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Delaware amusement park is the place for old-fashioned fun

Funland has been a fixture of the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach, Del., since the early 1960s - and the family running the rides and amusements is now in its fifth generation. Chip Reid steps into a haven for cherished summertime pleasures.
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Top conservatives rip Trump in National Review manifesto
Donald Trump faces a new challenge from the right, with the National Review, a leading conservative magazine, putting out a manifesto "Against Trump" that's signed by 22 Republican and Tea Party figures. The magazine calls Trump a "political opportunist," a "huckster," and a "menace to American conservatism." In response, the Republican Party dropped the National Review as a co-partner of a debate in Houston next month. Major Garrett reports.
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Thousands of flights canceled as blizzard moves northeast
The massive winter storm is causing a widespread travel mess. About 2,300 flights have been canceled for Friday, and around the same number of flights are scrapped for tomorrow. Travelers along the East Coast are seeing the worst of it. David Begnaud reports from the Philadelphia International Airport.
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‘American Idol’ mystery overshadows the show as a frontrunner drops out with no explanation
"Idol" host Ryan Seacrest said Wyatt Pike dropped out of the competition and offered no other explanation, which sent viewers into a frenzy.
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Winter storm could bring up to three feet of snow in D.C.
As the snow storm moves north from North Carolina, many regions including Washington, D.C., are under states of emergency. Up to three feet of snow could fall in D.C., where a little more than an inch of snow was enough to cripple the city earlier this week. Kris Van Cleave reports on Washington’s preparations for the blizzard.
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Rougned Odor’s ‘edge’ is making Yankees take notice
DUNEDIN, Fla. — Rougned Odor’s stint with the Yankees has gotten off to a promising start. After providing the go-ahead hit in Sunday’s win over the Rays, Odor sparked the Yankees’ offense in Monday’s 3-1 win over the Blue Jays with a one-out single in the fifth. “All his at-bats were pretty competitive,’’ Boone said....
Tom Brady Gushes Over Julian Edelman Connection as Edelman Retires From NFL
"You had an amazing football journey, an amazing life journey in New England," Tom Brady said of Edelman, who was one of Brady's best targets as a Patriots teammate.
'60 Minutes' panned for segment using viewer mail to justify DeSantis report: 'This is embarrassing'
"60 Minutes" faced yet another round of backlash after airing a segment Sunday that appeared to use viewer mail to justify the previous week's botched report on Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis.
Melinda Gates: Empower women, eradicate poverty
Melinda Gates spoke to CBS News in Davos, Switzerland about gender inequality and how to empower women of all economic backgrounds in order to eradicate poverty. She also talked about her GAVI Alliance initiative which focuses on funding for vaccines, and how this should be a top priority globally in order to prevent high infant mortality rates.
UK judge: Vladimir Putin "probably" approved poisoning of ex-spy
A British judge says Russian President Vladimir Putin "probably" ordered the poisoning of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko after he defected to Britain. The Woodrow Wilson Center's Will Pomeranz discussed the allegations with CBSN.
Nolte: Rural Trump Voters Already Live in the Safe, Tolerant Utopia Leftists Claim to Want
Life in Rural America (which is where Republican Trump voters live and govern), is clean, safe and racially tolerant. Most places in America where life is dirty, polluted, dangerous, violent, and plagued with racial hate and race riots, are cities that are almost exclusively populated by and governed by Democrats.
Authorities received repeated warnings in months before three young siblings were killed
There were numerous reports about the welfare of three Reseda toddlers before they were killed Saturday, allegedly by their mother.
Blockbuster snowstorm heading for East Coast, Michigan governor may testify over Flint water: CBSN10 Trending stories
Millions of Americans brace for a potentially crippling winter storm, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder may be called to testify before Congress over the Flint water crisis, and more of the stories you're clicking on.
Abba members reunite... kind of
Members of the 1970s' pop sensation ABBA briefly reunited, not to perform, but for the opening of an Abba-themed restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. CBSN's Contessa Brewer sings us the details.
Serial rapist ex-cop sentenced to 263 years in prison
Daniel Holtzclaw, the former Oklahoma City police officer convicted of raping and sexually victimizing more than a dozen women while on patrol, has been sentenced to 263 years in prison. CBSN's Contessa Brewer reports.
This Day in History: Flying car fail
In January of 1988, Paul Moller attempted to go behind the wheels of his flying car. The test flight, however, didn't go as planned. CBSN looks back at the flying car attempt in its weekly segment, "The Way it Was."
TSA seized record number of guns in carry-ons, mostly loaded
The Transportation Safety Administration says it recovered a record number of guns in carry-on bags in 2015, and the agency says, the majority of the firearms were loaded. CBSN's Contessa Brewer reports.
Cough medicine recalled for morphine
Master Herbs is recalling its Licorice Coughing Liquid because it contains morphine, and it's not noted on the label. CBSN's Contessa Brewer has the details.
This Day in History: Car stereos on steroids
In the 1980s the average car stereo just wasn't enough. Drivers began installing big, loud multi-speaker systems to blast music from their rides. But not all drivers were happy about this new fad. CBSN looks back at the craze in its weekly segment, "The Way it Was."
This Day in History: Boeing 747's first commercial flight
Air travel was transformed on January 22, 1970 when Boeing's 747 made its first commercial flight from New York City to London. CBSN looks back at the historic day in the weekly segment, "The Way it Was."
This Day in History: Vietnam War Ceasefire
President Richard Nixon addressed the nation on January 23, 1973 to announce a ceasefire had been reached to bring "peace with honor' in Vietnam. CBSN looks back at the historic Vietnam War announcement in the weekly segment, "The Way it Was."
This Day in History: Iran Hostage Crisis Ends
The hostage crisis in Iran came to an end after 444 days. On January 20, 1981 the remaining Americans held in Tehran were released. The conflict had plagued President Jimmy Carter's presidency and would shape America's relationship with Iran for decades to come. CBSN looks back at Walter Cronkite's original report on the end of the crisis in the weekly segment, "The Way it Was."
WATCH: 2nd Night of Looting Begins in Minneapolis Suburb After Police Shooting
A second night of looting broke out in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Monday night following Sunday's shooting of an unarmed black man. The looting followed a protest outside the city's police station.
Gregg Popovich on Daunte Wright shooting: 'Makes you sick to your stomach'
San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich spoke out on Monday night following the police killing of Daunte Wright.
MSNBC's Joy Reid blasted for saying she's 'too scurred' to resume normal life after getting vaccinated
MSNBC star Joy Reid is being accused of discouraging her two million Twitter followers from getting the coronavirus vaccine.
Pentagon Looking to Better Screen Social Media of Service Members and Recruits for 'Extremism'
The Pentagon is looking into better screening recruits' and service members' social media as part of its effort to get rid of "extremism" in the United States military, according to a recent memo from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.
Washington state rattled by massive earthquake models
In Washington state, coastal community leaders are debating over the most effective way to save lives if a massive earthquake hits. Some scientists say preparations may be futile, since the resulting tsunami wave could dwarf schools and buildings. Don Dahler reports.
Nationals, finally becoming whole, end their skid with 5-2 win over Cardinals
The Nationals, with new additions Kyle Schwarber and Josh Bell playing key roles, snap their five-game losing streak by winning in St. Louis.
Wife of slain Syrian anti-ISIS activist speaks out
Courageous Syrians who document life under ISIS rule are now being targeted. Using their smartphones, many bystanders in the Syrian city of Raqqa have become digital journalists. But their commitment to spreading the truth is coming at a great price. Holly Williams reports.
John Kasich: Maybe we can win in New Hampshire
Donald Trump is leading the pack of Republican candidates for the party's nomination, and Senator Ted Cruz is nipping at his heels as the Iowa caucuses draw near. Meanwhile in New Hampshire, John Kasich tells Major Garrett he's hopeful that he'll land in at least second place.
Clinton steps up foreign policy attacks against Sanders
Hillary Clinton jabbed Bernie Sanders on his foreign policy Thursday, while Sanders challenged Clinton on entitlements. Both campaigns are calling for voter turnout as the Iowa caucuses draw near. Nancy Cordes reports from the campaign trail.
Flint starts process to remove lead from city's water
Officials in Flint, Michigan, have started the process of removing lead from their drinking water. But residents don't know if they'll ever trust the tap again. As Adriana Diaz reports, at least 100 children show elevated levels of lead in their blood.
Blackwell--Beyond Election Integrity: American Exceptionalism in Crosshairs of Radical Left
Democrats’ Corrupt Politicians Act pending in the Senate is a frontal assault on our Constitution’s federalist recipe for freedom which has served our nation well for centuries, putting Congress in complete control of its own elections. The American people must oppose the Radical Left’s hostile takeover of our right to vote, and with it the death of American Exceptionalism.
FDA lifts curbs on dispensing abortion pills during pandemic
The FDA concluded that allowing patients to receive abortion pills through the mail will not increase risks.
Gingrich: 'Very dangerous time' with police being vilified, especially for minorities
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned that the exponential increase in police officers being vilified in the public square marks a dangerous time for the United States
Steph Curry passes Wilt Chamberlain as Warriors' all-time leading scorer
Steph Curry passed Wilt Chamberlain as the Warriors' career scoring leader with 21 points in the first quarter Monday night.
Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres to close after pandemic
It’s lights out in La La Land. Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres are closing all locations across California, some 300 screens total, including Hollywood’s famed Cinerama Dome. The Sunset Boulevard landmark, immortalized in scenes of “Melrose Place” and Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” shut its doors last spring amidst the global coronavirus...
California mom reacts to 'shocking' leaked Zoom video of teacher berating students over in-person learning
A California mom spoke out Monday against "upsetting" videos of a local high school teacher berating students over their parents' collective push to end remote learning and return children to their classrooms full-time.
Ilhan Omar says violence is ‘basic part of police interactions’ with minorities
Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., took to Twitter Monday to criticize policing in the U.S. after the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, a Black man, during a traffic stop in a Minneapolis suburb.
NCAA to Pull Events from States that Limit Transgender Participation in Sports
The NCAA sided with transgender athletes on Monday, saying they will no longer hold events in states that aren't "free of discrimination."
"The Taco Cleanse" explained by taco experts
For those who think "The Taco Cleanse" is a real diet, we're sorry to tell you that it's all joke. The authors of "The Taco Cleanse" Stephanie Bogdanich, Wes Allison, and Jessica Morris, explain the tongue-in-cheek book to CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers.
3 sites pause use of Johnson & Johnson vaccine over adverse reactions
Georgia is the third state to temporarily shut down a vaccination site using the Johnson and Johnson shot after adverse reactions. Nikki Battiste has the latest.
Too late for justice?
Correspondent Erin Moriarty discusses how an expired statute of limitations, which limits how long after a crime prosecutors can charge certain offenses -- but doesn't apply to murder cases in the U.S. -- almost derailed the case featured in "'48 Hours:' Live to Tell: My Name is Victoria," airing Saturday, May 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.
Preview: Making a Difference
On a special edition of "60 Minutes Presents," the news magazine takes a look at Americans from all walks of life who are making a difference. The broadcast will air on Jan. 24 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.
Today in History April 13
An explosion cripples Apollo 13 on its way to the Moon; President Thomas Jefferson born; Pope John Paul II visits a synagogue; Actor Sydney Poitier achieves an Oscar milestone; Golfer Tiger Woods wins the Masters for the first time. (April 13)
'This is the strongest tear gas I've ever faced': Sidner on scene in Minnesota
CNN's Sara Sidner reports on scene of new protests in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, after a Black man was shot by a police officer and died following a traffic stop.
Democrat Rep Rashida Tlaib Calls for 'No More Policing, Incarceration'
Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) reacted to the police-involved shooting death of Daunte Wright, calling for an end to "policing, incarceration, and militarization.'
Umpire Joe West wins $500,000 defamation lawsuit against ex-Met Paul Lo Duca
Umpire Joe West was awarded $500,000 plus interest on Monday after winning a defamation lawsuit against former major league player Paul Lo Duca. Judge John Kelley of Manhattan Supreme Court rendered the decision. Lo Duca had said on “The Favorites” podcast on the Action Network in April 2019 that West had once agreed to give...
Kevin Spacey jokes about Trump, sings Sinatra at Davos piano bar
Kevin Spacey, the actor who plays Frank Underwood in the Netflix series “House of Cards” made a guest appearance at a Davos reception where he sang a Sinatra tune and cracked a joke about Donald Trump. Video shot by Gilad Thaler.