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Daughter of Brandon Short, former NFL, Penn State star, killed in Pennsylvania shooting: reports

The daughter of former NFL and Penn State linebacker Brandon Short was shot and killed in Pennsylvania on Monday, according to reports. 
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Healthcare workers recount assaults by patients
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Mother keeping daughter's memory alive
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Police: Man attacks 11 y/o, hits 15 y/o in park
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Police arrest woman after service dog stolen
3 m
Human remains found possibly connected to missing executive
3 m
Police officer fired after deadly shooting
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Man charged with alleged sexual assault on baby
3 m
Authorities: Woman, son arrested in Wyoming
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Student's glass pumpkin patch fundraiser a huge success
3 m
Volunteers give whistles to homeless
3 m
Special needs student attacked at bus stop
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Universal pre-K in focus amid spending showdown
There are new signs that congressional Democrats may be nearing an agreement on President Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. A key part of that plan is universal pre-kindergarten. A CBS News poll shows that two-thirds of Americans support it. Nancy Cordes has more.
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US nearing a formal agreement to use Pakistan's airspace to carry out military operations in Afghanistan
The Biden administration has told lawmakers that the US is nearing a formalized agreement with Pakistan for use of its airspace to conduct military and intelligence operations in Afghanistan, according to three sources familiar with the details of a classified briefing with members of Congress that took place on Friday morning.
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Drinks in the the sunset years: Why the Queen has to start skipping her favorite martini
Because of the natural changes the body goes through as we age and the slower way we metabolize alcohol as we get older, drinking can have serious health consequences in older adults, according to multiple reports.
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Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow gets married to actor Louis Thornton-Allan in beachside wedding
The 22-year-old model took to Instagram on Friday to share the exciting news that she tied the knot with actor Louis Thornton-Allan and shared photos from their apparent beachside wedding.
Biden now blames longshoremen, has trapped himself in a 'green' box as inflation spikes: 'The Five'
In his Baltimore town hall appearance, President Biden revealed himself to be unaware of basic economics, the panel on "The Five" discussed Friday.
Plane that crashed in Houston had not flown in 10 months
A private jet that ran off a runway and crashed through a fence before bursting into flames at a Texas airport had not been flown since December
Police officer promises to make teen's life a 'living f****** hell'
An Aurora police officer is on administrative leave after being reported for misconduct by another officer for yelling and cursing at a teenage girl during a traffic stop.
Handpicked Incoming GOP NC Lawmaker Claims He Was at Jan 6. Riot
The incoming state legislator was chosen to fill a seat left vacant in early October when a former Gaston County lawmaker died.
The race for governor in Virginia shows just how far out-of-touch Democrats are
As the Nov. 2 ballot’s highest-profile contest, the battle for Virginia’s governorship has become a referendum on the Big Government approach of the out-of-touch, Democrat Left.
Supreme Court to hear Texas abortion law challenges
The Supreme Court has agreed to fast-track challenges to the new abortion law in Texas. The justices will hear arguments November 1. But for now, the Texas law remains in effect. Ed O’Keefe has the details.
Biden calls Macron, dispatches Kamala Harris to Paris to mend AUKUS rift
President Biden spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday in a bid to resolve a bitter diplomatic break and said he’s sending Vice President Kamala Harris to Paris to resolve any hard feelings. Macron recalled the French ambassador to Washington last month after Biden stunned America’s oldest ally by announcing a nuclear submarine pact...
Officer opens fire after being dragged by car, D.C. police said
Incident occurred late Friday on Kennedy Street NW
Alec Baldwin fatally shoots crew member with prop gun
Actor Alec Baldwin, who fired a prop gun that killed a cinematographer and injured a director on a movie set in New Mexico, called the incident a “tragic accident” and said his heart is broken. Omar Villafranca has the latest.
Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver 'wholly shocked' by allegations of racism, sexism
The Suns released a statement in reaction to a tweet saying a story is coming out accusing Robert Sarver of "racism, sexism and sexual harassment."
‘Foundation’ Episode 6 Recap: Keeping Up the Pace
Lee Pace shirtless. That’s it. That’s the review.
People vaccinated against Covid-19 less likely to die from any cause, study finds
People who got Covid-19 vaccines were not only less likely to die from the virus, but they were less likely to die from any cause over the following months, researchers reported Friday.
Lil Nas X is set to make a surprise appearance with Diplo in Las Vegas
"He's going to hop on stage with Diplo and they're going to do something original," we're told. "He wanted to do it. Last-minute thing. [He's flying] out from Atlanta for it."
Lane Kiffin: 'I was kind of down on our cops' after Ole Miss-Tennessee game
Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin told Paul Finebaum he was "kind of down on our cops" after those escorting him ducked from items thrown by Tennessee fans.
Lack of gun safety killed Halyna Hutchins on the set of Alec Baldwin's 'Rust.' How did this happen?
"Whoever handed the loaded gun to Alec Baldwin should be held responsible to some level."
Biden Bolsters Senate Filibuster Foes, but a Fight May Wait
The president’s criticism of the Senate tactic was a recognition that legislating has become nearly impossible when the filibuster is routine.
Duran Duran on ‘Future Past’ and partying with ‘Queen Elizabeth’ for 40th anniversary
Partying with everyone from Lady Gaga, Elton John and Daniel Craig to Kim Kardashian, Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth II, Duran Duran holds the anniversary bash to end all anniversary bashes in celebration of 40 years in music. The festivities go down in the video for the band’s latest single, aptly titled “Anniversary.” But if...
The Supreme Court’s Texas Abortion Case Could Give States More Power Than Ever
The U.S. Supreme Court on Friday declined for the second time to immediately block Texas’ six-week abortion ban, but said it will hear two separate challenges to the law from the Biden Administration and Texas abortion providers on Nov. 1. The high court will not examine the question of whether the Texas law, known as…
Pain at the pump: California gas prices are sky high, with one town charging almost $8 a gallon
Prices are so high — and consumers are so perplexed — that a Google search of "Why are gas prices going up?" has spiked this month.
Brian Laundrie's Remains Sent to Forensic Anthropologist; Cause of Death Expected Next Week
The partial remains, including a portion of a human skull, found on Wednesday were identified as Brian Laundrie the next day using dental records.
Alec Baldwin's 'Rust' movie 911 call released
911 audio from the accidental shooting on the set of Alec Baldwin's "Rust" movie was obtained by Fox News on Friday.
Game On: Empathy-focused video game 'Rainbow Billy'
'Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan' focuses on non-violent, empathy and listening-focused game play. Rick Damigella reports.
The Best Winter Outdoor Gear Deals to Shop Now
Photo: STEFANO CAVORETTO/iStock.With fall officially underway and winter just around the corner, you may be in the market for a cold weather outdoor gear refresh. Heavy coats, winter boots, and other outdoor essentials can be on the expensive side, but fortunately you don't have to pay full price to invest in a new piece. Scroll through below to check out some of our favorite deals and coupon codes from retailers like Macy's, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Nike. Macy's: to 60% Off Fall Sale. Dick's Sporting Goods: Up to 60% off Clearance Read more at The Daily Beast.
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Friday, October 22, 2021
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell."
A record amount of Americans are quitting their jobs due to pandemic burnout
Millions of Americans have quit their jobs due to pandemic burnout. Many have started their own companies.
Lev Parnas Not in Custody After Conviction, Says 'I've Never Hid From Nobody'
U.S. District Court Judge Paul Oetken declined a request from prosecutors to jail Parnas after he was convicted of campaign finance charges on Friday.
Letters to the Editor — Oct. 23, 2021
The Issue: WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s joking responses to questions about the disperal of migrants. The Post has it right in calling out White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on her all-too-many sarcastic, trite responses to serious questions (“Laughing off US crises,” Oct. 20). Her actions ­border on childish. She also has a “poker...
Biden's looming European high-wire act
President Joe Biden heads to Europe next week for a series of high-stakes meetings and summits. Here's a primer on what to know:
Man With Tattooed Face Tried to Rape Woman Sleeping Next to Boyfriend, Police Say
The suspect claimed that the woman had made sexual advances towards him in a bathroom, but he "told her no" because he "had a curfew and needed to leave."
The week in 15 headlines
This week, Democratic leaders grappled internally with how to pass President Biden's agenda with a pared-down price tag. Meanwhile, all eyes are on Virginia as a new poll showed the governor's race in a dead-heat.
Joe Rogan calls CNN's Don Lemon a 'dumb motherf-----' for doubling down on 'horse dewormer' narrative
Podcast giant Joe Rogan held no punches towards CNN's Don Lemon after the anchor doubled down on his network's "horse dewormer" narrative.