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Family tackles alleged sexual predator in their backyard

An Oklahoma father carried out an elaborate sting to catch an alleged sexual predator. Police say Jeremy Dewayne Gibson pursued a 15-year-old online and went to her home to have sex with her, but when he arrived, her family tackled him to the ground. David Begnaud reports.
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NASA to show off space lasers, enabling faster transfer of data between Earth and space
NASA is planning to unveil a new laser communications system next month that will allow data to be transmitted between Earth and space at an accelerated rate.
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Charles Oliveira, Michael Chandler and the long, winding road to an unlikely UFC title fight
Charles Oliveira vs. Michael Chandler wasn't even possible less than nine months ago and yet, they'll fight for gold at UFC 262.       Related StoriesCharles Oliveira, Michael Chandler and the long, winding road to an unlikely UFC title fight - EnclosureUFC 262 faceoffs video: Oliveira-Chandler, Ferguson-Dariush stare each other down'You got Dana White privilege': Tony Ferguson steals show at UFC 262 press conference
Medina Spirit passes the first of three drug tests to race in the Preakness Stakes
Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit underwent three rounds of blood-sample testing between May 6 and May 11 -- and the first test showed the animal was clear of both prohibited and therapeutic substances, officials said Thursday.
Ruthless podcast to Republicans: If the media asks you about Liz Cheney, 2020 election, tell'em to 'f--- off'
The co-hosts of the conservative podcast "Ruthless" urged Republicans not to “take the bait” when it comes to the Liz Cheney drama and relitigating the 2020 presidential election.
Olivia Munn said she was ‘obsessed’ with John Mulaney years ago
"I kept going up to him at the wedding like 'So, you having fun?' I was just so obsessed with hanging out with and talking with him."
Israel attacks Gaza Strip as violence intensifies
In recent days there's been carnage in the streets of Israel's mixed Jewish and Arab cities as neighbor-versus-neighbor violence spreads.
Seth Rogen recalls Nicolas Cage walking out of awkward ‘Green Hornet’ dinner meeting
Seth Rogen revealed the tidbit, which allegedly occurred in 2011 as he and his creative partner Evan Goldberg were in the midst of casting their film, “The Green Hornet,” and said Cage wanted to play a “white Bahamian man” in the comedy flick.
Seth Rogen recalls Nicolas Cage walking out of awkward ‘Green Hornet’ dinner meeting
Seth Rogen revealed the tidbit, which allegedly occurred in 2011 as he and his creative partner Evan Goldberg were in the midst of casting their film, “The Green Hornet,” and said Cage wanted to play a “white Bahamian man” in the comedy flick.
Letter written by Einstein featuring his famous equation goes up for auction
A rare letter written by Albert Einstein, which includes his famous equation of relativity, is currently being auctioned off with an estimated worth of $400,000.
Sen. Tom Cotton: Gas shortage a ‘result of Biden’s failed policies’
Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said on Thursday that the many issues America faces, including the gas shortage and chaos in the Middle East, is a result of 'failed policies'
Brian Leetch resigns from job as Rangers adviser
Hall of Famer Brian Leetch, who served as the Rangers’ hockey operations adviser since 2017, resigned from the organization on Thursday.
Giants’ Joe Judge excited about ‘normal’ rookie minicamp
Joe Judge was talking about the return of preseason games, after a one-year, pandemic-triggered hiatus, when he got to the heart of the matter, in terms of moving closer to a return to the way it is supposed to be during the team-building period of the offseason.
‘Friends’ fans can have a sleepover in a replica of the sitcom set is offering a deal in which fans can sleep in a bedroom on a set modeled after Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox's characters' apartment.
‘Been black all my life,’ says Maya Wiley in mayoral debate
Mayoral hopeful Maya Wiley on Thursday said "I have been black all my life" before promising to defund the NYPD by $1 billion and shift the money to the city's schools.
Yankees’ Aaron Hicks misses Rays finale with sore wrist
Yankees center fielder Aaron Hicks missed Thursday night's game with another injury. This time it's a sore wrist.
Bill and Melinda Gates’ divorce hot topic at Miami finance party
"They were all saying how [the divorce] did not come as a surprise to anyone. It's always been a topic of conversation among the money guys."
Laura Dern on lung cancer awareness, declining Oscars viewership
Laura Dern is spreading the word about the American Lung Association's Lung Force Walk, which raises awareness and funds for lung cancer. The Oscar-winning actor also talks about the Academy Awards' declining viewership and her friendship with Reese Witherspoon. (May 13)
Federal investigators say HUD Sec. Marcia Fudge violated the Hatch Act
HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge was found to have violated the Hatch Act during a public appearance, according to independent investigators.
Donald Trump Again Backs Stefanik for GOP Chair but Rival Chip Roy Has More Conservative Record
"Can't imagine Republican House Members would go with Chip Roy—he has not done a great job, and will probably be successfully primaried in his own district," former President Donald Trump said on Thursday.
Hamas rockets soar during Fox News report, forcing correspondent, camera to the ground
Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst said Israel called on 9,000 reserve troops ahead of what they believe will be a 'full-scale ground invasion' as rockets soared nearby on 'Special Report'
Midnight Bourbon a legit contender in Preakness Stakes
Midnight Bourbon, the third betting choice, could be the colt to win this Saturday's Preakness Stakes.
Tucker Carlson, YouTuber Hickok45 smash stereotype that AR-15's are ‘weapons of war’
Tucker Carlson meets up with Greg Kinman, the man behind popular firearms YouTube channel Hickok45, to get a deeper understanding of the AR-15 rifle and its functionality.
Delta will require new employees get COVID vaccine, CEO says
Delta will require that all new employees be vaccinated against the coronavirus, the airline's CEO said in an interview aired Thursday.
California AG will investigate deadly police shooting of Sean Monterrosa
The California Department of Justice will review the shooting death of 22-year-old Sean Monterrosa at the hands of officers at the Vallejo Police Department, the state's attorney general said.
Kamala Harris’ niece says those who are neutral on Israel-Gaza have ‘chosen the side of the oppressor’
Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece Meena offered a more forceful take on the Israel-Gaza unrest Wednesday than that of her aunt, urging people to fight “Palestinian oppression.”
Ronnie Ortiz-Magro stepping away from ‘Jersey Shore’ over mental health
Ortiz's statement comes the same day it was revealed he'd dodged charges related to an April arrest for alleged domestic violence.
Stefanik emerges from candidate-forum as front runner to replace Cheney
Stefanik told reporters Thursday evening she believes she is "in a strong position going into tomorrow."
Israeli cities face rioting, violence as Jewish-Arab conflicts intensify
The violent conflict between Israelis and Palestinian militants this week sent rockets flying and buildings crumbling under targeted airstrikes, but for some residents of cities like Lod with mixed Arab and Jewish populations, the riots and mobs are more worrying.
Liz Cheney rips 'dangerous' Trump for 'perpetuating lies': 'We do not swear allegiance to any individual'
Former House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney blasted President Trump and his "enablers" within the GOP, telling 'Special Report' that he is acting in a "dangerous" manner by "perpetuating lies" about the 2020 election being stolen
Video Shows White Man Berating Asian Family in Burger King Drive-Thru
The man immediately behaved differently as soon as he saw someone else recording him on their smartphone.
Lottery winner throws $26M ticket in the laundry: report
A California woman accidentally destroyed her winning lottery ticket by washing it with her laundry and now may miss out on $26 million.
Chris Webber out at TNT on eve of NBA playoffs
Chris Webber and TNT have agreed to part ways on the eve of the NBA playoffs, The Post has learned.
Luke Rockhold says multiple top 10 fighters turned him down: 'Everyone's just making excuses'
Luke Rockhold says he can't find a top-ranked opponent that's willing to fight him.       Related StoriesLuke Rockhold says multiple top 10 fighters turned him down: 'Everyone's just making excuses' - Enclosure'You got Dana White privilege': Tony Ferguson steals show at UFC 262 press conference'You got Dana White privilege': Tony Ferguson steals show at UFC 262 press conference - Enclosure 
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Biden’s HUD secretary violated Hatch Act with election talk: watchdog
President Biden’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development violated the federal Hatch Act when she weighed in on the 2022 Ohio Senate election, reports said.
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CDC chief moves from 'impending doom' to no masks for the vaccinated in 45 days
In just about a month and a half, the leader of The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has dramatically changed her tone on COVID-19 and mask mandates.
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Chicago-area ice hockey coach sexually abused players, federal lawsuit alleges
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4 y/o dead after accidentally shooting himself
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Mayor wants to crack down on drag racers
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Police: Man stole $33,000 worth of items
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Clock to strike midnight on a number of billx
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Fire danger 'very high' in Wisconsin
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Family says girl who accidentally shot 12 y/o posed with gun
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Body of mother missing for weeks, found in pond
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How angry Apple employees’ petition led to a controversial new hire’s departure
One of Apple’s many corporate office buildings in Cupertino, California. Even Apple can’t avoid employee conflict over issues like sexism. It’s not every day that a new hire at a major tech company unleashes employee outrage, a public departure, and debates around sexism in the workplace. That’s particularly true at Apple — a secretive company that stands apart from its largest tech rival Google, which has a history of workplace activism and a culture of employee dissent. But that’s what happened on Wednesday, when Apple abruptly parted ways with a new advertising product technology employee, Antonio García Martínez, after thousands of employees questioned his hiring. The situation shows how tensions over gender parity in tech have persisted since exploding in November 2018 during the Google Walkout and the Me Too movement. Even a company like Apple can’t entirely avoid being swept up in internal conflicts over fraught issues like sexism and political views that have caused rifts and PR crises across the tech industry. Nearly 2,000 Apple employees signed an internal petition by Wednesday evening that criticized Apple’s decision to hire García Martínez, citing passages from his 2016 memoir, including one in which he described “most women” in the San Francisco Bay Area as “soft and weak, cosseted and naive despite their claims of worldliness, and generally full of shit.” Silicon Valley has long been plagued by gender bias issues and inequality, and Apple employees opposed to his hiring said it was unfair to expect women at the company to work with someone who’d expressed and never apologized for misogynistic views. García Martínez, a former Facebook product manager and writer, has previously said that passage has been quoted out of context, because he was making a positive comparison to his former romantic partner, not making a statement about women in isolation. Some people in the tech industry supporting García Martínez argued that he’s being unfairly punished for his personal writing, which they say is tongue-in-cheek and not a serious reflection of his professional treatment of women. Ultimately, Apple sided with the protesting employees when it announced that García Martínez was no longer working at the company, just hours after the employee petition was sent to Apple executive Eddy Cue, and soon after the petition — which one organizer told Recode was not intended to become public — was reported on by The Verge. “At Apple, we have always strived to create an inclusive, welcoming workplace where everyone is respected and accepted,” an Apple spokesman sent in a statement. “Behavior that demeans or discriminates against people for who they are has no place here.” The García Martínez petition marks one of the first known times that a sizable group of rank-and-file employees at Apple — a corporation known for a heads-down work culture — pushed back on a management decision with a petition, and actually succeeded in getting that decision reversed. The whole thing also unfolded rapidly. The controversy began earlier this week when it became public that Apple had hired García Martínez to help build out Apple’s competing ads department. When old passages from García Martínez’s book started going viral on Twitter, some Apple employees noticed and began organizing a petition internally at the company. “We are profoundly distraught by what this hire means for Apple’s commitment to its inclusion goals, as well as its real and immediate impact on those working near Mr. García Martínez,” stated the letter, which goes on to demand an investigation into how García Martínez “published views on women and people of color were missed or ignored” in Apple’s hiring process. The letter called for Apple to take steps to prevent a similar situation from happening again. The petition pointed to other passages in García Martínez’s memoir, including one in which he describes the physique of a former female colleague at Facebook (“composed of alternating Bézier curves from top to bottom: convex, then concave, and then convex again, in a vertical undulation you couldn’t take your eyes off of”), refers to an economically disadvantaged city in Silicon Valley as a “slum,” and compares a former Indian colleague to “bored auto-rickshaw drivers” in New Delhi who would “overcharge you” for a ride. The petition didn’t specifically call for García Martínez to be fired, but it quickly gained traction and created pressure on the company to take action. Even though many may find these passages from García Martínez’s book to be controversial, it should be noted that Chaos Monkeys was generally well-received by the tech press after it debuted in 2016 (including Recode, which interviewed him in an onstage panel at its 2019 Code Conference) — some criticism of sexism withstanding. Until recently, García Martínez was a regular freelance contributor to Wired. He has worked at at least one other tech company since publishing his memoir, other than Apple, according to his LinkedIn profile. Which is all to say that, García Martínez’s writing, even if distasteful to some, has not obviously impacted his career until now. And some argue that in an earlier era at Apple — especially given the so-called “brilliant jerk” leadership style of former CEO and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs — that García Martínez’s writing might not have been such a major issue. But in a post Me Too world, gender and racial equality is no longer seen as an afterthought in corporate life, especially not for rank-and-file employees. And women at the company raise an important question: Should they work with someone who has said he views most women in Silicon Valley as “weak”? And if those comments were truly made in jest, should Apple and/or García Martínez have publicly clarified that more explicitly? An Apple employee involved in writing the petition, who spoke to Recode on the condition of anonymity for fear of professional repercussions, described their reaction to the news of Apple parting ways with García Martínez as “very celebratory but firm that this is only the first step,” and that organizers intend to continue pressing the company to investigate the circumstances around García Martínez’s hiring. There are still many open questions around the situation — like if Apple was aware of García Martínez’s writing, if he was terminated or willingly resigned, and if he was given a chance to recant his earlier stated views before leaving. Apple did not respond to Recode’s follow-up questions, and García Martínez declined to respond to a request for comment. What we do know is Apple is just one example of how major companies across corporate America are having to grapple with the consequences of employing people who espouse views that seem to be at odds with their own stated goals on inclusivity in the workplace. On Wednesday, Apple found itself in the position of being publicly pressured by its own usually quiet workforce to stay accountable to that promise.
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Packers' Aaron Jones hopeful Aaron Rodgers is on team Week 1: 'That’s my quarterback'
Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones is ready for Week 1 and is hoping Aaron Rodgers will be handing the ball off to him when the team takes on the New Orleans Saints.
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Vaccinated Bill Maher tests positive for COVID, forcing cancellation of Friday 'Real Time' episode
Talk host Bill Maher, who's fully vaccinated, was found to be positive for COVID after a weekly 'Real Time' test. He's asymptomatic and feeling fine.      
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Police swarm home of mortified mom who left her ‘corpse’ outside
A U.K. woman was mortified after an errantly placed Halloween prop prompted a squad of 10 police officers to surround her home on the suspicion that she’d committed murder.
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Army bases offering vaccine incentives but no military-wide policy for now
At least three Army bases are now offering incentives for soldiers to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, including additional days off, gym access and reduced movement restrictions.
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