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Did Anyone Win the Powerball Jackpot on 10/27/21? Numbers and Results

The jackpot is steadily rising again—Newsweek breaks down the numbers this week and whether there are any winners to be found among ticket-holders.
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Leon Black wants comms between accuser’s lawyer and Fanatics’ Michael Rubin
Leon Black, who is defending against a defamation lawsuit brought by a woman who accused him of sexual assault, has served subpoenas demanding all communication between her law firm and several individuals, including Fanatics owner Michael Rubin.
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Football airtime celebrating the insufferable
How could someone — anywhere in public, let alone on national TV — say such a thing? 
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U.S. has shortage of 2.2 million construction workers
The nationwide shortage of homes for sale is being driven, in part, by a severe shortage of builders. The construction industry says more than 2 million new workers will be needed over the next three years to meet demand. Mark Strassmann takes a look.
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Thursday, December 2, 2021
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News," hosted by Margaret Brennan.
Suspect arrested in killing of Jacqueline Avant
Police in Los Angeles made an arrest in the killing of Jacqueline Avant, who was gunned down in the home she shared with her husband and music legend Clarence Avant. The suspect was caught at the scene of another crime, officials said. Carter Evans has more.
What Time Will ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ Be on Disney+?
That wimpy kid sure has a lot to say!
GOP senators threaten shutdown over vaccine rule
Lawmakers have until the end of Friday to approve a short-term government funding deal, but they're running into resistance from a group of Senate Republicans over federal vaccine requirements. Kris Van Cleave reports.
Far-Right Shock Jock Confronts Mark Meadows on Alleged Ties to China
TASOS KATOPODISFar-right radio personality Stew Peters ambushed Mark Meadows this week on his nightly internet program, asking the ardently pro-Trump former chief-oF-staff why he has allegedly been hanging around “Chinese communists.”The unexpectedly antagonistic questioning came as the ex-Trump official made his rounds in right-wing media to promote his new book, titled The Chief’s Chief.“Back on November 19th, this show discovered a really concerning report,” Peters stated while citing a claim made by far-right website The National File. Meadows has “very close connections with Chinese communists through the ridiculously named Humpty Dumpty Institute as well as the CCP-tied Taihe Institute,” the host continued.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Oregon Wolf Pack Among 8 Killed by Poison; Police Seek Help With Investigation
Oregon State Police reached out to the public for help in its investigation after all leads came up dry.
'Collaborating with the mullahs': Iranian dissidents warn US not to return to the nuclear deal
While Iran announced that it is escalating its nuclear program, despite the Vienna talks aimed at preventing just that, Iranian activists are speaking out to Fox News.
Biden launches plan to combat Omicron variant
President Biden unveiled his latest strategy to combat COVID-19 hours after the U.S. confirmed its first reported cases of the Omicron variant. Weijia Jiang shares more.
Fox Nation's 'Christmas at the Cathedral' honors history of St. Patrick's Cathedral
There’s nothing like Christmastime in New York City! Join Jonathan Morris for an exclusive look at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on 5th Avenue and its stunning Christmas displays like you’ve never seen before.
TSA will force train and plane operators to tell the feds when they've been hacked
US airlines and railroads will have to report cyber breaches to the federal government, the Biden administration said Thursday, as officials warn of increasing danger from attempted hacks.
Alan Cumming recalls nude scene with Jessica Lange: ‘You have fantastic boobs’
His memoir is full of juicy tales from his life in showbiz, but one story, in particular, involves Jessica Lange, a nude scene and her so-called "fantastic boobs.”
Alec Baldwin talks about fatal 'Rust' shooting
Actor Alec Baldwin sits down with ABC News for his first formal interview since discharging a prop firearm that killed a crew member and injured another on the set of "Rust." Follow here for the latest updates.
LeBron James cleared to return after false-positive coronavirus test
The four-time MVP will be eligible to play when the Lakers host the Clippers on Friday.
Michigan school shooting reveals the epidemic America is ignoring
Republicans have repeatedly hyped up a phony threat of "critical race theory" when it is school shootings that pose a real danger to the physical and psychological safety of students across the country, writes Julian Zelizer.
Keith Urban was judgmental about Nicole Kidman’s ‘Lucy’ voice
“Vocally, I started with the Lucy voice," Kidman said at a Thursday "Being the Ricardos" screening in NYC. "And I’d do it for my husband who has a great ear, cause he’s a musician, and he’d be, like, ‘Hmmmm.’ Kinda scary.”
Vaccination mandate extended to NYC religious, private school staffers
Under Thursday's announcement, employees at all private and religious education schools — including yeshivas and Catholic schools — must provide proof of a first vaccination dose by Dec. 20.
Sidney Powell, L. Lin Wood, among attorneys ordered to pay $180,000 over Michigan ‘Kraken’ suit
A federal judge called the legal fees to be paid to Detroit and state of Michigan appropriate to deter “misconduct”
‘Sex and the City’ author Candace Bushnell celebrates birthday on stage
A spy told us director Lorin Latarro and Bushnell’s two poodles — Pepper and Prancer — joined her onstage with a cake from Butterfield Market that read “Happy Birthday Candace! Our Star!”
Tropical Bird Waltzed Into Family's House And 'Made It His Home' In Adorable Viral Video
"As my family was eating dinner, we saw this flash of green just appear at our door," the young woman said.
Jay Williams calls out ESPN for taking Brian Kelly quote out of context
Jay Williams is not happy with the ESPN social media team.
Former Coach Who Tricked Women Into Sending Him Nude Photos Indicted on 15 Counts: Feds
Steve Waithe is accused of wire fraud, cyberstalking, aiding and abetting computer fraud, and conspiracy to commit computer fraud.
America is behind in the new space race China is determined to win
In the 1960s, the United States and the Soviet Union waged a “space race” to the Moon. In the recent TV series “For All Mankind,” the Soviets got there first.
Libyan Court Says Gadhafi's Son Can Run for President Despite Past Convictions
Moammar Gadhafi was overthrown and slain by a NATO-supported uprising in 2011, plunging the North African country into a decade of violence and disorder.
Epstein housekeeper describes finding sex toy after massages
Jeffrey Epstein's former housekeeper on Thursday described cleaning up after his boss' massages and finding a "large dildo" -- which he put away in Ghislaine Maxwell's basket of sex toys.
Demi Lovato isn't 'California sober' anymore: 'Sober sober is the only way to be'
Demi Lovato gave their Instagram followers a significant update on their recovery, revealing they are no longer using the "California sober" approach.
LeBron James out of COVID-19 protocols, cleared to return
LeBron James has been cleared to return to the Los Angeles Lakers after missing one game under the NBA's health and safety protocols.
Arizona Could Enact Abortion Law Written Before Statehood if SCOTUS Overturns Federal Ruling
Anyone who aids a woman in obtaining an abortion could face sentences ranging from two to five years in prison, according to the state law.
Five cases of Omicron variant detected in New York state
The announcement comes just a day after the first case of the variant was detected in the country.
Fauci blasted by PETA for using monkeys in 'horrendous HIV experiments'
The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals blasted Dr. Anthony Fauci in a letter sent Thursday for allowing the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to continue using monkeys in HIV and AIDS vaccine experiments.
How much of a child’s life do the antiabortion protesters really care about?
What are protesters who say they are "pro-life" in the abortion debate doing to better the lives of children after they are born?
Bobsledder Kaillie Humphries gets U.S. citizenship and is eligible for Beijing Games
Bobsledder who has won three Olympic medals for Canada hopes to win two more in Beijing for the United States.
Women share how access to abortion impacted their lives -- whether they chose one or not
When Sam Blakely found out she was pregnant, she balled up her shower curtain and put it in her mouth so she could scream as loud as she needed to without her roommates hearing.
Rihanna denies pregnancy in alleged DM with fan
Rihanna has previously discussed her future plans for motherhood in a 2020 British Vogue interview, saying she hoped to have "three or four" kids by the time she was 42.
Election Workers Say Ballot Fraud Claims Led to Their Harassment, Threatening Messages
One of the election workers was relocated by the FBI after the bureau deemed it unsafe for her to remain at her home from people showing up multiple times.
Jussie Smollett’s lawyers claim judge ‘lunged’ at one of them, ask for a mistrial
Jussie Smollett’s attorneys asked for a mistrial Thursday after the judge called their evidence irrelevant in front of the jury and “physically lunged” at one of the actor’s lawyers.
New York confirms 5 cases of the omicron coronavirus variant
The omicron variant of the coronavirus has been documented in the New York City area.
Vaccines are the key. They're also making some people very rich.
The US government has put billions of dollars into developing and producing Covid-19 vaccines, but it doesn't own them. Taxpayers are now paying Pfizer and Moderna billions for the vaccines.
'Rust' cinematographer Halyna Hutchins honored at star-studded event: 'She is our sister'
"Rust" cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was honored at the WrapWomen's Power Women Summit Live Event on Thursday.
Opinion: Antonio Brown lowers himself to a new low, and now should pay the price
Even after this colossal misstep by talented yet troubled receiver Antonio Brown, it's only a matter of time before he finds a way to screw up again.
Planned obsolescence: Apple set to ‘kill off’ older iPhone models
If your iPhone model dates back to the Obama administration, it may be time to get a replacement as Apple will soon put the iPhone 6 Plus in its "vintage products" list, according to a memo.
Arrest made in Jacqueline Avant slaying after suspect shoots himself in foot
Aariel Maynor, 29, was found in the backyard of a different Beverly Hills residence with the wound shortly after he allegedly killed Jacqueline Avant.
USA TODAY Sports' Week 13 NFL picks: Do New England Patriots or Buffalo Bills emerge with AFC East lead?
Surging New England and Buffalo meet Monday night in the first of two December meetings. This week's winner will claim the divisional lead.
Stolen School Bus Rams Cars in New York City, at Least 1 Officer and 1 Civilian Hurt
The suspected driver of the stolen school bus was taken into custody Thursday afternoon, authorities said.
Here's how independent voters grade Biden
CNN's Alisyn Camerota speaks with a panel of independent voters about how President Joe Biden has handled key issues like the coronavirus pandemic, infrastructure and inflation.
Lakers' LeBron James clears NBA's COVID-19 health and safety protocols, eligible to return Friday vs. Clippers
LeBron James missed just one game with what the NBA said was a false positive test and should be back Friday when the Lakers play the Clippers.