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CNN contributor hits own network's 'dishonest' coverage of Joe Rogan's ivermectin use: Complete 'horses---'

CNN political commentator Mary Katharine Ham sided with podcast giant Joe Rogan, who accused her employer of “lying” about his use of ivermectin during his bout with the coronavirus.
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Despite Biden vow, Afghanistan evacuees admitted to US underwent almost no vetting after interviews: report
Only a small number of the Afghanistan evacuees who came to the U.S. following President Biden's decision earlier this year to withdraw U.S. troops from the country were vetted in addition to being screened, according to a memo drafted by Senate Republicans, a report said.
Carolyn Hax: Subject of too-filtered, too-flattering photo wants it taken down
She edited about 10 years off their photo, made them look "amazing" and posted it online — is it okay to ask her to take it down?
Hints From Heloise: Traveling with family again? Keep these tips in mind.
Here’s how to make sure your big trip with family or friends goes off without a hitch.
Miss Manners: Friend snooped in a closet to see if we used a gift he gave us
Our friend has given us many gifts over the years. I found out he has checked our house to see whether they’re being used.
Ask Amy: Your dear friend is stuck in ‘high school drama.’ Is it wrong to cut her off?
Reader upset by friend’s overdramatic life, but not sure if she should fully cut her out of life.
Trump Attacks 'Craggy Smug Face' Bob Woodward, 'Lapdog' Robert Costa Over China Claims
"I never had even a thought of going to war with China, other than the war I was winning, which was on TRADE," said the former president.
Taft defeats Paramount for City Division III football title
Wellington Bristow passed for three touchdowns and ran in the clinching two-point conversion for Taft in a 21-20 victory over Paramount on Friday.
Greg Gutfeld: Media doesn't care about the truth when there's a good story
Greg Gutfeld discusses how the story of Mark D'Amico defrauding donors through GoFundMe reveals an uncomfortable truth about the media.
Jets’ Ryan Griffin finding place after dreadful 2020 season
Ryan Griffin has already surpassed his offensive production from last season, and there are still seven games left.
3 burned bodies found in Solomon Islands' Chinatown following days of violent protests
Three charred bodies have been found in a burned out building in the Chinatown district of the Solomon Islands' capital, Honiara -- the first reported fatalities after three days of violent protests that saw more than 100 people arrested.
NC State's historic comeback against North Carolina adds a dramatic chapter to in-state rivalry
Emeka Emezie's final catch at Carter-Finley Stadium will be one that's never forgotten as he hauled in a second TD catch in a span of 26 seconds
Tucker Carlson: How can America survive three more years of Joe Biden?
Tucker Carlson discusses why Joe Biden's approval rating is so low, only a year into his presidency.
Russia-based insults led Rangers’ Artemi Panarin to hurl glove at Brad Marchand
Artemi Panarin did not see the humor in it, not even a little.
NYC teen stabbed in face after being jumped by three attackers
A 14-year-old was jumped by three men at Broadway and 41st Avenue in Elmhurst on Friday evening.
Lakers' LeBron James fined by NBA for making obscene gesture
Lakers star LeBron James has been fined $15,000 for making an obscene gesture during the Lakers' win in Indiana on Wednesday, the NBA announced Friday.
At least 19 killed in bus crash in central Mexico
At least 19 people were killed and 20 more injured on Friday when a passenger bus traveling on a highway in central Mexico crashed into a house, authorities said.
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Fans erect memorial outside Stephen Sondheim Theatre after death of Broadway legend
Broadway lovers made a makeshift memorial in front of the Stephen Sondheim Theatre on West 43rd Street.
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Crypto enthusiasts want to buy an NBA team, after failing to purchase US Constitution
A group calling itself Krause House DAO, named after the late Chicago Bulls general manager, Jerry Krause, has raised $4 million with the long-shot goal of trying to buy an NBA sports franchise.
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Biden says 'America is back' as multiple crises intensify and Christmas tree shortage looms: Bruce
Tammy Bruce criticized Joe Biden for claiming 'America is back' amid inflation and other mounting crises.
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CBS Evening News, November 26, 2021
WHO identifies new COVID variant of concern; Foster dad and adopted kids thankful to be together for holidays
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Mark Roth, pro bowling hall-of-famer, dead at 70
Mark Roth, a pro bowling champion from the 1970s and 1980s who ranks among the sport’s greatest names, has died, according to reports. He was 70.
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Asking OPEC to drill more is 'lunacy' after being energy independent: Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor criticized the Biden administration for energy policies that are making energy prices go up and putting Americans in a 'crunch.'
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Grizzlies star Ja Morant leaves games with left knee injury, will undergo further tests
The Grizzlies are holding their breath after Ja Morant left Friday's game in the first quarter with a knee injury and did not return.       
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Rams' Odell Beckham Jr. looking to exorcise some bad Green Bay memories
His memories of playing at Lambeau Field are not pleasant, but receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is looking forward to returning to the stadium on Sunday.
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Lindy Ruff rips Devils’ poor play after loss to Predators
Roman Josi and Alexandre Carrier each scored and had an assist to lead the Nashville Predators over the New Jersey Devils 4-2 on Friday night.
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This time, Wizards survive against a young team in the Thunder
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This time, Wizards survive against a young team in the Thunder
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Quince Orchard’s defense delivers as Cougars top Northwest, 14-13, in Maryland 4A semifinal
Quince Orchard avenged a 2019 semifinal loss to Northwest and will now play either Wise or C.H. Flowers in the state final.
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Woman Allegedly Breastfeeds Cat on Delta Airlines Flight
Delta passengers may have been treated to an unusual sight when a woman allegedly started breastfeeding a cat and refused to stop during a flight to Atlanta.
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Islanders blanked by Penguins, end first homestand without a win
On Friday, for the eighth game in a row, not enough Islanders produced. And they have last place to show for it.
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There will never be another Stephen Sondheim
The Broadway giant shaped lives, with words and music on a whole other plane of invention.
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Child among 3 injured in Black Friday shooting at North Carolina mall
One of the victims was a 10-year-old child struck when a bullet ricocheted.
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'It's Coming': N.Y. Gov. Kathy Hochul Issues Omicron Warning, Declares State of Emergency
New York became the center of the COVID-19 pandemic when it first began. The Omicron variant threatens to repeat that trend.
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‘The Harder They Fall’ Star Edi Gathegi’s Battle to Not Be Just Another Dead Black Guy in a Movie
NetflixVirtually every actor, at some point, has to face their death on screen or on stage. There are some, like Sean Bean, whose very presence conjures a knowing anticipation of their eventual fall. Others, like the multitude of Black characters in horror films, speak to the history of racist violence against Black people both within and outside Hollywood, where actors big and small, owing to a dearth of opportunities, are compelled to jump on stories that recognize them as props and not people.Edi Gathegi knows a little bit about death on screen. He’s died a lot. Perhaps more than the average actor might. From The Twilight Saga to X-Men: First Class, the Kenyan-American actor reckoned with demise in ways that are both frustrating and illuminating.“There’s almost a spiritual element to dying on screen,” he tells the Daily Beast. “You have to get to a space mentally where life leaves you over and over again.” And while that “meditation,” as he calls it, is one that most actors have to deal with, Gathegi also knows that his deaths haven’t always meant much. During his younger years, scrapping for work meant that a gig was a gig; an opportunity to put food on the table and hopefully be considered for more work. But those times are changing and he’s become more selective about how his characters’ death might contribute or take away from any one story.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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What ‘House of Gucci’ Left Out About Patrizia Reggiani’s Wild Life, From Ferrets and Parrots to Prison
AlamyROME—In many ways, the real story of Patrizia Reggiani, played by Lady Gaga in House of Gucci, begins where the film ends. The once grande dame of Milan high society turned murderess spent 18 years in San Vittore prison—which was once occupied by German Nazis—which she preferred to call “San Vittore residence.” In various interviews after her incarceration, she referred to her time there as both “relaxing” and “horrible,” during which she “slept a lot.”But a prison guard who worked in the women’s wing when she was there says it wasn’t always easy for the diva. She enjoyed certain privileges, including being allowed to keep an emotional support ferret named Bambi in her cell. The animal sadly died when another prisoner sat on it about halfway through her sentence. She spent her recreational time getting sun in the prison yard as if it were a private beach club she was accustomed to. The guard, who is not authorized to speak due to privacy issues, told The Daily Beast that she used her fame—and infamy—to get other inmates to do things for her and to bribe certain guards. “She was Lady Gucci in prison, too,” she said. “She never let anyone forget who she was.”Her cell was filled with plants and photos and she had expensive linens brought in for her single cot. In 2016, she told The Guardian that she preferred not to talk about it: “It’s all a bad dream to me.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Rope Bondage Is About Far More Than Sex
Marceline V.Q.As she skillfully tied her partner onto a steel suspension tripod, Marceline V.Q. let her inspiration lead her. Using natural hemp ropes to recreate a scene from Michelangelo’s well-known fresco painting, The Creation of Adam, Marceline pondered every reaction her partner made, as the woman hung in midair.Her partner’s arm stretched out to reach something powerful yet invisible. Smiling, with her eyes closed, she looked totally absorbed.“Something I really adore is just the feeling of rope flowing through my hands,” Marceline said, gesturing to mimic the rope moving. “You get into a flow state.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Second NYPD cop shot in melee with armed suspect released from hospital
Officer Robert Holmes, 31, the second NYPD cop wounded during a melee with an armed suspect in The Bronx, was released from the hospital on Friday afternoon, two days after the shooting.
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A go-ahead touchdown pass with 16 seconds remaining sends Douglass to the Maryland 2A final
Senior Jaxon Sutton caught a 25-yard fade in the corner of the end zone as the Eagles outlasted the Scorpions in a physical, run-heavy game.
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‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic Turns on Trump and Opens Up About Child Sexual Abuse in New Memoir
Sue Ogrocki/APWe’re nearing the two-year mark since the world was first introduced to the eccentric, flashy, and boisterous criminal that is Joe Exotic through the sensation that was Netflix’s Tiger King.Premiering at the start of the pandemic in 2020, viewers were immediately sucked into the former Oklahoma zookeeper’s bonkers world, which was filled with mistreated big cats, wheeling and dealing, throuple relationships, misfits working at a drug-infested zoo, shady characters of the exotic animal world, and perhaps most riveting: a vendetta against Carole Baskin.Despite his knack for spinning wild stories bursting with outlandish claims and his erratic yet charismatic personality, the reality star (real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage) is by no stretch of the imagination a saintly character.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Russia’s Cold War With Ukraine Is About To Heat Up
Yuriy Dyachyshyn/AFP via GettyThe Russo-Ukrainian war is in the news again. Not content with its annexation of Crimea — when is an aggressively expansive imperialist country ever content with Crimea once it’s got it in the pocket? — Russia has amassed an invasion-sized force at the border of Ukraine, and is busily mobilizing reservists sufficient to provide an occupation force.The usual pundit voices can be heard discussing the geopolitical implications of the buildup, sifting through tea leaves and undisclosed sources to explain why it’s just another training exercise (Russia’s official explanation), or how Putin and Russia have been provoked by the aggressive expansion of NATO westward, and why the Budapest Memorandum wasn’t legally binding, or how Ukraine has always been Russian anyway, so why shouldn’t they just snap it up and something about spheres of influence.The effect—perhaps the purpose— of all these cynical and wearisome discussions is that Americans and others with a modicum of interest in the subject throw up their hands in frustration, and say “Let it be.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Former Hospice Is Venice’s Newest Five-Star Hotel
Ca' di DioIf there’s one thing that stands out amidst the ornate facades of Venice’s edifices it’s something new. The sea and its air are cruel neighbors for these ancient buildings—cracked, chipped, peeling, and even crumbling, such is the state of many a palazzo. And so even though the exterior of Ca’ di Dio, Venice’s newest five-star hotel, is restrained relative to its neighbors, its recent immaculate restoration has left it with a spotless facade ensuring it stands out on the lagoon.It is also the latest selection for our series on exciting new hotels, The New Room with a View.Located five bridges west of the Palazzo Ducale, Ca’ di Dio is housed in a large stuccoed building with unobstructed views out over the lagoon to Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore and its exquisite church designed by Palladio. On an evening with a particularly fiery sunset, the view from the hotel is unmistakable for fans of Monet’s paintings of the island at dusk.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Trump Calls Border 'Bigger Problem' Than Inflation, Says He Could Cure Latter 'Very Quickly'
"People with murder rap sheets and drug dealers at the highest level, they're all being dumped into the United States," Trump said.
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Harvard Admissions Data Shows That America Loves Affirmative Action—for Whites
Darren McCollester/Newsmakers/GettyAmerica’s most elite colleges and universities really don’t want the public to take a peek behind the curtain and get a better understanding of who gets admitted and why. And it’s not for the reasons you might think.The urban legend endures that any Latino or African-American who applies to one of these ultra-selective schools can write their own ticket. But the truth is, the people who get the lion’s share of those tickets, who issue the tickets, and who, in fact, run the ticket booth are white.The real pigs at the trough are white people who have connections, make donations or otherwise encourage wealthy alumni boosters to send more checks. T’was always thus.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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UFC's Matt Brown says he's 'totally fine' after COVID-19 bout, 'never felt it necessary' to get vaccinated
Matt Brown is on the road to recovery after having his UFC on ESPN 31 bout canceled because of COVID-19.       Related StoriesSantiago Ponzinibbio keen to enter title contention by stopping Geoff Neal at UFC 269Video: Mike Perry grabs opponent, Derek Campos takes a swing at Triller Triad Combat faceoffs - Enclosure'I was almost going broke fighting in MMA': Rachael Ostovich says BKFC far more lucrative 
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LeBron James fined $15,000 for making an "obscene gesture" during game
The incident comes days after James was suspended for an on-court altercation involving Detroit Pistons center Isaiah Stewart.
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The Post says: Don’t let the Omicron bug in, Joe!
Joe Biden ran for president saying he was the best person to handle the COVID-19 outbreak. His performance has been middling at best, and he needs to step up to face the most important challenge of his term so far — a dangerous new strain of the virus dubbed Omicron.
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3 Bodies Found May Be Tied to Protests in Solomon Islands
The police were trying to determine if the charred remains found in the capital’s Chinatown district were linked to the protests, in which demonstrators set fire to buildings.
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Mets add outfield depth, sign Mark Canha to two-year deal
The Mets’ Black Friday haul includes a right-handed bat to help fill an outfield need. 
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