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Elite Army skydiver killed in Chicago Accident

Sgt. 1st Class Corey Hood of Cincinnati began skydiving in 2010. He had logged more than 500 freefall jumps. The 32-year-old also served five tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Adriana Diaz reports on what happened when a mid-air stunt went wrong.
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MLS is back, with returning fans, new coaches and another celebrity owner
MLS kicks off its 25th-anniversary season this weekend.
Bernie Sanders arrives in Rome
On the heels of the fierce Brooklyn Democratic debate, Bernie Sanders has just landed in Rome. The Vermont senator is attending a conference at the Vatican. CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green have more.
Martin Braithwaite's journey from a wheelchair to FC Barcelona
FC Barcelona and Denmark forward Martin Braithwaite tells CNN about his journey from being in a wheelchair for two years as a kid to playing with Leo Messi at FC Barcelona.
At Least 8 Dead in Shooting at Indianapolis FedEx Warehouse
The authorities said the gunman was believed to have killed himself.
Dozens of dogs rescued from burning home
Fire crews rescued 34 dogs from a burning house in Florida. Responders had to use dog oxygen masks and performed CPR. CBSN's Vladimir Duthiers and Anne-Marie Green have more.
Decades after beauty queen's death, investigators make arrest
It's been more than 50 years since Irene Garza told her family she was going to church for confession and never came home. Now, all these decades later, investigators finally arrested and charged a former priest believed to be the last person to see her. "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger joins CBSN with more.
Clinton, Sanders battle over minimum wage, Wall Street and guns
With the New York primary looming, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders sparred over critical issues on the debate stage Thursday night. The two Democratic candidates prodded each other about gun control, the minimum wage and Wall Street. CBS News senior political editor Steve Chaggaris and CBSN political contributor Lynda Tran join CBSN to discuss how this debate may have hit a somewhat of a negative tone.
Ted Cruz receives tepid response at GOP gala
Some people in the audience at last night's New York Republican party gala ignored Sen. Ted Cruz as the presidential candidate made his case for becoming the GOP nominee for president. CBS News chief White House correspondent Major Garrett joins CBSN with more on that and the current state of the Republican race.
Democratic fight night: Last debate before New York primary
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton faced off in Brooklyn in the last debate before next week's New York primary. Tensions were high on stage; Clinton hit Sanders over gun control and Sanders mocked Clinton for "calling out" banks. CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes joins CBSN to discuss.
Indianapolis shooting leaves multiple people dead
Rescuers save baby from Japan earthquake rubble
On Friday an 8-month-old baby was pulled from the rubble of Japan’s devastating earthquake. The 6.5 magnitude quake Thursday killed at least nine people and injured more than 850 others. The epicenter is the island of Kyushu, about 500 miles southwest of Tokyo. Lucy Craft reports from Tokyo.
Tax day is approaching; jobless claims plummet
The number of Americans seeking unemployment benefits plummeted last week to to lowest level in March since 1973; and good news for those procrastinating on their taxes -- due to a Washington D.C. holiday, the tax deadline was extended 3 days. Jill Wagner joins CBSN with more of today's business headlines.
Imax gets in on exercise craze
Today's gyms and trainers are using the latest technology designed to help people lose weight, build muscle and have fun. Among companies muscling its way into the fitness space is the movie theater giant Imax. The company's new Imax Shift is an indoor cycling experience with a wall-to-wall screen and pulsating sound. Dana Jacobson of CBS Sports Network reports.
Harvey Weinstein on "Sing Street," why he supports Hillary Clinton
Harvey Weinstein's production companies have released dozens of films, including multiple winners of the Academy Award for best picture. His latest film "Sing Street," a story of a teenage boy who forms a band to impress a girl, takes audiences back to Ireland in the 1980s. The movie was a hit at this year's Sundance Film Festival. Weinstein joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the new film and why he supports Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the 2016 race.
Trump’s clout still makes him news, despite media’s wishful thinking
Donald Trump wields more political power than any former president in history. His actions remain newsworthy.
Harry Styles Dressed as Ariel From 'The Little Mermaid' Prompts Tidal Wave of Jokes, Memes
The "Watermelon Sugar" singer took part in a photoshoot for Saturday Night Live back in 2019 and the photos are causing a stir on social media this morning.
"60 Minutes" shows how easily your phone can be hacked
Personal information of millions of Americans are at risk, as attacks on smart phones grow. On this Sunday’s “60 Minutes,” Sharyn Alfonsi investigates why phones are so vulnerable, taking a look at the surprising role hackers play in protecting our data. Some of the world’s best hackers show just how easy it is for them to get access to everything on your phone. Alfonsi joins “CBS This Morning” to preview her report.
Indianapolis FedEx Employees Say Mass Shooter Used Automatic Rifle
Two Indianapolis FedEx employees spoke to reporters about the shooting they witnessed at their workplace.
Argentine artist channels 'hand of God' with Maradona portrait
Maxi Bagnasco says he knows Diego Maradona's features by heart after painting portraits of the soccer star almost daily since the Argentine World Cup winner died last November.
Argentine artist channels 'hand of God' with Maradona portrait
Maxi Bagnasco says he knows Diego Maradona's features by heart after painting portraits of the soccer star almost daily since the Argentine World Cup winner died last November.
Mom secretly records son being threatened with paddle at school
Did you know 19 states still allow corporal punishment at public schools? But in many places, parental permission is required. Now a Georgia mom says she regrets giving school administrators permission to physically punish her 5-year-old son. Mark Strassmann reports on why she secretly recorded as her kindergartener was held down and threatened with a wooden paddle at school.
India records highest single-day new cases so far, as it struggles with mass pilgrimage
Dickerson on fiery Democratic debate in Brooklyn
CBS News political director and "Face the Nation" moderator John Dickerson joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss Thursday night's contentious Democratic debate in Brooklyn.
These animals went extinct in the wild. Scientists brought them back
What do North Carolina's red wolves, the Eurasian beaver and Przewalski's horse have in common?
These animals went extinct in the wild. Scientists brought them back
Whether from hunting, loss of habitat, climate change, or all three, these animals went extinct in the wild -- but reintroduction programs are restoring them to their natural habitats.
Clinton and Sanders clash in feisty NYC debate
The first Democratic presidential debate in more than a month was the roughest one yet. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders clashed repeatedly Thursday night on subjects including Wall Street, taxes, guns and the minimum wage. New York’s primary on Tuesday is crucial to both candidates. A CBS News poll released before the debate shows Clinton leading Sanders by six points among Democrats nationwide. Nancy Cordes reports from Brooklyn.
9 Killed, Others Injured In Shooting At FedEx Warehouse In Indianapolis
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers responded to a FedEx warehouse facility shortly after 11 p.m. Multiple victims were sent to nearby hospitals.
Delegate count becomes key issue in Democratic primary
The delegate process and delegate count have become a key issue in the Democratic primary with Hillary Clinton leading both in the pledged- and super-delegate contest. The CBSN political panel has post-debate analysis.
Clinton, Sanders have tense exchange on Israel
The Democratic presidential candidates engaged in a tense exchange about the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians during their debate in Brooklyn. The CBSN political panel has post-debate analysis.
Clinton hammers Sanders on gun control votes
Hillary Clinton launched a very pointed attack on Bernie Sanders about his voting record on gun laws. Sanders responded by invoking his D- minus rating from the National Rifle Association. The CBSN political panel has post-debate analysis.
Sanders campaign reacts to intense debate
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders intensified their attacks during the Democratic debate in Brooklyn just days ahead of the crucial primary in New York. Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver joins CBSN to discuss.
Ex-Yankee Adam Ottavino off to awful start for Red Sox
Some New York Yankees fans may be annoyed with Brian Cashman for the team’s 5-7 start, but one cash-saving trade he made this offseason is looking good thus far. The 35-year-old Adam Ottavino — whom Cashman traded to the Boston Red Sox on Jan. 25, along with right-handed minor leaguer Frank German, in exchange for...
Former CDC chief: Think outside the box to offer COVID vaccines where they're needed most
Extend hours, allow walk-ins and give COVID shots everywhere from doctors' offices and pharmacies to workplaces, shopping malls, bars and churches.
UC Davis spends thousands to erase pepper spray references online
UC Davis spent $175,000 to have consultants remove online references to the 2011 incident in which police pepper sprayed peaceful protesters. Editor Nick Thompson joins CBSN with details.
Putin calls Panama Papers an "American plot", Warriors win 73 games: #CBSN10 trending stories
Russian President Vladimir Putin calls the Panama Papers scandal an "American plot", Microsoft sues the U.S. government over searches of customers' data, the NBA's Golden State Warriors set a new record for excellence with 73 regular season wins and more are among today's trending stories.
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Microsoft sues U.S. government over email searches
Microsoft is suing the United States government over gag orders the company received regarding government searches of customers' email. Editor Nick Thompson joins CBSN to discuss the case.
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Sandy Hook tragedy explored in new film
Three years ago, a gunman open fired at Sandy Hook Elementary School, taking the lives of 20 first graders and six adults. Now a new film called "Midsummer in Newtown" is debuting at the Tribeca Film festival in New York City, exploring their trauma and the healing power of the arts. Elaine Quijano has more.
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The fight for Zika funding
The White House requested $1.9 billion in emergency funding for Zika in February. House leaders told the administration to use funds already approved for Ebola and other global public health threats -- but health experts are saying that's simply not enough. Dr. Jon LaPook went to Washington to ask Congress what the hold up is.
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Cape Cod beaches swamped by seals
Some beaches off the coast of Cape Cod are packed -- with seals. Biologists say the resurgence of seals is likely one of the reasons there has been a rise in sharks in the waters, too. Don Dahler has more.
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Jonathan Pentland Suspended by Army As Sergeant Charged with Assaulting Black Man
Footage went viral of Jonathan Pentland confronting the young man in a South Carolina neighborhood and then shoving him.
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New video shows kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls
Two years after the terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls from a school in Nigeria, new video has emerged showing a number of the captives are still alive. But despite efforts to bring the girls home, negotiations have all but fallen apart. Debora Patta reports.
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Report blasts Chicago PD's treatment of minorities
Chicago's police department was hit with a blistering report on its treatment of minorities. A task force called by Mayor Rahm Emanuel found that the department has "no regard for the sanctity of life when it comes to people of color." Dean Reynolds has more.
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Trump continues to tee off on Republican nomination rules
Donald Trump is still saying the selection process for the GOP presidential nomination is fixed, prompting the party chairman to tell him "give us all a break." Trump has ramped up the anti-party rhetoric after losing a number of states, most notably Colorado, to Ted Cruz. Major Garrett reports.
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California lawmakers taking a softer tone on restoring a tax break Californians lost under Trump
Republicans capped state and local tax deductions in 2017. California Democrats aren't joining their East Coast colleagues in insisting on a fix now.
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Pentagon official: Russian flyby of U.S. ship "very unprofessional"
Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that under U.S. military rules of engagement, the Navy ship that was buzzed this week by Russian warplanes could have opened fire. The U.S. has issued a formal protest, but the Russians insist they did nothing wrong. David Martin reports from the pentagon.
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Biden to welcome Japanese Prime Minister Suga to White House for talks on China, climate change, Olympics
The summit with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga will be Joe Biden's first face-to-face meeting with a foreign leader since becoming president.       
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Indianapolis FedEx Mass Shooting Leaves Several Dead, at Least 60 Injured
Police said the gunman has taken his own life and there no wider threat following shooting at facility.
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2 year anniversary since Boko Haram kidnapped Nigerian girls
It's been two years since the terrorist group Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 Nigerian school girls. Those girls have never been found. CBSN anchor Vladimir Duthiers joins Meg Oliver to discuss more about Boko Haram and the missing girls.
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