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Bucks watch party for Game 7 has been canceled in wake of Friday night shootings

After shootings injured 21 people following Friday's Game 6 in Milwaukee, the Bucks are canceling a Game 7 watch party in the Deer District.      
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5-year-old found stuffed in suitcase died from electrolyte imbalance, officials say
The victim, who is described as a 5-year-old, was first discovered by a mushroom forager near a roadway in Washington County in a suitcase covered with the colorfully famous Las Vegas logo.
'I'm a Millionaire. We Should Be Taxed More'
Frankly, I think most millionaires recognize that they have more money than they can do anything with.
В Севастополе 92 семьи полицейских получили квартиры
Министр внутренних дел России генерал полиции Владимир Колокольцев вручил ключи от квартир семьям сотрудников УМВД России по Севастополю
Как используют вертолеты Ка-52 и Ми-8АМТШ в ходе спецоперации
Надо сказать, что эти винтокрылые машины показали себя в боевой обстановке настоящими тружениками - неприхотливыми, выносливыми, очень эффективными при подавлении опорных пунктов противника, уничтожения скоплений его живой силы и военной техники
Butler scores 47 points, Heat beat Celtics to force Game 7
Kyle Lowry listened politely while Jimmy Butler shared the credit for Miami’s Game 6 victory until his fellow All-Star took the humility too far and called his 47-point, elimination-avoiding performance "decent."
Мишустин направил 37 млрд рублей на кредиты под приоритетный импорт
В перечне приоритетов продовольственные товары, лекарства, фармацевтическая продукция, транспортные средства, строительные материалы, станки, сельскохозяйственные машины
Фрегат "Адмирал Горшков" провел испытательную стрельбу ракетой "Циркон"
Там отметили, что пуск проводился из Баренцева моря по морской мишени, находящейся в Белом море.
NASA targets late June for dress rehearsal of mega moon rocket
NASA says after weeks of inspections and repairs, the agency is almost ready to roll its mega moon rocket.
Колокольцев открыл единый центр МВД по оказанию госуслуг в Севастополе
Министр внутренних дел России генерал полиции Владимир Колокольцев принял участие в торжественной церемонии открытия единого центра предоставления государственных услуг УМВД России по Севастополю
How Soccer Succumbed to the Global Elite
The philosopher Roger Scruton once wrote that people become conservative as they experience loss; the sense of passing, of dying and death. Loss gives them a love of things as they are, a desire to hold, to protect, to conserve—even if all attempts to do so come too late.I thought of this recently when I found myself in the absurd situation of feeling sad that a multimillionaire French soccer player had decided against joining the world’s most successful club. Why did I care that Kylian Mbappé had decided to stay with Paris Saint-Germain rather than sign a contract with Real Madrid, a club I do not support or even particularly like (and that is in fact playing against my favorite team, Liverpool, in the biggest game in world soccer today)?Because his decision signaled the end of something, and with it came an understanding of that something’s passing. That thing was the old hierarchy, the romance and glory, of European soccer, or rather my naive belief in it.European soccer, like European culture, is governed by a class structure. Each country has its elite clubs that, together, form a sort of pan-European aristocracy—clubs that, traditionally, have been able to acquire the sport’s best players in their quest for the ultimate prize: the Champions League. Formerly known as the European Cup, this is European soccer’s Super Bowl, the biggest club match of the year.European soccer clubs, unlike American sports franchises, cannot switch cities but are rooted where they are, representing not simply their locality, but often also certain ideas about their communities—class, identity, or religion. At this year’s English cup final, for example, Liverpool fans booed Britain’s national anthem, protesting the country’s political establishment, which they blame—correctly—for appalling abuses of power in the 1980s. (The police wrongly held Liverpool fans responsible for a 1989 stadium disaster in which 97 people died.) Liverpool believes itself to be a nonconformist, radical city, somehow distinct from the rest of England. Its rival for the Champions League, Real Madrid, meanwhile, literally is the Spanish establishment, symbolized with a crown on its crest, supported by the royal family, and representing Spain.This is European soccer—or, at least, an idealized version of it: clubs that represent something greater than themselves, offering communities narratives to coalesce around. The reality is less romantic. Liverpool supporters might decry the political and economic establishment, but their club has long been part of the soccer establishment—it and Real Madrid have won 19 Champions League titles (or its predecessor tournaments) between them. The club has been further revitalized under the ownership of an American billionaire, John Henry, who joined a host of other foreign owners attracted by the potential of the English Premier League, the most commercially successful in the world. Liverpool may despise Margaret Thatcher, but the club is a kind of turbocharged Thatcherite success story.Liverpool is far from alone. Just to compete in European soccer today, you need either a billionaire owner or a global commercial operation generating huge revenues that can be pumped back into the team, and this shift has expanded the ranks of the sport’s elite. European soccer became more and more commercialized in the 1980s and ’90s, but everything changed in 2003 when Chelsea—not part of the traditional European elite—was bought by the Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, instantly becoming a superclub in terms of wealth. Then, in 2008, an investment company with close links to Abu Dhabi’s royal family bought Manchester City, instantly transforming a team that had been in England’s third tier barely a decade earlier into the world’s richest club. Three years later, Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund bought Paris Saint-Germain, known everywhere as PSG. Since the takeover, PSG—whose founding in 1970 leaves it extraordinarily young among the classes of Europe’s elite—has gone on a spending binge, breaking the transfer-fee world record twice as well as signing perhaps the greatest player of all time, Lionel Messi.More recently, soccer’s traditional order seemed to be reimposing itself, as Real Madrid courted—and appeared to have persuaded—PSG’s star player, Mbappé, to swap clubs when his contract expired this summer. Unlike in American sports, European soccer superstars do not necessarily make it to the end of their contract, instead using their internal leverage to be “sold” from one club to another, before agreeing to a new contract with their new club. By waiting until he became a “free agent,” Mbappé drove up his value, playing off his two suitors. Last weekend, to the shock of the soccer world, he publicly rejected Real Madrid to sign a three-year contract extension with PSG, unveiling his decision in an elaborate LeBron James–style decision ceremony in Paris.Mbappé’s choice symbolized more than one player’s preference. It marked a shifting order in European soccer, an order that has been revolutionized by soccer’s transformation from a continental sport and plaything of its own continental elite into a globalized entertainment product and plaything of a global elite. PSG is not a historic club; it plays in a weak league and has never won Europe’s premier competition. Unlike Real Madrid, it is not part of European soccer’s royalty. But PSG now has deeper pockets than Real Madrid, allowing the club to pay Mbappé just over $100 million as a signing-on fee alone, plus an extra $150 million in salary spread over three years, making him the highest-paid soccer player in the world.His decision to accept such an extraordinary offer is understandable. But it has caused apoplectic fury in Real Madrid, a club used to getting its own way. The Spanish capital’s leading sports newspaper has accused Mbappé of a lack of class in turning the club down. The Spanish league itself threatened to sue PSG for the “scandalous” contract that, it said, was wrecking the “economic ecosystem of European football” by allowing one club to offer exorbitant contracts despite enormous financial losses, subsidized by the wealth of a sovereign state. (Though European soccer does not have salary caps like American sports leagues, clubs on this side of the Atlantic are supposed to ensure that they remain profitable, thus in theory ruling out the possibility of offering all of the best players in the world large contracts.)The great irony is that of all the clubs in European football, it is Real Madrid that PSG most keenly resembles. Real Madrid first created a team of galácticos in the early 2000s, using its financial muscle to sign an array of superstars with the hope of blitzing the opposition on and off the pitch, winning trophies while creating the sport’s most desirable commercial brand, matching American franchises such as the New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, and Los Angeles Lakers, which were, back then, bigger and more profitable than their soccer counterparts. And Real Madrid was also found to have received illegal state aid from Spanish authorities.Despite all this, I still feel sad about Mbappé’s decision, just as I felt sad when Real itself started its boorish galáctico era, when Manchester City was bought by Emirati royals, and when Newcastle United, also in England, was bought by a consortium that included Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. Each of these events changed the nature of European football, unmooring an old order that was itself ridiculous and unfair, but now seems simpler and more romantic. (This is an order, we should remind ourselves, in which the German league title has been won by its biggest club for each of the past 10 years; the Italian league title by one of its big three for the past 20 years; and the Spanish league title by one of its big three every year since 2003. In England, the new order is dominated by Manchester City, which has won four of the past five titles.) Even the era preceding this one that I look back to and glorify in my own mind was surely no less corrupt or innocent: Blackburn Rovers won the Premier League bankrolled by a local millionaire, and AC Milan was unstoppable, funded by the Italy’s richest man, Silvio Berlusconi.Deep down, there’s something about sport that reveals people’s natural conservatism. The experience of living through the decline of great players and great teams brings an acute sense of the passing of time and of loss—something you don’t get so obviously with states or empires, which take longer to fall. This is why documentaries about Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls continue to be watched by millions, and why TikTok seems to constantly offer me clips of old English Premier League players reminiscing about the good old days. These are all reminders of a more innocent age in one’s own life.Scruton wrote that ever since the Paris riots of 1968, he had been a conservative. To him, the destruction on display then was a reminder that European culture was “a source of consolation and a repository of what we Europeans should know.” He was talking about Hegel and Dostoyevsky, not European soccer sagas. Still, the point remains that conservatism seeks to alleviate a sense of loss but ultimately cannot—because it is really about conserving the memory of a bygone time.I wish Mbappé had chosen romance, to compete against the legacy of Real Madrid’s historic dominance and not just against soccer’s present. But why should he? The soccer world, which seems to share my instinct, is asking Mbappé to conserve something that has already gone. His decision is just a confirmation of what has been lost, not the cause of its death. Globalization, commercialization, and competition did that—creating the best sports competition in the world, which I will tune in to watch with my friends. We will cheer on Liverpool, and hope to defeat those horrible elitists from Real Madrid.
Захарова: Политика наращивания санкционного давления на КНДР себя исчерпала
На данном этапе политика наращивания санкционного давления на КНДР себя исчерпала
Кипр снижает налоги и повышает пенсии для защиты населения от рекордной инфляции
Зарегистрированный в Республике Кипр самый высокий за последние 40 лет уровень инфляции вынуждает власти островного государства пытаться удержать растущие цены путем снижения налогов на электричество и топливо
‘So You Think You Can Dance’ judge Matthew Morrison ousted over failure to follow show's production protocols
Mathew Morrison said he is leaving the dance competition show, “So You Think You Can Dance” after failing to follow the program's competition production protocols.
Author Jessica Seinfeld, wife of Jerry Seinfeld, graduates from NYU
The author, 50, shared photos from the momentous occasion on Instagram as she celebrated becoming a graduate.
СК назвал новые имена украинских военных, причастных к обстрелам мирных жителей
В ведомстве сообщили, что возбуждены еще 7 уголовных дел по статье - 356 УК РФ - жестокое обращение с гражданским населением.
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В Сети обсуждают фото Порошенко, который "пытается выехать с Украины"
В интернете появились фотографии, на которых запечатлен экс-президент Украины Петр Порошенко при попытке выехать из страны в Польшу
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16-year-old rapper 23 Rackz shot dead while filming music video
Moments before Johnson was gunned down, he posted an Instagram story that shared his location, according to a YouTube account that specializes in drill rap content.
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Минобороны опубликовало кадры ведения боя российскими ВДВ на Украине
Российское оборонное ведомство распространило видеокадры боя, который наши десантники ведут в ходе специальной военной операции.
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Surging Gleyber Torres in high spirits as he crushes another homer: ‘I feel good’
With how far and high he clobbered the ball, Gleyber Torres had plenty of time to watch it fly.
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На Сахалине почтили память погибших при нефтегорском землетрясении
На Сахалине почтили память жертв нефтегорского землетрясения, которое унесло жизни более чем двух тысяч человек.
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Gerard Gallant must reunite Kid Line to bring energy back to Rangers
It is time for the Rangers to to reunite the Kid Line for Saturday's do-or-die Game 6 against the Hurricanes at the Garden.
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Сбербанк снизил ставки по вкладам в рублях
Сбербанк снизил максимальную доходность по вкладам в рублях до 9,5%. Об этом сообщила пресс-служба кредитной организации.
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В ФРГ предрекли разрушительные последствия в случае отказа от энергоресурсов РФ
Как отмечается в документе, доступ к которому получил RT, "последствия для граждан и бизнеса в Германии будут значительными и не идущими ни в какое сравнение с ожидаемым воздействием санкций"
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LAPD says robbery suspect accidentally shot accomplice while unloading stolen goods
Artiz Alvarez, 20, and Chanz Lee Yarbrough, 21, both of Los Angeles, face multiple charges in connection with the April 20 home invasion.
2 h
Сбербанк снижает ставки по ипотеке и потребительским кредитам
В целом за май ставки снизились уже на 4%, сейчас минимальная ставка составляет 15,9% годовых.
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Corey Kluber downplays Michael King’s credit for reinvented slider: ‘His pitch’
Corey Kluber knows Michael King has credited him with helping King reinvent himself by refining a pitch the right-hander calls the “Kluberball,” but Kluber brushed aside much of King’s praise.
2 h
Liberty fall to Storm, suffer sixth consecutive loss
Breanna Stewart scored 13 of her 29 points after the third quarter, and the Seattle Storm held off the Liberty 79-71 in overtime on Friday night.
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В Бурятии 17 детей и 14 взрослых отравились после чаепития в школе
В Бурятии 31 человек, в том числе 17 детей, попал в больницу после чаепития в общеобразовательном учреждении.
2 h
Meet the American who honors the memory of 200,000 fallen war heroes
Fox News Digital spoke to Robert Dalessandro of the American Battle Monuments Commission; this group honors the memory of 200,000 men and women killed in wars overseas or missing in action.
2 h
'Top Gun: Maverick': Kenny Loggins talks ‘Danger Zone’ and meeting Tom Cruise for the first time
Kenny Loggins spoke with Fox News Digital about the history of his hit song "Danger Zone" that appears in "Top Gun" and "Top Gun: Maverick." Loggins also detailed how he "lucked into three really iconic pieces" during the 80s with "Caddyshack," ‘Footloose," and "Top Gun."
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Вице-премьер Чернышенко поручил обеспечить стабильную работу сервиса "Поступление в вуз онлайн"
"Все подготовительные мероприятия должны быть завершены в срок
2 h
One person dead after Ontario police chase and shooting
A person was pronounced dead after a chase by Ontario police that ended in a shooting Friday night, authorities said.
2 h
Megan Faraimo delivers pinch-hit heroics in UCLA's super regional win over Duke
UCLA's Megan Faraimo hits a two-run single in the sixth inning to spearhead the Bruins' 3-2 comeback win over Duke in the NCAA super regional Friday.
2 h
Giants OF Joc Pederson says Reds' Tommy Pham slapped him over fantasy football dispute; MLB investigating
Tommy Pham was scratched from the Reds lineup before Friday's game because of pregame incident with Giants' Joc Pederson. MLB is investigating.      
3 h
Man, 25, found dead in back of taxi before his bank accounts were drained days later
Security footage, taken in the early hours of April 21, shows Julio walking away from the Ritz Bar and Lounge, a gay dance club, with three unknown men.
3 h
Avalanche nip Blues to advance to Western Conference finals
Darren Helm scored with 5.6 seconds left and the Avalanche finished off their second-round series with a 3-2 win over the Blues in Game 6 on Friday.
3 h
Edwin Ríos stays hot and ready for Dodgers in victory over Diamondbacks
Edwin Ríos spearheaded the Dodgers' 6-4 win over Arizona with a three-run home run in the second inning, giving him six homers in 69 at-bats this season.
3 h
High school baseball: City championship results
High school baseball: City championship results
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Хабаровчанам, оказавшимся под "домашним арестом", вернули лестницу
В Хабаровске жителям дома № 2а по улице Истомина, которые не могли выйти на улицу, вернули лестницу.
3 h
Golden Valley girls' relay team showcases its speed at state track and field finals
The CIF state track and field championships featured standout performances from the Golden Valley girls' 400-meter relay team and Carson's Reign Redmond.
3 h
Slumping Anthony Rendon placed on injured list with wrist inflammation
Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon was put on the injured list with with inflammation in his right wrist in a troubling turn for the slumping veteran.
3 h
Херсонская область закрыла границы с регионами, подконтрольными Киеву
Власти Херсонской области закрыли границы с регионами, подконтрольными киевскому режиму
3 h
Texas school shooting: Suspected gunman made threats, called 'Yubo school shooter' on platform, users said
Salvador Ramos, 18, the suspected shooter of the mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, expressed violence and harassed people online, new text messages show.
3 h
Yankees’ Matt Carpenter hits first MLB home run in 13 months
Before Friday night, Matt Carpenter hadn’t homered in a major league game since April 30, 2021, while with the Cardinals.
3 h
Rangers confident struggling Chris Kreider, Artemi Panarin will ‘do it for us’
Tangible production from star wingers Artemi Panarin and Chris Kreider and their respective lines in Game 6 likely will be a key for the Rangers.
3 h
Профессия строителя набирает популярность у школьников
Вице-премьер Марат Хуснуллин заявил, что России не хватает строителей
3 h
81-year-old woman carjacked while feeding homeless in California
An 81-year-old woman was carjacked while she was handing out meals to homeless people outside of a supermarket in southern California.
3 h
В Приморье рухнул автомобильный мост
В Приморском крае вновь обрушился автомобильный мост
3 h