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Bring Back The Draft

Military recruitment is faltering. This would help.
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California city buys historic gun store for $6M so another one won’t pop up near elementary school
“Ending gun sales in our school zones will have an impact on our children and families that will be felt for generations.”
Eddy Reynoso desestima a Dana White: El boxeo supera a las artes marciales mixtas
El entrenador de Canelo Álvarez, Eddy Reynoso, dijo que el pelear en una fecha más allá del 16 de septiembre es buen motivo para seguir celebrando.
Trade between Russia and China is booming so much that shipping containers are 'piling up'
Shipping containers from China are "piling up" in Russia amid a surge of Chinese goods flowing into the country as trade soars, a new analysis has found.
Who could lead the United Nations next? This Caribbean climate leader makes diplomats 'jump' with excitement
Asked last week if she will run to become the United Nations' next Secretary General, Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados gave a thumbs up, smiled, and walked away. Unofficially, however, UN insiders say she's a likely front-runner.
Georgia man sentenced to prison for assaulting officer, hotel guests while naked, high on drugs
A Georgia man was sentenced for assaulting a police officer and hotel guests while he ran around naked and high on drugs. The incident happened in December 2022.
US condemns Vietnam's jailing of prominent climate activist on tax charges
The US State Department has condemned the jailing of one of Vietnam's most prominent environmental activists for tax fraud in a ruling human rights activists claimed was a "total sham."
The Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Obsession Is Out of Control
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/GettyThis is a preview of our pop culture newsletter The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, written by editor Kevin Fallon. To receive the full newsletter in your inbox each week, sign up for it here.I am devastated to report that I now know who Travis Kelce is. I guess Taylor Swift really did put him on the map. (Straight women, you’ve never been funnier than in those TikToks where you tell your husbands and boyfriends how great it is that Swift gave Kelce this boost, since no one had heard of him before—I’ve never seen blood pressure spike so quickly.)Typically, it’s not a good thing when ol’ Kevin Fallon is aware of a football player’s existence. It means they committed a crime, were anti-vax, are one of the New York Giants that I overhear my family cursing about on Sundays, or got really drunk once on Bravo. (OK, I actually appreciated that.) That, or they’re Tom Brady, which…gross.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Why Americans Got an Extra Social Security Check Today
A quirk in the payment schedule will lead to checks coming earlier than usual.
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Eric Swalwell Says Kevin McCarthy’s MAGA Team Is a Bunch of Creeps
Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Getty/ReutersListen to this full episode of The New Abnormal on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon and Stitcher.Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert’s proposed amendment on Wednesday to reduce the salary of Shawn Skelly, the transgender Assistant Secretary of Defense for Readiness, to just $1, is proof that attacks on trans people are becoming more normalized.That’s according to Congressman Eric Swalwell out of California’s 14th Congressional District, who joins The New Abnormal this week for a frank discussion on the state of the Republican Party. A member of one of the most viral clip-generating committees in recent years, the House Judiciary Committee, Swalwell says attacks like Boebert’s are just the latest examples of Republicans’ “cruel” and “creepy” assaults on everyday Americans.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Mass Hypnosis and a French Château: Inside Rapist’s Shock Arrest in Florida
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/St. Lucie County Sheriff's OfficeThe Château de Valloubière in southwestern France offers sumptuous guest rooms, magnificent food, and fine Languedoc wines from grapes grown on the estate’s verdant grounds. The 25-acre vineyard is located in Saint-Jean-de-Fos, an ancient potters’ village known for its ceramics and one of the oldest existing Romanesque bridges in the republic.But for all its charms, the magnificent property also served as a hunting ground for 77-year-old proprietor Gilbert Greaux, a supposedly impotent helicopter-pilot-turned-vintner and new-age healer who was convicted in 2018 of sexually assaulting 17 female guests after performing what he claimed were “collective hypnosis” ceremonies on visitors already plied with copious amounts of the chateau’s flagship product, followed by an “energy session” or “magnetism massage.”Once in the treatment room, Greaux told his victims he would help “open up their chakras,” instead assaulting them under the guise of legitimate therapeutic treatment, according to French prosecutors. Many say they were under the spell of Greaux’s “hypnotic hold,” and that they knew something was wrong but “felt hypnotized” or too “heavy” to do anything. One woman described to French investigators being in a “dreamlike state” during Greaux’s assault, and said that although she felt “disgusted” by what he was doing to her, she simply found herself “unable to react.” Another was so shaken by the attack, she quit her nursing job and moved to Corsica to work as a caterer. Multiple victims have been diagnosed with PTSD.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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King Charles Has a ‘Strategic Need’ to Reconcile With Prince Harry
Loic Venance/AFP/GettyKing Charles has a “strategic need” to chart a course of reconciliation with his estranged son Prince Harry in the medium to long term—and, as part of his attempts to try and smooth that path, is not seeking an apology from him over accusations made by Harry in his book, films and other interviews, royal sources and friends of the king and Queen Camilla have told The Daily Beast.The king hopes that the lack of preconditions connected to an apology might be reciprocated by the prince, and that Harry may shelve his own demands for an apology to Meghan Markle, the friend said, allowing for a “reset” of relations.The friend of the king and Camilla told The Daily Beast that while Charles hopes to be able to build relations with Harry in due course, he would not be tempted to start dishing out apologies.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Supposedly Confident Trump Pleads to ‘Stop the Debates’
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/ReutersWelcome to Trail Mix, a fun but nutritious snack for your election news diet. See something interesting on the trail? Email me at week, we dive into Donald Trump’s new debate stunt. Plus, a chat with Sen. Bob Menendez’s Democratic primary challenger in New Jersey post-indictment, and a look forward to Ron DeSantis’ potentially ill-advised debate with Gavin Newsom.He’s seen enoughRead more at The Daily Beast.
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Vivek Ramaswamy’s Meltdown Is a Delight to Behold
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Getty/Reuters“Every time I hear you, I feel a little bit dumber for what you say,” Nikki Haley told Vivek Ramaswamy at the second Republican presidential primary debate, before declaring that because of his use of Tik Tok and prior business ties with Chinese companies, “We can’t trust you.”The challenge followed Sen. Tim Scott’s assertion that Ramaswamy’s sudden attempts to play nice, after his contentious performance at the first debate, during which he called the other candidates “bought and paid for,” seemed laughably ironic given he was “just in business with the Chinese Communist Party and the same people that funded Hunter Biden millions of dollars were partners of yours as well.”Ramaswamy’s defense that his company had severed those relations elicited a burn from former Vice President Mike Pence.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Trump’s Bank Fraud Defense ‘Defies the Laws of Physics’
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/GettyDonald Trump’s colossal trial for faking property values starts next Monday, and one mind-boggling issue has emerged as his weakest defense yet: the idea that his past lies on financial statements were justified because prices eventually went up anyway.The judge already expressed his utter contempt for that argument, tearing it apart on Tuesday in the same order that already determined Trump had committed bank fraud and should have his real estate empire pounded into dust.“He claims that if the values of the property have gone up in the years since the [statements of financial condition] were submitted, then the numbers were not inflated at that time,” Arthur F. Engoron wrote. “The defenses Donald Trump attempts to articulate in his sworn deposition are wholly without basis in law or fact.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Princeton University Accused of Botching Deadly Student Abduction Crisis
Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/GettyPrinceton University has been accused of breaking a litany of promises to support a graduate student believed to have been abducted by a notorious armed militia earlier this year.Elizabeth Tsurkov, a 36-year-old dual Russian-Israeli citizen and U.S. resident enrolled at the Ivy League school, went missing in March while conducting research for her doctoral degree in Iraq’s capital city of Baghdad. She is a prominent analyst and social media commentator on Middle East politics with almost 80,000 followers on Twitter/X. Her writing has appeared in the Washington Post, the Guardian and Foreign Policy among others.The group suspected of being behind the abduction has since been identified by the Israeli government as Kataib Hezbollah, a Shiite paramilitary group backed by Iran that has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Yankees’ lack of athleticism, stolen bases only adds to struggling offense
The new rules that have led to the increased action on the base paths favor teams with athleticism, which the Yankees’ roster has lacked.
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GOP-led House committees subpoena Hunter Biden and James Biden
House Republicans subpoenaed the personal and business banking records of President Biden's son and brother.
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Congresswoman calls out GOP for ignoring Trump charges
Rep. Jasmine Crockett (D-TX) called out the GOP for pursuing an impeachment inquiry into Biden while ignoring the evidence in Trump's classified documents case.
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Photos of the Week: Andean Bear, Burial Chamber, Secret Heart
Fencing at the 2022 Asian Games in China, the felling of a famous tree in England, drag racing in England, the the Ganesh Chaturthi festival in India, and much more
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Intense rain across New York City and parts of the Northeast Friday could flood subways and roads
A coastal storm is expected to drop a prolific amount of rain over millions in New York City and the Northeast Friday, with rainfall intense enough to flood subways and roads.
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India raids 53 sites nationwide as crackdown on Sikh separatists deepens
India's anti-terror agency has raided 53 sites across seven states and union territories in a crackdown on what it says are "terrorists" and "gangsters," some of whom it alleges have links to Sikh separatist groups.
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Nearly 40 lbs. of fentanyl found blocks away from NYC day care where infant died
Just blocks away where a 1-year-old died from an alleged fentanyl overdoes, New York City authorities discovered over 40 pounds of fentanyl.
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Damian Lillard pens emotional goodbye to Portland: ‘Dame Time has run out’
Damian Lillard had one more goodbye left in him to the city he called home for 11 seasons. 
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A week that laid bare the stakes of the 2024 election
America's next presidential election is 13 months away. But while the first Republican primary votes will not be cast until the dead of winter, the last week of September 2023 may come to be seen as the moment when the extraordinary implications of the fight for the White House crystallized.
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$2.4B Powerball winner Edwin Castro spotted with mystery woman, new haircut at LAX
Record winning Powerball player Edwin Castro was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport Thursday with a new mystery woman by his side.
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Rangers and Devils have first matchup in battle for season superiority
It had been 151 days since the Rangers last saw the Devils when their rival asserted themselves in the playoffs for the first time since 2012.
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Jeff McNeil’s up-and-down Mets season ends with partial tear of UCL
Jeff McNeil’s season ended unceremoniously. He and the Mets hope his next season will begin uneventfully, too. The Mets’ second baseman is done for the season after being placed on the injured list Thursday with a partial tear in his UCL, McNeil said. McNeil, who sustained the injury sliding into second base this month, will...
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On this day in history, September 29, 1907, cowboy crooner and Hollywood icon Gene Autry is born in Texas
Gene Autry, the "singing cowboy" and multimedia star credited with popularizing country-western music, was born on Sept. 29, 1907. Autry also founded the Los Angeles Angels baseball team.
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9/28: CBS Evening News
House GOP holds first Biden impeachment proceeding; A look back at one of the most iconic photos in hip-hop history
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WATCH: Packers Fan Dumps Beer on Lions Receiver After TD
A Packers fan dumped beer on Lions receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown after he jumped into the stands to celebrate a first-quarter touchdown.
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Trump Tells Fox News to 'Get Your Act Together Before It Is Too Late'
The former president also bashed the network over ratings declining for the second GOP debate, despite viewership of the event trouncing his own speech.
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Miss Manners: All her siblings are in the wedding — except her brother
Does he deserve an explanation about why he’s not in his sister’s wedding like the rest of his siblings?
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Ask Amy: Husband won’t wear apparel with a logo from his Ivy League school
Her husband is an Ivy League alum, but he doesn’t like wearing the logo.
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Carolyn Hax: What do you say to a parent who mocks your kid’s name on Facebook?
One parent mocked a kid’s name on Facebook, another liked it, and the one who chose the name wonders what to say to them both.
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Disney sued over ‘painful wedgie’ from Typhoon Lagoon’s Humunga Kowabunga waterslide
A woman is suing Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, claiming she was seriously injured by the “painful wedgie” she suffered on the Humunga Kowabunga waterslide at Typhoon Lagoon in 2019.
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CNN fact-checks GOP claims from Biden impeachment hearing
CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks key false and misleading claims from the first Republican-led House Oversight Committee hearing in the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden.
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Raskin: Several Republicans 'Embarrassed and Humiliated' After Seeing Weak Impeachment Case
Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) said Thursday on CNN's "The Source" that several Republicans were "embarrassed and humiliated" by how weak the case against President Joe Biden is in the impeachment inquiry hearing earlier that day.
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Gingrich: 'Trump Will Be Nominee,' GOP Should Cancel Future Debates
Fox News contributor and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Thursday on Fox News Channel's "The Ingraham Angle" that former President Donald Trump will be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee.
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Stacy London ‘sobbed’ during reconciliation with ‘What Not to Wear’ co-host Clinton Kelly after 10-year feud
"I told Clinton everything that made me sad, everything that hurt me, every way I thought I hurt him. All the petty grudges," London recalled.
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Texas man confesses to beating teen with a hammer, stabbing her to death in ‘fit of rage’
The suspect allegedly confessed to killing the teen and disposing of her body and told police a detailed account of his horrific actions.
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James Comer Subpoenas Hunter, James Biden 315 Days After Launching Probe into Family
House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) subpoenaed Hunter and James Biden on Thursday, 315 days after formally launching an investigation into the Biden family, including President Joe Biden.
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David Montgomery, Lions run past Packers on ‘Thursday Night Football’
David Montgomery rushed for 121 yards and three touchdowns, and the Lions rolled past the Packers, 34-20.
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A man is convicted of attempted murder in shooting of 2 Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies in 2020
A jury on Thursday convicted a man on charges relating to a series of crimes, including attempted murder in the shooting of two Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies outside a transit station in September 2020, prosecutors said.
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GREG GUTFELD: Mike Pence tried to tell a few dad jokes
FOX News host Greg Gutfeld and panelists discuss the key moments from the second GOP primary debate on 'Gutfeld!'
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Musk warns ‘some pretty extreme individuals’ entering US during trip to southern border
“But what we’re seeing here are in some cases some pretty extreme individuals coming through … obviously not suggesting everyone is like this.”
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9.5 million viewers tuned into second GOP debate — most-watched program on cable Wednesday
The debate, held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, Calif., was Fox Business Network’s highest-rated telecast since 2016, with ratings that outpaced 60% of debates in the 2016 and 2020 cycle.
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House GOP's spending gambit flops
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He ate 50 Carolina Reaper peppers in record time — then downed 85 more
Mike Jack ate 50 of the hottest chile peppers on the planet in six minutes and 49 seconds, setting a record that Guinness World Records created just for him.
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