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Debris from missing flight MH370 confirmed

French authorities said they have conclusively confirmed a plane wing washed up on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean is part of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. CBS News transportation safety analyst Mark Rosenker spoke to CBSN about the statement.
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Live Updates: Biden Invites More Lawmakers to the White House to Discuss Infrastructure
President Biden hopes to win support from a bipartisan group of former mayors and governors for his $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan. Republicans have pushed for a smaller plan focused on traditional areas like bridges and roads, while progressives want Mr. Biden to go even bigger.
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How NASA’s Mars Helicopter Flight Opens the Door to More Ambitious Missions
A Wright brothers moment 117 years later
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Supreme Court to hear arguments in case that could allow green cards for thousands who entered US illegally
The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments Monday in a potential landmark immigration case that could dramatically alter the fortunes of thousands currently living in the U.S. after fleeing countries with Temporary Protected Status (TPS).
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Presidential nominees respond to Dallas police ambush
The violent deaths of black men and police officers shed light on where the candidates stand concerning race relations, law enforcement and gun control. Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the political response to the recent shootings.
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Uptick in cybercrime ahead of Rio Olympic Games
The road to the Olympics in Rio de Janerio has been a bumpy one to say the least, plagued by worries about Zika, doping, water pollution, street violence and construction delays. But now, with the summer games opening in less than a month, there's a new concern -- cybercrime. Devin Redmond, vice president and general manager of social media security at the leading cybersecurity company Proofpoint joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss how cybercriminals are exploiting the Olympic games.
7-year-old girl shot and killed in McDonald's drive-thru in Chicago
Officer raced her to a hospital to no avail. Her father was also shot and seriously wounded. The car was bullet-ridden.
National Urban League president on fighting racial tensions
Political and religious leaders across the country are calling for calm, saying this is a time to unite, not divide. Marc Morial, president of the National Urban League and former mayor of New Orleans, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the importance of conversation, action and leadership to combat racial tensions.
Derek Chauvin Trial Latest Updates: Closing Arguments Set to Begin
Testimony has concluded in Mr. Chauvin’s murder trial, but the prosecution and the defense still have a chance to sway jurors. Here’s the latest from the trial.
Impact of deadly Dallas attack on police nationwide
What does this week of deadly clashes between civilians and police mean for officers patrolling cities and towns around the country? Ed Davis, a former Boston police commissioner joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss how the Dallas police ambush raises caution for officers across the country and why the use of a robot explosive to kill the gunman was justified.
Relatives of black men killed by police speak out
On Tuesday in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, video captured the moment two police officers shot Alton Sterling dead outside a convenience store. David Begnaud spoke with the mother of Sterling's son, Cameron. On Wednesday, Diamond Reynolds posted the video of her fiancé, Philando Castile, bleeding to death -- with no one giving him first aid -- after a police officer shot him during a traffic stop in Minnesota. She spoke with Anna Werner.
Ex-FBI profiler: Gunman in Dallas police attack was "well prepared"
Mary Ellen O'Toole, a former FBI senior profiler and one of the world's foremost experts on mass shootings, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to explain why the Dallas police ambush was "well-planned" and what the gunman's "unusual" behavior during the hostage negotiation suggests about his personality.
Protesters voice outrage over police violence nationwide
Demonstrators continued to pour out into the streets across the country Friday to voice their anger over the deadly shootings of two black men at the hands of police. John Blackstone reports.
What was motive of ex-soldier in Dallas police ambush?
Micah Johnson ambushed police during a protest in downtown Dallas Thursday, killing five officers and wounding nine others. We are finding out more about the gunman's planning and what police found in his home. Jeff Pegues reports.
NASA Ingenuity helicopter makes historic first flight on Mars
NASA makes history with the "first flight of a powered aircraft on another planet," Mars.
More details on Dallas police ambush and gunman
Five officers were killed and nine others wounded during a protest Thursday, when a gunman targeted them following the deadly shootings of two black men at the hands of police officers this week. Investigators say Micah Johnson, an Afghan war veteran, was amassing an arsenal at his home outside Dallas. His tour of duty ended in 2014 when he was sent back to the U.S. after a female soldier accused him of sexual harassment. Manuel Bojorquez reports.
Closing arguments are set to start today
Tony Gravely's UFC on ESPN 22 win 'even more special' because of striking
Tony Gravely believes his performance lets people know there's more to worry about than just his wrestling.       Related StoriesTony Gravely's UFC on ESPN 22 win 'even more special' because of striking - EnclosureVideo: UFC 261 'Countdown' for Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal 2Video: UFC 261 'Countdown' for Zhang Weili vs. Rose Namajunas
Photo intern captures emotional moment in Dallas
Heartbreak hit Dallas after five police officers were killed by a sniper. Ting Shen, a photo intern for the Dallas Morning News, captured an emotional moment in a now iconic image and joined CBSN to discuss it.
Dallas gunman killed by robot bomb
Micah Johnson, the suspect who shot and killed five Dallas police officers, was killed by a police robot with a bomb attached. CBS News transportation correspondent Kris Van Cleave joins CBSN to discuss a new use for the technology.
Cohen: Johnson & Johnson put out this statement that is simply not true
CNN Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth Cohen discusses a statement released by Johnson & Johnson about other coronavirus vaccines.
Berman on Cruz's latest tweet: 'The pot calling the kettle violent'
CNN John Berman calls out Sen. Ted Cruz after he tweeted that Democrats are "actively encouraging riots & violence" in response to recent comments made by Rep. Maxine Waters.
Police departments reassess how to train officers
In the wake of deadly shootings, both aimed at and at the hands of police officers, there have been public outcries to reassess officer training. Former Deputy of Homeland Security consultant Mustafa Tameez joins CBSN to discuss.
Vladimir Putin Faces Mass Protest in Russia as Alexei Navalny Doctor Blasts 'Hospital' Move
President Putin's most vociferous critic began a hunger strike 20 days ago and doctors have warned that he could suffer cardiac arrest "at any minute."
Hillary Clinton: We need to find answers together
Speaking at the African Methodist Episcopal Church General Conference, Hillary Clinton reacted to the shooting in Dallas Thursday night. Clinton also spoke of the Black Lives Matter movement and the current state of race relations in the United States. See her full remarks.
When Is Derek Chauvin Verdict Expected? How to Watch Closing Arguments
Jurors are expected to begin deliberating after the closing arguments, which will start at 9 a.m. local time Monday.
New York hardest hit state by COVID-19, analysis reveals
New York became the epicenter for COVID-19 infections early into the global pandemic, with its tourism industry taking a beating thanks to the shutdowns.
Dallas mayor and Texas governor address shooting
In a press conference Friday afternoon, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and Texas Governor Greg Abbott provided the latest update on the Dallas shooting. See the full press conference.
Trump backs Afghanistan withdrawal, breaking with GOP allies
Mr. Trump called the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan "wonderful and positive."
Americans call for healing after tragic week
Thursday night's shooting in Dallas brought many sounds and images. Most of those scenes were horrific, but a few brought hope. Scott Pelley reports.
National weather forecast: Cold temperatures, snow to spread across US
Wintry weather will be one of the big stories this week as snow will spread from the Rockies through the Midwest and then into the Northeast in the coming days.
Report: Eric Garcetti to Propose 'Universal Basic Income' Grant in Los Angeles
Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is set to propose a "universal basic income" pilot program for some residents of his city when he unveils his new budget on Tuesday, according to the Los Angeles Times. A year ago, the cash-strapped city was sending workers on furloughs due to anticipated budget shortfalls.
Camden, NJ officers applauded for community policing
In 2013, Camden, New Jersey replaced its entire police force after being plagued by deep budget cuts and corruption. The new department is half minority with an emphasis on foot patrols. DeMarco Morgan checked in on how they're doing.
Listen to Episode 44 of ‘Amazin’ But True’: Talking Mets Fandom, Movies with Glenn Close
It’s hard to complain right now if you’re a Mets fan. Throughout all the postponements this season, the Mets head to Chicago this week with a 7-4 record, sitting atop the NL East standings. Their starting pitching has been amongst the best in baseball. They are getting contributions across the board and winning games, despite...
New cadets join LAPD day after Dallas shooting
With heavy hearts a day after five cops were killed in Dallas, the newest members of the LAPD graduated from the police academy Friday. Mireya Villarreal was there.
Political reaction to Dallas shooting
Representatives in Washington have been weighing in on the shooting in Dallas since the shots rang out Thursday night. Hillary Clinton also shared her thoughts with Scott Pelley.
A giant, indoor vertical farm aims to bring jobs and fresh produce to Compton
An innovative agriculture startup plans to open an indoor vertical farm in Compton to help bring more jobs and loads of fresh produce to the California city.
Matthew McConaughey leads Gov. Greg Abbott in new poll for Texas governor race despite moderate politics
A new poll has Matthew McConaughey leading Gov. Greg Abbott in the upcoming Texas race for governor.
Police on edge after Dallas shooting
After Thursday night's events in Dallas, police officers across the country are taking measures to ensure their safety. Jericka Duncan has more.
Climate change fueling migration from Central America
The White House will mark Earth Day this week by hosting international leaders for a virtual climate summit. But three countries that experts say are fueling the immigration crisis at the southern border aren't on the list. CBS News climate and energy reporter Cara Korte joins "CBSN AM" with more.
Brave officers ran toward the gunfire
When an otherwise peaceful protest turned violent Thursday night in Dallas, police officers stepped up. Omar Villafranca has more on the men and women who ran toward the sound of gunshots.
Kremlin critic Navalny transferred to prison hospital with serious illness
Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny has fallen gravely ill after going on a hunger strike to protest his lack of medical treatment. Navalny was recently transferred to a prison hospital from the penal colony outside Moscow where he was being held. Charlie D'Agata reports.
Dallas PD killed shooter with robotic bomb
Dallas Police Chief David Brown said his officers had no other choice than to use a robotic device to kill the suspect in Thursday night's shooting. It's likely the first time the tactic has been used by U.S. law enforcement. Kris Van Cleave has more on that.
Column: Completing spring high school football season a journey to celebrate
Six-week Southern Section prep football season ends in celebration after players, coaches and teams overcome the obstacles of a global pandemic.
Where was ‘Mare of Easttown’ Filmed?
Kate Winslet became passionately addicted to Wawa.
Healing in a week of violence
It's tough to find answers after a week of violence. Steve Hartman went "On the Road" to search for a few.
A conviction looks likely in the George Floyd case, but also an appeal
John Maynard Keynes and Paul Samuelson have both been credited with the dictum that “when the facts change, I change my mind.” So, what I once believed to be highly improbable – a murder conviction in the trial of the ex-Minneapolis cop who knelt on George Floyd’s neck – has a better than even chance...
Dr. Fauci on politics-driven vaccine hesitancy, Johnson & Johnson pause
President Biden's Chief Medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses the Johnson and Johnson vaccine pause and vaccine hesitancy.
Philando Castile's girlfriend on Dallas tragedy
Philando Castile died Wednesday during a traffic stop in Minnesota. Castile's girlfriend caught his death on video and spoke with Anna Werner about the disbelief she felt while watching the events unfold in Dallas.