Eisenhower Memorial is a testament to a GOP that no longer exists

Our View: WWII war hero was a consensus-building pragmatist who worked across party lines.        
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A farmer fell ill. So dozens of his neighbors showed up spontaneously and harvested his crops.
When other near by farmers in North Dakota heard what happened, they immediately halted their own harvesting to go help.
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What the SCOTUS Nomination Fight is Really About | Opinion
This nomination fight concerns the future of our political system itself—whether the GOP will push back against a party increasingly dominated by leftists storming the ramparts in naked pursuit of total power.
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5 things to know for September 23: Covid-19, Breonna Taylor, UN, domestic violence
Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and On with Your Day.
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Which Teams Are in the MLB Playoffs? Updated Bracket and Wild-Card Standings
Two playoff spots remain up for grabs in the American League while four berths are yet to be assigned in the National League.
Man run over, killed by his own car as he tried to stop thief from stealing it
A man was run over and killed by his own van as he tried to stop a thief from stealing it.
Pence calls coronavirus deaths 'heartbreaking,' praises Trump's 'early actions'
Vice President Mike Pence called the death of more than 200,000 Americans to the coronavirus a “heartbreaking milestone” Tuesday but applauded President Trump’s early actions that he said saved “hundreds of thousands of lives.”
Apple finally launched an online store in India
It's been 20 years since Apple entered India. Now the company is finally starting to sell directly to customers.
As UK faces new wave of virus, Johnson is under fire on many fronts
Despite a landslide election victory last December, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is having a torrid year. He has been widely criticized for his government's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic and as infections rise again, Johnson has many more challenges to face. CNN's Nic Robertson reports.
Top golfer added 40 pounds to boost game. This is what he ate
Bryson DeChambeau's physical transformation has been remarkable in 2020. What's equally remarkable is how quickly he's started to reap major rewards.
Bryson Dechambeau added 40 pounds to boost game. This is what he ate
Bryson DeChambeau's physical transformation has been remarkable in 2020. What's equally remarkable is how quickly he's started to reap major rewards.
Fact-check: Are Protesters Throwing Cans of Soup and Tuna, As Trump Claims?
Speaking about recent protests sweeping the country, the president said: 'They're walking up there like 30 cans of soup. They have like 25 cans of tuna.'
Trump’s Crime and Carnage Ad Blitz Is Going Unanswered on Facebook
The president has spent millions on misleading Facebook ads targeting undecided voters, while Joe Biden has been virtually silent.
Why Cardi B Is Being Sued For Defamation
Rapper Cardi B and her sister are both being sued for defamation after they labeled a group of beachgoers as "racist MAGA supporters."
'Overkill' Louisville Preparations Raise Fears Breonna Taylor Officers Won't Be Charged
Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer has declared a state of emergency in the city "due to the potential for civil unrest" ahead of the Kentucky attorney general's anticipated announcement of a decision on the case.
U.K. leader tightens up COVID restrictions as virus surges back
"This is the moment when we must act," Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned Britons as hit pubs and restaurants with new rules.
'Supergirl' Canceled: Why the CW Show is Ending After Six Seasons
"Supergirl" is the latest of The CW's Arrowverse shows to come to be canceled, with the show coming to an end after an extended Season 6.
Matt Lucas revives his Boris Johnson spoof, urging viewers to 'Save Loaves' during 'Great British Bake Off' debut
Actor and comedian Matt Lucas brought his famed mimicry skills to "The Great British Bake Off" on Tuesday, kicking off the show's new season with a skit in which he impersonated British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
As Election Looms, Poll Finds Fewer Americans Think Economy in Poor Shape
The research found that since April, the proportion of people who describe the economy as "bad" has reduced by 11 percentage points.
Can airport testing and Covid immunity passports unlock travel?
Both travel experts and passengers are keen to get fast, reliable and affordable Covid-19 testing as soon as possible. Here's why it's not going to be an easy road.
Chris Paul says NBA players 'are woke' and empowered in the social justice movement
Oklahoma City Thunder star Chris Paul says NBA players are acutely aware of the current social justice movement and feel empowered to make a difference.
In SCOTUS Fight, Democrats Target Trump's Weakness on Health Care, Sound Alarm About ACA
The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, could face being eliminated by the Supreme Court, with Democrats suggesting another Trump-picked justice makes this more likely.
Michigan city decriminalizes magic mushrooms, other psychedelic plants
The Ann Arbor, Mich., City Council unanimously voted this week to essentially decriminalize a wide range of psychedelic drugs, including psilocybin mushrooms, mescaline, and ayahuasca.
Navalny condition improved enough for him to be released: German hospital
Pence plane hits bird, returns to New Hampshire airport
He was at start of flight home from campaign event. Plane returned to airport and he flew home on cargo aircraft Secret Service uses.
All but 1 endangered GOP senator back Trump's Supreme Court push after RBG death
Just one of roughly half-dozen Senate Republicans in tight reelection races opposed plans to fill the Supreme Court vacancy after Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death.
Prince Harry Speaks Out About U.S. Election For First Time Alongside Meghan Markle
Prince Harry has commented publicly on an election for the first time ever as wife Meghan Markle called the upcoming presidential vote the most important of "our lifetime."
Protesters demonstrate outside Portland building for second consecutive night
Demonstrations continued outside a Southeast Portland building for a second night in a row after a brief hiatus last week due to wildfire smoke.
87% of N.Y.C. Bars and Restaurants Fell Short on Rent
Despite a plethora of outdoor dining and the plans to allow some indoor dining by next week, the outlook for the food service industry is grim.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg's army of clerks to stand guard at the Supreme Court
When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returns for the final time to the Supreme Court on Wednesday, an army of more than a hundred of her former clerks will meet the casket and accompany it up the stone steps leading to the great hall where the liberal icon presided for almost 30 years.
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The museum closed first. Like many states amid the pandemic, New Mexico's small towns bear the brunt
As the federal government is cutting funding to states, municipalities like Lordsburg, N.M., are struggling with unemployment and a devastated tax base.
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Man proposes to girlfriend after skydiving from 13,000 feet
Talk about a high note.
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Leslie Marshall: Justice Ginsburg gave American women new rights — GOP could suffer by replacing her quickly
Ginsburg fought for women’s rights in the workplace and for gender equality. As a feminist, I saw her as a symbol of the feminist movement.
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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg returns to Supreme Court for final time
Even as President Donald Trump readied a potential replacement, Ginsburg's family, friends, former clerks and colleagues prepared for a last goodbye.        
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Amy Coney Barrett on Abortion, Roe v. Wade and Judicial Precedent in Her own Words
The federal judge is thought to be one of President Donald Trump's front-running contenders to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat on the Supreme Court.
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Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham Bonded Over Effort to Reshape Supreme Court
The president relies on McConnell, Graham and a few others to help him keep his campaign promise to fill the federal courts with conservative judges. Now they're determined to appoint a third SCOTUS justice.
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How to Watch Donald Trump's Speech at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast
Trump's appearance at the event comes at a crucial point in his re-election campaign, with less than 50 days remaining until the November 3 election date.
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Democrats Can Still Play Hardball
They just have to look to the past.
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In this part of Poland, the local scouts campaign to keep a coal mine open
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Great Smoky Mountains National Park entrance vandalized with 'Black lives don't matter' sign
Officials from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are investigating after someone placed a black bear skin and a cardboard sign that read "from here to the lake black lives don't matter," at an entrance to the park.
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Convicted NYPD cop killer Anthony Bottom scheduled to be released on parole
The last of three convicted Black Revolutionary Army members behind bars for murdering two NYPD cops nearly 50 years ago is set to be freed on parole in October, police union officials said Tuesday.
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CNN tries to ask congressional candidate about her support of QAnon
A candidate from Georgia is in line to become the first member of Congress who has openly supported Qanon, the movement that spreads dangerous conspiracy theories. Watch what happened when CNN's Drew Griffin tried to ask her about her beliefs.
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'I Have Been a Surrogate 3 Times, This Is What It's Like'
Each of the parents said beautiful things to me, but I remember on my third journey, one of the fathers kissed me on the forehead and said: "I will love you until the day I die."
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Scientists Say Dengue Unlikely to Protect Against Coronavirus After Study Claims Link
The team said scientists should explore whether a dengue vaccine could protect against the coronavirus.
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Beitar Jerusalem owner exploring Emirati investment for infamous team
Beitar Jerusalem is notorious across Israel for the anti-Arab racism of some of its fans. When Moshe Hogeg bought the club, he sought to change that. His latest move is to explore Emirati investment in the club, following the normalization agreement between Israel and the UAE.
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A huge teen party delayed a Massachusetts school’s reopening. Two parents have now been charged.
So much vitriol has flowed at the couple, who weren’t identified by police, that authorities are urging locals to accept that family will now face some justice in court.
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Trump Praises Police Throwing Aside Journalist 'Like a Little Bag of Popcorn'
Trump renewed his narrative against the U.S. press at a campaign ralley in Pennsylvania, saying that it's a "beautiful sight" when journalists are removed from broadcasts.
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Jeff Van Drew, Trump-backing Congressman Who Quit Democrats for GOP, Is Losing Election: Poll
Representing New Jersey's second congressional district, Van Drew trails Democrat Amy Kennedy, according to a survey by Public Policy Polling.
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Israel reports nearly 7,000 new Covid-19 cases in highest single-day spike
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