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Cole 7 shutout innings, 13 Ks leads Yanks over Orioles 7-2

Gerrit Cole struck out 13 and walked none over seven scoreless innings in his most dominant start since joining the New York Yankees, overwhelming the Baltimore Orioles 7-2 Tuesday night for his first win this season.
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Clinton, Sanders battle for Indiana's delegates
When asked how she was expected to do in Indiana on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton said she was more focused on the general election. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders has been barnstorming Indiana; the Clinton campaign says he could very well win. Nancy Cordes has more.
Ted Cruz: Trump is "a pathological liar"
Republican presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump continue to sling insults as Indiana voters headed to the polls. Their attacks have overshadowed the Indiana primary, which could be Cruz's final chance to shut down Trump's path to the nomination. Major Garrett reports.
Carly Fiorina falls at Ted Cruz rally
While introducing Ted Cruz at an Indiana rally this weekend, Carly Fiorina briefly slipped out of sight. And the stumble was not lost on Donald Trump.
2 transgender women killed in shootings at separate Charlotte hotels
Authorities have arrested two suspects in connection with the killings of two transgender women in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Tapping into the forces behind Colombia's hippo crisis
"This is not about the past: The real problems will be in the future. It's about an ecological risk, because these are animals of huge size with the capacity of changing the ecosystem." This warning, from a Colombian biologist specialized in aquatic mammals, is what prompted me to investigate the hippopotami's story.
How Mets postponements are affecting Jacob deGrom
DENVER — Jacob deGrom will eventually pitch for the Mets again, perhaps as soon as Saturday if the weather allows it. Already strong from six days’ rest — the result of two straight postponements, the latest of which occurred Friday when the Rockies decided not to play because of snow and cold weather in the...
Letters to the Editor — April 17, 2021
The Issue: A New York teacher’s essay criticizing the use of “Critical Race Theory” in schools. Anyone who reads Paul Rossi’s essay on his experience with Critical Race Theory in a private school cannot help but recall the history of China and the USSR (“Lesson in wrong division,” April 14). When and how did we...
2016 Tony Award nominations are announced
The nominations are out for the 70th annual Tony Awards. "Hamilton" makes history with 16 nominations, the most of any Broadway show ever. CBS' Jamie Wax joins CBSN to discuss this year's awards.
Runaway cement mixer had brake failure
The big money behind sneaker culture
"Sneakerheads" sink thousands of dollars into coveted athletic footwear. Some even say it's a smarter investment than stocks, with some of the most exclusive shoes selling for a small fortune. CBS News' Jill Wagner joins CBSN to talk more about this booming trend.
Hard rockers Greta Van Fleet wanted new album to sound like 'the score of a fantastic film'
The Michigan-bred hard-rock band aims for a cinematic sound on its new album, as the group settles in Nashville with an eye to live shows this summer.
Airline profits soar -- as do complaints, and other MoneyWatch headlines
U.S. airlines see both record profits and customer gripes; higher wages eat into profits at Domino's Pizza; college debt loads reach new heights. These and other headlines from CBS MoneyWatch.
NCAA championship win helped Zac Jones make his Rangers decision
If there was any lingering doubt, Saturday erased it. Like George Costanza, Zac Jones wanted to go out on top, and he did as Massachusetts won the NCAA hockey title. There was nothing left to prove in college. “Winning a national championship does that,” the former UMass star defenseman said on Friday following Rangers practice,...
Cruz and Trump showdown in Indiana primary
With Indiana primary voting underway, Donald Trump fires attacks against Ted Cruz, while Cruz hopes to slow Trump's momentum. CBS News senior political editor Steve Chaggaris and CBSN political contributor Leslie Sanchez join CBSN to discuss.
U.S. Navy SEAL killed fighting ISIS
A U.S. Navy SEAL has been killed in a battle with ISIS in northern Iraq. This is the second American to die fighting in Iraq this year. CBS News national security correspondent David Martin joins CBSN with more.
Candidates brace for make-or-break Indiana primary
With Gov. Mike Pence endorsing Cruz and coaching legend Bobby Knight backing Trump, Indiana voters are now faced with a jump ball, begging the question: Hoosier pick, Indiana?
Psaki says police ‘too often’ use ‘unnecessary force’ that results in ‘Black and brown deaths’
White House press secretary Jen Psaki said in a daily briefing Friday that “too often” law enforcement uses “unnecessary force” that results in the death of “Black and brown Americans.”
How a TikTok account is making this medieval Italian castle famous
In the heart of Italy, a little-known medieval castle was passed down through generations — that is, little-known until one Sannazzaro descendant got a TikTok account.
Ted Cruz responds after Donald Trump attacks his father
Donald Trump has raised allegations about Ted Cruz's father, referencing an unconfirmed report connecting him to the man who shot President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Hear Ted Cruz respond to reporters, calling Trump a "pathological liar."
‘Breaking Bad’ star Dean Norris pivots to comedy in ‘United States of Al’
Dean Norris' memorable role as DEA Agent Hank Schrader on "Breaking Bad" led him, in a roundabout way, to Chuck Lorre's new CBS sitcom "United States of Al."
Is Donald Trump on his way to the general election?
Bloomberg's John Heilemann explains why Donald Trump may become the Republican presidential nominee if he wins Indiana on Tuesday.
There may be two contested conventions this election cycle
Bernie Sanders is vowing to stay in the race until the convention in July, which could lead to a contested convention for the Democratic party. Bloomberg's John Heilemann explains how that's possible.
Little steps: Team Biden finally starts imitating Trump’s successful border policies
After months of denials and inaction, the Biden administration has finally taken one baby step away from the disastrous policies that brought the worst border crisis in decades. In a deal strikingly similar to the one President Donald Trump orchestrated in 2019, Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries have agreed to better secure their own...
‘Rebel’ co-star Kevin Zegers still gets stopped by ‘Air Bud’ fans
Child star Kevin Zegers, who many fans know from the "Air Bud" movies. on ABC's "Rebel," acting with Katey Sagal and the "Gossip Girl" reboot
Indiana primary could be turning point for Trump
Donald Trump's national spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, joins CBSN to talk about the campaign's momentum heading into today's Indiana primary.
American service member killed fighting ISIS in Iraq
Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced that an American service member has been killed in Iraq during combat on Tuesday morning. CBS' Holly Williams describes the latest in the ISIS fight near Mosul, Iraq.
Hillary Clinton's coal industry comment backfires on her
Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton said she misspoke with a comment vowing to put the coal industry "out of business," after receiving plenty of backlash from coal mining states. CBS' Nancy Cordes explains why she's looking ahead to upcoming races in states like West Virginia.
Why today could be Ted Cruz's last stand
Texas Sentator Ted Cruz is 15 points behind Republican front-runner Donald Trump, according to polls conducted in Indiana ahead of today's primary. CBS' Major Garrett breaks down why the Indiana primary is a turning point for the Republican race.
Airline profits soar; gas prices climb; and Misty Copeland's Barbie doll
Airlines are celebrating record profits thanks to low fuel prices; also, dancer Misty Copeland gets her own Barbie doll. CBS MoneyWatch's Jill Wagner has those business headlines and more from the New York Stock Exchange.
What's on TV Saturday: 'Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story'
What's on TV tonight, Saturday, April 17: The new Lifetime movie "Envy: A Seven Deadly Sins Story"; the new Hallmark movie "Right in Front of Me"; "Nick News: Kids and the Impact of Climate Change" and more
Sunday Talk Shows guests: Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield
Sunday, April 18 Guests on Sunday Talk Shows: "Face the Nation" on CBS; "Meet the Press" on NBC; "This Week" on ABC; "Fox News Sunday" on Fox and Fox News; "State of the Union" on CNN; "60 Minutes" on CBS
Montana's judicial branch at center of power struggle
Montana’s judicial branch is at the center of a debate over the constitutionality of a new law that gives the governor more options to fill midterm vacancies on the state bench.
Inside look at style and tech at 2016 Met Gala
The fashion world offered a glimpse of the future with high-tech styles at the industry's biggest night, the Met Gala. It featured an exclusive guest list of 600 celebrities, including supermodel Karlie Kloss who gave us an inside look at how stars prepare for the posh event. Jamie Yuccas reports.
Biden appears to cave on 15K refugee cap under pressure from left, Democrats
Just hours after President Joe Biden signed an executive order that would retain the Trump administration’s 15,000 person cap on refugee admissions Friday, the White House reversed course on the matter, apparently caving after facing strong backlash from Democratic lawmakers.  White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced late Friday that the White House will unveil...
Tony Awards announce 2016 nominations
Tony winner Nikki M. James and past Tony nominee Andrew Rannells announced this year's nominations in New York's theater district. Among the nominees for Best Musical were "Hamilton," "Bright Star," "School of Rock the Musical" and "Shuffle Along." CBS News contributor Jamie Wax, who is an actor and playwright, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the nominations.
How true grit drives success
What drives a person to become successful? That question fuels the research of psychologist Angela Duckworth. The 2013 MacArthur Fellow learned that grit is the best sign. Duckworth joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss her new book, "Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance."
Stream It Or Skip It: ‘The Rookies’ on VOD, a Hyperbolic Chinese Action-Comedy Featuring Milla Jovovich in the Rent-a-Star Role
This is live-action Looney Tunes.
Jury awards cancer survivor $55M in J&J talc lawsuit
Johnson & Johnson vows to appeal a multi-million-dollar legal ruling over its signature products. A jury awarded $55 million to an ovarian cancer survivor who says decades of talcum powder use made her sick. Vinita Nair reports on the second so-called "talcum trial" defeat for the company this year.
What role would Bill play in a Hillary Clinton administration?
CBS News' Nancy Cordes, who has been covering the Democratic race for the past year, joins "CBS This Morning" from Washington to discuss the potential role the former president might play and how the Democratic front-runner is trying to put out fires in the coal country of West Virginia.
Comfort dogs find bipartisan support on Capitol Hill
Lawmakers, staff, law enforcement and journalists on Capitol Hill found one thing they could all agree on this week: Clarence is a very good boy.
Head of NYC’s posh Dalton School splitting at the end of 2021
The head of an elite Manhattan private school in the throes of an internal war over its progressive agenda is leaving at the end of the year. Dalton School chief Jim Best announced his exit in a Friday letter and said he was leaving to pursue “other exciting and inspiring opportunities” after 16 years at...
Sarah Jessica Parker spotted at hot West Village pizza joint Zazzy’s
"No one seemed to realize it was her until the guy behind the counter was like, 'That was Sarah Jessica Parker.'"
Isaiah White announces he'll play again for USC basketball in 2021-22
Isaiah White, who played an important role in helping the USC men's basketball team reach the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament, is returning.
Jaylen Waddle offers Tyreek Hill-like explosiveness in 2021 NFL Draft
Third of an 11-part series. Coming Saturday: tight end. There was a time when “bigger is better’’ was all the rage, mostly because it was true. When in doubt, go for height and weight, long arms, long legs and big hands. Speed is great, but size, even at wide receiver, was usually thought to be...
Russia announces expulsion of 10 U.S. diplomats and ban some U.S. officials
Russia said it was retaliating for sanctions issued by the Biden administration Thursday
The dilemma in pausing J&J vaccine over risk of blood clots: Will it save lives or cost them?
A CDC advisory panel is grappling with the best way to "do no harm" regarding Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine and its risk of blood clots.
BLM activist protests without mask at Pentland home, says he has COVID, video shows
A Black Lives Matter protester and Air Force veteran who joined a demonstration outside the home of Army Sgt. 1st Class Jonathan Pentland pulled his mask off, accused the drill sergeant of violating his oath of enlistment and then declared he had COVID-19.
Litman: Want more gun control? Don't make it about AR-15s
Widespread support for background checks and smart gun technology could push enough GOP senators out of lockstep on gun control.