miller returned to the lineup for Friday’s 6-2 victory over the Bruins after a brief stint on the COVID-19 protocol list forced the rookie defenseman to miss one game. The Rangers’ defense had looked to be in disarray without Miller in their 4-3 loss to the Flyers on Wednesday, with the bottom four struggling...
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CPAC 2021 speakers: Rick Scott at CPAC says establishment Republicans want to 'retreat'
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NYC’s Robber Baron Library Has a Flair for the Dramatic
Keith TaillonThis is the latest in our monthly series, The World's Most Beautiful Libraries.Walking into the library room of the Morgan Library & Museum, the eye is drawn upward. Three levels of colorfully-bound books, many priceless and irreplaceable, sit safely behind sumptuous walnut, bronze, and glass cases. The rich color scheme carries through to the ceiling, where artist Harry Siddons Mowbray depicts the various artforms alongside the twelve signs of the Zodiac. The room is dramatically dim, the only natural light pouring in from a solitary northern window. But this wasn’t the original plan. There are actually two more windows flanking the fireplace, buried behind the books.When J. Pierpont Morgan received the keys to his library in late 1905, this room was nearing completion. A single row of bookcases sat on the floor beneath vast blank walls; Morgan’s collection of tapestries were to be hung there. But Morgan’s appetite for books was insatiable, and in 1906 he ordered more cases installed. The tapestry plan was scrapped, windows were covered over, and the new cases were painstakingly built along with their requisite catwalks. Two spiral staircases were hidden within the walls so as to not disrupt the room’s purity of design. For Morgan, perfecting this library meant having a proper showcase for his cherished collections. For his architect, it meant perhaps much more.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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The 25 Most Obedient Mid-Size Dog Breeds
Standard poodles, bulldogs and Australian shepherds are among the most obedient medium-size dogs to own.
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Miss Manners: Showing up early to online meetings
Is it proper etiquette to work out possible technical problems in advance?
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Ask Amy: Allergies bring on rash of restrictions
Friends or family members often insist on preparing food they think is safe. But it often isn’t.
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Hints From Heloise: Tips for keeping your dog safe from thieves
First off, make sure your pup’s microchip is up to date.
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Richard Holzer sentenced to nearly 20 years in plot to bomb Colorado synagogue
An avowed white supremacist was sentenced on Friday to 19-1/2 years in prison after pleading guilty months ago to a federal hate-crimes case stemming from a botched plot to bomb a historic Colorado synagogue in 2019. Richard Holzer, 28, appeared in a federal courtroom in Denver for a sentencing that capped an undercover FBI investigation...
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Carolyn Hax: A father relocating for work wonders how he can show up for his young children
The job will help his finances, but it upsets his children. How can he maintain a strong bond?
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Capitol security review to recommend additional officers, fencing: report
A series of substantial changes will be recommended to bolster security at the U.S. Capitol following a review, including adding additional fencing, according to a report.
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1 dead, at least 2 injured in knife fight outside NYC gambling den
One man is dead, at least two others are injured, after a vicious knife fight outside a gambling den in Brooklyn’s Chinatown in Sunset Park. The bloodshed happened at around 9:30 Friday night on the sidewalk outside an illegal basement gambling den at 57th Street and Seventh Avenue, law enforcement sources told The Post. Three...
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The Gorgeous Japanese Island Where the Exiled Once Dwelled
GettyThis is the latest in our twice-a-month series on underrated destinations, It's Still a Big World.Japan is an island country and of the many islands that make up the Empire of the Sun, my personal favorite is Sado aka Sadogashima, an emerald islet off the coast of Niigata Prefecture, in the northern part of the Japan Sea. It is blessed with beautiful white sand beaches, fine dry sake (nihonshu) and a long and interesting history. It was once where those who fell out of favor with the shogunate were temporarily exiled or banished forever. Perhaps, being sent there was a punishment in the past; going there now is a wonderful reward to yourself.What first took me to the island and what brings me back every few years is the Sado Island (percussion heavy) version of Woodstock known as the Earth Day Celebration. This stems from the fact that Sado Island is home to the world-famous Japanese drumming (taiko) ensemble KODO and the community that has sprung around them. Every summer since 1988, Earth Celebration (EC) has been held near Ogi city on the island. The celebration is a combination of international arts festival, street fair, and musical collaboration from artists all over the world. It is now the longest running music festival in Japan.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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‘The Vigil’ Is a Terrifying Horror Movie About Jewish Trauma and Suffering
IFC MidnightThere’s no culture or faith that horror cinema has left untouched, and that goes for Judaism as well, be it with 1915’s The Golem, 2009’s The Unborn or 2015’s Demon. The Vigil is another work in that tradition, mining Jewish customs for a disquieting tale about unholy things that scream, claw, and corrupt in the dead of night. Writer/director Keith Thomas’ feature debut cannily filters its suspense through the prism of personal—and inherited—Jewish trauma, and given that it concerns a lonely, tormented man going mad while trapped inside a house, it also has a quarantine creepiness that amplifies its potency.Now available on VOD (following its debut at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival), The Vigil focuses on Yakov Ronen (Dave Davis), a young New Yorker whom we first meet at an evening get-together with fellow Jews who are striving to acclimate to everyday mainstream life now that they’ve fled their Hasidic communities of Borough Park, Brooklyn (à la the men and women depicted in Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady’s 2017 documentary One of Us, as well as in last year’s Netflix hit Unorthodox). One look at Yakov in the bathroom mirror, swallowing a pill and mustering the courage to join the group, is enough to convey his unstable state, which we soon learn is partly due to his bumpy transition into secular society. Having failed to get a job because he didn’t have a resume (which he then tried to write on loose-leaf paper), and still amazed at the fact that his smartphone has a flashlight, he’s a figurative babe in the woods, struggling to learn—and accept—the myriad aspects of this strange new world. Yakov is committed to his new path but hasn’t fully extricated himself from his ultra-orthodox ties, as evidenced by the fact that after this meeting (and his clumsy handling of a woman’s date proposal), he’s met on the street by old friend Reb Shulem (Menashe’s Menashe Lustig), a rabbi who wants him to sit vigil as a Shomer (i.e. watchman) for a recently deceased man named Ruben Litvak. As is Jewish practice, the Shomer must provide comfort to the dead by spending the night with them, reciting Psalms as a way to comfort their souls and protect them from evil spirits. Having just broken with his religious family and friends, Yakov has no interest in this job. Yet with no means of paying his rent, Shulem’s cash offer—which Yakov gets him to increase—is too good to pass up, and he begrudgingly accepts the task, figuring it’ll be merely a five-hour inconvenience.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Parents of Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Tried to Pull Them Out of School Before They Were Taken
Habibu Iliyasu/AFP via Getty ImagesABUJA, Nigeria—Days before gunmen stormed a secondary school in Nigeria's northwestern Zamfara State and kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls, school authorities and local security agencies had been warned that there was danger looming in the town, particularly in the area where the school is located, according to local residents.On Friday, heavily armed militants seized at least 315 girls who were staying in the Government Girls' Secondary School in the town of Jangebe. The militants arrived on motorcycles at about 1:30am local time and marched the kidnapped girls into the nearby forest, leaving family members of the victims distraught and anxious. Residents said “strange men” had been patrolling the school area and intimidating local community members in the school’s vicinity days before the kidnappings took place.“All of a sudden we saw strange men on the street [leading to the Government Girls' Secondary School] at night acting as if there were vigilantes,” Danlami Umar, who lives near the school, told The Daily Beast. “They were stopping passersby and questioning them about where they were going.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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The World’s Oldest Woman Doesn’t Look Like You’ve Been Told
Dave Einsel/GettyAlmost fifty years ago, on a Sunday morning in late November 1974, a team of archaeologists in Ethiopia unearthed a three-million-year-old skeleton of an ancient early human. The remains would turn out to be one of the most important fossils ever discovered. That night Donald Johanson, the paleoanthropologist who discovered the fossilized remains, played a cassette tape of the Beatles and as the group listened to the sound of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” reverberate through the campsite a colleague suggested that he name the female hominin Lucy. She represented a new species—Australopithecus afarensis—and a visit to almost any major natural history museum in the world will give you the opportunity to see an artist’s rendition of how she appeared in her own time.Visit more than one natural history museum or flip through a handful of scientific textbooks, however, and you’ll quickly notice how much disagreement there is about Lucy’s physical appearance. No one can agree on what Lucy or “AL 288-1” looked like. Why is that? In a new article on “Visual Depictions of Our Evolutionary Past,” published this week in Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, a team of scientists from the University of Adelaide, Arizona State, the University of Zurich, and Howard University set out to discover why this is and to compile their own, scientifically grounded, reconstruction.The differences in the depictions of Lucy are not small and, as the authors of the study show, reflect ideological biases about the past. For example, the Creation Museum in Kentucky, which is run by Answers in Genesis, depicts Lucy as a knuckle dragging ape. This is despite the fact that, as Adam Benton has discussed, there is a broad consensus among scientists is that Lucy was a biped who walked on two feet. As the authors of the new study write, “the decision to reconstruct this specimen as a knuckle-walker is an obvious error” but it has significance for whether we see Lucy as important evidence about our ancestors or “just an ape.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Here’s How to Beat Back Multiplying Coronavirus Variants
GettyA potentially dangerous new form of the coronavirus, or “lineage,” as geneticists call it, is spreading across New York City, scientists reported this week. They worry the new lineage, B.1.526, could be more transmissible and partially resistant to existing COVID-19 vaccines.In the worst-case scenario, B.1.526 could arrest recent progress reducing new infections and hospitalizations and delay, by weeks or months, the eventual suppression of the pathogen in the state where it exploded last spring. But if there’s a silver lining in B.1.526’s dark cloud, it’s that it shares its worst qualities with several other coronavirus lineages. And many of the countries where those new lineages are now dominant have figured out how to beat them.Welcome to Rabbit Hole, where we dive deep on the biggest story. It’s for Beast Inside members only. Join up today.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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‘Kids in cages’ being taught in class, WH says, as schools remain closed
The White House, under fire about their use of migrant children detention centers that Democrats ripped into under former President Donald Trump, noted Thursday that the facilities are providing educational services — even as schools nationwide struggle to reopen.
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Weapons charge filed in gunfire at Secret Service facility, officials say
A driver fired shots at guards, federal prosecutor says.
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‘The Walking Dead’ Has New Villains Thanks to Maggie Greene’s Return
Eli Ade/AMCNegan better watch his back, because Maggie Greene is back in town. On Sunday night, The Walking Dead returned to close out its super-sized penultimate season with six more episodes—and kicked things off by giving Maggie a chance to explain what she and her son, Hershel, have been up to, and why it’s been so long since she touched base with Team Family. But the real question of this week has less to do with where Maggie’s been, and more to do with who the hell she’s managed to antagonize. It seems we’ve got a new villain on our hands, and they apparently have it out for her.It’s a rough week for Maggie: First, she comes face-to-face with Negan, who’s now at large in Alexandria after Carol sprung him from prison. Then, the onetime leader of Hilltop expressed her desire to return home there with her son and a group of survivors only to find out that the place has been reduced to a pile of rubble and bodies. And then, Maggie has to hear from Carol that Negan was actually with the Whisperers when they leveled Hilltop. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Should You Subscribe to Paramount Plus?
ParamountThis is a preview of our pop culture newsletter The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, written by senior entertainment reporter Kevin Fallon. To receive the full newsletter in your inbox each week, sign up for it here.This week:It’s at the point that I honestly can’t bring myself to do another one of those “should you subscribe to this new streaming service?” pieces. It would be like the 15th in this last year.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Ted Cruz Has a Superpower: His Total Inability to Feel Shame
Drew Angerer/GettyTed Cruz is so tone deaf, one wonders if the gravitational shift of millions of eyes rolling at once feeds his life force. The never-funny Senator was at it again this week at CPAC, attempting to poke fun at himself for literally leaving his constituents out in the cold only a week ago. “I gotta say, Orlando is awesome!” Cruz said. “It's not as nice as Cancun, but it's nice.”Does he think that helped? Does he think at all?Last weekend, I spent too much time wondering what “Cancun Ted” Cruz was thinking—or not thinking. Something about the image of him lumbering with an overstuffed suitcase through the airport, his Texas-themed face mask concealing what I could only imagine was a shit-eating grin, was a demonstration of Olympian shamelessness. The nerve!Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Madison Cawthorn Says Sexual Misconduct Allegations Are False, Addressed During Election
"These questions were repeatedly asked and answered during the course of the campaign," a spokesman for Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.) said while denying multiple allegations of sexual harassment and assault against the congressman.
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Women Are Putting Their Abortions on TikTok—but Is It Real?
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast / Photos via TikTokThe woman in the 10-second TikTok sports the Gen-Z uniform: matching purple tie-dye shorts and a crop top, chunky white sneakers, bunched up crew socks. Over the infectious sounds of the song “Photo ID,” she vamps for a selfie, then turns the camera to pan the length of the doctor’s office in which she’s sitting. It ends with a shot of her in the exam-room chair, kicking out her legs and giggling.“It’s a great day to have an abortion,” the caption reads.The video is a stark and unapologetic depiction of abortion—the kind movement activists have been attempting to push into the mainstream for years and abortion opponents have deemed “sick and depraved.” It is playful, transgressive, an instant hit.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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Steve Nash doesn’t think it’s fair to compare Luka Doncic to him
If all breaks right for Luka Doncic, he can dream of one day matching Steve Nash as an eight-time NBA All-Star, two-time MVP and Hall of Famer. So, it’s noteworthy that Nash — in his first season coaching the Nets — sounds almost envious of Doncic’s talent and make-up, from one guard to another. “Luka...
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Shoe repairman found dead under overpass
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Rare mixup forces Oklahoma City Thunder to swap jerseys at halftime
The NBA's uniform protocol failed for the first time in 4,000 games, forcing the Oklahoma City Thunder to swap jerseys during their game against the Hawks.
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Virginia police officer shot, killed during traffic stop; suspect in custody: reports
A veteran police officer in Virginia was shot and killed Friday afternoon during a traffic stop, according to reports.
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Homeless shoe repairman found dead under overpass
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