Bolivia's Morales teeters as allies resign in election backlash

Bolivian President Evo Morales agree to new presidential elections on Sunday after an audit called for a disputed October vote to be annulled, while pressure mounted on the leftist leader to step down as government allies resigned.
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Kelsea Ballerini shows off abs at 2019 CMAs in stunning two-piece look
She sparkled.
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Bolivia interim president says Morales to be barred from next election
Bolivian interim President Jeanine Anez said on Thursday former President Evo Morales will not be able to take part in upcoming elections because he is barred from running for a fourth consecutive term.
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Russia says it's ready to work with new interim Bolivian leader
Russia said on Thursday it was ready to work with Bolivia's new interim leader, but noted that she had come to power without having a full quorum in parliament.
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Facebook just signed a lease for a massive new office in New York City's $25 billion neighborhood, Hudson Yards (FB)
Facebook has signed a lease for a new office space within the Hudson Yards development in New York City. Facebook will lease over 1.5 million square feet of office space across 30 floors and three buildings, Hudson Yards confirmed in an announcement Thursday. Hudson Yards, one of the largest and most expensive developments in US history, officially opened in March, but isn't set to be completed until 2024. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Facebook has signed a lease for a massive new office in New York City's Hudson Yards development. The social media giant will occupy over 1.5 million square feet of office space throughout three buildings and 30 floors beginning in 2020, Hudson Yards announced on Thursday. The company's headquarters are in Menlo Park, California, and its current Manhattan office is in Greenwich Village.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Most maps of Louisiana aren't entirely right. Here's what the state really looks like.See Also:From Trump to Planned Parenthood, these are the Facebook pages spending the most money on political adsInside Notion's 'secret' San Francisco office, where the startup hides from VCs that were literally knocking at the door and employees take their shoes off before enteringTikTok is reportedly trying to poach advertisers from Facebook as the rivalry between the companies heats upSEE ALSO: A decommissioned nuclear missile complex in Arizona that was abandoned for decades is now on sale for $400,000
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Activists target Facebookers over "Gold Tier" sponsorship of Kavanaugh event
Facebook's top lobbyist is so close with rapey Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh that he took the day off to lend Kavanaugh moral support during his confirmation hearing, and then hosted a victory bash at his lobbyist mansion. So it's not exactly surprising that Facebook is the sole tech company in the "Gold Circle sponsorship" tier at the Federalist Society's upcoming Antonin Scalia memorial event, where Kavanaugh is the principle speaker. Ultraviolet, an activist group, has bought Linkedin and geographically targeted mobile ad urging Facebookers to demand better of their senior management: "The Federalist Society is honoring him. Why is Facebook paying for it?" It's your latest reminder that Facebook is, fundamentally, devoted to promoting far-right politics. The campaign is supported by UltraViolet, a feminist advocacy organization. “Facebook’s unabashed support of the Federalist Society and Brett Kavanaugh sends a clear signal to survivors everywhere - that Facebook is not on their side,” said Shaunna Thomas, co-founder and executive director UltraViolet. As Facebook sponsors a Brett Kavanaugh event, a new campaign is telling employees to fight back [Zoe Schiffer/The Verge] Read the rest
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Elizabeth Warren trolls critic Leon Cooperman with new ad
Elizabeth Warren threw a punch at her main hedge fund critic, Leon Cooperman, and other billionaires with a new presidential campaign ad trolling them where they live: CNBC. In the ad, due to premiere on the business news network in New York and DC Thursday morning, Warren shows a clip of Cooperman saying “the vilification...
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Apple’s gone back to its old keyboard — now it should replace the butterfly models for free
Yesterday, Apple launched its new 16-inch MacBook Pro. This was notable for one major reason: the keyboard. Apple has backtracked on its controversial butterfly design and has gone back to the old design: the scissor switch. Or, as Apple refers to it: the Magic Keyboard. While the butterfly experiment appears to be over, the reality of day-to-day life with this keyboard isn’t. And Apple needs to do something about that. For those who haven’t been following the saga closely, some context. Since the end of 2015, Apple has been using a butterfly design on its laptop keyboards. You can find more… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Apple
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Trisha Paytas' $150,000 Lamborghini got stolen and she raged against her 'hella ghetto' building where it was kept
Trisha Paytas / YouTube Trisha Paytas, who has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, revealed her iconic orange Lamborghini, which said she bought $150,000, was stolen. In two videos she explained it was taken from her apartment complex garage, and her custom pink Mercedes G-Wagon was also broken into. She said security had been slipping in The Grove's Palazzo West in La Brea, Los Angeles, where she has lived for the past four years. "Part of me thinks I was targeted ... but part of me feels like I have nice cars and my building has been hella ghetto," she said, adding that she was told there were several other break-ins. Paytas has now moved to a new house in Studio City. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. YouTube star Trisha Paytas had her iconic orange Lamborghini stolen while she was in the midst of moving out of her apartment. Paytas, who has over five million subscribers on her YouTube channels, revealed her car that she bought for $150,000 just over a year ago had been taken from her apartment complex in a video posted on November 12. Paytas also posted a photo of the stolen vehicle report on an Instagram story with the caption "So my Lamborghini was stolen..." She also revealed her custom pink Mercedes G-Wagon had also been broken into.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Taylor Swift is the world's highest-paid celebrity. Here's how she makes and spends her $360 million.See Also:A YouTuber used an Ed Sheeran lookalike to trick influencers and tabloids into believing that the real singer was at the KSI vs Logan Paul fightYouTube star Logan Paul paid $1 million for a ranch that used to manufacture LSD. Here's a look at the property.We asked Insider employees for their all-time favourite beauty products, and the same ones came up time and time again
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How Erdoğan went from populist hero to strongman and transformed Turkey along the way
Associated Press Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has held onto power in Turkey by navigating crises at home and abroad. During his tenures as prime minister and president, he has changed Turkey dramatically, and his efforts to stay in power are likely to have a lasting impact on the country, according to Turkish historian Soner Cagaptay. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan met with US President Trump at the White House on Wednesday. Relations between the two countries have threatened to go off the rails in recent months after Erdoğan decided to purchase a Russian missile defense system and then launched a cross-border incursion against America's Kurdish allies. But so far Erdoğan has managed to navigate the crisis. Turkish historian and writer Soner Cagaptay says it's because he's a masterful tactician. Cagaptay is the author of "Erdogan's Empire: Turkey and the Politics of the Middle East." He spoke to The World's host Marco Werman about how Erdoğan got his start, and how he managed to transform Turkey from a liberal, secular democracy into a more religious, conservative state.Marco Werman: Tell us about Erdoğan's rise. Fatih Saribas / Reuters Soner Cagaptay: Erdoğan is a politician who comes from the other side of the tracks. He has long identified with Turkey's pious masses, who, in 20th-century Turkey, felt other people like Erdoğan, who wanted to wear religion on their sleeve in this ideologically secular state established by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, felt that they did not have a fair share of the pie. And Erdoğan was advocating for a larger role for these groups in the Turkish public. And he was also not shy about using Islam in politics. That put him on a trajectory of conflict with Turkey's secularist constitution and court, which actually sentenced him to jail. He served a short term that cast him as a hero in the eyes of his adoring supporters. Werman: In 2003, when Erdoğan first became prime minister, he sounded more like a liberal. Didn't he? So how do you understand his transformation and how he changed Turkey? REUTERS/Umit Bektas Cagaptay: When he first came to power, Erdoğan indeed stood for Turkey's dispossessed masses. He had this image as the underdog. Erdoğan also delivered quite phenomenal economic growth — record, perhaps in Turkey's modern history — that he used to lift many of his supporters out of poverty. When Erdogan came to power, infant mortality rate in Turkey was comparable to pre-war Syria. Now, the infant mortality rate is comparable to Spain, which is why he wins.  But the same popularity that he built has also made him less and less of a liberal. Erdoğan started to pay less attention to people who did not agree with him. And what happened is quite ironic. In the 20th century, Turkey was a country that treated people such as Erdogan, who wanted to wear religion on their sleeve, as second-class citizens. Now in Erdoğan's Turkey, Turkey treats people who don't want to wear religion on their sleeve as second-class citizens. So he's turned the tables upside down. So his trajectory, I argue, has thrown Turkey into a deep political crisis where half of the country supports him and the other half loathes him. Werman: I know you've been quoted in the past as describing Erdoğan as a "doner kebab master." That would be that sliced meat on a plate around all over the world in Turkish-style delis. What do you mean by that? Olga Kashubin / Shutterstock Cagaptay: It's meat on a spit. The master takes really thin slices from the spit, almost paper-thin slices, with his sharp knife. And if you don't watch the spit, you really don't see it get small. So I argue that Erdoğan's undermining of Turkey's democratic institutions is not a product of the last few years. In fact, he's been doing this for a very long time. He was very meticulous, as in terms of going after his opponents, cracking down on dissidents, locking up dissidents, as early as the end of the last decade. But because he was very gradual about this, with the precision of a doner kebab master taking really thin slices from his opposition, not going on massive crackdowns, that did not fall onto the radar screen of broader global audiences. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Why nobody can agree on what just happened in Bolivia4 reasons the Air Force has a fuel problem — and how it can fix itTurkey is headed for trouble with its allies, but Erdogan has a Plan BSEE ALSO: Turkey is headed for trouble with its allies, but Erdogan has a Plan B
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Decorated Marine veteran wrongly held by ICE will get $190K payout
A decorated Marine veteran and US citizen who faced possible deportation in Michigan last year when a Grand Rapids police captain reported his case to federal immigration officials will receive a $190,000 payout from that city, according to new reports. In a unanimous Tuesday vote, city commissioners approved the payment to Jilmar Ramos-Gomez, which resolves...
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New Moto Razr is a foldable flip smartphone that costs $1500
The new Moto Razr is a handsome retro thing. At $1500, though, who wants a 6.2-inch foldable smartphone designed to resemble a classic flip-phone? The hinge design of the Moto Razr is probably the most interesting thing about it. The best Samsung can currently do in the foldables space is the Galaxy Fold, which, thanks to folding the display nearly completely flat, develops a permanent crease in the display after the first fold. Motorola's display doesn't fold completely flat, though—there is a large void space around the display hinge, so when the phone folds in half, the display has room to move around. Since it's not being sandwiched between two solid plates, the display collapses into a gentle curve instead of a hard crease. Imagine bending a piece of paper in half just by pinching the top and bottom together versus pressing the fold into a crease. Since the display only ever forms a loop, rather than a crease, it never gains a distracting, light-distorting crease down the middle the way the Galaxy Fold does. There's a fair likelihood this will establish itself as a genuine "luxury" smartphone where other efforts have failed. It's a classic, upgraded with cutting-edge display technology, but with a clever design feature (the hinge loop) that lets it avoid the visible crease (and stink of failure) associated with other expensive foldable smartphones. Read the rest
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Five Key moments: Trump and Ukraine
Brian Todd has timeline of key dates which led to the public impeachment hearings, including a new one revealed by Amb Taylor in his testimony.
Turkey sending home U.S. ISIS suspect after days stuck on Greek border
Turkish government has been working to repatriate ISIS detainees, and says the U.S. agreed to take back this one who just spent 3 days stuck in a no man's land
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California dog store employee caught forcibly throwing dog by neck across room
A puppy was thrown across a room by a pet store employee in California on Wednesday — and the entire incident, during which the dog is seen scared and cowering, was livestreamed online.
‘Pokémon Go’ users can add PokéStops and gyms with Niantic Wayfarer
Last week, Pokémon Go developer Niantic announced several new features for its AR game. One of the updates, Niantic Wayfarer, is now available for all trainers who have achieved level 40 or higher, allowing them to add real-world locations to...
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How to get the Disney+ bundle with ad-free Hulu and ESPN+
The new Disney+ service is just $6.99 per month, but an even more appealing deal in the eyes of some people is the $12.99 bundle that combines Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ on one bill. Unfortunately, the version of Hulu that comes with that bundle is the regular one with ads. But there’s a way around this for people who want to pay more for the ad-free tier of Hulu (or who might already be subscribed to it). Hulu goes over the process here, and it was also reported on by Lifehacker. It involves subscribing to Hulu’s $11.99 / month no-ads service (this step needs to be completed first) and then signing up for the Disney+ bundle using the same email address that you used for your Hulu account. After that, you’ll get a $5.99 credit each month from Disney on your bundled subscription. You can also get a credit if you’re a previous ESPN+ subscriber, but that can vary depending on the type of subscription you have and whether you’re getting it from an app store. If you do the math, that means (assuming you want Hulu and ESPN+) you’re essentially getting the three services for a dollar more than if you simply took the original bundle — but you’re also getting Hulu without the ads. The one downside is you’ll be dealing with separate bills. If the triple bundle isn't something you want, remember that some Verizon customers are able to take advantage of an offer for a free year of Disney+.
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Rep. Paul Gosar rips Katie Hill: You taught the country what a ‘throuple’ was
Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar ripped into his former colleague Katie Hill after she called him out for “tweeting out real conspiracy theories,” sarcastically congratulating her for introducing the country to the word  “throuple.” The pair’s squabble came after Gosar fired off a series of tweets Wednesday that spelled out “Epstein didn’t kill himself,” referring to...
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S&P 500, Dow flat as Cisco losses offset Walmart gains
The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average were unchanged on Thursday, but still hovered near record levels as a dour forecast from Cisco offset gains in Walmart after its strong outlook.
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Nick Jonas says the Jonas Brothers lied about opening for Kelly Clarkson when they weren't famous so they could land better gigs
NBC Nick Jonas appeared on NBC's "The Kelly Clarkson Show" on Thursday and revealed that the Jonas Brothers lied and said that they opened for Kelly Clarkson because "no one cared about us in 2005." "We listed the other acts that we'd 'opened up' for, but that really just meant that we were on, like, the outside stage in the parking lot while you were playing for 40,000 people," the 27-year-old singer said.  Jonas said that her name gave the band some credibility and helped them land gigs. He then told her, "We owe you "20%." Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.   Nick Jonas admitted that the Jonas Brothers used to lie and say that they opened for well-known artists like Kelly Clarkson years ago when they were an unknown band.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Here's how to escape a flooding vehicleSee Also:Carrie Underwood serenaded unsuspecting customers at a boot shop in Nashville, and their reactions were pricelessKelly Clarkson had her kids interview Jason Momoa, and they asked him where Aquaman uses the bathroomCardi B, Billie Eilish, Lizzo and more celebrities read horribly mean tweets about themselves on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
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Nike is selling festive metallic silver-and-gold sneakers covered in stars
Nike Nike will release a new Air Force 1 design with gold-colored paneling, white stars, and polka dots. The festive, metallic shoe is perfect for the holiday season or as a gift idea. The Air Force 1 retails for $109, and the new design will be launched on Nike's website. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Ahead of the holiday season, Nike has given its classic Air Force 1 silhouette a seasonal makeover sporting prints like polka dots and stars. The shoe arrives sporting the signature white toe box, featuring side paneling in metallic gold with white stars, as well as a heel in metallic silver with small white dots. To add contrast, the heel tab gets decked out in a red hue, bringing together the holiday theme that is apparent throughout the eye-catching trainer. The shoe is finished off with red detailing across the midsole as well as glittery, silver laces, and is the ideal sneaker to get you into the holiday spirit.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Here's how to escape a flooding vehicleSee Also:KITH is selling Mickey Mouse Converse sneakers that are perfect for Disney loversLaverne Cox is keeping the 'naked' trend alive in an almost entirely sheer lace dressNike designed a pair of comfortable sneakers just for medical workers, and all of the profits will go to a children's hospital
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How to flip your Apple Watch screen by changing its orientation, in 2 different ways
Abigail Abesamis/Business Insider You can flip your Apple Watch screen by changing the orientation of your Apple Watch.  It's easy to change your orientation in the Apple Watch settings or in the Watch app on your iPhone.  You may want to flip your Apple Watch screen if you'd like to wear your watch on a different hand, or if the Digital Crown is getting in the way of certain activities.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. By default, your Apple Watch is set up to have the Digital Crown on the right side of the watch face. However, you may want to change this orientation and have the Digital Crown on the left side of the watch face for any number of reasons. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: How autopilot on an airplane worksSee Also:How to turn off Airplane Mode on your Apple Watch in 2 different waysHow to turn off data roaming on your iPhone for international travel, or completely turn off cellular dataHow to activate an Apple Watch and set it up for use, with your iPhone nearbySEE ALSO: The Apple Watch Series 5 is available now from Best Buy, Apple, and more for $399 and up
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Maren Morris pays tribute to late producer Busbee at 2019 CMAs
Songwriter and producer Busbee died in September.
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Trader Joe's exec says the chain's new Chocolate Lava Gnocchi are so good they can be eaten for dinner
Instagram/@traderjoesobsessed Trader Joe's just released one of their newest products, Chocolate Lava Gnocchi. Described as "sweet chocolate gnocchi with a molten chocolate core," the new product is causing quite the stir online.  While many fans of the popular grocery brand are anxious to try out the sweet take on the otherwise savory pasta alternative, others were shocked and horrified by the thought of combining potato and chocolate. "This was originally designed to be dessert, but I think that there are some people who might make a dinner out of it," Trader Joe's VP of product innovation, Lori Latta, said on the store's podcast. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Move over cauliflower gnocchi — there's new gnocchi on the Trader Joe's shelf. Trader Joe's just released a new product that's already making waves: Chocolate Lava Gnocchi. Described as "sweet chocolate gnocchi with a molten chocolate core," the small balls of chocolate do indeed contain potato puree, creating a divide among fans of the grocery store chain. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: We talked to Kevin Plank right before he stepped down as CEO of Under Armour, and he hinted at why the company may be ready for the changeSee Also:Chaotic photos show what it looks like when Alibaba sells $38 billion worth of merchandise on China’s biggest shopping holiday and breaks recordsNike, Under Armour, McDonald's, and Gap have all announced CEO departures. Here's the next generation of CEOs tasked with saving the retail industry.I ate chicken nuggets from 6 fast-food chains, and the best were also the cheapestSEE ALSO: 29 products to buy at Trader Joe's — and 12 you should avoid at all costs
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The story behind North Korea's 1,080-foot 'Hotel of Doom,' an abandoned skyscraper that has never hosted a single guest
Dita Alangkara/AP Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea, is the tallest unfinished building in the world. Construction on the "Hotel of Doom" began in 1987 and has stopped and started several times over three decades due to North Korea's economic woes. For now, one side of the 1,080-foot building has been outfitted with LED screens used for propaganda light shows. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. At 1,080 feet, North Korea's Ryugyong Hotel in Pyongyang is the tallest unfinished building in the world. The 105-story "Hotel of Doom" has never hosted a single guest, but it remains a subject of international fascination.  Here's the story behind the abandoned skyscraper that dominates the capital city's skyline.Construction on the Ryugyong Hotel began in Pyongyang in 1987, but halted due to economic troubles in North Korea. Vincent Yu/AP When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, North Korea lost its main trading partner and source of aid, spurring an economic crisis. The hotel reached its full height in 1992, but the inside was never completed. Dita Alangkara/AP The Ryugyong Hotel is 105 stories tall and is sometimes referred to as the 105 Building. To this day, it has never hosted a single guest. Eric Lafforgue/Art In All Of Us/Corbis via Getty Images Despite its aversion to foreign visitors, North Korea does have several functional hotels in Pyongyang. Until the Ryugyong Hotel is completed, the Yanggakdo International Hotel is the city's largest, and the Ryanggang Hotel is widely regarded as the fanciest. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Disney has 19 new shows coming exclusively to its streaming service — here they all areThe 51 best movies you can stream on Disney Plus right nowHere are all the original movies coming to Disney Plus we know about so far
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Fox News anchor Chris Wallace calls impeachment testimony 'very damaging' to Trump. The network earlier ran a graphic referring to Bill Taylor as a "Never Trumper"
Joe Raedle/Getty Images Fox News anchor Chris Wallace argued that testimony given by Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, during Wednesday's impeachment hearing was "very damaging to the president."  "He is a pretty impressive presence up there. And, I think, very nonpolitical," Wallace said.  Meanwhile on Wednesday, Fox displayed statements from the White House undermining both Taylor and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, a Democrat, while they spoke during the hearings. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Fox News anchor Chris Wallace argued on Wednesday that Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, was "very impressive" during the first day of public impeachment hearings, and called Taylor's testimony "very damaging to the president."  Taylor testified on Wednesday, and in previous closed-door hearings, that President Donald Trump withheld $391 million in US security assistance and a White House meeting from Ukraine as a way to pressure the country to investigate his political rivals. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hopeSee Also:GOP lawyer's confusing questioning during the Trump impeachment hearing sent the internet into a tizzyTop US diplomat Bill Taylor revealed details of a previously unknown phone call between Trump and Gordon Sondland in his bombshell impeachment hearing testimonyState Department official George Kent accuses Rudy Giuliani of 'infecting' US-Ukraine relations with 'false information' and a 'smear campaign' in impeachment hearing testimonySEE ALSO: The 25 women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct
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Prince Harry Reveals New Photo of Baby Archie to Wish Dad Prince Charles Happy Birthday
Prince Harry has wished his father, Prince Charles, a happy birthday in a social media post—revealing a previously unseen photo of the pair with Harry’s son Archie. Charles, who is celebrating his 71st birthday in Mumbai, India, can be seen looking at his grandson in Harry’s arms. The picture, which was taken at Archie’s christening…
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Michael Bloomberg to skip New Hampshire primary
Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg will not file for the Democratic presidential primary in New Hampshire, a senior Bloomberg adviser confirmed to CNN on Thursday, following a plan to skip contests in early states should he decide to officially launch a 2020 bid.
Woman poses as teenager online, busts son-in-law who wanted to meet up for sex
A crafty Iowan posed as a 15-year-old boy to expose her son-in-law as a sexual predator looking to meet up with underage kids, court documents show. Ryan Mitchell Budde, 34, of Clinton, promised his wife that he’d stop chatting with teen boys online and asking them to send pictures, but relatives weren’t convinced that he...
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Hong Kong protesters use empty pool to practice throwing Molotov cocktails
Pro-democracy protesters are learning the finer points of throwing Molotov cocktails by turning an empty pool at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University into a makeshift testing ground. Hundreds of black-clad students wearing gas masks prepared for confrontations with riot police by practicing throwing the incendiary devices – as well as firing flaming arrows – into...
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Nike is ending its pilot with Amazon
This story was delivered to Business Insider Intelligence Payments & Commerce subscribers earlier this morning. To get this story plus others to your inbox each day, hours before they're published on Business Insider, click here. Nike is ending its pilot with Amazon, in which it sold products wholesale to the e-tailer, which in turn sold them on its marketplace, Bloomberg reports. The partnership began in 2017, ending Nike's hold-out over concerns that selling on Amazon could dilute its brand image — and it's likely one of the pilot's goals was to give Nike better control of its image on Amazon. The marketplace also features third-party sellers of Nike products and counterfeits, so the hope may have been that consumers would start buying genuine Nike products when given the opportunity, and that Nike could eliminate the other buying options when they were unauthorized or selling counterfeits. However, this may not have worked out as Nike wanted, leading it to end the pilot. Third-party sellers of Nike products that had their listings removed — possibly because they were unauthorized or offered counterfeits — reportedly kept coming back to Amazon's marketplace under different names. Amazon's difficulty controlling its marketplace may limit its ability to bring in more third-party brands, which competitors could capitalize on. Amazon boasts a huge marketplace and third-party sellers make up most of its sales, making it hard for the e-tailer to vet and oversee all of the listings on its platform.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Starling has hit the 1 million account milestone, placing it among the three most successful UK neobanksTata Group is seeking EV partners for Jaguar Land RoverZego has become the first UK insurtech to get its own insurance license
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How to change the language on your Chromebook, so web pages and menus appear in a different language
GLENN CHAPMAN/AFP via Getty Images You can change the language on your Chromebook relatively easily when you know how to access your computer's settings. You can either change the language for your computer's menus, or for web pages. Here's how to add a language and change the language on your Chromebook. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Getting a new computer is exciting, but language barriers can quickly turn that excitement into frustration.  If you have a Chromebook, changing the language is a simple enough task, provided you know how to navigate through the computer's settings. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Most maps of Louisiana aren't entirely right. Here's what the state really looks like.See Also:How to turn off Airplane Mode on your Apple Watch in 2 different waysHow to turn off Airplane Mode on your Windows 10 device in 2 different ways'Can you send money from PayPal to Cash App?': Not directly, but you can use your bank account — here's howSEE ALSO: The best Chromebooks you can buy
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UPDATE 2-Wells Fargo former interim CEO Parker steps down as general counsel
Wells Fargo & Co said on Thursday general counsel Allen Parker, who briefly served as interim chief executive of the scandal-hit U.S bank, will step down next year.
ISIS urges lone wolves to pose as journalists to assassinate world leaders
ISIS has released a guide to assassinate world leaders, urging lone wolves to pose as journalists so they can carry bombs and unleash terror attacks on politicians, according to a report. The pro-ISIS Quraysh Media released the chilling how-to guide titled “Ways To Assassinate Leaders,” which provides three ways for would-be jihadists to execute “leaders,...
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Orgasming isn’t always a good thing, and can even happen during 'bad' sex
Prasit photo/Getty Images A recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that orgasming during a consensual sexual experience doesn't always indicate enjoyable sex.  Some survey participants reported feeling pressured to orgasm by sexual partners or society, resulting in a negative sexual encounter.  Identity-based factors like religion and gender identity also factored into participants feeling negative after orgasming.  Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. It isn't a stretch to say that orgasming is normally associated with a successful sexual encounter. But a recent study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior found that orgasms don't always indicate a positive sexual experience.  Negative orgasming could indicate a range of problems during consensual sexual encounters, from reaching climax in order to appease a partner's ego to transgender people feeling gender dysphoria after orgasming, according to the study.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Here's how to escape a flooding vehicleSee Also:Two-thirds of people who sext their partners don't want sex as the end goalSexual trauma victims said self-care and support groups were some of the most helpful methods for healingTeens girls who sext may be more likely to be depressed and anxious
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George IV exhibition shows redeemable qualities of 'exuberant king'
Monarch drank and gambled, but also commissioned ‘extraordinary art’He was a king who spent outrageously, drank and ate too much, womanised and gambled, but George IV was perhaps not as dim, uncultured or physically repulsive as he is often made out.An exhibition opening at Buckingham Palace on Friday is not trying to repair the reputation of a man they bill as Britain’s “exuberant king”, but it does argue he had many redeemable qualities. Continue reading...
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Faze Ewok is the latest streamer to jump ship from Twitch
Soleil “Ewok” Wheeler is a lot of things: she’s a deaf 13-year-old Fortnite pro, the gaming team Faze Clan’s first female member (and the second one under 14), and as of today, Wheeler has become the latest prominent streamer to leave Twitch to stream exclusively on Microsoft’s Mixer. In her announcement video, which she teased on Twitter last night, Wheeler paints the Mixer logo on a stark white wall. Afterward, she nods, as though she’s appreciating the job she’s done.— FaZe EwOk (@Ewok) November 14, 2019 Of the high-profile streamers who have recently joined Mixer — including her new peers, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Cory “King Gothalion” Michael, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek — Wheeler is the only girl. Over on Twitch, she had 284,000 followers and had streamed with people like Ben “DrLupo” Lupo, Tim “TimtheTatman” Betar, and Blevins. (Crucially, this was after he said he wasn’t streaming with women anymore.) Wheeler is an interesting choice for Mixer. Though she’s big on Twitch, she doesn’t put up nearly the numbers that Mixer’s other huge names do, and she’s also relatively new to streaming. According to the stats site Twitch Metrics, Wheeler has only streamed for 70 hours, total. That said, if Mixer is going after streamers like Wheeler — the professional class of streamers, in other words, who don’t have gigantic followings but can also make a living from their audiences — it means that Microsoft is probably in talks with more than just Twitch’s top stars. It also helps that Wheeler plays Fortnite, which, despite being set in the third person, is a shooter. As the release date for Microsoft’s Project Scarlett and the new Halo draws closer, we’ll probably see Mixer pick up more streamers who are familiar with Microsoft’s games and who play shooters. Big names mean more people engaging with those products, which means that every streamer acquisition is an investment in the upcoming console wars.
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Leyton Orient sack manager Carl Fletcher after only 29 days
• Former Plymouth manager appointed only last month• Dismissal follows slump in form and shock FA Cup exitCarl Fletcher has been sacked as Leyton Orient manager only 29 days after being appointed.The former Plymouth manager took over last month after the interim head coach, Ross Embleton, stood down, but has seen his side’s form slump, with one point from three League Two games and a painful home FA Cup exit to eighth-tier Maldon and Tiptree last Sunday. Continue reading...
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A tourist and a giraffe were killed in tragic car accident in a South African park
The vehicle that hit the giraffe held 13 visitors passing through the park on their way to a rest camp. The giraffe fell on a tourist rental vehicle driven by a Swiss national and his passenger. - RSS Channel
Compelling Testimony, but No Minds Changed So Far
Republicans avoided a committee brawl and dismissed the hearing, while Democrats said they were just getting started.
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Easy Tips on Using LinkedIn for Your Marketing Purposes
Marketing guru Eric Siu speaks with a LinkedIn pro about leveraging the platform to promote your business.
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As Facebook sponsors Kavanaugh event, a new campaign is telling employees to fight back
Photo by Zach Gibson/Getty Images An advocacy group is targeting Facebook employees with ads on LinkedIn, objecting to the company’s support of an event honoring Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. The group, Demand Justice, has a clear message for employees: “Tell Facebook: stop funding the fight to normalize Brett Kavanaugh.” Facebook is the only tech company listed as a “Gold Circle” sponsor for a Federalist Society event to be held in Washington, DC. On November 14th, Kavanaugh will give a speech at the Antonin Scalia memorial dinner as part of the group’s annual convention. Other tech companies, such as Google, have sponsored Federalist Society events in the past, but Facebook has a complicated history with Kavanaugh. Last year, a company executive sat behind the then-Supreme Court nominee as he testified before Congress, attempting to rebut the allegations that he had sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford when they were both in high school. Joel Kaplan, Facebook’s vice president of global affairs, said he had known Kavanaugh for more than 20 years and considered the man a close friend. Employees were not swayed by this explanation. “This was a protest against our culture, and a slap in the face to his fellow employees,” a program manager posted on Facebook, as reported by The New York Times. Many employees saw Kaplan’s support as a sign that he didn’t believe Blasey Ford. “You can claim to respect survivors of sexual assault or you can pay for a celebration of Brett Kavanaugh, but you can’t do both.” A year after the testimony, Kavanaugh is a Supreme Court Justice, and Ford remains largely in hiding. “Facebook should not be sponsoring the rehabbing of Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation when Dr. Blasey Ford remains unable to resume a normal life after bravely coming forward last year,” said Katie O’Connor, senior counsel for Demand Justice. “You can claim to respect survivors of sexual assault or you can pay for a celebration of Brett Kavanaugh, but you can’t do both.” Image: Demand Justice The campaign is supported by UltraViolet, a feminist advocacy organization. “Facebook’s unabashed support of the Federalist Society and Brett Kavanaugh sends a clear signal to survivors everywhere - that Facebook is not on their side,” said Shaunna Thomas, co-founder and executive director UltraViolet. In addition to the targeted LinkedIn ads, Demand Justice has purchased banner ads that will show up on people’s phones if they’re close to Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters. One says, “The Federalist Society is honoring him. Why is Facebook paying for it?” alongside a photo of Kavanaugh. Another urges employees to tell Facebook to stop funding the fight to “normalize” Kavanaugh’s behavior. The ads come as the tech giant faces mounting employee backlash over accusations of ongoing discrimination. On November 7th, 12 anonymous Facebook workers published a Medium article accusing the company of creating an environment where racism and bias can flourish. Some employees have also been unhappy about the company’s policy to allow politicians to lie in ads on the platform. Last month, they wrote Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg a letter urging him to change his stance. “We are proud to work here,” they wrote. “This is our company.”
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Rescue Your Cast Iron from Rust with Vinegar
Cast iron skillets are great for everything from breakfast to baking, but the downside is that they do require a little more maintenance than your average pot or pan. We’ve discussed several ways to season cast iron here at Lifehacker, but what if your roomie let your cast iron soak in water overnight, or heaven…Read more...
‘Survivor’ contestant accused of unwanted touching — and his accuser was voted off
Warning: Spoilers from Wednesday’s double-length episode of “Survivor: Island of the Idols” follow.  Time’s up for CBS’ long-running reality show “Survivor.” In Wednesday night’s controversial episode, TV producer and talent manager Dan Spilo (who reps “The Act’s” Joey King and “Supernatural’s” Jared Padalecki), a contestant on Season 39, was accused of inappropriately touching fellow contestants...
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Tom Hanks once owned 'hundreds' of typewriters to make up for having 'nothing' from his childhood
Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Actor Tom Hanks revealed in an interview with the New York Times that he's an avid collector of typewriters, and once owned "hundreds" of them. "They're brilliant combinations of art and engineering," the actor said. Hanks got his first typewriter when he was 19, and has been collecting them ever since, as a way to stay grounded.  "I'm soothed by having it. I'm soothed by knowing I can take it anywhere with me," he said.  But in recent years, Hanks has started giving away his typewriters, and wants to pare down to just one eventually. At the time of the interview, he was down to 120. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.  Actor Tom Hanks revealed in an interview with the New York Times that he's been collecting typewriters since he was 19 — and they once amounted to "hundreds." "They're brilliant combinations of art and engineering," Hanks said of his appreciation for the machines, adding, "Every time you type something on a typewriter, it is a one-of-a-kind work of art." See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Most maps of Louisiana aren't entirely right. Here's what the state really looks like.See Also:Disney reportedly cast Prince Eric for its 'Little Mermaid' remake, and people are truly thirsting over himRobert Pattinson is bewildered by the popularity of 'Twilight': 'It was a strange story'Hailey Bieber shared a heartfelt message of support for her aunt Hilaria Baldwin after miscarriage: 'I'm so sorry'
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Thailand seizes 388 pounds of crystal meth hidden in treadmills
BANGKOK – Thai anti-narcotics officers have seized 176 kg of crystal methamphetamine hidden in the metal frames of electric treadmills bound for Japan, police said on Thursday. “Last month, the Australian police busted a similar case with the drugs hidden in exercise equipment, which they told us was packaged and exported from Thailand,” Police Major...
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Atlantics Is a Haunting, Transportive Love Story
In Atlantics, the Cannes Grand Prix–winning film by the French-Senegalese director Mati Diop, the water is both a threat and a source of comfort. With soft camerawork and pointed dialogue, Diop casts a shadow over the sea and all its possibilities. In a scene near the movie’s end, the dusky-pink sky hangs over a long shot of ocean waves as one of the protagonists whispers a mysterious voiceover to the lover he was forced to leave behind: I felt your weeping dragging me to shore.A drama of palpable yearning and astonishing grace, Atlantics follows Ada, a 17-year-old girl living in the suburbs of the Senegalese capital of Dakar. Though she’s set to marry a rich young man named Omar, Ada is in love with Souleiman, a poor construction worker. In the opening scenes, Souleiman and his fellow laborers, who haven’t been paid for the months they’ve spent building a futuristic tower, decide to set sail for Europe in search of other work. But Souleiman never abandons Ada. Diop renders their relationship, along with the many barriers they face, with compassion and unlikely mysticism. Crucially, Atlantics upends the stark realism with which many migrant narratives are told: There is no documentary footage spliced in, no ominous cuts to the strife that awaits Souleiman and the other men in Europe. The result is a transportive love story with an undercurrent of social critique that manages to be at once haunting and hopeful.The Cannes prizewinner joins the Nigerian drama Lionheart and the Malawian biopic The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind in Netflix’s ever-expanding slate of African films. (Atlantics will open in select theaters starting Friday before landing on Netflix November 29.) With dialogue in Wolof and French, the movie represents a milestone for Cannes—Diop is the first black woman director to compete at the festival, and Atlantics is her first feature. The filmmaker, who co-wrote the screenplay with Olivier Demangel, also happens to be the niece of the late Senegalese cinema legend Djibril Diop Mambéty. Fittingly, she has spent much time considering the distortion of the continent in images that proliferate through Hollywood and in European film. “As a mixed girl, born in Paris but also coming from Senegal, I’m very aware of how Africa was dispossessed of her own story, image, representation,” she told Vulture recently. “There’s a permanent tension between how I think Africa is and should be represented and how I know it’s seen from the exterior.”Diop’s knowledge of these imbalances, and the historic nature of her Cannes entry, doesn’t translate into a didactic film. Atlantics isn’t preoccupied with dispelling stereotypes. Rather, it is bracing in its narrative specificity. Ada (played by Mame Bineta Sane) and Souleiman (Ibrahima Traore) steal quiet moments with one another, trading jokes and small gifts, before the latter leaves Senegal. Diop homes in on the connection between the two with an approach that’s intimate but never voyeuristic. When separated from Souleiman, Ada is the constant focus of Diop’s atmospheric camerawork. In some moments, Ada stands against a backdrop of neon-colored strobe lights and looks ethereal; in others, she walks across dusty Dakar streets without disappearing into a haze.With its clever melding of fantasy and romance, Atlantics tells a prismatic migration story. It joins some other recent works by African artists contemplating migration by experimenting with form. For example, the Eritrean, Puerto Rican, and African American poet Aracelis Girmay wrote The Black Maria, a book of “elelegy” that connects the stories of those who have died at sea across time and space. The director Manthia Diawara’s migration epic, An Opera of the World, combines traditional Malian music with operatic staging. Like these works, Diop’s Atlantics dramatizes the distances that Africans traverse, and how they do it—but it does so by introducing a compelling supernatural conceit. When Souleiman later reappears in Ada’s life, he doesn’t do so alone, or even as the same version of himself. Without spoiling too much, his return is an evocative twist that captures just how omnipresent departed loved ones can be. For Ada, and for viewers, Souleiman is in the air.Still, the journey changes him. After Souleiman returns, Traore plays his character with restraint while allowing certain emotions to come through; subtle changes in his movements indicate an essential shift in the character without sacrificing the clear affection he felt for Ada at the film’s outset. It’s a delicately balanced portrayal, one that eschews rigid presentations of masculinity. Sane at first plays Ada with youthful mischievousness and then, gradually, with more solemnity. Even before the bleak story turn arrives, Ada recognizes part of the fate she’s destined for—and that which awaits many of the young women around her.Diop noted in her Vulture interview that both lead actors were first-timers. Traore was a construction worker by trade, and Sane was a girl who’d quit school and planned to marry. Their affinity for the Ada and Souleiman is obvious, as is Diop’s appreciation of Senegal itself. The country—its waters, its architecture, and its people—is as much a character as the individuals whose stories propel the film. The camera doesn’t ever look away from Senegal’s mainland, except to gaze out onto the water. Europe exists only as a hypothetical in Atlantics, as an abstraction meant to hold the workers’ hopes and frustrations.In focusing on Ada’s experience of Souleiman’s departure and the gaps created by his absence, the film organically levies a sociopolitical critique: People who leave home in search of economic opportunity do so at great personal cost, and only when they’ve been robbed of the chance to do so in familiar territory. Often, the movie argues, such decisions are necessitated by the actions of those who wield more power. In Atlantics, the wealthy figures who withhold wages are eventually confronted with the injustice they’ve wrought. The sharper notes of the film—those pointed at greedy elites in Senegal and beyond—exist harmoniously alongside the more romantic and fantastical elements, though. Diop makes her social analysis inextricable from the ghost story: It’s an affecting choice, and like Souleiman, Atlantics lingers long after its final moments.
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China completes its first public test of a Mars lander
China has completed its first public test of a Mars lander, keeping the country on track for an unmanned exploration mission to the red planet in 2020. - RSS Channel
UPDATE 4-Walmart posts strong results ahead of holidays, earns praise from Trump
Walmart Inc posted strong results on Thursday as a strong economy boosted purchases at its stores and website and the retailer picked up market share in food and other groceries, earning praise from U.S. President Donald Trump.
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