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California to fully reopen in June amid falling Covid-19 cases

California, the first state to implement a lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic, plans to fully reopen activities and businesses beginning June 15, according to state officials.

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Fourth Stimulus Check: Over 75 Lawmakers Now Support Further Direct Payments to Americans
Senators and representatives are pushing Joe Biden for more stimulus checks, but the president has yet to respond.
Preview: Active Shooter
Potential victims of an active shooter are told they also need to "run, hide or fight" to save their lives before police arrive, says D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier. Anderson Cooper reports on Sunday, Nov. 22 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
How the 2016 candidates would deal with Syrian refugees
The U.S. is expected to take in up to 10,000 Syrian refugees over the next year. But after the Paris terror attacks, some Republican candidates are proposing the U.S. close its doors to migrants fleeing their war-torn country.
In the kitchen with Marcus Samuelsson
Web exclusive: Celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson speaks with "Sunday Morning" correspondent Jane Pauley on his career, his Harlem restaurant, and how 9/11 changed his perspective about his adopted home.
ER or urgent care? How to know where to go
Urgent care clinics make it easy to get treatment for an injury or illness, but with certain symptoms you should head straight to the hospital instead. CBS News' Marlie Hall reports.
Russian airstrikes target ISIS in Syria
Russia has launched a new set of strikes against ISIS in Syria. The missiles were targeted at the terrorist group's oil reserves. CBSN's Elaine Quijano has more details.
Michigan’s governor emphasizes voluntary efforts to curb the most severe coronavirus outbreak in the US
Covid-19 cases are surging in Michigan, the latest epicenter of the virus in the US. | Getty Images Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s actions fly in the face of mandatory restrictions she instituted last year. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is declining to order state-wide lockdowns in response to her state experiencing the most severe Covid-19 outbreak in the country, opting instead to recommend that people take “personal responsibility” and “voluntarily” take a break from spaces where transmission is more likely. The decision to refrain from instituting mandatory restrictions is a striking development for a Democratic governor who last year garnered national attention for swiftly instituting and standing by social distancing laws even in the face of militant right-wing protests and a kidnapping attempt against her. This time around, even as her state is experiencing a full-blown crisis, she’s taking a softer approach in what may be a political calculation about her reelection prospects next year. Michigan has recently become the newest coronavirus epicenter of the US. Case rates have risen 375 percent since late February, and Michigan is home to 16 of the 20 metro areas with the nation’s highest recent number of cases. Sixteen Michigan hospitals are operating at over 90 percent capacity. Experts say that the surge is due to a combination of the enhanced contagiousness of the B.1.1.7 variant and relaxed restrictions. But Whitmer has taken a decidedly incremental approach on reinstating distancing rules as her state is overwhelmed by new cases. At a press conference on Friday, she took a position that indicated a reluctance to reinstate full-blown lockdowns. “We all have to step up our game for the next two weeks to bring down rising cases,” she said. “And that’s why I’m calling on high schools to voluntarily go remote for two weeks past spring break, I’m calling on youth sports to voluntarily suspend games and practices for two weeks, and I’m strongly encouraging all Michiganders to avoid dining indoors and avoid gathering with friends indoors for two weeks.” “Policy alone won’t change the tide. We need everyone to step up and to take personal responsibility,” she said. Whitmer emphasized that she wasn’t making restrictions mandatory, but didn’t rule out future restrictions. Her actions in this situation stand in contrast to her use of state of emergency executive orders and stay-at-home orders last spring to bring down the rate of cases in her state — a response that was popular but also elicited vociferous push-back from conservative activists and the state’s Republican-controlled legislature. Whitmer might be worried about pushback A growing number of public health officials and experts are calling on Whitmer to take more aggressive action, and it is possible that she will do so at some point in the future. But for now, there are a few factors that could be playing a role in her resistance to issuing mandated actions. One is the issue of efficacy. A great deal of polling data shows that fatigue with Covid-19 restrictions is a very real phenomenon, and that even many months ago people were reporting a decline in compliance with rules. Whitmer might be concerned that with the spread of the vaccine, better weather, the relaxation of restrictions in other states, and growing optimism, it could be difficult to achieve compliance with mandatory restrictions. There could be a concern that making rules required will make people resentful while not significantly improving health outcomes. Another factor is political calculation. She may fear backlash and disapproval at a time when people are sick of restrictions, something of concern to her as she approaches reelection next year — in a state where Republicans control the legislature and have wasted no opportunities to paint her past Covid-19 restrictions as tyrannical. Political observers believe Whitmer’s management of the pandemic will play a pivotal role in determining her reelection — and the reality is that perception of the virus is different now than it was a year ago. But some public health experts say that trying to take what seems like a moderate position on social distancing during a crisis-level surge is a dangerous mistake. “What it looks like happened is she tried to be fair and meet us in the middle,” Debra Furr-Holden, a Michigan State University epidemiologist whom Whitmer appointed to a coronavirus task force, told the New York Times. “And what I think we’ve learned — and I hope other states will get the message — is that there really isn’t a lot of middle ground here. We just have to tighten up and hold tight.”
Cow leads police on hot chase
Dashcam video shows police San Antonio police in a vigorous pursuit. The culprit? A fugitive cow. CBSN's Elaine Quijano has more on the peculiar police chase.
Donald Trump proposes database to track Muslims
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is feeling the heat after he said he'd implement a database to track Muslims in the wake of the Paris terror attacks and the ongoing Syrian refugee debate. CBS News senior political editor Steve Chaggaris joins CBSN with more details.
Activist group sues Mayor de Blasio, city over East River Park report
Environmental activists are suing Mayor de Blasio and the city for allegedly withholding vital information on the $1 billion East Side Coastal Resiliency project. The lawsuit from the group East River Park Action accuses the city of “concealing basic and fundamental information” in a report explaining its budgetary and policy decisions on the project. They’re...
Jed Lowrie alleges Mets refused to let him get knee surgery
Jed Lowrie claims the Mets refused to allow him to get an operation to repair an extremely painful knee condition during his wasted two-year stint with the organization. “When you’re questioned on social media or by people behind your back, I consider it to be nothing more significant than gossip,” Lowrie told The Athletic. “I’ve...
A Texas man ran from Disneyland to Disney World. Here's why
A Texas man, wanting to raise awareness of diabetes, just finished running from Disneyland in Southern California to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.
Head of Apple Music apologizes for controversial comments
Jimmy Iovine, head of Apple Music, is apologizing for comments he made on "CBS This Morning," when he said that women have a hard time finding music. CBSN's Elaine Quijano has more details.
Astronomers track the birth of a new planet
The forming of a planet has long been a mystery, but now astronomers are getting a closer look at the process. CBS News science contributor Michio Kaku joins CBSN with more insight.
Long Island University president’s pay puts her near the top in nation
The president of Long Island University collected a compensation package that put her near the head of the class — and shocked professors. Kimberly Cline, who heads the university with campuses in Brooklyn and Long Island, pulled down $1,861,026 in 2018, making her the 16th highest-paid president of a private university in the country, according...
Phil Mickelson likely found his game a little too late at Masters
AUGUSTA, Ga. — Phil Mickelson had been waiting for the kind of round he shot Saturday for a long time. He just wishes it had come sooner. Mickelson, for weeks, has been saying he felt his game is close to being sharp, yet it hasn’t shown in his scores. He rallied on Friday to make...
Trump to speak during GOP donor retreat at Mar-a-Lago
Hundreds of Republican donors will gather for an invitation-only event at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. CNN's Michael Warren reads excerpts from a speech the former President is expected to give during the retreat.
"48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty on an interview years in the making
After 11 years of trying to land an interview with Kurt Sonnenfeld -- an American living in Buenos Aires, but charged with murder in Denver -- a surprising ending. For more, watch Moriarty's investigation into the case Saturday, June 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
Are copycat terror attacks possible in the U.S.?
Terror analysts say a Paris-style attack would be unlikely in the United States. Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Ali Soufan joined CBSN with more on why ISIS may not be capable of carrying out a similar assault.
Maryland Becomes First State to Nix Its Police Bill of Rights as Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto
The state has passed "one of the most significant and transformative packages of reform of law enforcement in the country," wrote a senior lawmaker.
Stimulus check update: When will 'plus-up' payments arrive? Answers to your COVID relief questions
Americans have tons of questions about their stimulus checks and 2020 taxes. Here's what you need to know about 2021 COVID-relief payments and more.
Trump to rally GOP at Mar-a-lago and preview pathway for Republican victories
Former President Trump will address a major Republican National Committee gathering Saturday night where he's expected to say that if Republicans stick to an "America First" agenda the GOP will win back Congress in 2022 and take back the White House in 2024.
Genetically modified salmon coming to supermarkets
The FDA has approved the first genetically modified fish for human consumption in the U.S. Scientists say it's been proven safe, but some consumers are wary. Julie Watts reports.
UFC on ABC 2 results: Arnold Allen outworks Sodiq Yusuff, advances to 8-0 in UFC
Arnold Allen emerged victorious over Sodiq Yusuff in a matchup of "next generation" featherweights at UFC on ABC 2.       Related StoriesUFC on ABC 2 results: Arnold Allen outworks Sodiq Yusuff, advances to 8-0 in UFC - EnclosureUFC on ABC 2 results: Mackenzie Dern shuts down Nina Nunes, wins by first-round submissionUFC on ABC 2 results: Mackenzie Dern shuts down Nina Nunes, wins by first-round submission - Enclosure
Biden administration denies Whitmer's request for extra vaccines as COVID cases surge in Michigan
The Biden administration denied a request from Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to bump up the state’s allocation of coronavirus vaccines amid a surge in new Covid-19 cases.
Deadline Club honors CBS News' Charlie Rose, Lesley Stahl
The Deadline Club, largest chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, inducted "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose and "60 Minutes" correspondent Lesley Stahl into the New York journalism Hall of Fame.
“48 Hours” investigates strange case of Kurt Sonnenfeld
A Colorado murder suspect living in Argentina makes an outrageous claim -- the U.S. is after him for what he saw at 9/11. Erin Moriarty joins "CBS This Morning" to preview Saturday’s “48 Hours."
Khan Lab School reinvents American classroom
In 2006, hedge fund manager Sal Khan used online tutoring to try and reinvent learning and break down barriers, calling it the Khan Academy. The online school now delivers more than 580 million online lessons in over 36 languages. But now, Khan is thinking small. Kahn joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why he created a "brick-and-mortar" school in California where students ages five through 12 are in one classroom.
Behind Maureen Dowd's story on Hollywood sexism
The Equal Opportunity Commission is interviewing female directors to learn if there is a pattern of discrimination in Hollywood. More than 100 men and women in the film industry shared their thoughts on Hollywood sexism with Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Maureen Dowd. Dowd joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss what she learned while writing her New York Times Magazine cover story called "Waiting for the Green Light." A version of the article can be found on
Black Army Officer Sues Police for Pepper-Spraying, Threatening Him During Traffic Stop
Bodycam footage shows that Lt. Caron Nazario said he was afraid to get out of his car. "Yeah, you should be!" one of the cops responded.
NRA defends allowing people on no-fly lists to buy guns
Thousands on the government's terrorist watch list, which includes the “no-fly list," bought firearms in the last decade. All of those sales were legal. Bills to close that loophole have been introduced for eight years in a row now, but they've all failed. Supporters hope the terror attacks in Paris will be the push Congress needs to pass it. Nancy Cordes reports.
Saks Fifth Avenue to stop selling animal fur products
Saks Fifth Avenue says it will stop selling animal fur products by the end of the 2022 fiscal year both online and in stores.
Nearly 40% of Marines decline COVID vaccine, prompting some Democrats to urge Biden to set mandate for military
Nearly 40% of U.S. Marines offered the COVID-19 vaccine have refused receiving it.
Coast Guard having record year chasing down cocaine smugglers
The U.S. Coast Guard is celebrating a massive drug bust off the coast of Central and South America. They recently delivered more than 25 tons of confiscated cocaine to DEA agents. Investigators say about 80 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the U.S. is brought up the Pacific Coast, packed in small boats and even submarines. Carter Evans reports from the Coast Guard base in San Pedro, California.
Egypt demands huge fee from Ever Given owners after ship blocked Suez Canal
Not so fast, Ever Given! The massive container ship that blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week last month may be unstuck, but it isn’t getting off scot-free – in fact, it isn’t going anywhere until a compensatory fee is paid. Egypt is demanding the considerable payment, which could be as much as $1 billion, as...
Surprising Penguins have NHL trade deadline decision to make
Sorry about that, but I just noticed an unaccountable typographical error in my preseason prediction column. Somehow Mike Sullivan was named as the first coach most likely to be fired, when I know I wrote that he would win the Jack Adams Trophy. Bringing it way back to a New York baseball analogy, this should...
Russian troops appear positioned near Ukraine border as tensions mount
A two-minute snippet of leaked video captioned “ready to fight” appears to show Russian troops maneuvering tanks into position near the border of Ukraine as tensions between the neighboring nations flare. The clip, apparently recorded by Russian soldiers, captures a group of armored vehicles assembling in a muddy field, then switches to show an assortment...
Flash Points: Why the West is worried about foreign fighters
CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent Jeff Pegues and CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate discuss the recent spate of foreign fighters joining ISIS from the U.S. and countries in Europe
Republicans slam Biden plan to send cash payments to Central America: 'This is madness'
Republicans are reacting with anger and disbelief to a proposal by the Biden administration to send cash payments to Central America as a way to combat the migrant crisis -- describing the plan as “madness.”
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Conn. Gov. on Syrian refugees: "Never turn your back on those in need"
Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy has welcomed a family of Syrian refugees to his state that Indiana's governor refused to allow to settle there. Malloy spoke with CBSN's Contessa Brewer why he extended the personal greeting.
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Watch a huge waterspout loom over Panama City Beach
The massive tornado funnel cloud was spotted tumbling over the Gulf of Mexico.
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Unhinged stranger tries to shove Asian woman onto NYC subway tracks
An Asian woman waiting for a train in a Brooklyn subway station was nearly pushed to the trackbed by an unhinged stranger, police sources told The Post Saturday. The 34-year-old woman was in the G train station at Grand Street and Metropolitan Avenue shortly after 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday when a man approached her and...
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Adele says goodbye to streaming for "25"
Grammy-winning singer Adele says her highly anticipated album "25" will not be available on streaming music sites like Spotify, following in the footsteps of pop star Taylor Swift. Billboard senior editor Alex Gale spoke to CBSN about the impact.
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Anonymous: We are winning battle against ISIS
The hacker group Anonymous says it has taken down more than 20,000 ISIS-related social media accounts after declaring war on the terror network. CBSN's Contessa Brewer reports.
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UFC on ABC 2 video: Julian Marquez ruthlessly chokes Sam Alvey unconscious
"I just squeezed for dear life like I was trying to pop off his head."       Related StoriesUFC on ABC 2 video: Julian Marquez ruthlessly chokes Sam Alvey unconscious - EnclosureUFC on ABC 2 results: Mackenzie Dern shuts down Nina Nunes, wins by first-round submissionUFC on ABC 2 results: Mackenzie Dern shuts down Nina Nunes, wins by first-round submission - Enclosure 
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11/19: ISIS's next target; Cocaine submarines used in multi-billion dollar trafficking trade
The terror attacks in Paris, and an ISIS video threatening New York City, Americans worrying they could be next; Drug traffickers are using make-shift submarines to transport millions of dollars worth of cocaine to the U.S
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Belgian town fighting against jihadi recruiters
Police conducted a series of raids in the neighborhoods of the alleged Paris attackers in Belgium. Allen Pizzey spoke with some residents who knew one of the suspected gunmen.
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China Fines Alibaba $2.8 Billion For Breaking Anti-Monopoly Law
The tech giant received a historically large fine Saturday from the Chinese government. Alibaba says it will comply with the fine and "ensure its compliance with determination."
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