'Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War' PS4 Alpha Preload, Start & Release Time Revealed

"Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War" will soon host an Open Alpha on PS4, and we're here to tell you all you need to know about release times, start times and preloading information.
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Three Orlando Officers Potentially Poisoned With Date Rape Drug, Florida Police Investigating
The officers, two of whom needed hospital treatment, were off-duty and not in uniform during a night out in Samford.
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Russian Cyber Gang Linked to Hospital Hack That Resulted in Woman's Death
A cyberattack that locked down computers sparked mass disruption at a German university hospital this month. Now, investigators claim to have found a link to Russia.
Op-Ed: If it weren't for the color of my skin, I'd still be a U.S. diplomat
For one Black U.S. diplomat, working abroad meant harassment at the U.S. border and dealing with applicants who often demanded to speak to 'an American.'
Israel is winning on the world stage, but losing the plot at home
Last week's signing ceremony on the south lawn of the White House was the celebration Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wanted -- and the distraction he needed from mounting problems at home.
Chad Wolf faces Senate nomination hearing amid questions over intel assessments
Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf will appear before a Senate panel Wednesday as he faces scrutiny over the validity of his appointment and concerns over his handling of intelligence assessments.
Biden foreign policy adviser Antony Blinken on top global challenges
On "Intelligence Matters," Mike Morell speaks with Antony Blinken about Biden's foreign policy priorities and his approach to top global security challenges.
Medicare open enrollment begins Oct. 15. Here's what you need to know.
Medicare's annual open enrollment period begins Oct.15 and, given COVID-19, financial planners urge people to review their plans.
Seattle City Council overrides mayor's veto of police cuts
Move Mayor Jenny Durkan vetoed gives less than $4 million of the department's $400 million annual budget to community programs.
Editorial: Trump wants to invade your privacy in the name of immigration enforcement
Government wants DNA, iris scans, voice prints and photos to feed facial recognition programs from legal immigrants and their sponsors: U.S. citizens.
Letters to the Editor: The right has been calling liberals 'baby killers' for years. No wonder QAnon took hold
Trump says the governor of Virginia favors executing babies. A GOP lawmaker blamed RBG for 30 million child murders. The right was primed for QAnon.
Opinion: Will the Democrats' threats to retaliate against a Supreme Court vote backfire?
One person's bold change is another person's scary attack on American institutions.
Rep. Mike Johnson: Trump and the Court -- Amy Coney Barrett has the qualities we need and deserve in a justice
I can say without reservation that Amy Coney Barrett would be the ideal Supreme Court pick.
How Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s ‘marriage of equals’ has inspired her many fans
Ginsburg is admired for her legal achievements in gender equality, and her 56-year marriage to Marty put that theory into practice.
After slew of injuries, NFL isn’t ready to draw any conclusions as to why
Several NFL stars were injured during Week 2, but the league isn't ready to draw conclusions for whether the adjusted offseason schedule contributed.
Op-Ed: Retired military leaders shouldn't endorse presidential candidates. America is divided enough
More than 200 retired military officers have endorsed Trump. Another group will likely endorse Biden. But politicizing the armed forces helps no one.
A farmer fell ill. So dozens of his neighbors showed up spontaneously and harvested his crops.
When other near by farmers in North Dakota heard what happened, they immediately halted their own harvesting to go help.
Letters to the Editor: How the U.S. Postal Service changes are killing businesses
A retired postmaster says many businesses still rely on the U.S. Postal Service for on-time payments, and delayed mail is hurting them.
Northern Hemisphere’s record lowest temperature of minus-93.3 degrees confirmed after nearly 30 years
A temperature this cold in Greenland is unlikely in today’s climate due to human-caused global warming.
Put your sleuthing cap on with ‘Enola Holmes’ and these 8 other Sherlock adaptations
The latest Holmes flick stars Millie Bobby Brown, Henry Cavill and Sam Claflin as siblings Enola, Sherlock and Mycroft.
Endorsement: No on Prop. 22. It's the wrong solution for Uber drivers and the gig economy
The Legislature had the chance to fix the problems faced by Uber and Lyft drivers who do not want to be classified as employees, but it whiffed. Sadly, Proposition 22 does too.
What the SCOTUS Nomination Fight is Really About | Opinion
This nomination fight concerns the future of our political system itself—whether the GOP will push back against a party increasingly dominated by leftists storming the ramparts in naked pursuit of total power.
5 things to know for September 23: Covid-19, Breonna Taylor, UN, domestic violence
Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On with Your Day.
Which Teams Are in the MLB Playoffs? Updated Bracket and Wild-Card Standings
Two playoff spots remain up for grabs in the American League while four berths are yet to be assigned in the National League.
Man run over, killed by his own car as he tried to stop thief from stealing it
A man was run over and killed by his own van as he tried to stop a thief from stealing it.
Pence calls coronavirus deaths 'heartbreaking,' praises Trump's 'early actions'
Vice President Mike Pence called the death of more than 200,000 Americans to the coronavirus a “heartbreaking milestone” Tuesday but applauded President Trump’s early actions that he said saved “hundreds of thousands of lives.”
As UK faces new wave of virus, Johnson is under fire on many fronts
Despite a landslide election victory last December, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is having a torrid year. He has been widely criticized for his government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and as infections rise again, Johnson has many more challenges to face. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.
DeChambeau added 40 pounds to boost game. This is what he ate
Bryson Dechambeau added 40 pounds to boost game. This is what he ate
Bryson DeChambeau's physical transformation has been remarkable in 2020. What's equally remarkable is how quickly he's started to reap major rewards.
Fact-check: Are Protesters Throwing Cans of Soup and Tuna, As Trump Claims?
Speaking about recent protests sweeping the country, the president said: 'They're walking up there like 30 cans of soup. They have like 25 cans of tuna.'
Trump’s Crime and Carnage Ad Blitz Is Going Unanswered on Facebook
The president has spent millions on misleading Facebook ads targeting undecided voters, while Joe Biden has been virtually silent.
Why Cardi B Is Being Sued For Defamation
Rapper Cardi B and her sister are both being sued for defamation after they labeled a group of beachgoers as "racist MAGA supporters."
'Overkill' Louisville Preparations Raise Fears Breonna Taylor Officers Won't Be Charged
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has declared a state of emergency in the city "due to the potential for civil unrest" ahead of the Kentucky attorney general's anticipated announcement of a decision on the case.
U.K. leader tightens up COVID restrictions as virus surges back
"This is the moment when we must act," Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Britons as hit pubs and restaurants with new rules.
'Supergirl' Canceled: Why the CW Show is Ending After Six Seasons
"Supergirl" is the latest of The CW's Arrowverse shows to come to be canceled, with the show coming to an end after an extended Season 6.
As Election Looms, Poll Finds Fewer Americans Think Economy in Poor Shape
The research found that since April, the proportion of people who describe the economy as "bad" has reduced by 11 percentage points.
Can airport testing and Covid immunity passports unlock travel?
Both travel experts and passengers are keen to get fast, reliable and affordable Covid-19 testing as soon as possible. Here's why it's not going to be an easy road.
Can airport testing and Covid immunity passports unlock travel?
In the current Covid-created travel maze, passengers face constantly shifting rules as airports, countries and even airlines impose their own restrictions on who can cross international borders.
In SCOTUS Fight, Democrats Target Trump's Weakness on Health Care, Sound Alarm About ACA
The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, could face being eliminated by the Supreme Court, with Democrats suggesting another Trump-picked justice makes this more likely.
Michigan city decriminalizes magic mushrooms, other psychedelic plants
The Ann Arbor, Mich., City Council unanimously voted this week to essentially decriminalize a wide range of psychedelic drugs, including psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, and ayahuasca.
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Navalny condition improved enough for him to be released: German hospital
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Pence plane hits bird, returns to New Hampshire airport
He was at start of flight home from campaign event. Plane returned to airport and he flew home on cargo aircraft Secret Service uses.
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All but 1 endangered GOP senator back Trump's Supreme Court push after RBG death
Just one of roughly half-dozen Senate Republicans in tight reelection races opposed plans to fill the Supreme Court vacancy after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.
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Prince Harry Speaks Out About U.S. Election For First Time Alongside Meghan Markle
Prince Harry has commented publicly on an election for the first time ever as wife Meghan Markle called the upcoming presidential vote the most important of "our lifetime."
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Protesters demonstrate outside Portland building for second consecutive night
Demonstrations continued outside a Southeast Portland building for a second night in a row after a brief hiatus last week due to wildfire smoke.
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87% of N.Y.C. Bars and Restaurants Fell Short on Rent
Despite a plethora of outdoor dining and the plans to allow some indoor dining by next week, the outlook for the food service industry is grim.
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Ruth Bader Ginsburg's army of clerks to stand guard at the Supreme Court
When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returns for the final time to the Supreme Court on Wednesday, an army of more than a hundred of her former clerks will meet the casket and accompany it up the stone steps leading to the great hall where the liberal icon presided for almost 30 years.
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The museum closed first. Like many states amid the pandemic, New Mexico's small towns bear the brunt
As the federal government is cutting funding to states, municipalities like Lordsburg, N.M., are struggling with unemployment and a devastated tax base.
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Man proposes to girlfriend after skydiving from 13,000 feet
Talk about a high note.
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